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  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
  • 2018 Holiday Event
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  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
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  • 2017 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Kintara,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
98aMG(98aMG)Adult (m)4,0517601
l0i6b(l0i6b)Adult (m)4,4579083
GwxJd(GwxJd)Adult (m)4,0458993
hSmIy(hSmIy)Hatchling (f, F)3,3568782
k9pv1(k9pv1)Hatchling (m, F)2,8189303
sE3uK(sE3uK)Hatchling (F)1,9404952
t9XsI3rd gen Valentine 2010Adult (m)5,4541,0164
Jmgbi2nd gen Valentine 2010Adult (m)5,5039216
Rg22C2nd gen Valentine 2010-2Adult (m)4,6679813
RIXw72nd gen Valentine 2010-3Adult (m)6,5987103
jPLQR2nd gen Valentine 2010-4Adult (m)4,6649293
7use9Valentine 2010 KidHatchling (m, F)4,0699394
CycMTValentine 2010 BabyHatchling (F)2,4105883
s9qpD2nd gen Valentine 2009Adult (f)5,1669645
yL0daValentine 2009 KidHatchling (f, F)5,6801,3506
xMvSrValentine 2009 BabyHatchling (F)2,8526584
PatKe2nd gen Valentine 2011-2Adult (f)6,6821,0014
aF0Ax2nd gen Valentine 2011Adult (f)5,0009096
nqgUC2nd gen Valentine 2011-3Adult (f)5,5929974
kdCew2nd gen Valentine 2011-4Adult (f)4,6909333
06vJIValentine 2011 KidHatchling (f, F)4,1339304
vMxKZ2nd gen Valentine 2013Adult (f)6,4251,0044
dZEVR3rd gen Valentine 2013Adult (f)5,1469385
pU0yI2nd gen Valentine 2013-2Adult (f)4,8881,0074
sEGbE2nd gen Valentine 2013-3Adult (f)5,0219994
WnOlm2nd gen Valentine 2013-4Adult (f)4,4549523
OOGQP2nd gen Valentine 2013-5Adult (f)4,7169334
xgE6F2nd gen Valentine 2013-6Adult (f)4,5259363
Rxbnk3rd gen Valentine 2012Adult (m)4,7189426
5kGHl2nd gen Valentine 2012Adult (m)4,8099495
MLDEm3rd gen Valentine 2012-2Adult (m)4,6959575
nj94D2nd gen Valentine 2012-2Adult (m)4,6421,0626
hgBus2nd gen Valentine 2012-3Adult (m)4,6351,0765
6ZYpmCB Valentine 2014-2Adult (m)5,2208633
LO5aFCB Valentine 2014-1Adult (m)5,1858774
dzhpn(dzhpn)Adult (f)5,5258233
2dJnLCB Pink w al DasharAdult (f)5,4629183
OgkYG5th gen PB red al DasharAdult (m)5,2918481
RxLvn(RxLvn)Adult (f)5,6837570
gVNrK(gVNrK)Adult (f)5,2788123
tYCr22nd gen w Silver al DasharAdult (f)4,6609764
0w6be5th gen Silver w1 al DasharAdult (f)6,1438681
SgbNFCB Silver w1 al DasharAdult (f)5,3601,0555
QKR0i(QKR0i)Adult (f)4,9201,0184
pg793(pg793)Adult (f)5,8248815
awoU2(awoU2)Adult (f)4,2627991
gP55f(gP55f)Adult (f)5,4341,0023
1k9Af(1k9Af)Adult (m)3,4211,1965
0W29e(0W29e)Adult (f)4,33391512
tEZxG(tEZxG)Adult (f)4,8791,0401
J9szx(J9szx)Adult (f)4,2771,0491
mEssD(mEssD)Adult (m)5,3401,0082
XBMxB2nd gen Snow Angel al DasharAdult (f)3,2261,1227
EQUVu10th gen Holly al Dashar mAdult (m)3,8969202
kkSct12th gen Holly al Dashar mAdult (m)3,7559162
LUh6yCB Solstice al Dashar 1Adult (f)3,6319352
aUxRACB Solstice al Dashar 2Adult (f)3,6759482
b6Ifr2nd gen Wrapping-Wing al DasharAdult (m)4,6601,0004
Qq4ku(Qq4ku)Adult (f)3,9081,0805
JTv9g(JTv9g)Adult (f)3,7701,0497
AWDGK(AWDGK)Adult (f)3,7769899
9t2fG(9t2fG)Adult (f)3,9119958
ZWTqn(ZWTqn)Adult (f)2,7931,0457
NjY4a(NjY4a)Adult (f)2,52488134
P4N0l(P4N0l)Adult (f)2,20684028
XqAup(XqAup)Adult (f)2,35780636
C5G7A(C5G7A)Adult (m)2,8021,11010
maVng(maVng)Adult (m)2,7631,0547
RC8ZC(RC8ZC)Adult (m)2,9821,12911
9XQt6(9XQt6)Adult (m)2,6621,03120
40ryc(40ryc)Adult (m)2,6711,05420
olzX0(olzX0)Adult (m)4,5509912
lFpsN(lFpsN)Hatchling (f, F)2,3819357
JB1cG(JB1cG)Hatchling (m, F)2,68065128
sYHtb(sYHtb)Hatchling (F)89533715
4q29R(4q29R)Adult (f)3,9036004
QT8qm(QT8qm)Adult (f)3,04876222
gKsZk(gKsZk)Adult (f)3,11777117
PDIpi(PDIpi)Adult (f)2,67072321
aFrXk(aFrXk)Adult (f)2,8481,0373
GgLYU(GgLYU)Adult (m)3,8341,1764
gC6X9(gC6X9)Adult (m)3,09575217
MxOSa(MxOSa)Adult (m)2,36171328
87DFt(87DFt)Adult (m)3,09276519
elA8c(elA8c)Adult (m)4,5578874
8Iqjw(8Iqjw)Hatchling (f, F)3,5745102
XoFFA(XoFFA)Hatchling (m, F)4,3408436
75Us6(75Us6)Hatchling (F)2,5257314
mY0eACB Yellow-Crowned w1 al DasharAdult (f)1,62953132
zsTKACB Yellow-Crowned w2 al DasharAdult (f)1,58050534
2UeoOCB Yellow-Crowned w3 al DasharAdult (f)1,59150833
eRdj0CB Yellow-Crowned w4 al DasharAdult (f)1,34454137
54nOQCB Yellow-Crowned w5 al DasharAdult (f)1,47543143
iLzVE(iLzVE)Adult (f)1,68540224
HnyVGCB Yellow-Crowned m1 al DasharAdult (m)1,78451836
gynF4CB Yellow-Crowned m2 al DasharAdult (m)1,92152534
GzPcbCB Yellow-Crowned m3 al DasharAdult (m)1,31945138
dBQ2ZCB Yellow-Crowned m4 al DasharAdult (m)1,49246649
Wjiq2(Wjiq2)Adult (m)1,45943340
TAFAW(TAFAW)Hatchling (f, F)1,38642343
5Z9yq(5Z9yq)Hatchling (m, F)1,44341138
Yf26v(Yf26v)Hatchling (F)75523523
ZtbMpCB Red-finned Tidal w1 al DasharAdult (f)1,67755638
xrMiMCB Red-finned Tidal w2 al DasharAdult (f)1,93150028
Di5DrCB Red-finned Tidal w3 al DasharAdult (f)1,48058036
1iDpqCB Red-finned Tidal w4 al DasharAdult (f)1,34244644
ELa7oCB Red-finned Tidal w5 al DasharAdult (f)1,49549540
vnVp9CB Red-finned Tidal m1 al DasharAdult (m)1,61950938
zdtG0CB Red-finned Tidal m2 al DasharAdult (m)1,52354836
Avf1gCB Red-finned Tidal m3 al DasharAdult (m)1,39355745
uLCjJCB Red-finned Tidal m4 al DasharAdult (m)1,93252634
RBadi(RBadi)Adult (m)1,59042940
Eyy3h(Eyy3h)Adult (m)1,58449040
jWdDa(jWdDa)Hatchling (f, F)1,35641533
3OAqG(3OAqG)Hatchling (m, F)1,24840846
GeABH(GeABH)Hatchling (F)1,15536326
MOoTqCB Duotone w1 al DasharAdult (f)2,22260430
QmsvtCB Duotone w2 al DasharAdult (f)2,40564037
589ytCB Duotone w3 al DasharAdult (f)2,45458540
RPVSXCB Duotone w4 al DasharAdult (f)2,28158141
bqZiwCB Duotone w5 al DasharAdult (f)3,8081,14732
bsIx7CB Duotone m1 al DasharAdult (m)2,05959236
KmTyUCB Duotone m2 al DasharAdult (m)2,37258141
tO4YUCB Duotone m3 al DasharAdult (m)2,44250240
AK0jcCB Duotone m4 al DasharAdult (m)2,36953241
r6Ja6CB Duotone m5 al DasharAdult (m)2,34254843
z5Df1CB Duotone w al DasharHatchling (f, F)1,98649044
pTroGCB Duotone m al DasharHatchling (m, F)1,55044249
AhwPNCB Duotone Baby al DasharHatchling (F)1,91153836
9A41wCB Two-headed Lindwurm green w1Adult (f)2,09355727
mJ2DgPB Two-headed Lindwurm green w2Adult (f)1,95948434
3zhL4CB Two-headed Lindwurm green w3Adult (f)1,31144447
CrQbtCB Two-headed Lindwurm green w4Adult (f)1,51642740
URBHqCB Two-headed Lindwurm green w5Adult (f)1,81145853
eUX9g(eUX9g)Adult (f)1,66043316
uy1vO(uy1vO)Adult (f)2,09646310
npiVD(npiVD)Adult (f)3,4211,1945
UWFUB(UWFUB)Adult (f)3,3241,1676
ZU8KN(ZU8KN)Adult (f)3,2171,01916
Ar5dD(Ar5dD)Adult (f)3,18199910
VtUno(VtUno)Adult (f)4,3881,0301
GOPi0(GOPi0)Adult (f)4,0789960
Yv3JDCB Two-headed Lindwurm green m1Adult (m)1,83054432
trEzYCB Two-headed Lindwurm green m2Adult (m)1,39245938
oy3tUCB Two-headed Lindwurm green m3Adult (m)1,41944748
O4MlwCB Two-headed Lindwurm green m4Adult (m)1,42742447
2pKmJCB Two-headed Lindwurm green m5Adult (m)1,8046428
KG1SI(KG1SI)Adult (m)3,2371,06012
yPcfr(yPcfr)Adult (m)3,2661,03511
Z8f7T(Z8f7T)Adult (m)4,4041,32513
aPpz7PB Two-headed Lindwurm greenHatchling (f, F)1,71646436
If9jr(If9jr)Hatchling (m, F)1,47641934
cT8WU(cT8WU)Hatchling (F)68123126
xin91CB Two-headed Lindwurm grey w1Adult (f)2,04456027
uOqDqCB Two-headed Lindwurm grey w2Adult (f)1,93249636
T0a18CB Two-headed Lindwurm grey w3Adult (f)2,13152648
AXS9MCB Two-headed Lindwurm grey w4Adult (f)1,79145035
A7z8dCB Two-headed Lindwurm grey w5Adult (f)1,41341142
yL4lH(yL4lH)Adult (f)1,90345816
gcbv4(gcbv4)Adult (f)2,2874783
4EK0c(4EK0c)Adult (f)3,1891,0914
Y8AKfCB Two-headed Lindwurm grey m1Adult (m)1,83551630
MxnMpCB Two-headed Lindwurm grey m2Adult (m)2,05953742
b4Wg1CB Two-headed Lindwurm grey m3Adult (m)1,84745545
p7uBICB Two-headed Lindwurm grey m4Adult (m)1,66542445
nJ3GzCB Two-headed Lindwurm grey m5Adult (m)1,44441039
K0HZW(K0HZW)Adult (m)4,0021,2805
0zYJMCB Two-headed Lindwurm grey wHatchling (f, F)1,38639641
uDu37CB Two-headed Lindwurm grey mHatchling (m, F)1,44640442
GuUt32nd gen CB TH Lindwurm greyHatchling (F)89529516
4Xu5u(4Xu5u)Adult (f)2,02063916
bpFXb(bpFXb)Adult (f)1,34762214
19Wtb(19Wtb)Adult (f)2,30147416
tdddP(tdddP)Adult (f)2,0664257
fktTl(fktTl)Adult (f)2,3024007
ZG0IM(ZG0IM)Adult (m)2,23464919
3JdUY(3JdUY)Adult (m)2,62867010
Eqetq(Eqetq)Adult (m)2,05357510
SWHcf(SWHcf)Adult (m)2,09956113
nYTt1(nYTt1)Adult (m)3,1114702
XyGrX(XyGrX)Hatchling (F)6092381
CYgsp(CYgsp)Hatchling (f, F)1,7193935
aW5sN(aW5sN)Hatchling (m, F)2,3074583
SpQcs(SpQcs)Adult (f)1,92074715
ynzZ8(ynzZ8)Adult (f)1,54062211
dSHwC(dSHwC)Adult (f)2,24659014
TmvIL(TmvIL)Adult (f)2,2214206
Z5IBg(Z5IBg)Adult (f)2,4954812
UuM0O(UuM0O)Adult (m)1,59371616
W1y6U(W1y6U)Adult (m)1,86172111
obqHI(obqHI)Adult (m)2,13675414
GUgqj(GUgqj)Adult (m)1,57961911
9e7WG(9e7WG)Adult (m)2,6524026
oqMmv(oqMmv)Hatchling (F)1,1321791
uvimn(uvimn)Hatchling (f, F)1,6293887
90Iw5(90Iw5)Hatchling (m, F)2,2384532
TVX0a8th gen Shimmer Gold w1 DasharAdult (f)6,79099715
xsqnj9th gen Shimmer Gold w2 DasharAdult (f)4,6815852
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