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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Jerusha,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
eh1TjArtemiasmaAdult (f)8,2651,2749
OtLh0Spellbound SongAdult (f)7,88378525
dSa5IAntidisestablishmentarianAdult (f)4,2741,1756
8u5FfWaffles Nom Nom NomAdult (f)8,2551,0067
sjkF6Wild Waffle FaeAdult (f)9,7596788
EPikEMolten MindAdult (m)8,0881,04324
IuWkCRebel HellAdult (f)7,6371,22311
YMH70Burning Bronze EmberAdult (f)8,4209283
CW0qaScope Of VictoryAdult (m)6,2966468
r6RBMDark Copper RoseAdult (f)7,6441,3218
te7S0Experimental ChildAdult (f)8,05986529
36GJcD'Arc HeartAdult (m)6,4708306
gcNvAHeortophobicAdult (m)9,30562125
LfqY8Penk Zalvaris IvyAdult (f)5,9501,1304
aqfCNHypnotic Sweet HoneyAdult (f)7,59085315
qLKITGilded IzayaAdult (m)8,3558406
ntKpmVerdigrilogicAdult (m)9,5517288
vcmw2High Queen MaevanityAdult (f)4,8419488
BlB9hFour LaughsAdult (m)4,3161,1879
0XeXnUtren's RibbonAdult (m)5,5268186
6OKA7Moonshine DomiadraumrAdult (f)5,7109014
SCOtIMagic Shimmer ShadowsAdult (m)6,1951,01210
61TNdMerry Wrapped IlluminationsAdult (f)5,89897711
A9AuVMagic Twin MoonAdult (m)4,6389726
VJ4RALeap of FateAdult (m)6,06587815
t85XHPouncessAdult (f)4,9686723
c2vgXNever Fully DressedAdult (m)2,3778187
P1eo7Without A SmileAdult (f)4,2717133
Prgv7Easy StreetAdult (m)4,3715635
tPsR6Leapin' LizardAdult (f)5,3296723
0htf7Hard-Knock LifeHatchling (f, F)3,7689116
SuTV0Bet Your Bottom DollarHatchling (m, F)2,0587572
JMGfjBroken LocketHatchling (F)3,6283803
7oTZ0Boylan SisterHatchling (f, F)4,9335731
ccX8aBeau BrummellyHatchling (m, F)3,3986413
EUFBFSaville RowHatchling (F)1,9285042
p21RWKodamaAdult (m)4,5377667
4WvOINimue of the LakeAdult (f)3,0137733
DZS3cAang the Last AirbenderAdult (m)2,6036242
Okv5sKatara of Water TribeAdult (f)4,6987292
YUCYVTenzin the AirbenderAdult (m)5,1129933
BMWVs(BMWVs)Adult (f)4,5036551
gPingGrave KeeperAdult (m)5,3269807
qUAcbHeck And DarnationAdult (f)4,7657942
DG4NbAccolon EmrysAdult (m)3,0527904
vtgJ2Hell And DamnationAdult (f)3,2197663
Pv9YSShadowhawkeAdult (m)5,8531,3715
f2pSWicked SmahtAdult (f)4,7389981
nsOmMHavuhd YahdAdult (m)2,7291,0612
tL32n(tL32n)Adult (m)4,0007434
Pi2tMystery ManAdult (m)3,0786787
jp51Toph of Earth KingdomAdult (f)4,0958835
gjZ4iLin Beifong of Earth KingdomAdult (f)3,0826822
GVJsDThe Goblin KingAdult (m)3,3928067
NUoU7Iroh of Fire NationAdult (f)5,9031,3774
HqEqMLanval EmrysAdult (m)2,2527241
niMLyAlbit EinsteinAdult (f)4,8276902
vTRZeIt's PatAdult (m)3,3187461
BvygZ(BvygZ)Adult (f)3,6237033
4rVHO(4rVHO)Adult (m)3,1847966
ks3zB(ks3zB)Adult (f)4,0666351
T3veU(T3veU)Adult (m)3,3295633
l83pmPrince Zuko of Fire NationAdult (m)2,2978104
FEMkaLady MaiAdult (f)4,8357183
u9H0PRoku of Fire NationAdult (m)3,4916811
QL29N(QL29N)Adult (f)3,1517262
E4NYt(E4NYt)Adult (f)5,2256083
qXEBL(qXEBL)Adult (f)4,3826963
KiDCb(KiDCb)Adult (f)2,6488013
9eAJ6Mako the FirebenderAdult (m)2,5798044
lgiRhKorra of Water TribeAdult (f)2,3498492
3gcfP(3gcfP)Adult (m)2,9927815
eEiLB(eEiLB)Adult (f)4,4636023
qsGlf(qsGlf)Adult (m)4,3757031
6DQBd(6DQBd)Adult (f)3,7385562
3MPhI(3MPhI)Adult (m)3,0087894
atB74(atB74)Adult (f)5,8701,3266
g7YRp(g7YRp)Adult (m)4,0206775
RzYIJ(RzYIJ)Adult (f)2,6721,0491
T3JGX(T3JGX)Adult (f)2,4038372
9Cd0hDoctor Who LineagesAdult (f)4,16563414
gzwlmx I'm Ready xAdult (m)2,4177484
JLWJNo I Know You AreAdult (f)3,5497014
nS1DLWell You WantedAdult (m)3,0087542
QZv2gA Big Red ButtonAdult (f)2,9718552
MiviZOne Big BangAdult (m)2,5457844
ysfVUNo More Time LordsAdult (f)3,6501,0009
hYdJINo More DaleksAdult (m)2,4777633
zfWokAre You Sure oAdult (f)3,8438332
J6ZvRx I Was SureAdult (m)3,0596846
6tGymWhen I Came In HereAdult (f)3,6016837
rAblqThere Is No Other Way xAdult (m)2,9618522
oWd8Lo You've SeenAdult (f)2,6299131
x0POUThe MenAdult (m)2,4177455
nTf1WYou Will Become oAdult (f)4,3707561
e2KqGx Those MenAdult (m)3,2347063
lyC6xThey're Extraordinary xAdult (f)4,3031,03912
ZgWCko They Were You oAdult (m)2,9317252
6sw6mx No They AreAdult (f)3,1437825
0jruKThe Doctor xAdult (m)2,5568342
uijJYo You're TheAdult (f)2,5477911
TlEv7Doctor Too oAdult (m)2,6667302
jjvBMx NoAdult (f)2,1496656
6skUmGreat MenAdult (m)4,2636404
6OQC8Are ForgedAdult (f)3,6465524
FVlx6In FireAdult (m)3,3516631
QI6QHIt Is TheAdult (f)2,7707142
aRYAmPrivilege OfAdult (m)2,9336394
OIGSTLesser MenAdult (f)4,4496435
5AOpNTo Light The FlameAdult (m)2,9846872
6GTGNWhatever The Cost xAdult (f)3,7146773
ODYx1The Forgotten DoctorAdult (m)2,6795742
pKPOLFour - YouAdult (m)6,5498602
YNCC1Don't Let Me Abandon YouAdult (f)4,2217453
39jp6And FiveAdult (m)6,5388584
vh1LpVery Important - FiveAdult (f)5,4408174
eDX08Don't Let Me Eat PearsAdult (m)5,5036662
Gu9ceI  HATE  PearsAdult (f)3,9679253
D8nCGI Won't Know ThatAdult (m)4,5468071
DJ5vgIn Three MonthsAdult (f)5,1011,0245
WW3NjI  Don't  WantAdult (m)2,3847192
vEu2JTo Wake UpAdult (f)4,2755861
Lp4n4From Being HumanAdult (m)5,6038823
Advu5And Taste THATAdult (f)4,1268434
FJs3kBingle Bongle Dingle DangleAdult (m)6,4648082
T80AqLikkity Doo Likkity DahAdult (f)5,0518206
pd3oTPing Pong Lippy Tuppy Too TahAdult (f)5,9889043
kvhsqHow  Do  I  LookAdult (m)3,4176926
vfloUmmm DifferentAdult (f)4,9436244
C9M3pGood Different Or Bad DifferentAdult (m)3,0091,0276
jihQMJust - DifferentAdult (f)6,1327463
MWWP7Am  I  GingerAdult (m)3,1428362
BRDVSNo You're Just Sort Of BrownAdult (f)5,0706973
AETjLAw I Wanted To Be GingerAdult (m)7,6908772
2pPI5I've Never Been GingerAdult (f)2,0696883
AoMWZAnd You Rose TylerAdult (m)6,2211,0342
GQXnOYou Gave Up On MeAdult (f)4,6468453
0SLG9Ooh That's RudeAdult (m)3,3747787
e1ebuIs That The Sort Of Man I Am NowAdult (f)6,0901,0412
IBRJDAm I RudeAdult (m)3,5838116
qlKq5Rude And Not GingerAdult (f)3,9055798
2cn9RStill Not GingerAdult (m)4,2405923
UKk7AShe's Strong - SHE Is StrongAdult (m)4,7597372
PGSA3Ooo OOO Stupid MeAdult (f)5,9768232
I0JT0Weak  And  StrongAdult (m)5,7449564
NHKJHIt's A TranslationAdult (f)4,9418242
UVpvCTranslated FromAdult (m)4,5365571
0DFLJThe Base CodeAdult (f)4,5168311
tHtMiOf Nature ItselfAdult (m)3,2521,1622
U3nTLYou And I CyrilAdult (f)2,6229723
1UiiDWe're WeakAdult (m)2,2208194
tP3p4But She's FemaleAdult (f)2,2248013
QS1QRMore Than FemaleAdult (m)2,0727971
71dsqShe's MumAdult (f)3,6018212
O6oC4How Else Does LifeAdult (m)2,2507561
r95a5Ever TravelAdult (f)2,8757454
5SWtjThe MothershipAdult (f)4,0407735
P3aZBIf  You  Love  MeAdult (m)2,4706051
50fsFDon't Let Me InAdult (f)6,3999532
TXRkkOpen That Door - I WillAdult (m)2,5298552
Bc27UI'll Come InAdult (f)2,1978175
BU1NCI Won't Bow Out BravelyAdult (m)3,0708941
bmbJeI'll Be KickingAdult (f)6,7029525
Nv6kZScreaming FightingAdult (m)8,8979607
W2GckTo  The  EndAdult (f)7,2088572
QgpKeTell Amy - Your AmyAdult (m)3,2001,0411
PYkFGI'm Giving Her The DaysAdult (f)2,2307944
gTNOsThe Days With YouAdult (m)5,5761,1812
1L57uThe Days To ComeAdult (f)4,7481,1152
O6dl1The Days I Can't HaveAdult (m)2,3409061
On8fRTake Them PleaseAdult (f)3,1911,0284
62RWAI'm Giving My DaysAdult (f)3,6077323
G4NdtLegs I've Still Got LegsAdult (m)5,1207882
ObCB9Good - Arms - HandsAdult (f)3,5398211
RS0hQOoo FingersAdult (m)4,9397314
k79nlLots Of FingersAdult (f)3,7308094
nktULEars Yes - Eyes TwoAdult (m)4,1456562
hScGVNose - Eh I've Had WorseAdult (f)4,5586952
3ZCSSChin  -  BlimeyAdult (m)4,1467753
pRnJfHair - I'm A GirlAdult (f)5,3418202
VCsh6No No I'm Not A GirlAdult (m)2,0697082
2drRVAnd Still - Not GingerAdult (f)2,1697615
bC4lfThere's  Something  ElseAdult (m)3,3887101
4kGISSomething ImportantAdult (f)3,2477894
KXnQTI'm I'm I'mAdult (m)3,2557742
tmSCsHa Ha CrashingAdult (f)5,3541,0956
EAGr2GeronimoooooAdult (f)6,8489325
r1lFoWas She NiceAdult (m)6,5601,0769
k96C5I Just Spoke To HerAdult (f)4,6007232
jAIEJAnd With Your UsualAdult (m)4,7786623
5CiJ7Impact No DoubtAdult (f)5,3437331
PiEgdNo No Impact At AllAdult (m)4,2618051
vqqInThose Days Are OverAdult (f)4,7897271
Kn5UUYou Can't Help YourselfAdult (m)4,3777411
FfTrfIt's The Same StoryAdult (f)4,9807645
SrPWFEvery Time And ItAdult (m)2,7168803
Lii6rAlways Begins WithAdult (f)5,6661,1754
aPWQaThe Same Two WordsAdult (m)2,9397816
J6dPQShe'll Never Be AbleAdult (f)3,1677715
rny1JTo Find Me AgainAdult (m)3,2207642
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