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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “IvyJaclyn,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
xcFLeXven Ivy MB2Adult (m)3,4341,0412
yfUiIBone Cat MB2Adult (m)2,6167871
QtuW4Maddox MB2Adult (m)1,8696453
OOPtmLucien MB2Adult (m)1,6096084
C9JYBSabin MB2Adult (m)1,9326891
9Jp3hHacksaw MB2Adult (m)4,4371,1722
2u8o9Primorum MB2Adult (m)3,6081,0823
HNQEKViolet Pain MB2Adult (m)4,9581,1852
oUJpTVarmint MB2Adult (m)3,3711,0573
yFSy6Rose Hue Dusk MB2Adult (m)4,6011,1901
ed8UvXibeva MB2Adult (m)3,7481,0881
cO65CZeno Ivy MBE3Adult (m)3,9131,1131
qxxXQVexed Reaper MBE3Adult (m)5,8331,2407
6IAj6Beast Fight MBE3Adult (m)2,8977981
QY488Linked By Tendons MBE3Adult (m)4,5921,3692
CgCAMCyber Soul MBE4Adult (m)6,7361,3037
nQIvVAhnguish son of ZsadistAdult (m)4,7361,1316
26nhpDark SypmhonicHatchling (F)1,9486594
TvMYOTheorum of PythagoraHatchling (f, F)2,5249789
RdD8pEbon Ivy PB2Adult (f)2,6471,0452
avnC5Macedonia PB2Adult (f)5,0011,3256
ulD38Safire PB2Adult (f)2,2949115
JA5jnBone Slicer PB2Adult (f)2,2149373
Qs3VfAxhi Marrow PB2Adult (f)4,8811,1295
MdkxSFeyara PB2Adult (f)3,8871,1641
evbUrLionsa PB2Adult (f)3,9361,2042
adas1Adasani Lit PBE3Adult (f)4,5201,1973
l4hTeBleakness Lit PBE3Adult (f)4,6171,2197
a3qo5Akhina PBE3Adult (f)3,8131,1724
sCUXxDyren PBE3Adult (f)1,6846952
r36ItBewinged PBE3Adult (f)2,4619612
lZqoWVampire Ellie PBE3Adult (f)2,6419213
QTpmUSamhain Ivy PBE3Adult (f)4,0395002
D5oM7Vermillion Valentine MB2Adult (f)2,5391,0003
t4YaRGruesome Valentine MB2Adult (f)2,7831,0535
oZXbZSatyr ValentineAdult (f)3,4861,2409
B03TFPutrid Valentine MBE3Adult (f)3,9889953
E2toIRenounced Valentine MBE3Adult (f)1,6066832
ieZHqBegone Lover MBE3Adult (f)1,7267031
Zb7gMXerxia the Gold QueenAdult (f)2,3027655
EVDZBNeigh Macabre MB2Adult (f)3,4261,2183
eZMAUMacabre Lamentations MB2Adult (f)3,8211,2601
6QMofLavender Marrow MB2Adult (f)2,9471,0048
5ebKTLeaden MB2Adult (f)3,0231,0012
TSNmeFlamenco MB2Adult (f)3,9281,2922
GSuOEBlackened Rose MB2Adult (f)4,1691,2561
XJ1eRSterling Marrow MB2Adult (f)2,8718201
qCBNmR e h a bAdult (f)3,2931,19210
TKE38Bones Zebra MB2Adult (f)3,8724654
jbjvLNebulon Hallow MB2Adult (f)3,5521,1001
LnVVvHarissa MB2Adult (f)3,7041,0513
o608IZifana Night MB2Adult (f)4,2191,2042
u38DbVeerbaj MB2Adult (f)3,6071,0651
0FmL9Katanath MB2Adult (f)5,5521,1956
djwIxHaleigh MBE3Adult (f)5,4271,2226
WB7FGNay Night MBE3Adult (f)5,9731,2495
XRvaQFlorinth MBE3Adult (f)4,0441,3072
LTZMWDivinar MBE3Adult (f)2,7621,0503
P0fv3Terror Shield MBE3Adult (f)2,4449144
7iiuxSoul Stealer MBE4Adult (f)2,6557681
L1XNSBrynger of DarknessAdult (m)5,5031,3202
mCfJlBrynger of DespairAdult (m)5,4431,3884
unUM3Brynger of MiseryAdult (m)5,6391,3142
jq4WiBrynger of SadnessAdult (m)5,3471,3690
86WciBrynger of DeathAdult (m)4,2951,4444
UWv1WBrynger of FamineAdult (m)4,1491,4241
8HV6SBrynger of WarAdult (m)4,3791,4533
d563OBrynger of PestilenceAdult (m)6,0791,3074
F62alBrynger of HateAdult (m)5,3851,3582
QskY8Brynger of DiscordAdult (m)5,2131,3571
N9fJ9Brynger of DesolationAdult (m)5,2711,3650
Vt6xxBrynger of RuinAdult (m)3,4508020
wdpLOBrynger of WrathAdult (m)2,8434342
LP2xeBrynger of DisparityAdult (m)2,5701,2471
juzw3Brynger of ApathyAdult (m)4,7851,0843
fXHiHBrynger of MayhemAdult (m)4,8991,1004
HPEP0Brynger of MisfortuneAdult (m)2,6111,2150
L4h2CBrynger of TearsAdult (m)3,6817940
UhOGyBrynger of InjuryAdult (m)2,5591,2421
WSuY6Brynger of DiscontentAdult (m)3,5203662
plqvyBrynger of DoomAdult (m)4,7421,1392
oIZzSBrynger of FireAdult (f)5,2911,4163
x8Z2nBrynger of LoathingAdult (f)5,2721,3195
2GTGGBrynger of JealousyAdult (f)5,5531,3642
4kyPRBrynger of GluttonyAdult (f)4,2021,4291
UoGCGBrynger of ViolenceAdult (f)5,7351,3012
56RYFBrynger of PainAdult (f)4,3601,4192
5qAUkBrynger of AnguishAdult (f)5,2521,4907
JQlH0Brynger of SorrowAdult (f)5,8331,3181
dzKmdBrynger of GloomAdult (f)3,7437671
raZh5Brynger of CarnageAdult (f)3,5047782
J6njVBrynger of UnkindnessAdult (f)4,8271,0873
fAbX2Brynger of HumiliationAdult (f)4,7001,0931
CJbczBrynger of RageAdult (f)2,9634581
NxQc8Brynger of SadismAdult (f)2,5521,2020
e1YvQBrynger of FuryAdult (f)2,5301,2501
hjXzhBrynger of DestructionAdult (f)2,6271,2760
mjUHVBrynger of ViciousnessAdult (f)3,9963903
O952lBrynger of MurderAdult (f)3,6833523
34My6Brynger of GoreAdult (f)4,3123784
CrZcQBrynger of PlagueAdult (f)3,7873464
xdZ1qBrynger of VerminAdult (f)3,3028112
tZVqRBrynger of DisasterAdult (f)3,6137900
ggmhIGrimm RackAdult (m)3,2841,1981
fDiUYGrimm AshAdult (m)4,7461,2581
RM4dsGrimm FleshAdult (m)4,9651,2321
A45zlGrimm TearAdult (m)4,8401,2102
oXJrkGrimm BreakAdult (m)5,5961,2552
GbZMTGrimm BoneAdult (m)4,7641,2312
OhEgiGrimm BeakAdult (m)4,9561,0261
rvszYGrimm ScaldAdult (m)4,6631,0772
Eclc0Grimm FearAdult (m)5,0711,0683
iYNFSGrimm MalvolenceAdult (m)3,2161,2161
ydsfcGrimm TerrorAdult (m)2,1449451
2YetAGrimm SpeakAdult (m)2,1789470
cp947Grimm PierceAdult (m)4,0491,2001
ZnNnjGrimm WrathAdult (m)4,0931,2150
dtAs3Grimm TrickAdult (m)2,1447280
ZvXgZGrimm HavocAdult (m)2,3987951
1uP1PGrimm ChaosAdult (m)3,3441,0662
0qtdOGrimm ReignAdult (m)3,3211,0660
FVJ0YGrimm PrisonerAdult (m)3,4569622
rXmflGrimm ScaleAdult (m)3,0808534
qqNmTGrimm GorgeAdult (m)3,1178783
2MWiAGrimm GoreAdult (m)3,7071,1484
PgbsJGrimm ScoreAdult (f)3,2621,2391
SfipDGrimm RendAdult (f)3,9879382
K4NnfGrimm BloodyAdult (f)3,6759501
WrcxRGrimm ScreamAdult (f)4,7151,2050
pkqgz(pkqgz)Adult (f)5,1081,0641
V9vHY(V9vHY)Adult (f)5,0801,0853
YXyYL(YXyYL)Adult (f)5,0371,0022
IXp5c(IXp5c)Adult (f)3,2971,2633
bGsjY(bGsjY)Adult (f)2,1769521
hBjnM(hBjnM)Adult (f)2,1179440
WLTda(WLTda)Adult (f)2,1659581
a4SrJ(a4SrJ)Adult (f)2,1159451
sX3TD(sX3TD)Adult (f)4,0371,2301
O8EoM(O8EoM)Adult (f)4,3221,2011
2mWWN(2mWWN)Adult (f)3,8191,1970
wUxVA(wUxVA)Adult (f)3,7641,1800
uDscX(uDscX)Adult (f)2,2757440
0XTDr(0XTDr)Adult (f)3,2241,0440
Du9lg(Du9lg)Adult (f)3,2561,0580
QjDdv(QjDdv)Adult (f)3,3061,0702
hfNVY(hfNVY)Adult (f)3,4481,0790
JVd69(JVd69)Adult (f)4,0051,3712
J0nbEP e e v e sAdult (m)4,0039613
Iu6qhT h e  F a t  F r i a rAdult (m)6,5181,7801
0g6bNT h e  B l o o d y  B a r o nAdult (m)3,7721,0652
G395UNearly  Headless  NickAdult (m)6,3891,7952
EC5OsT h e  H e a d l e s s  H u n tAdult (m)6,6631,8192
ANTRPPlease Remember MeAdult (m)8,5612,0552
bp88BPart of You Will Live in MeAdult (m)6,5151,7940
S5KhYYou'll Find Better LoveAdult (m)6,5771,8251
KVJPHAnd The Shadow of the DayAdult (m)2,3886481
8CGPSSometimes Goodbye's the Only WayAdult (m)6,3971,7740
W9oMBAnd The Sun Will Set For YouAdult (m)2,3196912
CAM4SThe Day You Slipped AwayAdult (m)1,7886332
0uruTLife After YouAdult (m)2,1686512
diQ6nLa Vie en Rose Valentine MB2Adult (m)2,3868904
nMMoYRaze Valentine MB2Adult (m)2,8738995
RlWv8Devilish Valentine MB2Adult (m)2,2528923
S0tVoBloody Valentine MB2Adult (m)2,9779923
AHlPKSadistic Intentions MB2Adult (m)4,0691,3042
UPP8nChilly Valentine MBE3Adult (m)4,9541,2052
kOrtoBloodyheart Valentine MBE3Adult (m)6,9491,3937
EK43ZEphemeral AngelAdult (m)2,90297515
idYHiMithril MetalAdult (m)2,9281,1471
cZJA9RojhanAdult (m)2,3969164
CAY6OAnd  The Sun Will Set For YouAdult (m)3,0231,0141
IlihmDaggers to Dawn MB2Adult (m)3,8111,2622
aqojJShadows ShineAdult (m)3,0311,0094
66jG1Whispy Rose MB2Adult (m)3,3079631
fQvr3Duplication Not NecessaryAdult (m)4,1431,3341
Eiv5mSyuri PB2Adult (m)2,5499573
Hp6ZqBlind Specter MB2Adult (m)3,6101,2155
1ev5ASpectral Ghost MB2Adult (m)4,9131,2113
Fff4TArget Ivy MBE3Adult (f)4,9951,0804
QIgLb(QIgLb)Hatchling (f, F)3,2391,1842
kOJGwSomethings Wrong HereAdult (f)2,1838012
lNGMtM o a n i n g  M y r t l eAdult (f)6,6991,7921
i2JpkB l o o d y  M a r yAdult (f)6,1811,6903
KLcCPL a d y  o f  t h e  L a k eAdult (f)4,0581,0772
L3kJRT h e  G r e y  L a d yAdult (f)4,4759901
vcLtMWill Embrace the World In GreyAdult (f)2,1547071
bbMM5Argetlam LightAdult (f)3,7721,10510
cH9QCAziea IvyAdult (f)2,8218935
iDWM0Janiaria PB2Adult (f)2,5678883
pBRdEWhisp Valentine MB2Adult (f)2,3768555
RSoCqWhiteout PB2Adult (f)3,1921,0282
0iCcLMoonline Shadow MB2Adult (f)2,6549133
b9524Ladyheart Valentine MB2Adult (f)2,8519752
IP09IHighland Valentine MB2Adult (f)3,4441,2177
BvrdtHera Valentine MB2Adult (f)2,6909743
XKgiQInivana Valentine MB2Adult (f)5,2781,4248
adLz8Grecian Valentine MBE3Adult (f)4,6871,4101
AoigOWillowene Valentine MBE3Adult (f)2,1138730
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