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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Jerusha,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
fNVROFiachraeHatchling (f, F)6,0188429
bE0TNBrionHatchling (m, F)5,9148619
YHAf7AilillHatchling (F)4,4904567
RDPqvDevilish Good LooksAdult (m)2,6171,20912
EjZaHFatal BeautyAdult (f)2,5221,13812
7s5MLDeath Of The PartyAdult (m)2,5141,18413
h3CSiTo  The  PainAdult (f)3,3951,14611
ZHcqfRoyal NightmareAdult (m)4,5951,1855
6VJVbSkull ReaverAdult (f)5,5509685
eO6ShGnawty BoyAdult (m)4,4751,2265
qdYslDeath AngelAdult (f)5,6701,1186
grTs6Noxious CordialAdult (m)8,08369614
hRTeqSucubusAdult (f)3,7495638
ToshKDeadly ChocolatierAdult (m)2,9931,0505
nMO91Bloody RosesAdult (f)3,3261,0996
koTqHPithy ValentineAdult (f)8,1541,38112
XW5btRotten MiracleAdult (m)4,1204334
inN1JLa MorteAdult (f)2,32359610
RAQGfUndreadAdult (m)3,4435738
3nNxPNoxious SucubusAdult (m)2,7327474
yM3EV(yM3EV)Adult (f)3,5165503
mdVv0Sheer TerrorAdult (m)7,0061,0242
S4NcTGhost In The GraveyardAdult (f)8,6821,0105
IlhWQ(IlhWQ)Hatchling (f, F)1,9186519
pp2WQ(pp2WQ)Hatchling (m, F)2,0316056
NmDgt(NmDgt)Hatchling (F)1,7353894
bLudQMoon ShadeAdult (f)7,1418615
WEDe6Shady BusinessAdult (m)5,1557393
ECT1hThe Corner Of Your EyeAdult (m)4,2185544
pfpZbCreaking In Your HouseAdult (f)3,7695553
md38HBreathing Under Your BedAdult (m)2,1769203
Bt04OVoices Through A WallAdult (f)3,4401,3283
3IjS5Running Your LivesAdult (m)3,3845691
pZYbmFor A Very Long TimeAdult (f)4,0225771
vvFtvLove's ShadowAdult (m)3,9554133
Dc16WMemento MelodyAdult (f)4,0243878
PF2rZNightshade ElementAdult (m)3,6085116
WAkthElemental DarklingAdult (f)3,4835405
avGd8Misty JourneysAdult (f)3,8304976
MaRO8The Shadowy SilenceAdult (m)2,0126206
9BH3uLove's DarknessAdult (f)1,9886586
rrRpHRocky Horror Lurker ShowAdult (m)3,1751,06422
NnubULurker LipsAdult (f)3,7775143
aSPYPFrankNLurkerHatchling (f, F)1,6236543
QS0FG(QS0FG)Adult (m)3,3664876
Cl9rQLurkaliciousAdult (f)3,7584812
kSWgPDem Piles O' BonesAdult (m)3,5415031
PCJtE(PCJtE)Adult (f)3,3364902
BLXXRCreepy Uncle BlixAdult (m)3,7314963
mOuNWBatty Aunt PattyAdult (f)3,3704872
ytajOMagic Bloody WineAdult (m)3,0283975
iJNfcStaredownAdult (f)3,1275662
DPXymGrave EaterAdult (m)2,6055831
LuKrxSkull EyesHatchling (f, F)2,0136523
LpiD5Limpid PoolsAdult (f)3,0035371
Ij7hSGrave PyreAdult (m)3,2995601
FyNpyInfernal GazeAdult (f)2,3945282
4DkAjFaces Of DeathAdult (m)2,5465761
0l5iRManic ManaAdult (f)2,7938512
0Svo1(0Svo1)Adult (f)2,6958532
lVXSfDesigoboomAdult (f)3,0538572
N1eTNDesipieAdult (m)2,9898721
rhw15Ween For TeenAdult (m)2,9848732
Lyna8Lyna Ate WhatAdult (f)3,1438914
ujsaPMust Be UniqueAdult (m)2,9978911
sjTZgMother HollyAdult (f)3,32357814
sakgEBeautiful Christmas FantasyAdult (m)5,8947009
14JD7Snow Sprinkled FantasyHatchling (f, F)1,5537087
KaIYFMister ToeHatchling (m, F)2,6987587
JdffYulemintAdult (m)4,6781,29413
n4O5AA Shot Of CheerAdult (m)2,4247856
l3kM7Minty CheerHatchling (m, F)2,8646942
NXnl0Sprigga MintHatchling (F)1,5562464
tNpzVHollyuleAdult (m)2,7379453
BE9LQSannogwelAdult (f)5,7171,0703
hf5124k HolidayAdult (f)2,98092212
PBj4iGolden Angel FlakeHatchling (f, F)2,3386732
AcVgODowny BitHatchling (F)1,4832233
zNJ9QSnow Angel QueenAdult (f)3,3816914
CQ0MTasseltaleAdult (f)2,68590311
IrzK4Ribbon TaleHatchling (f, F)3,5715153
vJTRYTinsel CurlHatchling (F)1,5432344
SXpsEWish KeeperAdult (f)4,7186488
MpT95Christmas Moon WishAdult (f)1,9397323
34PYmWinter's SpellAdult (m)4,0899103
naCgNDolce EucarusAdult (m)3,22243012
gomAcTassa DolceAdult (m)2,6177112
qY6jeWrapscallionAdult (m)3,5327722
oJQPOIt's A WrapAdult (m)3,6027903
AFdao(AFdao)Hatchling (m, F)2,8857384
mQQd8Feliz SwanAdult (m)1,8737744
5OXqKSolstice Winter StarAdult (f)5,8787051
RO6vkThe Darkest FlightAdult (f)5,8277001
8TOaEChristmas' KissAdult (f)2,0066892
UFLnVMiss AltoAdult (f)1,9917011
JvhpbStolen TartAdult (f)5,83885810
Ik0PnTiny TartHatchling (f, F)1,8507192
P0FLg(P0FLg)Hatchling (F)2,1653523
sMcH4Tart PrincessAdult (f)2,6229103
rlUvuGoddess Of LoveAdult (f)3,49376915
idUnNCherry Cordial CupcakeAdult (m)3,04759531
Shw7pMini Cordial CupcakeHatchling (m, F)2,4994098
XYZdkGhostly ValentineAdult (m)2,08482214
DEj1ZSweet White HeartAdult (m)2,3628975
XxsviMidnight TreatAdult (m)2,9539277
bTx4TSweet AlternativesAdult (m)2,29090813
mQZHScentimental RoseAdult (f)2,1859175
CbLu3InnoscentsHatchling (f, F)1,8967092
mEONI(mEONI)Hatchling (F)2,0773345
esgj9Heaven's Lovely RoseAdult (f)3,55468633
lOuiGGentle Heavenly RosebudAdult (f)2,2689007
9ETYgChocolate Dipped CherryAdult (m)5,5048126
OzkNZRaspberry GanacheHatchling (m, F)1,9337004
GaYR0(GaYR0)Hatchling (F)1,8453323
FlBGQBanner of the Pure HeartAdult (m)3,38093023
vbP2aBanner Of King LeoncoeurAdult (m)2,7428796
pn1vLBubble Gum NinjaAdult (f)2,3348252
va0Y8Glomp GifterAdult (f)2,2457662
6sRDaGroomed GiftHatchling (f, F)2,2964017
2bVQiSecret AdmirerAdult (f)2,2939075
223k0I Need An Unfreeze BSAHatchling (F)3,3333333
b2dBuAngelic EmbraceAdult (m)2,7706744
Ms21tTutti PuttiHatchling (m, F)2,2544098
cqUbiCupidon's KissAdult (m)2,8336813
HE8HWRadiant MeteorAdult (m)3,60343111
SiHvrStolen Shiny HeartAdult (f)3,9444653
Co7rZStolen RomanceAdult (f)3,5724524
60v3jChristmas At Ground ZeroAdult (m)10,3758635
W8c0pKiller SmileAdult (m)2,6708091
AdYDDBelle Of The BallAdult (f)3,3516512
Rgm0hGive It Up For Shin DigAdult (m)3,4578856
FFYWeOsteoNeurosisAdult (f)3,6408606
ripNYCorpsicaAdult (f)2,3778318
8vTcrMcCreepyAdult (f)3,6758908
2DHLTDeathly Hallowed Dark MarkAdult (m)4,6509663
ntaT6Deathly VooDooAdult (m)3,6025954
bFNhmDeadly FerocityAdult (f)5,1787162
giQClFerocious VooDooAdult (m)3,0696712
qcjUoDark CharmAdult (m)5,7819235
ZUcoHCharming ShadowAdult (m)5,201831160
asjiQSilver ShadowmoonAdult (m)6,28192212
SYJHDShadow ShyAdult (f)6,6261,0635
vBlcVGlow Of The GraveAdult (m)2,8088075
VlYGhShades Of LoveAdult (m)6,3198455
VASe7Shades Of ReasonAdult (f)4,8861,16311
EDhIiHaunting LamentAdult (m)9,7421,19710
AohOeMidnight GiftAdult (f)4,6268537
EOsKmShadowfaenAdult (m)5,18681912
UVJ1hDark Elemental AuraAdult (f)4,2734394
30uj7Shadowed GiftAdult (f)5,0981,0764
B4vfPGift Of ShadowsAdult (f)5,2929344
YSBlHFain ShadowAdult (m)3,6055017
oltivSweet Shadow's PromiseAdult (m)2,8277792
VlkBaLove's Elemental JourneyAdult (f)4,0087966
SFvAkSpectral WizardAdult (f)2,65850710
Jo2QGAsteroid PunchAdult (m)2,6665149
lOF2KSpectral PunchAdult (m)4,3807057
WfeDZSpectral LoveAdult (f)3,2677746
BjLf2Shaken Spectral MoonAdult (f)2,4747645
7mVH2Shady MiracleAdult (m)5,99398410
jXmYbStill Motion StreamerAdult (m)5,1317774
iVdYUChristmas GrimoireAdult (f)2,0976865
mgkQQWhite Swan ChristmasAdult (m)2,0886945
pNAYJWrapped On The WingAdult (m)2,9615966
6RzE7Sneaky SantaAdult (m)3,3448993
ub8zFGrim SantaAdult (f)3,4167535
3cSOAPaper Swan FlakeAdult (f)4,2859843
r3gS3Snow MageAdult (m)4,5656522
MfJL8Tassa CascadeAdult (f)2,9407336
1mDjFSweet Magic SnowfallAdult (f)5,4327847
b8gpeCascade Of MagicAdult (f)3,2834034
0lNfeMagic WishAdult (f)3,5226962
vT5SkMagic's WishAdult (f)3,3007587
PJ9vMy White KnightAdult (m)7,1359052
b2pMDKnight's TaleAdult (m)3,1978825
P1Z57Moon's DanceAdult (m)3,9653957
bARf2Moonlit AllureAdult (f)4,72473510
vpZthWish DancerAdult (m)4,9346914
gtJdCKnight's WishAdult (m)2,3698324
s6oWjMoon Lit KnightAdult (m)4,5137323
u7JcNSatin SilkAdult (m)4,7568231
HfQFVSatin StreamAdult (f)3,2618611
KoYmuKnight In White SatinAdult (m)3,8778473
utJ3VSovereign MoonAdult (f)2,1526923
ebQBGLady of a MoonLit KnightAdult (f)4,2406422
dKccGMagic MoondanceAdult (f)4,3697423
EZ1YgWinter's Magic DanceAdult (f)5,3711,1096
2nnoIAngel Mage DancerAdult (f)3,3977043
9qNALAngelic Magic DancerAdult (f)3,0857623
WXWGfWinged Christmas BeautyAdult (m)4,3787547
JWVdESeraphai's SongAdult (f)4,7838212
28qSNSong of BeautyAdult (m)5,3917122
jUrDTMiracle of SnowAdult (m)3,6028182
Fbo32Spritely JazAdult (f)3,1611,0444
CtEamA Dash Of AntimonyAdult (m)4,3376844
0NGF7Antimonious JazAdult (f)4,2421,23310
U47pSDerpy Divine ChimeAdult (m)4,0066663
GZDsFSpritely AngelAdult (f)3,8048324
D5QFkWinter's Angelic DancerAdult (f)5,4131,2023
j8599Elements Of JoyAdult (f)6,4918299
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