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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Elda-Chan,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Y88qGHC 105Adult (f)3,2708010
DsqcDHC 106Adult (m)4,4841,2214
WTCbfHC 107Adult (m)4,1411,1392
FY1n8HC 108Adult (f)4,3571,1533
bm3XKHC 109Adult (f)3,5947832
tOPaaHC 110Adult (f)3,1247681
t6DQSHC 111Adult (f)4,5871,2101
XJfdEHC 112Adult (m)4,8161,2094
Unj38HC 113Adult (f)3,7089943
dGrBdHC 114Adult (f)4,1651,1422
lIcj4HC 115Adult (f)4,2651,1664
pci9CHC 116Adult (f)1,9976521
upFlsHC 0117Adult (m)3,2779330
grH2HHC 118Adult (m)2,9547221
Z9wmfHC 119Adult (m)3,0418061
3hM3RHC 120Adult (f)3,2768090
OlRbXHC 121Adult (f)4,4221,0595
1HA0cHC 122Adult (f)4,6441,0752
LqEgXHC 123Adult (f)3,7468411
qF5KJHC 124Adult (f)5,1931,0611
0Oq5YHC 125Adult (m)5,0131,0610
5n43rHC 126Adult (m)5,0251,0450
0w0FGHC 127Adult (f)4,9011,0800
VH3JKHC 128Adult (m)5,0061,0463
W5RyVHC 129Adult (f)4,6561,1031
ZqKPyHC 130Adult (m)4,5471,0551
v3SivHC 131Adult (f)4,7591,1044
j83XVHC 132Adult (f)3,0875601
teIBvHC 133Adult (m)4,1417561
4mdFHHC 134Adult (f)4,3308141
OsKPYHC 135Adult (m)3,6397662
OqNfNHC 136Adult (f)3,6228234
aELO8HC 137Adult (f)3,4139394
KQhPLHC 138Adult (m)3,9447651
bV5v1HC 139Adult (f)4,3531,1215
50IGkHC 140Adult (m)4,4621,1092
HUU0AHC 141Adult (m)4,5521,1235
AuR8IHC 142Adult (m)4,3461,0120
K6CmWHC 143Adult (m)4,1138151
UxdynHC 144Adult (m)4,2161,0581
DTrv0HC 145Adult (m)4,1728134
zxP4PHC 146Adult (f)3,6617871
8b1RvHC 147Adult (f)4,0057741
OUIwXHC 148Adult (m)3,7807952
n97UnHC 149Adult (m)4,0598272
sV2L4HC 150Adult (f)3,6529020
oHXWMHC 151Adult (f)4,7941,1581
vnTJmHC 152Adult (f)5,2301,2151
ay70HHC 153Adult (f)5,2051,2871
e4hYMHC 154Adult (f)5,6661,2873
uzo2kHC 155Adult (m)4,1739272
EbkS0HC 156Adult (f)3,7699141
GESGaHC 157Adult (f)4,2849612
j2nAZHC 158Adult (f)5,2991,0642
AfTxiHC 159Adult (f)5,1381,0390
wFcz5HC 160Adult (m)5,0811,0353
QgUTSHC 161Adult (m)4,1687344
wBjdLHC 162Adult (m)4,1447604
023oOHC 163Adult (m)4,9991,2295
iFWchHC 164Adult (m)5,0921,2193
EllZHHC 165Adult (f)3,1868883
eDIrXHC 166Adult (m)3,4188800
lJfNaHC 167Adult (f)3,4148341
23Z1bHC 168Adult (f)3,3238310
HfrdZHC 169Adult (f)3,1948381
RR3BzHC 170Adult (m)3,0747872
BbGCfHC 171Adult (f)3,1616912
MBT86HC 172Adult (m)3,4718091
1yqE4HC 173Adult (f)3,5108331
YMwXBHC 174Adult (f)3,6938390
zOEZhHC 175Adult (m)3,4278145
SRKJgHC 176Adult (f)3,0137590
8SHIEHC 177Adult (f)4,8811,0501
din4QHC 178Adult (f)4,8481,0321
9yCK1HC 179Adult (f)4,8981,0561
2mbR2HC 180Adult (f)4,7311,0483
lnFEnHC 181Adult (f)4,8101,0511
itq1xHC 182Adult (f)3,7838262
5kQ2DHC 183Adult (f)5,6001,1462
mkiM2HC 184Adult (f)3,2567413
Umc4THC 185Adult (f)3,6247000
nAFIhHC 186Adult (m)3,5716811
2fXF1HC 187Adult (f)3,5916780
3KyvHHC 188Adult (m)3,5866781
Ds2KvHC 189Adult (f)3,7037062
ArxXnHC 190Adult (m)3,6136990
gd1uqHC 191Adult (m)4,8467510
F9xTHHC 192Adult (f)3,3303830
34KMXHC 193Adult (f)4,9427530
uOHmQHC 194Adult (f)5,7988611
vuXOPHC 195Adult (m)5,8658280
3HktcHC 196Adult (m)6,0728762
rTMixHC 197Adult (f)5,9588761
vt4YvHC 198Adult (m)3,0354311
dxNn4HC 199Adult (m)3,5924560
jpTWwHC 200Adult (f)3,2124880
Bkq44HC 201Adult (m)2,8804900
vEIIpHC 202Adult (m)3,6623990
8pRCCHC 203Adult (f)3,6954060
GQ1RdHC 204Adult (f)3,8334060
97NvKHC 205Adult (m)3,4363860
r5RETHC 206Adult (m)3,6003710
qXmayHC 207Adult (f)3,5553770
S3XBAHC 208Adult (f)3,7233860
lqEcyHC 209Adult (f)3,2594690
2DIHgHC 210Adult (m)3,1504460
lzILAHC 211Adult (f)3,1534940
GzjvsHC 212Adult (m)3,2734081
MQQx1HC 213Adult (f)3,0093770
p005sHC 214Adult (f)3,3624061
5uMQIHC 215Adult (f)2,9404333
yYsveHC 216Adult (m)2,6214400
MYhrsHC 217Adult (f)2,8984321
WFhEwHC 218Adult (f)3,6074470
RwBrsHC 219Adult (f)3,0214311
n0kYDHC 220Adult (m)2,9194510
MUDlfHC 221Adult (f)2,8894732
oeNLRHC 222Adult (m)3,1764622
wgfFbHC 223Adult (m)3,1884711
ejGmPHC 224Adult (f)3,5624201
62fiCHC 225Adult (f)3,3184060
acJLhHC 226Adult (m)2,9914621
AaFhXHC 227Adult (m)3,6374091
C59sNHC 228Adult (f)3,2344091
NlelZHC 229Adult (m)3,3014471
dGfCyHC 230Adult (m)2,7604340
SK1tLHC 231Adult (f)2,7144230
9cFkhHC 232Adult (f)3,0824400
Xidv0HC 233Adult (m)3,2154520
93Eo9HC 234Adult (f)2,8404161
12mSyHC 235Adult (m)2,7524090
kxc1yHC 236Adult (m)3,3864251
dNvPPHC 237Adult (m)3,2584181
LOw8LHC 238Adult (f)3,6853871
Npe9WHC 239Adult (m)3,4255011
VXRjpHC 240Adult (m)3,4004500
pb6umHC 241Adult (m)3,3444560
r3sLZHC 242Adult (f)2,6364340
AwrfJHC 243Adult (m)3,1134190
GND3jHC 244Adult (f)3,2724540
LVOZuHC 245Adult (f)3,0374440
BFyPvHC 246Adult (m)3,0344350
7OEsDHC 247Adult (m)3,1174381
MB2PsHC 248Adult (m)2,7834280
BGOv0HC 249Adult (f)4,0134340
VRLclHC 250Adult (m)4,4174171
b0ZYcHC 251Adult (m)3,4823730
xp2ruHC 252Adult (m)3,5403990
IWm65HC 253Adult (m)4,2094271
ACTa6HC 254Adult (m)4,6244271
bniUPHC 255Adult (f)3,2964560
1Rx9aHC 256Adult (m)3,9474460
rQplWHC 257Adult (f)2,2864390
C063NHC 258Adult (m)2,8654540
Yg5GXHC 259Adult (m)3,8254840
duJKGHC 260Adult (m)3,5404551
N1bm2HC 261Adult (f)8,6621,6224
tgzG3HC 262Adult (m)3,8404443
NGgVdHC 263Adult (m)3,2304000
plBBwHC 264Adult (f)3,9494480
KtMKMHC 265Adult (m)3,7617490
BpyeAHC 266Adult (m)2,4744252
Xes8jHC 267Adult (m)2,5804251
1UZTKHC 268Adult (m)3,0464792
02ISVHC 269Adult (f)4,2663982
wGjcgHC 270Adult (f)3,8204063
EhlVsHC 271Adult (f)3,3785012
WQcGHHC 272Adult (m)3,2494741
O7SOmHC 273Adult (m)3,0104301
2y578HC 274Adult (f)2,5824402
3JhQZHC 275Adult (f)3,7594683
aqX81HC 276Adult (m)2,8384242
bcYMDHC 277Adult (f)2,8174292
GRXOtHC 278Adult (f)3,9464532
KFnsTHC 279Adult (m)3,1764390
Fnh3bHC 280Adult (m)3,4364092
drNf8HC 281Adult (f)3,3224040
8ZuvVHC 282Adult (f)5,7071,0501
vgYOSHC 283Adult (f)5,4411,0352
nIMyGHC 284Adult (m)3,4384640
nQWfKHC 285Adult (f)3,4103901
zjXA5HC 286Adult (m)3,3864101
mgWOQHC 287Adult (m)3,2944301
edaD3HC 288Adult (m)3,3614431
Cqw2aHC 289Adult (m)2,7225522
hk82UHC 290Adult (m)4,7538001
Qv2KzHC 291Adult (f)4,7137723
xv5UaHC 292Adult (f)4,2318123
pbviKHC 293Adult (f)4,7507591
DYMtFHC 294Adult (m)4,8687751
oiQYMHC 295Adult (m)4,2117672
Ot1FwHC 296Adult (f)4,5074371
qoiPTHC 297Adult (m)3,9854022
bVCA6HC 298Adult (f)3,7074132
WtVAYHC 299Adult (f)6,9669053
PnUG3HC 300Adult (m)4,3034213
EBT7iHC 301Adult (f)7,8721,0711
YrY8HHC 302Adult (f)7,3391,1281
L7uslHC 303Adult (m)4,5279041
oqPOmHC 304Adult (f)4,5338811
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