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You pick up the scroll labeled “Kintara,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
nRqgBCB Cavern w1 al DasharAdult (f)4,0564904
rX56bCB Cavern w2 al DasharAdult (f)4,3174934
hJcm1CB Cavern w3 al DasharAdult (f)2,7755472
5dEgfCB Cavern w4 al DasharAdult (f)2,6787463
lYb42CB Cavern w5 al DasharAdult (f)1,9737816
zkVyy(zkVyy)Adult (f)1,7468892
PPQGPCB Cavern m1 al DasharAdult (m)3,2374844
sRfOLCB Cavern m2 al DasharAdult (m)3,7814874
QeJAfCB Cavern m3 al DasharAdult (m)4,0904944
9BHnPCB Cavern m4 al DasharAdult (m)3,4815095
WgHky(WgHky)Adult (m)1,47450223
2GZuHCB Cavern w al DasharHatchling (f, F)4,3199397
3Pb6KCB Cavern m al DasharHatchling (m, F)3,2734784
c93o8CB Cavern Baby al DasharHatchling (F)1,6044174
ecuouCB Blusang w1 al DasharAdult (f)4,4333163
GR3DpCB Blusang w2 al DasharAdult (f)4,3774235
W1vGkCB Blusang w3 al DasharAdult (f)4,31556111
RvgImCB Blusang w4 al DasharAdult (f)5,4063886
GTK0H(GTK0H)Adult (f)4,6923725
2IRCC(2IRCC)Adult (f)4,3283543
ZHFpj2th gen blusang al DasharAdult (f)4,7443177
t0rkZ(t0rkZ)Adult (m)3,8824077
AjkjkCB Blusang m1 al DasharAdult (m)4,0284058
i8CDS(i8CDS)Adult (m)4,8153896
BESrc(BESrc)Adult (m)3,8004056
gRGdF(gRGdF)Adult (m)2,3552037
2W8Mc3nd gen BlusangAdult (m)3,8193382
1M1B3(1M1B3)Hatchling (f, F)4,0483725
NpEb8(NpEb8)Hatchling (m, F)3,1323729
CM1Zp(CM1Zp)Hatchling (F)1,7192685
Z1BV7(Z1BV7)Adult (f)6,2078106
rYUhO(rYUhO)Adult (f)7,3821,4647
Vr1nX(Vr1nX)Adult (f)6,8114557
oX9Ft(oX9Ft)Adult (f)6,8694587
VHlYa(VHlYa)Adult (f)7,6215097
oJcZmBrimstone al DasharAdult (m)6,4718526
OVeD8(OVeD8)Adult (m)7,1851,4247
AqtQ5(AqtQ5)Adult (m)6,9524646
r9vsA(r9vsA)Adult (m)7,3814937
WsDNT(WsDNT)Adult (m)7,44049611
mWF0U(mWF0U)Adult (m)7,08147311
0oeNj(0oeNj)Hatchling (f, F)6,8104548
D6vM7(D6vM7)Hatchling (m, F)6,7804528
9DIO2(9DIO2)Hatchling (F)3,4392313
ZoKR5Olive al DasharAdult (f)5,4287425
RKNRE(RKNRE)Adult (f)4,9504238
SAk1E(SAk1E)Adult (f)4,1053807
BY3Fj(BY3Fj)Adult (f)3,8503615
NMNWb(NMNWb)Adult (f)4,8603947
0bXpEOliver al DasharAdult (m)5,4487745
r2E4a(r2E4a)Adult (m)5,6718156
PdGd8(PdGd8)Adult (m)7,0141,0395
mrYTh(mrYTh)Adult (m)4,2523947
YmfjP(YmfjP)Adult (m)5,0743977
JXft8(JXft8)Adult (m)5,3683586
TtOe5(TtOe5)Adult (m)5,3793706
tIn2p(tIn2p)Hatchling (f, F)3,5243667
ama5g(ama5g)Hatchling (m, F)3,4813446
h6v3a(h6v3a)Hatchling (F)2,8852334
v5J6nUltraviolet al DasharAdult (f)3,74048516
pGFRb(pGFRb)Adult (f)5,15155813
kbAAn(kbAAn)Adult (f)5,46061723
TDrvT(TDrvT)Adult (f)5,31951612
aCgTc(aCgTc)Adult (f)5,40558014
utR8L(utR8L)Adult (m)2,52048612
Fbdo1(Fbdo1)Adult (m)4,14855711
HsHC5(HsHC5)Adult (m)5,39067018
KWU2P(KWU2P)Adult (m)5,41862117
U2jKX(U2jKX)Adult (m)6,38973922
a20PR(a20PR)Hatchling (f, F)4,52049414
SKk77(SKk77)Hatchling (m, F)4,4384507
mc5d6(mc5d6)Hatchling (F)3,50245914
dILsYLumina al DasharAdult (f)7,4554979
J0iNX(J0iNX)Adult (f)8,01854912
FCsj4(FCsj4)Adult (f)6,10751914
OKe2W(OKe2W)Adult (f)6,58653815
dqmaU(dqmaU)Adult (f)6,7204483
Lhdnr(Lhdnr)Adult (f)6,9844666
CA6ZG(CA6ZG)Adult (m)6,40755118
RRKi7(RRKi7)Adult (m)7,32155918
cfAv1(cfAv1)Adult (m)6,94853315
2ckAS(2ckAS)Adult (m)5,48958117
DIsoE(DIsoE)Adult (m)4,76062919
Fa6La(Fa6La)Adult (m)6,7804546
ihk2h(ihk2h)Adult (m)7,3364906
E6Fsf(E6Fsf)Hatchling (f, F)5,19953916
rOvKF(rOvKF)Hatchling (m, F)6,5625638
tso8W(tso8W)Hatchling (F)3,6594959
1pACe(1pACe)Adult (f)5,00054119
JnPWo(JnPWo)Adult (f)4,68552510
ZZHNf(ZZHNf)Adult (f)2,8254659
3S1kt(3S1kt)Adult (f)3,72657211
pXuPp(pXuPp)Adult (f)3,76659121
QKJSGTsunami Wyvern al DasharAdult (m)4,6525069
qrNkY(qrNkY)Adult (m)4,02149113
3iab5(3iab5)Adult (m)3,76758018
sr2aV(sr2aV)Adult (m)4,10054820
Y3VbX(Y3VbX)Adult (m)4,80463021
WtRgE(WtRgE)Adult (m)4,3403476
tFbb5(tFbb5)Hatchling (f, F)3,86547913
qKoat(qKoat)Hatchling (m, F)3,87752819
XJeE3(XJeE3)Hatchling (F)3,47843417
8Y6vrTurpentine al DasharAdult (f)3,16951615
SJUiM(SJUiM)Adult (f)3,02053216
dqEkH(dqEkH)Adult (f)3,40251113
GWKL1(GWKL1)Adult (f)2,85455812
DYYIL(DYYIL)Adult (f)2,87657417
55GZ1(55GZ1)Adult (m)3,56453813
0o0No(0o0No)Adult (m)2,81151514
AdMVp(AdMVp)Adult (m)2,97956615
SY4D4(SY4D4)Adult (m)2,93658115
GoLi3(GoLi3)Adult (m)2,89157317
cRubB(cRubB)Hatchling (f, F)3,1943917
AgLSM(AgLSM)Hatchling (m, F)2,62851324
dbuOo(dbuOo)Hatchling (F)2,2453877
0fmdG(0fmdG)Adult (f)4,57157920
PkWoa(PkWoa)Adult (f)2,83660423
sQHnn(sQHnn)Adult (f)2,40054623
tibIX(tibIX)Adult (f)3,13650314
6qofr(6qofr)Adult (f)2,51660720
KJpXB(KJpXB)Adult (f)2,3205039
eR9bvGolden Wyvern al DasharAdult (m)2,71556922
aVc77(aVc77)Adult (m)3,19054116
MaQnd(MaQnd)Adult (m)2,50956018
1ip6J(1ip6J)Adult (m)2,51561420
ISlGF(ISlGF)Adult (m)2,22650819
0QDQt(0QDQt)Adult (m)2,48960116
mn7eW(mn7eW)Adult (m)5,0063605
2c4X2(2c4X2)Hatchling (f, F)2,07656126
DuthQ(DuthQ)Hatchling (m, F)2,34454518
Bb6Xk(Bb6Xk)Hatchling (F)9262658
M8OZiRoyal Blue al DasharAdult (f)2,84760920
ANsts(ANsts)Adult (f)2,57060019
L5clM(L5clM)Adult (f)3,22548613
Hieg8(Hieg8)Adult (f)3,44746313
Rrrj1(Rrrj1)Adult (f)3,40245913
d8OHH(d8OHH)Adult (f)2,73457425
ZMuHB(ZMuHB)Adult (m)4,13359016
1Wt4r(1Wt4r)Adult (m)4,83357718
ohTNN(ohTNN)Adult (m)2,72963320
Qv7jc(Qv7jc)Adult (m)2,48754213
rsurL(rsurL)Adult (m)2,70955320
nRtP5(nRtP5)Adult (m)2,91255115
NDXAW(NDXAW)Hatchling (f, F)2,34556516
RurTE(RurTE)Hatchling (m, F)4,15648212
RMr6d(RMr6d)Hatchling (F)1,11133811
5HciE(5HciE)Adult (f)4,58986632
VC46i(VC46i)Adult (f)5,07890232
sJA08(sJA08)Adult (f)4,1657896
pO5OO(pO5OO)Adult (f)4,6394575
4d859(4d859)Adult (f)4,1104635
SqWAqShadow Walker al DasharAdult (m)4,58285731
WLVOF(WLVOF)Adult (m)4,71288035
OFfG7(OFfG7)Adult (m)5,10690933
DRZmL(DRZmL)Adult (m)3,7704885
vv7Zd(vv7Zd)Adult (m)3,8164964
Rh8Op(Rh8Op)Adult (m)4,1825344
qZEuO(qZEuO)Hatchling (f, F)4,0675496
2U3pf(2U3pf)Hatchling (m, F)3,57670718
hYK9R(hYK9R)Hatchling (F)4,0575465
2mq4r(2mq4r)Adult (f)2,68255023
VCAqs(VCAqs)Adult (f)5,2803525
orftm(orftm)Adult (f)4,9334454
egYJV(egYJV)Adult (f)5,3863605
epb7U(epb7U)Adult (f)4,6824193
4DVTgGold-horned Tangar al DasharAdult (m)2,57158833
af2nR(af2nR)Adult (m)2,52556825
QdnZs(QdnZs)Adult (m)5,4303624
ihG4u(ihG4u)Adult (m)5,1943475
UjPeK(UjPeK)Adult (m)5,2173505
g2IaW(g2IaW)Adult (m)4,8743254
KnafH(KnafH)Hatchling (f, F)2,35548024
fhgJl(fhgJl)Hatchling (m, F)1,99649526
spuAh(spuAh)Hatchling (F)96526813
r8TchSpotted Greenwing al DasharAdult (f)2,81159424
bTYZO(bTYZO)Adult (f)2,2775422
4LDL8(4LDL8)Adult (f)4,4993683
FoHRc(FoHRc)Adult (f)4,7723613
JQhQr(JQhQr)Adult (f)3,7113883
MlP8n(MlP8n)Adult (m)2,36656725
rkAqF(rkAqF)Adult (m)5,4763663
VFNSi(VFNSi)Adult (m)3,5653943
ZjPPW(ZjPPW)Adult (m)4,0453415
VfW1q(VfW1q)Adult (m)2,9567208
VLjjI(VLjjI)Hatchling (f, F)2,34954724
f3o3L(f3o3L)Hatchling (m, F)1,99946539
1ESkS(1ESkS)Hatchling (F)2,06466812
RXOSBFirst Gold Tinsel al DasharAdult (f)9,07962025
40enoFourth Gold Tinsel al DasharAdult (f)9,00685526
4NFqNSixth Gold Tinsel al DasharAdult (f)9,28172628
dXMgI(dXMgI)Adult (f)9,3806268
grRps(grRps)Adult (f)8,6145755
1eTkT4th gen lin gold tinselAdult (f)9,43663017
LBdhA(LBdhA)Adult (f)9,1426104
LSHjp6th gen lin gold tinselAdult (f)8,1765465
b0fM5(b0fM5)Adult (f)7,9079167
EhARiSecond Gold Tinsel al DasharAdult (m)9,53868038
90cApThird Gold Tinsel al DasharAdult (m)7,48379436
aT7RvSeventh Gold Tinsel al DasharAdult (m)6,96171822
rvH7kFifth Gold Tinsel al DasharAdult (m)8,91159521
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