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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Jerusha,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
r6FvfSpritely MiracleAdult (f)4,6967272
vaM2jSong of MiraclesAdult (m)3,6146822
McC0VTriple Jaz GloryAdult (f)4,3387103
XkbgMTriple Gold HolidayAdult (f)1,9288714
euKbdAngels' Song of GloryAdult (m)6,7096327
I8JpSDance of AngelsAdult (f)3,3998134
e5T2FAngelic Holiday PrinceAdult (m)3,8457242
EVNJYuletym GloryAdult (f)2,065786107
66uV4Opalescent Yule SkyAdult (m)5,0621,0625
EWlLOYule Sky GloryAdult (m)4,1139793
PXpDwHershel's Mint WinterAdult (f)3,2456886
ECnb4Yule Mint LeafAdult (f)3,6497253
Ivr29Sheleaves YuleAdult (f)4,0917431
Adj1kFeral YulechildAdult (m)2,2948476
dFSRjYule Go WildAdult (f)4,5777321
N6PKFMinty Yule CheerAdult (f)3,6726972
Ho7XEYule Leaf CheerfulAdult (f)4,0407836
ikcU7Wild Yule SkyAdult (f)3,2247191
iZHCJWild GypsumAdult (m)3,1677571
HeiDSGypsum SpiritAdult (m)3,1426653
au5dCRowan HollyAdult (m)2,5036384
EoPM9Jingle Bell HeddAdult (m)7,4111,2394
bbs7yHolly AshesAdult (m)1,7607182
t52qpBrother HollyAdult (m)2,2826683
4hreHollybella's WonderAdult (f)4,6857264
fnQMDGypsy Holly AngelAdult (f)4,7489193
5lT2Hollyule WonderAdult (m)5,7401,0925
nmLTXWhyte HoliDayAdult (m)3,46759612
mKRo6Holly Sprinkled SnowAdult (f)5,1053525
0fsQPChristmas ArcadisaAdult (f)4,1686493
iTvQZWhite Christmas FantasyAdult (m)3,75885613
7T5ZSYule Holly FantasyAdult (m)3,7696836
SQgerHollyule MoonRibbonAdult (f)4,0846282
hYYFsChristmas PresenceAdult (f)3,4668263
lm3gXChristmas CrownAdult (f)4,3187033
ULq7ISolstice Moon TwinAdult (m)2,5207776
qSuYMRainbow Gilded RoseAdult (f)4,6426466
P2XvDGold Gilded RoseAdult (m)4,88270510
bSA6IGhostly Silver RoseAdult (m)5,13789113
jid4gLove's QuiverAdult (m)4,0647542
KiCILCupid's BowAdult (m)4,1177293
L3kOAAscent of ArrowsAdult (m)4,1385892
2FmiWhite BouquetAdult (m)4,2751,0043
BoI1bInnoscent RoseAdult (f)4,5477295
TEhsqHeaven-Scent RoseAdult (f)4,2708395
QN7CSRoyal Valentine RoseAdult (m)5,8757995
rGFVHeaven's White RoseAdult (f)2,4996336
M97JBGentle Silver RoseAdult (m)4,6145556
c8sh6Gentle Healing RoseAdult (f)5,0807824
WSQuKGentle Heaven's RoseAdult (f)2,2778665
72X8GLove's Gentle RoseAdult (m)2,0118192
oFjQKHeaven's Pastel RoseAdult (m)3,8229096
9TfcfSweet Ghostly RoseAdult (f)5,9049384
Nku4PLionheart RoseAdult (f)3,4497265
UOQKAFoiled KissAdult (f)5,01669520
crXTlSweet TiaraAdult (f)3,5156959
v3POBSweet Cordial SnowAdult (f)3,7834447
WOKehBeeloved GiftAdult (m)1,6105703
gf03tWhite TuxAdult (f)3,4116254
U7Gp9HoneyglowAdult (f)3,7991,1153
OtRx8Materia's Holy AngelAdult (m)4,8583534
MPDkRRadiant Holy CloudAdult (f)2,7106207
rg5fFRadiant CloudstreamAdult (f)6,6134534
HP9cnSecret Moonlight TrystAdult (f)4,1928242
AlReXSweet Moonlight SecretAdult (m)4,7121,0875
63v9kMidnight IndulgenceAdult (f)4,9747325
JgcnAChocolate Strawberry MoonAdult (m)3,9081,1316
0jTcBSweet Midnight GhostAdult (m)2,7977264
kIsTTForgotten KissAdult (f)4,4258976
c0CgCordial HailAdult (m)3,7881,0139
mbIATazerim's Divine GhostAdult (f)3,7201,0106
m12KfSweet Alabaster GhostAdult (f)4,1466496
ov0tSweetlings' Cordial GhostAdult (f)4,0097633
tj0fnSweet Ghost CordialAdult (m)4,0637293
qGKs9Queen of TartsAdult (f)1,7617381
rumVUKnave Of TartsAdult (m)3,5858314
pZMRMCourtly HeartAdult (m)5,9677655
a23UERoyal TartAdult (m)5,2736801
6Xro7A Pledge Of DiamondsAdult (f)5,2976273
5VQLrJonathan's ValentineAdult (m)2,9466134
jnVl5Valentine PromisesAdult (f)3,0509623
XuK2QThe Queen's OathAdult (f)3,8047315
LNljeTart LoverAdult (f)4,5307463
apMJiEndless Loving EyesAdult (f)3,5665874
p7e3IShady LoverAdult (m)3,1567633
H8GcDCherry Cream HeartAdult (m)4,0167156
8IQf9Shamanic PrincessAdult (f)3,6384193
emLqpBanner Of The KingAdult (m)3,5748088
S84asCherry Heart PrincessAdult (f)3,3674035
U8aSAPrincely HeartAdult (m)3,2237595
cWrtmSweet Seeker RoseAdult (f)3,5116903
u8p7YHaunted ValentineAdult (m)3,1247453
x6jlEHalloween's ValentineAdult (m)5,9731,0252
Wme7FSworn Shadow ValentineAdult (m)4,3407073
BA4KJShadowy Rose LullabyAdult (f)2,6439314
lgXFBHoliday PresenceAdult (m)4,7748863
ctqjAALL The HolidaysAdult (f)2,3467533
1Z75pGrave MarshelAdult (m)2,2697342
phFc0A Feast Of Halcyon ChampagneAdult (f)3,0164703
hRLRZStarlit SnowblossomAdult (m)3,5776793
8nNrmDeadly Golden AngelAdult (m)3,60976011
wAk0HPumpkin MarrionetteAdult (m)3,7296882
H9DanWibbly Wobbly WeeperAdult (m)3,4787693
5J7oAx It Can Come BackAdult (f)3,6466983
1VJBCx But The Child Is LostAdult (m)2,6846998
9BFvPx The Darkness-The Big Bad WolfAdult (f)2,7348181
iC8Uhx Amount Of Running InvolvedAdult (f)4,1316437
h7E9Ux Every Time We MeetAdult (m)4,8696722
Ds4mLx An Unearthly ChildAdult (m)2,2018143
mTPpix Goodbye My DearAdult (m)3,5265592
fjRGvx Hush Now - SpoilersAdult (f)2,1907275
I1CpQx The Face Of EvilAdult (m)2,1438132
C2md7x Life-Have A Fantastic LifeAdult (m)1,9036321
gvRZ4x A Sonic WHAT - SCREWDRIVERAdult (f)2,2498162
cDFu8x Never WorkedAdult (f)2,6357562
WgLKXx I'm Going To Say - RetreatAdult (m)3,3172221
7QDDLx The End Of The WorldAdult (m)2,7848673
kO8vix Colony In SpaceAdult (f)3,4787863
DtDOhx The Chula WarshipAdult (f)2,3349042
5GOK0x In Fear Of YouAdult (f)3,8047153
CnfrVx A Time Lord Lives Too LongAdult (m)5,4431,2184
8AgCKx A Lonely GodAdult (m)4,3346483
mnenGx Everything Tastes WROOONGAdult (f)2,7328112
96q5Ix All Of You - So SmallAdult (m)2,7727563
OdAkjx Went In A Flash Didn't ItAdult (f)3,0918021
LD4Efx Mathematics AnymoreAdult (f)2,7958481
HSvmtx When You're AloneAdult (m)3,9356655
fDaegx Wondering About ThatAdult (f)2,7991,0352
pOR7Jx Left In ShadowsAdult (m)1,7067833
akSCFx Goodbye xAdult (m)4,5146703
EPatrx Rose I Remember To DanceAdult (m)2,6667643
93NIjx I Travelled Across The WorldAdult (f)4,6377192
FfiyKxRunAround And Bring Home StraysAdult (m)2,7338912
22v0ux In The Whole Wide UniverseAdult (f)2,6079221
l8Eebx The Doctor DancesAdult (f)2,8878185
R7mc9x Rory's Like ThatAdult (m)1,8627032
SHXgax You'll Get Them KilledAdult (f)4,2266181
5jqp7x The Time War EndsAdult (m)5,1628003
PBTXLx You Will Come With MeAdult (m)6,3599023
Z7j6nx I've Certainly Got A GobAdult (f)4,2125892
hkhUCx The Abominable SnowmenAdult (m)3,0397752
AjdAvx Beautiful To LiveAdult (f)3,9878063
kcO9px He Was Being KindAdult (f)5,1728146
iPHpHMine's My Past-Yours Is MoralityAdult (f)5,1078088
AMcbhx Doctor Who xAdult (m)3,6099392
3u8esx Dinosaurs On A SpaceshipAdult (f)6,7677613
0hGZlx Remember What Doctor -DoctorAdult (m)4,4726342
3dk6Qx And Watch Children CryAdult (m)2,9326946
eSAXcx To That OneAdult (f)6,1421,0416
BSboLx End Cause The Doctor DancesAdult (m)4,5756527
jQh7cx The Planet GallifreyAdult (m)5,2118241
q5jzLx MeAdult (f)2,9867381
4TDtmx Run - Just RunAdult (f)4,48749820
8lB74x I Was Not Expecting ThisAdult (m)3,3639772
v2LeOx Am I GingerAdult (f)6,6889763
J32glx The Twin Dilemma xAdult (f)4,4451,1423
WzVVfx I'm On Some Rock-Like PlanetAdult (m)4,2856305
R6omCx Help From The Long DeadAdult (f)3,7746764
cEBpPx The Twin DilemmaAdult (m)2,0696963
e87F6x Prevented - Seal The PandoricaAdult (m)4,49846711
BMkLgx Let Somebody Else Try FirstAdult (f)5,4315915
FG9u6x No - In That Case - Allons-yAdult (m)2,1477635
ueR1Mx The Anger Of A Good ManAdult (f)4,0195703
D7Prhx For Humanity And For EarthAdult (f)2,1668063
dl3tBx  ExterminateAdult (f)2,6647072
QcNdcx Old GirlAdult (f)4,0786114
UHvg8x But I Keep WonderingAdult (m)2,7737942
Vc6ppx The Drumming-Can't You Hear ItAdult (m)2,4767601
RQfCmx The Deadly AssassinAdult (m)5,1731,1161
yCIAkx And Remember MeAdult (f)2,6968811
20Tpex And I Stole YouAdult (m)2,1616964
lpX1kx And It's All Your FaultAdult (m)3,3577254
zSCTRx In A Dungeon - In CardiffAdult (m)3,1208482
du04NxAnd This's Where She's PointingAdult (m)2,2596341
AoVfbx Very Nice To Meet YouAdult (f)4,0051,1691
ceQEWx A Police Box From 1963Adult (m)5,2881,2213
DGi9mx But You're The DoctorAdult (f)6,1541,2802
N7SXFx We Waited HereAdult (m)3,4457301
cUFZIx Tomb Of The CybermenAdult (f)3,9031,1144
5acKfx And The End Of All ThingsAdult (f)2,0477972
tXRCFx When The Doctor Was MeAdult (m)5,5926103
1Mto4x The Time Lord VictoriousAdult (m)3,2588471
8XM0ax Vincent And The DoctorAdult (f)3,0008281
Z1crnx Never Gonna Stop AskingAdult (m)4,1085963
mqtQNx Remembrance Of The DaleksAdult (f)2,3447542
hARRAx And He Straightens His BowTieAdult (m)1,8587011
MAIrbx I Love My Sonic ScrewdriverAdult (f)2,4026883
nvIRrx Oh She KnowsAdult (f)2,0167281
L3hHGx Because - Because You're WrongAdult (f)3,0986273
ZuUAMx You Were My DoctorAdult (m)4,3067232
sFY3Sx The Curse Of The Time LordsAdult (m)2,0867341
w5aTSx No Not With The Turkish FellowAdult (f)2,1875591
4bQlnx And The Bluest Blue EverAdult (f)2,6449591
eZo9Rx The Dawn Of TimeAdult (m)2,3506922
PObgxx LogopolisAdult (f)5,2151,0848
1l62Mx I Love That NoiseAdult (f)3,5417605
hBRubx Oh Fine Focus On That PartAdult (f)4,8947264
OpTkTx Because I Was So ScaredAdult (m)2,4777261
qkAcjx How Fast Can You RunAdult (f)3,9269782
VmGf6x The Clothes Off My BackAdult (m)2,7586853
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