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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “IvyJaclyn,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
lVHzi(lVHzi)Adult (f)3,4938553
gsWRJ(gsWRJ)Adult (f)3,4951,1158
XV36C(XV36C)Adult (f)4,4598573
nWLGU(nWLGU)Adult (f)6,9371,2995
bR1LPBiran MB2Adult (f)3,7789991
PdNMEIasa Vale MB2Adult (f)3,5101,1996
ggOVPBarin MBE3Adult (f)3,6824701
3WA3ISilonque MB2Adult (f)4,5351,2173
L5eZlSalonq MBST3Adult (f)2,9107503
SR5VgDreama MB2Adult (f)2,8149600
EFi69Thundrous Wonder MB2Adult (f)4,8991,05911
obBpn(obBpn)Adult (f)3,1899616
SChk3(SChk3)Adult (f)3,9049723
7iJimThunder Cloud GWMB3Adult (f)6,5051,2768
IPmYmThunder Storm M10Adult (f)7,3331,3904
VpQCmThunder Holiday MBST3Adult (f)5,1411,4601
u2tP0Ghost Thunder MBST3Adult (f)3,5719745
MdiPmMidiPm MBST3Adult (f)3,0437662
CsnEuAll Hallows Thunder MBST4Adult (f)5,4941,6751
LCSUDWhy Me MBST4Adult (f)3,7241,0732
Q4YvFAll This Line MBST5Adult (f)3,9921,1637
CQQOhOnly This One MBST5Adult (f)2,8389471
Ko5WlFlamehoof IvyAdult (m)4,9101,0854
VTC5dFirebreath IvyAdult (m)3,1811,3812
oyBTU(oyBTU)Adult (m)3,2867591
2uvv3Apocalypta IvyAdult (f)4,2141,0632
WRH5wEpona IvyAdult (f)3,5401,0733
GShLqFiretongue IvyAdult (f)4,0551,0784
4eHzf(4eHzf)Adult (f)3,6587311
OghXg(OghXg)Adult (f)4,2777033
hXocFQi'ones IvyAdult (m)5,5531,4432
Ke71B(Ke71B)Adult (m)3,2158774
nb7pa(nb7pa)Adult (m)2,9829062
4ns8u(4ns8u)Adult (m)2,3065471
fo3G9Qi'aness IvyAdult (f)3,9979402
JJx2m(JJx2m)Adult (f)2,6304801
9Gxku(9Gxku)Adult (m)3,9801,2041
5R8sm(5R8sm)Adult (m)2,5876461
V0P1F(V0P1F)Adult (f)2,5115372
eGjLF(eGjLF)Adult (f)4,9639641
mtSAd(mtSAd)Adult (f)5,1971,3984
JutKN(JutKN)Adult (m)3,8131,0572
sCYipIvy's Shining StarAdult (m)7,8611,1194
nHhMW(nHhMW)Adult (m)2,4079104
nAnPs(nAnPs)Adult (m)2,2016991
lbYFf(lbYFf)Adult (m)3,1414360
nU0aoOromis Ivy PB2Adult (m)5,3251,3182
FjMKFIvy's Sparkling Starfire BAdult (m)2,7248563
nGfWMIvy's Mystic Comet LAdult (m)5,5741,0208
mpfcYIvy's Purple Radiance LAdult (m)4,60188511
jHdfLWrong Color Ivy PBST3Adult (m)4,9341,3112
s7SdCI See A Shining Star BAdult (m)4,2531,3272
OZQJvIvy's Starry Night BAdult (m)4,2791,3643
V3QbdIvy's Orion BAdult (m)2,4481,0072
TngCUIvy's Purple Dream BAdult (m)3,5664764
jbJkYIvy's Radiant Light XAdult (m)5,7181,21414
zjcJD(zjcJD)Hatchling (m, F)4,5201,2486
vTHMh(vTHMh)Hatchling (F)1,4102987
PLUgk(PLUgk)Hatchling (f, F)2,0645210
z5EvB(z5EvB)Adult (f)3,0979960
1UjJOS t a r  B r i g h tAdult (f)3,5191,0965
hJNoFCarrow the IncarceratedAdult (f)2,36097110
jYv4QEmmaline the TimidAdult (f)3,8167043
ppW2j(ppW2j)Adult (f)7,0071,7583
lkLZK(lkLZK)Adult (f)4,0166793
R42nA(R42nA)Adult (f)2,3787228
9DcHW(9DcHW)Adult (f)4,6431,0862
RXpEU(RXpEU)Adult (f)6,2021,1488
fShM8(fShM8)Adult (f)3,6257587
0EuCi(0EuCi)Adult (f)2,7514891
gDowa(gDowa)Adult (f)4,9938565
scSejDoc JaneAdult (f)2,4528182
rxk9y(rxk9y)Adult (f)4,4141,3342
TvdcSIvy's Mysic LAdult (f)1,8056971
lcEiRIvy's Mystic Starlight BAdult (f)2,9357291
s1sbZ(s1sbZ)Adult (f)6,2571,1331
TmPlE(TmPlE)Hatchling (m, F)2,8107245
icaOWS t a r  L i g h tAdult (m)2,9018994
IKvpW(IKvpW)Adult (m)3,0811,0113
iF207Malkom SlaineAdult (m)4,2661,1914
Ce6ZgLachlain the Lykae KingAdult (m)3,1839873
GGt2vSebastian the ScholarAdult (m)5,7791,3565
DxeLw(DxeLw)Adult (m)4,2811,0834
7d2pkLewllyn IvyAdult (m)3,6859072
35HXQHasten IvyAdult (m)2,5939102
2oVUi(2oVUi)Adult (m)4,0869182
dZRDG(dZRDG)Adult (m)3,4307997
Bq99mThe  First  StarAdult (m)2,1915105
IBpstIvy's Dazzling Starlight LAdult (m)6,9151,2636
3PcBhI'm A Star BAdult (m)2,5169274
dfPolAbsinthe PatinaAdult (m)5,0691,4862
0eX8XShan Star MB2Adult (m)5,7199041
rcivsIlye IvyAdult (m)4,1301,1012
JlRJV(JlRJV)Hatchling (f, F)3,5787971
Vj387(Vj387)Adult (f)3,0811,0370
P85mV(P85mV)Adult (f)3,8228734
Nhlu7(Nhlu7)Adult (f)4,1381,1004
3ZFlY(3ZFlY)Adult (f)2,7545002
oCCuQ(oCCuQ)Adult (f)5,0971,1563
gruYM(gruYM)Adult (f)3,6431,0114
MmdJFIvy's Mystic Starfire LAdult (f)5,6411,0189
6DiCOIvy's Briliant Starfire LAdult (f)5,6891,14012
oIrVIIvy's Sparkling Radiance LAdult (f)3,2021,0096
OSoZiIvy's Nebula Star BAdult (f)2,2158853
vC0An(vC0An)Adult (f)6,2447582
OvU0MCan't  Even  ShoutAdult (m)5,5121,5038
YPDXQThe  GentlemenAdult (m)3,0901,0092
eFtngLooking  In  WindowsAdult (m)3,6364640
5NKL8They  NeedAdult (m)3,8247464
68XQFNeion IvyAdult (m)2,1145752
uslEHCaliant IvyAdult (m)4,3781,1456
WvtcD(WvtcD)Adult (m)6,4181,1732
mhq9W(mhq9W)Adult (m)3,7628642
KaEWrAnd  They  MightAdult (m)3,4409492
XdS3bCan't  Call  To  MomAdult (m)3,4119353
4kChMYou're  Gonna  Die  ScreamingAdult (m)2,8299511
tQvQiVulcan Valentine MB2Adult (m)7,0321,3775
JU8X8Heartfelt Valentine MB2Adult (m)6,3751,4932
t4LtDMine Valentine MB2Adult (m)3,2339392
SJWvoFollow Valentine MB2Adult (m)5,0411,2577
XcLHmDove Valentine MB2Adult (m)3,3469181
glTv4Narda Valentine MB2Adult (m)4,5021,0884
3oZmBOblivion Valentine Ivy MBE3Adult (m)5,3591,2625
9VZpiTrek Valentine MBE3Adult (m)3,6627901
AhQbYCompletely Valentine MBE3Adult (m)3,8218040
SgPJAAlternative Valentine MBE4Adult (m)4,3681,1032
QCWBlEthereal Valentine MBE5Adult (m)4,9201,2443
n2mpcGalaxy Valentine MBE4Adult (m)4,9671,2100
dHhEaHEA Valentine MBE4Adult (m)2,8695182
WRcPlZinn MBE4Adult (m)3,7717087
uLSkXH u s hAdult (m)3,3469391
D629HBrightling LoveAdult (m)3,5421,1601
hYDLyIsidar NoelAdult (m)2,2884524
VnilgIvy's Stripe Fail LAdult (m)3,7381,0353
vsv7vFeathers of Gold DorkfaceAdult (m)3,7009911
D9PNW(D9PNW)Adult (m)2,8045163
s4Os5E t i e n n eAdult (m)3,5931,3061
YSYGKVolanulusAdult (m)3,2155472
Eh18w(Eh18w)Adult (m)2,2546523
8LHkk(8LHkk)Adult (m)2,2935032
zNA1x(zNA1x)Adult (m)1,9927421
rfVIxAegis ChristmasAdult (m)5,3571,2801
VPE7RSaurea ChristmasAdult (m)5,8411,2923
nHesLAngel Light SeekerAdult (m)5,4677121
0oBs9Lyren SnowAdult (m)4,0491,4992
5hirqAnnaviraAdult (f)4,9731,2055
brIYNJessaminaAdult (f)4,7181,1125
anX5PBellaNallaAdult (f)5,2061,4501
jdvbPPurestiaAdult (f)2,3966372
4NpLCTahlly LoveAdult (f)3,6551,1830
MmcbGLeelan HeartAdult (f)6,3961,5972
ECuYuLeibelingAdult (f)2,6758733
ArobaCalliope IvyAdult (f)4,9871,2093
TuF7NLeena IvyAdult (f)3,6329744
XKGeWLeolionaAdult (f)3,8025171
GTRVpLover Valentine MB2Adult (f)3,6044550
h7G0NPearls Valentine MB2Adult (f)2,6299252
TUnrOForever Valentine MB2Adult (f)5,0341,1993
NiZlqAnam Valentine MB2Adult (f)7,1601,3966
23OY5Firefly Valentine MB2Adult (f)7,7871,0451
oFouiSnow Valentine MB2Adult (f)8,2471,5954
MFPEjDivine Valentine Ivy MBE3Adult (f)5,6261,2274
FDrRJSmile Valentine MBE3Adult (f)3,5028733
WvvoNLove Valentine MBE4Adult (f)3,8229813
pOV7JEternal Valentine MBE4Adult (f)4,9671,0583
VSURaNacoma Valentine MB2Adult (f)5,3131,2283
46CssBelleiaAdult (f)2,9625382
oZiA9Janyara MB2Adult (f)3,3379531
jnvFANakioto the PaleAdult (f)3,9233850
TBQlJ(TBQlJ)Adult (f)2,9731,0072
Chmm6Leelana MB2Adult (f)4,5369702
qVrmIGoldadrake MBE3Adult (f)6,2131,3401
A1JktMy nallaAdult (f)5,1021,2373
HatssLace Valentine MBE5Adult (f)4,0891,1572
MMZ8vEphemeral Valentine MBE6Adult (f)4,5931,0896
C09AoHolly White ChristmasAdult (f)4,2901,1586
ZvAhcIvy's Perfect Fail LAdult (f)4,1844782
6Fm97Tinselkin IvyAdult (f)3,7054981
cPhpNAegis IvyAdult (f)3,0779605
DX8fMHoliday Lights MBE5Adult (f)3,1851,0231
xoPIw(xoPIw)Adult (f)3,9676472
hwBB0(hwBB0)Adult (f)2,1704501
HxGnYPale Moon NoelAdult (f)6,8581,1325
DMNhMCome Live With MeAdult (m)4,9871,0346
CP0ovAnd We Will SomeAdult (m)2,3958143
21l9jOf Golden SandsAdult (m)3,1858063
LcpAFWith Silken LinesAdult (m)4,7831,1742
uo4IBPun'ZaiAdult (m)3,1421,2171
AN9vHPun'RelAdult (m)4,0781,2329
42IDlPun'SaeAdult (m)5,4511,3454
X9RQcPun'FemAdult (m)2,5095840
3CX6nPun'TaeAdult (m)3,1179662
7TtqDPun'LalAdult (m)2,3218712
Dn036Pun'DaeAdult (m)3,0148521
Za0WUPun'WayAdult (m)3,4191,0530
0DfGaPun'TraAdult (m)3,2331,0654
Fq8fWPun'MinAdult (m)6,4751,5605
RnlSVPun'NioAdult (m)3,3479213
anSiLPun'KalAdult (m)3,4669955
thBZKPun'GieAdult (m)3,60696012
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