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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “IvyJaclyn,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
li6fW(li6fW)Adult (f)1,9755060
LldVqLividiaAdult (f)2,3499803
tyFg8Kilina MB2Adult (f)3,1811,0802
OgnGZ(OgnGZ)Adult (f)2,8469363
cWHOn(cWHOn)Adult (f)3,2811,0623
90s4OAtticiaAdult (f)3,8504941
yOfYHSparkly Ivy MB2Adult (f)3,5189294
s2St7Purple Thunder MBE3Adult (f)3,0666524
epSVoIvy's Pretty in Tan PBE3Adult (f)7,2141,6012
CVGonMisteli IvyAdult (f)4,6631,3694
bB8eY(bB8eY)Adult (f)4,5951,3813
KcqvpMynisa ValentineAdult (f)2,4077291
TLUXbRyuu Isa ValentineAdult (f)3,3089811
3ErHy(3ErHy)Adult (f)2,4361,1963
55L6aIllina IvyAdult (f)5,0009862
0dCrJ(0dCrJ)Adult (f)4,5711,2561
mCVitAnessis SweetAdult (f)4,5611,3613
xylXAWyllyaAdult (f)4,0911,0562
GYMHJAvor IvyAdult (m)2,9971,0362
qpl6xBivrine IvyAdult (m)3,7171,0682
psuZYCerline IvyAdult (m)4,0839995
tBRkODevros IvyAdult (m)4,0931,0494
bXzpVMypols IvyAdult (m)3,2717651
xng9yFeverinos IvyAdult (m)3,6405740
VRdggGesvinor IvyAdult (m)2,6704991
42KDUHivono IvyAdult (m)3,7785600
d2UADInovo IvyAdult (m)3,5865780
8REW6Jinav IvyAdult (m)1,9818522
orRSjKevil IvyAdult (m)2,8187251
maalULinev IvyAdult (m)2,1498800
6oSxwEhniros IvyAdult (m)2,9395331
QCCyr(QCCyr)Adult (m)1,9026151
D6TEX(D6TEX)Adult (m)2,5695201
TERTE(TERTE)Adult (m)2,7695882
QfE1g(QfE1g)Adult (m)2,7715380
LQpPZ(LQpPZ)Adult (m)4,9929530
8TZOI(8TZOI)Adult (m)6,0228641
IEabb(IEabb)Adult (m)4,8211,5631
otnYp(otnYp)Adult (m)2,4785371
KCCC1(KCCC1)Adult (m)2,9548600
sTK4y(sTK4y)Adult (m)3,1578551
9ejsL(9ejsL)Adult (m)3,1608300
MfcIv(MfcIv)Adult (m)2,3217861
ZOtpN(ZOtpN)Adult (m)2,3265730
QsAEx(QsAEx)Adult (m)2,4196110
95D60(95D60)Adult (m)2,4055921
rJi1j(rJi1j)Adult (m)4,9529350
30CBr(30CBr)Adult (m)3,2088011
NpbQU(NpbQU)Adult (m)2,4584750
4ucyv(4ucyv)Adult (m)1,9216201
o3Qit(o3Qit)Adult (m)2,7575211
NAgyJ(NAgyJ)Adult (m)2,5255090
Mczbi(Mczbi)Adult (m)3,2205661
c3acm(c3acm)Adult (m)2,6535151
fhljB(fhljB)Adult (m)2,4894903
Y7KMO(Y7KMO)Adult (m)2,7635670
GnsrO(GnsrO)Adult (m)2,6206400
B1JW6(B1JW6)Adult (m)2,9618651
BAPRv(BAPRv)Adult (m)2,7861,1693
WJe3Z(WJe3Z)Adult (m)2,4277810
cliTa(cliTa)Adult (m)2,2446271
temha(temha)Adult (m)4,2021,0751
NDnjB(NDnjB)Adult (m)2,8485851
QI0Hm(QI0Hm)Adult (m)3,3868011
IUSUx(IUSUx)Adult (m)2,5015812
5ruRCCevarine Ivy PB2Adult (m)3,2994420
YNpyKEovoros Ivy PB2Adult (m)4,1644690
XbfbbGingin Ivy PB2Adult (m)4,0885721
Cvas6Kovas Ivy PB2Adult (m)2,3867042
AvjOUMinease Ivy PB2Adult (m)4,3625601
2gL0iIvo Ivy PB2Adult (m)2,4236961
MHBZdFannon Ivy PBE3Adult (m)2,1866481
HEXBYJorah Ivy PBE3Adult (m)3,8955802
nG2gR(nG2gR)Adult (m)1,8627172
K3AFA(K3AFA)Adult (m)2,6708202
CUxIL(CUxIL)Adult (m)2,8297385
CkevcAvianare IvyAdult (f)2,9711,0511
ZApXOZapXo IvyAdult (f)3,0001,0051
OtkfPBrevarie IvyAdult (f)3,9859405
8Nj8WMenare IvyAdult (f)4,1091,0035
ekRGgCanaiva IvyAdult (f)4,1231,0174
1jEWmDenava IvyAdult (f)3,0749082
lOMT4Fomata IvyAdult (f)2,7655221
Rjy33Givona IvyAdult (f)4,3181,0491
yF6pqHischele IvyAdult (f)3,0051,0435
3xVGiIshana IvyAdult (f)2,9325601
G054OJasina IvyAdult (f)3,2677750
kQCmIKelanne IvyAdult (f)4,9811,2503
wnYQ9Lyvwe IvyAdult (f)2,0838370
ioALpEnevere IvyAdult (f)1,6887490
rLHvCNavara IvyAdult (f)2,3908045
tcNKuOphele IvyAdult (f)3,3065491
cqoww(cqoww)Adult (f)4,8421,5651
VWffH(VWffH)Adult (f)2,5645040
fZ7FL(fZ7FL)Adult (f)2,8288201
0MV6O(0MV6O)Adult (f)1,6525631
ljBwD(ljBwD)Adult (f)2,4018291
QDcTP(QDcTP)Adult (f)2,1216363
uSKuf(uSKuf)Adult (f)2,7857860
lOIO4(lOIO4)Adult (f)2,5554801
hsVF3(hsVF3)Adult (f)2,3208603
HPG97(HPG97)Adult (f)2,5425950
p1ogK(p1ogK)Adult (f)2,9098911
kA6HF(kA6HF)Adult (f)2,3056402
RT4YS(RT4YS)Adult (f)4,8741,5330
tbiwY(tbiwY)Adult (f)4,9699460
dDrfq(dDrfq)Adult (f)2,7293140
jcFAi(jcFAi)Adult (f)3,1348061
nnWVr(nnWVr)Adult (f)2,5042780
GiR6v(GiR6v)Adult (f)2,5014992
BeSvJ(BeSvJ)Adult (f)4,5656121
8cGok(8cGok)Adult (f)2,4465750
xp6pB(xp6pB)Adult (f)3,2148861
lxSOm(lxSOm)Adult (f)3,0375010
KqTFs(KqTFs)Adult (f)5,8221,4221
EMarR(EMarR)Adult (f)2,5046511
HTYIQ(HTYIQ)Adult (f)3,3635471
VDJ64(VDJ64)Adult (f)3,1325601
xqnjv(xqnjv)Adult (f)2,5425331
Bo7WK(Bo7WK)Adult (f)2,6916031
qXpUx(qXpUx)Adult (f)2,9616031
eDGJA(eDGJA)Adult (f)2,6535391
5OmGJ(5OmGJ)Adult (f)2,9298342
Ne1j3(Ne1j3)Adult (f)3,0307541
AqAxR(AqAxR)Adult (f)4,0311,1582
BF5aX(BF5aX)Adult (f)3,7411,2361
JZ5ShMeg of the UnderworldAdult (f)2,3545231
jwlTvSpecala Ivy PB2Adult (f)2,7801,0452
MOGAqPrisavae IvyAdult (f)1,6087231
j8RdTAvir Ivy MB2Adult (f)2,7574740
roa8zTinear Ivy MB2Adult (f)3,0084531
jsSUgBesvire Ivy PB2Adult (f)2,7394491
A31a7Divire Ivy PB2Adult (f)3,7624681
fCENTFissara Ivy PB2Adult (f)4,2395871
522cIJemsa Ivy PB2Adult (f)2,2646761
RaZROHaschelle Ivy PB2Adult (f)2,3256911
GPCUPLimess Ivy PB2Adult (f)4,1185661
k6uNQDinah Ivy PBE3Adult (f)2,4927211
Q28MPLyva Ivy PBE3Adult (f)4,1115681
V2k5hGanna Ivy PBE4Adult (f)3,4997701
9fyT4Xarevine MB2Adult (f)5,3171,6305
srT7nLysnova Ivy MB2Adult (f)2,5725571
uRhQ0Child of a FallenAdult (f)2,5391,0803
DrJca(DrJca)Adult (f)3,6696563
8Va86Cellphone ConfusionAdult (f)3,1558043
llX37(llX37)Adult (f)2,6779514
nOLen(nOLen)Adult (f)3,5787543
drXiQ(drXiQ)Adult (f)2,4778403
uN6tG(uN6tG)Adult (f)2,6378191
AuPX3(AuPX3)Adult (f)1,9665731
TDIXZ(TDIXZ)Hatchling (F)2,3602513
Nr3sk(Nr3sk)Hatchling (f, F)3,2347952
SYGJC2G ROSEBUD X METALHatchling (F)2,0654851
iR8bqRosine DragaAdult (f)4,9031,3573
q1mGKIsidar FairaAdult (f)5,1718565
xPFinKit EcheleAdult (f)5,6829013
mgx5sSilamandaAdult (f)6,0847392
f40F52G ROSEBUD X GOLDEN WYVERNHatchling (F)1,6864665
DEKeDLuxe RosineAdult (f)6,2749242
tMd0tGilded Rose FlowerAdult (f)6,4731,5911
TYMQqLady GildeAdult (f)2,4978452
cBDal2G ROSEBUD X MOONSTONEHatchling (F)3,7496593
xOi6YTalisine RoseAdult (f)4,8581,5144
a3dWcStaria RoseAdult (f)5,4721,2192
TTeyW2G ROSEBUD X HOLIDAYHatchling (F)3,6206251
wJRlJMacabre FlowerAdult (f)4,9531,5068
ZdXIsKida MarrowAdult (f)4,3991,0613
AUHo8Sevenya RoseAdult (f)4,3911,2833
U6g192G ROSEBUD X BLUSANGHatchling (F)1,3502673
Cph2nFloating OverAdult (f)5,3239351
u3s6GZarynyaAdult (f)4,4481,2943
3KRqY2G ROSEBUD X WHITEHatchling (F)2,7656041
p8FH6Pale Moon ShiningAdult (f)5,7741,7272
TPXa3Kyurama RoseAdult (f)5,3859092
SJQS6Kyreva WhiteAdult (f)4,6931,5575
Id3t62G ROSEBUD X ROYAL BLUEHatchling (F)2,0043332
MMPskNot Every Rose Has ThornsAdult (f)2,2466972
aK47CLantea RoseAdult (f)5,5897594
gP5vZ2G ROSEBUD X MISCHatchling (F)1,6333051
xgELRTopaz ApokolipseAdult (f)3,2931,1793
YxgO8Kitten TaoAdult (f)6,2489321
sp6KHKaryne RoseAdult (f)5,5781,1942
baAtuNebulona RoseAdult (f)5,5571,4454
wQoLWThiera RoseAdult (f)5,2781,4455
cL4PNCally AnnAdult (f)2,9604753
bxgiwWings of RoseAdult (f)6,4311,1543
c8ajRMyara RoseAdult (f)6,2579602
s198U3G ROSEBUD X MISCHatchling (F)3,4216641
GzmZQBaltic Rosetta StripeAdult (f)4,4181,5003
JP0uAPillow of RosesAdult (f)4,9921,4585
DMxGxTorrential FlowerAdult (f)2,4087384
sm2fk(sm2fk)Hatchling (F)4,0072724
Kdbve(Kdbve)Hatchling (f, F)4,8538693
drK602G VALENTINE X METALHatchling (F)1,6697381
cAkYxVea a IvyAdult (f)5,1471,4123
FOxoFLydia IvyAdult (f)3,9311,3372
r5U92Starla IvyAdult (f)2,9931,1652
55Ji0VALENTINE X GOLDEN WYVERNHatchling (F)1,9273641
dytQKGolden HeartcrossAdult (f)4,6959571
vwTOcLeolyn IvyAdult (f)5,6341,1472
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