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You pick up the scroll labeled “Kintara,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
EpAPT(EpAPT)Adult (m)3,8343636
2iELJ(2iELJ)Adult (m)8,0305364
EiO35(EiO35)Adult (m)4,6744365
PjEQb(PjEQb)Adult (m)4,9803495
QdQW(QdQW)Hatchling (f, F)1,16950027
ub3C(ub3C)Hatchling (m, F)3,70568422
lZRW(lZRW)Hatchling (F)4,76443918
ssid(ssid)Adult (f)5,01771427
9PysU(9PysU)Adult (f)4,6603498
lTK4g(lTK4g)Adult (f)4,1643507
7UZNf(7UZNf)Adult (f)4,8753254
10WGe(10WGe)Adult (f)3,7315763
2plK0(2plK0)Adult (f)3,6715373
XoFjHarvest al DasharAdult (m)3,21277625
NMVcK(NMVcK)Adult (m)5,2473515
t2WEQ(t2WEQ)Adult (m)5,0303423
2HwuL(2HwuL)Adult (m)4,8903265
Vg91bCB Harvest m5 al DasharAdult (m)4,5346454
GRlM(GRlM)Hatchling (f, F)2,57261021
FrrQ(FrrQ)Hatchling (m, F)2,83462514
AFrB(AFrB)Hatchling (F)1,17933317
nE8q(nE8q)Adult (f)2,31353928
AGnJp(AGnJp)Adult (f)5,4763665
Beh7c(Beh7c)Adult (f)4,2623423
DsPy5(DsPy5)Adult (f)4,0133204
nS8HX(nS8HX)Adult (f)4,9333392
ve1cP(ve1cP)Adult (f)4,6033074
JH6dp(JH6dp)Adult (f)4,9573423
yxA8U(yxA8U)Adult (f)5,0323627
MbgYFlamingo al DasharAdult (m)2,21051624
RpPek(RpPek)Adult (m)5,2623514
T8dYZ(T8dYZ)Adult (m)4,7703184
guy1g(guy1g)Adult (m)4,5183144
lCAgS(lCAgS)Adult (m)4,9183368
LB36C(LB36C)Adult (m)4,7978960
kajH(kajH)Hatchling (f, F)1,58545128
JQKi(JQKi)Hatchling (m, F)2,10943625
7hj8(7hj8)Hatchling (F)1,6641624
PRYMCB Ridgewing w1 al DasharAdult (f)2,33452926
0YQKV(0YQKV)Adult (f)2,75551722
RkX1Z(RkX1Z)Adult (f)5,47263932
h8Noj(h8Noj)Adult (f)4,48947413
spZYe(spZYe)Adult (f)10,03690114
7DKeK(7DKeK)Adult (f)2,8998813
V7d1CB Ridgewing m1 al DasharAdult (m)2,18553421
pYKVU(pYKVU)Adult (m)3,53547718
IjtrP(IjtrP)Adult (m)4,7994035
Ptg0Z(Ptg0Z)Adult (m)5,0675326
BHSTr(BHSTr)Adult (m)5,9005927
0lfvMCB Ridgewing m2 al DasharAdult (m)4,2963655
UNfg(UNfg)Hatchling (f, F)1,96744034
7R3c(7R3c)Hatchling (m, F)2,39843722
gBa0(gBa0)Hatchling (F)2,43543718
R8EeCB Ridgewing blue w1 al DasharAdult (f)2,30150431
InKs4CB Ridgewing blue w2 al DasharAdult (f)4,6663125
N2JXACB Ridgewing blue w3 al DasharAdult (f)4,2943125
NUM6OCB Ridgewing blue w4 al DasharAdult (f)5,1753474
MLgKnCB Ridgewing blue w5 al DasharAdult (f)4,9333294
jishCB Ridgewing blue m1 al DasharAdult (m)2,44151619
vxXwNCB Ridgewing blue m2 al DasharAdult (m)4,0283016
WYMHqCB Ridgewing blue m3 al DasharAdult (m)3,1993554
5Pm0NCB Ridgewing blue m4 al DasharAdult (m)3,7943736
jlCgzCB Ridgewing blue m5 al DasharAdult (m)4,7223294
OEBr(OEBr)Hatchling (f, F)2,11846426
Luqa(Luqa)Hatchling (m, F)1,95245325
i1JO(i1JO)Hatchling (F)4,06533819
H1UDLegendaria al DasharAdult (f)6,08164744
rbUALegendarius al DasharAdult (m)5,08782433
yIfJVCB Guardian m2 al DasharAdult (m)6,6738533
14n6(14n6)Adult (f)2,84954238
qCweP(qCweP)Adult (f)4,5133286
nVG4N(nVG4N)Adult (f)4,0893414
xQkiS(xQkiS)Adult (f)3,8133434
cSXAZ(cSXAZ)Adult (f)5,1303424
Y5rzw(Y5rzw)Adult (f)4,4753394
oYJ7Waverunner al DasharAdult (m)3,13155325
owVJz(owVJz)Adult (m)4,1543175
bC5Vtcb Waterrunner al DasharAdult (m)5,2523514
W824ccb Waterdrop al DasharAdult (m)3,0074066
BCGl6(BCGl6)Adult (m)4,9643312
L7b9(L7b9)Hatchling (f, F)2,94949823
62X3(62X3)Hatchling (m, F)3,40844416
rdjl(rdjl)Hatchling (F)1,1821974
BC4O(BC4O)Adult (f)2,86454427
9hJHS(9hJHS)Adult (f)4,43859820
4Bc9b(4Bc9b)Adult (f)6,13566015
KpmRp(KpmRp)Adult (f)6,13564019
mNqfk(mNqfk)Adult (f)5,5435056
gBRrSpitfire al DasharAdult (m)1,99652525
Sb9fU(Sb9fU)Adult (m)5,5085025
7EIlt(7EIlt)Adult (m)5,4815085
hYSvi(hYSvi)Adult (m)4,9934469
KPIRV(KPIRV)Adult (m)5,0014484
eOse(eOse)Hatchling (f, F)2,82450229
rMEK(rMEK)Hatchling (m, F)1,56536823
OQXX(OQXX)Hatchling (F)1,0101244
pMUW(pMUW)Adult (f)1,90550039
9MBSb(9MBSb)Adult (f)3,86661828
K87RX(K87RX)Adult (f)3,31954913
8PeUj(8PeUj)Adult (f)3,7744004
S97FP(S97FP)Adult (f)3,8784184
OnKOShallow al DasharAdult (m)4,07469127
kKn28(kKn28)Adult (m)4,0524479
cIrM1(cIrM1)Adult (m)3,64455910
60E1Y(60E1Y)Adult (m)3,6524214
nFUr2(nFUr2)Adult (m)3,6073943
Q70H(Q70H)Hatchling (f, F)1,76048317
pHSX(pHSX)Hatchling (m, F)2,06747713
3Qr7(3Qr7)Hatchling (F)1,79336215
MgHpTerrae al DasharAdult (f)6,08764230
CiYFP(CiYFP)Adult (f)6,6371,2207
lbEei(lbEei)Adult (f)6,5094343
C272A(C272A)Adult (f)6,0154013
Laa1o(Laa1o)Adult (f)6,0064023
v3Je(v3Je)Adult (m)3,02881722
69ftJ(69ftJ)Adult (m)5,7913877
Ko03B(Ko03B)Adult (m)6,5704386
Know4(Know4)Adult (m)5,7873876
t5GaL(t5GaL)Adult (m)5,2673523
cnWo(cnWo)Hatchling (f, F)1,73879721
jVOW(jVOW)Hatchling (m, F)2,65674029
bQ2X(bQ2X)Hatchling (F)2,01168212
jtbVNight Glory al DasharAdult (f)6,23075937
g8Ccf(g8Ccf)Adult (f)3,6424121
IqUOE(IqUOE)Adult (f)4,3404160
AlsUN(AlsUN)Adult (f)4,3763922
BPvkd(BPvkd)Adult (f)4,9123962
I5Ma0(I5Ma0)Adult (f)4,5833921
LTFkI(LTFkI)Adult (f)3,4823900
jBsJ(jBsJ)Adult (m)6,63578635
kX7Ct(kX7Ct)Adult (m)4,8824656
1dlh5(1dlh5)Adult (m)3,6484151
2CYB6(2CYB6)Adult (m)4,2004431
6u7v5(6u7v5)Adult (m)4,0554322
1OqVg(1OqVg)Adult (m)2,7023234
4ZDd(4ZDd)Hatchling (f, F)1,36761323
SUGo(SUGo)Hatchling (m, F)1,37964024
GmQ9(GmQ9)Hatchling (F)35720914
llP7Day Glory al DasharAdult (f)1,51870526
rjqnj(rjqnj)Adult (f)3,65555417
fXSsN(fXSsN)Adult (f)4,8964694
Wnn7W(Wnn7W)Adult (f)4,4754505
UksNY(UksNY)Adult (f)7,4147797
sDkYX(sDkYX)Adult (f)4,62652110
qWmb7(qWmb7)Adult (f)4,7513623
crUR(crUR)Adult (m)4,29958740
TUilW(TUilW)Adult (m)3,3375277
UfKHc(UfKHc)Adult (m)4,9944345
LOuRR(LOuRR)Adult (m)4,4094283
di7bV(di7bV)Adult (m)4,6324325
X9lW(X9lW)Hatchling (f, F)1,85643927
CCkH(CCkH)Hatchling (m, F)1,19669314
7aLb(7aLb)Hatchling (F)1,59830614
tY3ACB Sunsong w1 al DasharAdult (f)92856136
8ijXnCB Sunsong w2 al DasharAdult (f)3,9633857
WMEigCB Sunsong w3 al DasharAdult (f)5,4503683
0RY4hCB Sunsong w4 al DasharAdult (f)8,5965745
9Y6EcCB Sunsong w5 al DasharAdult (f)8,0215355
7Uq38CB Sunsong w6 al DasharAdult (f)8,5245695
FGkdCB Sunsong m1 al DasharAdult (m)83753041
Wqp9rCB Sunsong m2 al DasharAdult (m)9,1376105
zAtP9CB Sunsong m3 al DasharAdult (m)3,2064434
wSCZNCB Sunsong m4 al DasharAdult (m)4,5793074
0UsKRCB Sunsong m5 al DasharAdult (m)4,0063675
UpoifCB Sunsong m6 al DasharAdult (m)3,1753944
hQCWMother of Perl al DasharHatchling (f, F)83252936
1vm1Iridescent al DasharHatchling (m, F)72043041
DhHk(DhHk)Hatchling (F)1,14915912
TKjQ(TKjQ)Adult (f)79346141
KcL5D(KcL5D)Adult (f)4,1903473
2P86P(2P86P)Adult (f)5,2323493
DgiP6(DgiP6)Adult (f)4,5813084
hqs9Q(hqs9Q)Adult (f)4,7503834
GsFJb(GsFJb)Adult (f)3,9053614
dYHDBright-Breasted Wyvern al DasharAdult (m)96358930
tmnWH(tmnWH)Adult (m)3,7053443
coCPn(coCPn)Adult (m)3,9713553
NDVGT(NDVGT)Adult (m)5,3893612
RGXYK(RGXYK)Adult (m)4,3302979
YnaN(YnaN)Hatchling (f, F)66141729
vi0WParrot al DasharHatchling (m, F)81952933
bWds(bWds)Hatchling (F)1,39829826
kTpsCB Hellfire al DasharAdult (f)1,02562741
Er28vCB Hellwoman al DasharAdult (f)4,6753125
mudbgCB Hellwife al DasharAdult (f)4,0153316
Lnxh3CB al Dashar 6Adult (f)2,27771811
M2nCkCB al Dashar 7Adult (f)2,71775015
oILgCB Hellman al DasharAdult (m)82055145
Rl1sECB Hellgate al DasharAdult (m)4,1893435
2tdM6CB Hellfire m3 al DasharAdult (m)2,9728416
3WtMjCB Hellfire m4 al DasharAdult (m)3,1368036
xnNvnCB al Dashar 8Adult (m)2,47676920
NWSeHellgirl al DasharHatchling (f, F)87052637
S5aVHellboy al DasharHatchling (m, F)69642544
io45(io45)Hatchling (F)1,84232818
otY7CB Nebula w1 al DasharAdult (f)1,04261539
AeIjJ(AeIjJ)Adult (f)2,93460724
fqGR4(fqGR4)Adult (f)2,67749615
qUjAc(qUjAc)Adult (f)4,4673802
4RZ7u(4RZ7u)Adult (f)4,1673664
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