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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “MelisaArtemis,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
rfNDr(rfNDr)Adult (m)3,2026344
o1nYT(o1nYT)Adult (f)3,8497603
UOMqs(UOMqs)Adult (m)2,8507762
Nqons(Nqons)Adult (m)3,0237682
uEjbj(uEjbj)Adult (f)3,2588004
4NhkA(4NhkA)Adult (f)9,8651,5844
vV9XP(vV9XP)Adult (f)7,9651,3542
c6SQ(c6SQ)Hatchling (m, F)1,04142212
RNEs(RNEs)Hatchling (f, F)9295313
DT9u(DT9u)Hatchling (m, F)1,1904927
F4He(F4He)Hatchling (f, F)1,0455826
CfBo(CfBo)Hatchling (f, F)1,3747384
vcWA(vcWA)Hatchling (f, F)8175013
WZdk(WZdk)Hatchling (f, F)8245072
HBU4(HBU4)Adult (f)2,03743621
j2Zr(j2Zr)Adult (f)2,43264817
WGCF(WGCF)Adult (f)2,53066612
oGjS(oGjS)Adult (f)2,63169012
bpG7(bpG7)Adult (f)1,14953417
SuYZ(SuYZ)Adult (f)1,1595827
9st2(9st2)Adult (f)1,14659511
NYJA(NYJA)Adult (m)1,3515425
ET1W(ET1W)Adult (f)2,0316888
a9Je(a9Je)Adult (m)2,0566837
BnJu(BnJu)Adult (f)1,3685649
7pPQ(7pPQ)Adult (m)1,5306036
FOGD(FOGD)Adult (f)1,84273110
if8l(if8l)Adult (f)1,8917679
aChr(aChr)Adult (m)1,33368723
nDPN(nDPN)Adult (f)1,59173215
30Pm(30Pm)Adult (m)1,58272815
H0Sj(H0Sj)Adult (f)1,36860011
EeDN(EeDN)Adult (m)1,3016309
lKmg(lKmg)Adult (f)1,2676036
oF9g(oF9g)Adult (m)1,4716857
VVBX(VVBX)Adult (f)9915337
V7QG(V7QG)Adult (m)1,1725707
dIQ6(dIQ6)Adult (f)1,2015839
gJ7Y(gJ7Y)Adult (m)1,1355647
7MHi(7MHi)Adult (f)1,69982913
WtXH(WtXH)Adult (f)2,07469014
Im3B(Im3B)Adult (m)1,26558210
Tg7t(Tg7t)Adult (f)1,12852211
9uLs(9uLs)Adult (f)1,41765010
pjpJ(pjpJ)Adult (f)1,1165395
bIlP(bIlP)Adult (m)1,3406257
JK07(JK07)Adult (f)1,1645846
8a13(8a13)Adult (m)3,1105703
s7R8(s7R8)Adult (f)1,2595836
TjJB(TjJB)Adult (f)1,2785596
EB8b(EB8b)Adult (m)1,35058814
RgKK(RgKK)Adult (m)3,4216708
8SdE(8SdE)Adult (f)1,1795187
kCsb(kCsb)Adult (m)1,1325157
ng8p(ng8p)Adult (f)1,2075325
UeNQ(UeNQ)Adult (m)1,2055914
uXoi(uXoi)Adult (f)1,0175478
eL5C(eL5C)Adult (f)1,1825816
PgjK(PgjK)Adult (f)1,1065745
Z5n5(Z5n5)Adult (f)1,58663310
XNNv(XNNv)Adult (f)1,6516465
T5Ec(T5Ec)Adult (f)1,4966456
fX0I(fX0I)Adult (f)1,5576096
G8ab(G8ab)Adult (f)1,2414815
EDhb(EDhb)Adult (m)1,75662413
NWnU(NWnU)Adult (f)1,1416896
Pc82(Pc82)Adult (m)1,1736669
VRge(VRge)Adult (f)9285416
NF7o(NF7o)Adult (m)1,3337277
SoiD(SoiD)Adult (m)1,4007895
FeJD(FeJD)Adult (f)1,4338093
iKAh(iKAh)Adult (f)1,2256903
mhLd(mhLd)Adult (m)1,0066005
DN8Y(DN8Y)Adult (f)1,0455134
RWUe(RWUe)Adult (m)1,0545504
ulDe(ulDe)Adult (f)6,28981216
pn2L(pn2L)Adult (f)1,7005916
ABPq(ABPq)Adult (f)1,6345636
D2YY(D2YY)Adult (m)1,0126193
8EMl(8EMl)Adult (f)2,4265362
fZUr(fZUr)Adult (f)9475284
UYoa(UYoa)Adult (m)1,6485182
AhHK(AhHK)Adult (f)3,1605564
YFec(YFec)Adult (f)1,1594824
GiDC(GiDC)Adult (m)9165032
bWYQ(bWYQ)Adult (m)1,1615063
iFZE(iFZE)Adult (m)1,6775484
QRsS(QRsS)Adult (f)1,0265351
hV4Y(hV4Y)Adult (f)1,0265152
blhU(blhU)Adult (f)1,1016212
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