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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Nadat,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
yNqAp(yNqAp)Adult (m)3,4449211
rMMBT(rMMBT)Adult (m)3,5457213
egUfr(egUfr)Adult (m)3,5907261
7WbAm(7WbAm)Adult (m)2,5445710
JJ18M(JJ18M)Adult (m)2,2995620
f9tqP(f9tqP)Adult (m)2,1095251
lJhUv(lJhUv)Adult (m)2,1825451
3gVxh(3gVxh)Adult (m)2,4385750
s4Exu(s4Exu)Adult (m)2,5185720
avVVC(avVVC)Adult (m)2,5865931
IKWFS(IKWFS)Adult (f)6,6569121
KmmOZ(KmmOZ)Adult (m)6,4559451
xGyjz(xGyjz)Adult (f)6,3359660
Q7dSi(Q7dSi)Adult (f)6,4069560
zwrzn(zwrzn)Adult (m)7,1521,0501
jlsoG(jlsoG)Adult (f)5,3791,0861
oM2yE(oM2yE)Adult (f)5,3661,1132
9Qxzj(9Qxzj)Adult (m)5,6611,0342
UKSS1(UKSS1)Adult (f)6,3769391
OexkJ(OexkJ)Adult (f)6,3049682
7t6xBBriolette FateAdult (f)5,5709207
OQPQ0Trilliant FateAdult (f)3,3968532
eXNIyGrapesquisher FateAdult (f)2,0487750
tkx6KKiwi FateAdult (m)2,2587150
K8Ti(K8Ti)Egg (F)
ZNsrAntagonia FateAdult (f)2,24587310
9vaTBloody FateAdult (m)4,1991,45194
io5uCrimson FateAdult (m)9706503
iUiEDespairing a'FateAdult (f)1,92683215
ZKLlEmber a'FateAdult (f)2,78172911
A1IMFlamboyant FateAdult (m)75744728
KSIvGlowing FateAdult (f)3,1031,01125
ZjloHeated FateAdult (f)3,03485720
Wo3BIgniting FateAdult (f)2,12276515
grGKJustification FateAdult (f)3,86398221
EJRfKalahari FateAdult (m)4,03292528
LEFqLuminosity FateAdult (m)2,25286220
7cCTMorden FateAdult (m)2,48995121
KB6HNeolithic FateAdult (f)2,68693618
bJPhOxidation FateAdult (m)4,6741,44727
4DGHPyre FateAdult (m)3,09197516
PMA2Quelled FateAdult (f)2,60786720
8B9fhRising FateAdult (m)2,3851,11015
3JDqYSearing FateAdult (f)2,3131,0789
VBZOITinder FateAdult (f)3,1779967
PYbNqUndulating FateAdult (m)4,1421,1676
Q5nb9Vivid FateAdult (f)5,1271,3367
lrZkbWarming FateAdult (m)4,8581,28712
6On7aXenon FateAdult (m)2,9509905
T56XsYamamoto FateAdult (m)3,6951,0652
pNSqIZealot FateAdult (f)3,4491,1325
al7iDave Knight of TimeAdult (m)6,5841,77523
VlaQJArdor FateAdult (m)2,7708903
fi6FLBurgeoning FateAdult (m)3,0407494
uf4WjChaotic FateAdult (f)2,9088873
d8lrTDestructive FateAdult (f)3,7009751
2jD3HEmbers FateAdult (f)5,2871,0873
RSkaZFlambe FateAdult (m)5,0141,0483
NiuLoGleaming FateAdult (m)3,5279766
io7A9HotSpot FateAdult (f)5,0551,0002
VhH0UInferno FateAdult (m)4,9011,0352
vrrCvJet a'FateAdult (f)5,9901,1741
rP7TtKindling FateAdult (f)3,3948313
tMvtaLumos FateAdult (m)4,6689683
LIIShMalleable a'FateAdult (f)6,7611,2752
9GXIkNightbloom FateAdult (m)3,5179863
A5DEoOrdeal FateAdult (f)3,7581,0052
OUTkBPhlogiston FateAdult (f)3,7009991
vI3vjQuickening FateAdult (m)2,4517981
21uYIRousing a'FateAdult (f)3,0398503
GvcAYScorching FateAdult (m)3,5909053
GuH4lTenderheart FateAdult (f)3,0498681
kRSqAUrgent a'FateAdult (f)2,8358421
qQ287Vim Penn FateAdult (m)3,6491,0203
LLCTgWhirlwind FateAdult (m)3,5709972
jq1VIXerxes FateAdult (f)3,0691,0175
6KdimYule's FateAdult (m)3,2381,0024
HtP5MZenith FateAdult (f)3,0688912
44H5TAlistair a'FateAdult (m)2,7338122
a0aIlBethany FateAdult (f)3,2051,0213
GMZTuCarver FateAdult (m)2,9671,0433
7D99nDanarius FateAdult (m)3,3481,1274
C9ZTbEvangeline FateAdult (f)3,4101,0933
dWhymFeynriel FateAdult (m)2,3217901
HQDwMGarrett FateAdult (f)2,4108532
67CjaHawke FateAdult (f)3,1778334
amZmWIsabela FateAdult (f)3,7101,1483
wV3lnJowan a'FateAdult (m)2,5377293
pQrygKarl FateAdult (m)3,4541,0054
fibUnLirene a'FateAdult (f)3,5298858
J57YoMeredith FateAdult (f)2,5537486
XjcUdNathaniel FateAdult (m)2,5087793
lgbnKOrsino FateAdult (f)2,9817652
rNBpmPetrice FateAdult (f)2,9628382
DotiwQuentin FateAdult (m)4,1518882
Qy1MNRivaini FateAdult (f)4,0587902
P5AqVSten FateAdult (f)5,8399545
UFccSThrask FateAdult (f)3,6808394
5acDiUldred FateAdult (f)4,0426601
Vsg0mVarric FateAdult (f)3,0598253
LcRSmWynne FateAdult (f)1,9006830
pXKHBenihime FateAdult (f)4,5731,15437
V3gvAcridostrasz FateAdult (m)4,5251,12633
PlheDDoctor Flighty FateAdult (m)2,3611,08114
uZ0hZDoctor UhOh FateAdult (f)4,0521,0817
QtpKuDoctor's Daughter FateAdult (f)3,3689162
kfoeoFireball FateAdult (m)4,4938541
ISl2EWarhead FateAdult (f)4,8076793
fWE0HThanix FateAdult (m)4,3675973
o2YpjDisciple FateAdult (f)3,4537612
fqtWRadiant FateAdult (m)2,83994839
QZXJCShima FateAdult (f)4,0698276
S3LlcSamudra FateAdult (m)2,5798634
Usip2Ashran FateAdult (m)6,3099821
YtWp2Tanaan FateAdult (m)5,6241,0234
m0gH1Serafil FateAdult (f)2,9308420
cg9TdDiligos FateAdult (m)3,2037682
eLqAKUnyenda FateAdult (f)3,5861,0581
64RPBAmado FateAdult (m)5,0808762
S8tt5Leifde FateAdult (f)6,4509170
4eCD7Travancore FateAdult (m)3,2629369
ysvIYDlamini FateAdult (f)2,9189374
93UJFJagiellons FateAdult (m)2,9819265
dYCitBernadotte FateAdult (f)2,8689074
MksQJBorjigid FateAdult (f)3,0019335
5qGLVHohenzollern FateAdult (m)3,4769176
wXZKLHasmonean FateAdult (f)3,2809264
rFLK5O Conchubhair FateAdult (m)3,6711,0213
XIeCIMalawi FateAdult (m)4,9311,2343
4aXgHTanzania FateAdult (f)4,8301,2602
Rkox7Umba FateAdult (m)6,5911,0212
Jsmd7Naset FateAdult (f)7,0729692
hGocyGanda FateAdult (m)6,6749601
B8aruAura FateAdult (f)2,7807633
DfiPCFlare FateAdult (m)2,0818003
tcePUGemdancer FateAdult (f)3,7382924
KjEUNSol FateAdult (m)3,8639237
0SAtCSunspot FateAdult (f)4,2569364
LZ4JvHaestrom FateAdult (m)3,6941,0352
1VhwzMagnal FateAdult (m)5,1721,2425
gYCxsSundrop FateAdult (f)3,3708372
A9mtShuriken FateAdult (f)2,82374814
Ns4YKusari FateAdult (m)1,55258623
uX6PLashing FateAdult (m)2,06465832
A0JtcKusarigama FateAdult (f)2,4377913
VppNlFalarica FateAdult (m)2,0868380
Fls6CAgamemnon FateAdult (m)3,2051,5182
mzxrcBojana FateAdult (f)3,0161,3112
qtTjIKendrew FateAdult (m)2,4641,1261
znWSOAilith FateAdult (f)3,1771,4892
sH0cYCadman FateAdult (m)2,7528794
rHaLQSiughan FateAdult (m)1,5106891
JZrIpBeaglaioch FateAdult (m)4,9661,1153
KgaQUWyvern FateAdult (m)2,5558465
DBC7Z'ha'dum FateAdult (m)3,6299497
I4ivGPetty FateAdult (m)3,6989221
DrkeAmazon FateAdult (f)3,04786514
EQVf5B'Ellona FateAdult (f)4,9321,2726
VPDfPower of DeterminationAdult (m)3,7561,12713
WKbgGate of PainAdult (f)5,10388914
n0arVriska Thief of LightAdult (f)4,7921,08242
FZLdrSantiago FateAdult (f)2,6928952
AXl7CThane FateAdult (m)3,1891,3083
jX0wuKolyat FateAdult (m)3,2091,3095
FppcwPoseidon FateAdult (m)3,3658901
UCPY4Garrus FateAdult (m)3,4901,2307
MaBXRSparatus FateAdult (f)3,5641,2695
NRxINSaren FateAdult (f)3,1841,2507
L0nrCimmerian FateAdult (m)3,4421,01113
aiY6Duskdancer FateAdult (f)6,6751,29815
kgtkNocturnia FateAdult (f)3,17590812
CNr9Serenade FateAdult (f)3,5561,10326
iidTNChamomile FateAdult (f)4,9971,0041
Sq3J7Evenfall FateAdult (m)4,0289723
f9juGDarkening FateAdult (m)3,6391,0087
nR4SJGloomsinger FateAdult (f)3,5328114
axMn7Sunfall FateAdult (m)4,3591,0584
BEVuzGloomsong FateAdult (m)3,7978153
jSYy7Dusksong FateAdult (m)5,3201,1195
hiaoAutumnal FateAdult (f)1,48380461
NfjABlazing FateAdult (f)2,08086227
fGnTCrackling a'FateAdult (m)7745462
sT4qDiurnal FateAdult (m)3,3281,59613
BjJPEquinox FateAdult (m)1,4769233
14CwFlickering FateAdult (m)3,2721,53418
baGFGloaming FateAdult (f)2,5615878
XHKdHearth FateAdult (f)2,9757916
rrQfdGolden Autumn a'FateAdult (m)3,9099811
HgvsKPilgrimmage FateAdult (m)3,4301,0844
acYkrThanksgiving FateAdult (f)3,2231,1092
W4BrDThanking Feast FateAdult (f)3,1886933
YmUlWItinerant FateAdult (m)1,5537171
wvWeeUnbelievable FateAdult (m)3,5701,09219
6ornzDistant Dreams FateAdult (f)5,1131,16718
xp39eRibbonshine FateAdult (m)4,5321,08413
IYPRUHuntress FateAdult (f)3,5331,2133
eHUaNTowering FateAdult (m)5,0451,05810
NMIFoDivine FateAdult (f)6,4221,23010
XY0rdDer'Morat'Raken FateAdult (m)5,8111,22710
Vhu9UProud Centauri FateAdult (f)6,6371,08117
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