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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Elda-Chan,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
pdhmyAzure ThundersAdult (m)2,8374311
0j8yrElectric BungalowsAdult (f)4,9663320
6qwGYElectrical BananasAdult (m)3,0598671
0gmoVAzure WintersAdult (f)4,3311,1002
CIpexIcy ThundersAdult (m)5,3359901
7GPzgThunderous AppluseAdult (f)5,5171,0432
0TEggThunderous AppeleteAdult (f)3,8564391
2ZDp7Glowing BrocadeAdult (m)2,2256615
VYGLENight BrokenAdult (m)3,1855191
jD4kRParanoid RoyalAdult (m)4,3643513
I8IynMoonlit Mountains MajestyAdult (f)5,3821,0633
4j0ntGalaxy's CherrywheelAdult (m)3,8183772
j2aCGLiquid Aurora BorealisAdult (m)2,5017704
TuUxiCaptured StarstuffAdult (m)2,7878714
cYB9oCreation StarstuffAdult (m)5,1791,1051
Hx8XzStardust on My PillowcaseAdult (m)5,4731,0744
7lsjkExochos of PenkAdult (m)4,7684222
4mpbXPainted NightscapeAdult (m)3,7604700
JgFWrWaterlogged Halloween EveAdult (f)4,8061,3883
bev00Caverns AboveAdult (f)3,8184551
BkA0LSpirits Haunt the NightAdult (f)5,5061,1434
qJfQIMidnight Close at HandAdult (f)3,7313962
lVb0WDarkest  ZyubleuAdult (f)2,7574201
u7LPUGrinning JackoLanternsAdult (f)3,4163550
AEyO4Grim and GrinningAdult (f)3,6854200
vu9yjStriking ThirteenAdult (f)2,8054360
ceuPtHaunted TreehouseAdult (f)3,3025280
GIKHeToo Much Something StrangeAdult (f)6,0331,1632
PXWtIWakeful SpiritAdult (m)4,9479621
aD3oMSpirited DispositionAdult (m)4,8179321
vJn7GSilver Lord of HalloweenAdult (m)4,6699111
k2Dl9Mysterious Beast of Hallows EveAdult (m)3,2524211
3WA7vCandy Coated Pumpkin SeedsAdult (m)6,5481,2201
7Y0H2Children of Every AgeAdult (m)4,7849202
jyWO0Shadow of the Spirit RelmAdult (m)2,6874701
W2FPvDarkest NocturneAdult (m)3,6174600
fmYxtSpirit Name ThyselfAdult (m)6,1755322
hXuPfGuys and GhoulsAdult (m)3,2913821
PnGkaIllustrated HauntingsAdult (m)3,2514180
LfHbqTo the Halloween TreeAdult (m)3,3684710
b9EetFather of All DestructionAdult (m)6,2011,1653
HvCvfMother of All CreationAdult (f)8,2847030
JRu7tTouch the Clouds and SkyAdult (f)5,1211,0125
iWN7oPale Wind on the MountainAdult (f)3,4344413
hovLhPale Dancer in the WindAdult (f)5,7861,1191
iwT1OSunset RepriseAdult (m)6,2485693
BRX39Mourning SunsetsAdult (f)3,1594112
vgKrrSunset ProphetAdult (f)3,1474062
IKIBVGlorious Princess SunAdult (f)3,6444123
oojZqAll Hallows MornAdult (m)1,9826880
fSppyTrickster SultanAdult (m)2,2346930
mbQHuMournful WailAdult (m)2,2056910
WC7CiTricks for SweetsAdult (m)2,2337371
4vUlPMajestic Magic MonsterAdult (f)2,0777281
Ui4woHallows DelightAdult (f)2,0216700
7mSzQRotten Candy AppleAdult (f)2,1676810
1qXrCNot a Funny TrickAdult (f)2,1937021
A0oELVivacious EquineAdult (m)2,7118603
g1eGaGallant Night SteedAdult (m)4,6698920
7FhH1One My Soul LovesAdult (f)2,2534540
F94IfOur Souls Are the SameAdult (f)2,2374560
R6f18Sweetest PiAdult (f)3,3387820
ENS48Scent of Sweet RomanceAdult (f)3,0148202
If6wPSwirling ScriptAdult (m)5,7661,1553
tigrpForgotten TonguesAdult (m)5,7651,1040
x1LZuUnreadable TextsAdult (f)4,1807832
5GbmvScribe of BaghdadAdult (f)3,5104321
Q4N82Sweetbitter OmensAdult (f)3,5275230
K8svOOmens of Ill FortunesAdult (f)3,3305471
hYZGUProphetic InsightsAdult (f)3,0635280
uUK0HBaddest Moon RisingAdult (m)2,8105040
1aKPpHazy Visions From the FutureAdult (m)3,2025540
pDYGhWolf in White VanAdult (m)2,7904990
Hw93PSights and Sounds UnknownAdult (f)3,3845390
Us6X7Omens of the Chaos CrystalAdult (m)3,2075401
Gr1gqPurplewing DinoAdult4,7081,0332
gQlWYDark Flamenco DancerAdult (f)4,7669370
vZ5XZViolet KitesAdult (f)3,3285130
emsCBPendulum's SorceryAdult (m)4,5961,0938
koc9RFlitting WhimsyAdult (m)4,2341,0352
4ETucFlamboyant AccrobatAdult (m)4,1786663
retmQStrong TempersAdult (f)2,5675251
GZiWEStrong BackgroundAdult (f)2,3434962
f6s0nCinders of HopeAdult (f)3,0244781
qTdYHWitchlight HourAdult (m)2,6257920
lmA5fWitchlight SharpensAdult (m)2,5658190
sFEKnBeguiling My Sad FanciesAdult (m)2,6008451
aQ1QrTormented TruthAdult (m)2,4978351
9ZbpIWitchlight Hour is Close at HandAdult (f)2,5508390
tNcFMUnaltered PreceptionsAdult (f)2,5127880
gb1H7Goblin's BrewAdult (f)2,5368170
LDP5Amaranthine OceanAdult (f)1,10044619
BYyOEStolen TideAdult (f)4,5891,3379
AlBjyOffbeat OffspringAdult (f)4,0417611
cLsf1Divergent DorsalAdult (m)3,8087410
YTNFmShe Can't Be BotheredAdult (f)3,1163841
zHeY9Holiday BalanAdult (f)4,5134540
34IzbCrven NuruunyAdult (m)3,8944011
UmKxFAubergine Bone ChinaAdult (m)3,2804422
e3svdAubergine Christmas MemoriesAdult (f)3,7864231
bnEtPUndersea AubergineAdult (m)4,0084832
dC9HjChildren of the DeepsAdult (f)3,7324481
01khyOnly OkAdult (f)3,8084081
XcS2PAubergine NightflowerAdult (m)3,4174312
mMeeWM Mee WizardsAdult (f)4,2104462
UcbsEUnwanted Golden ChildAdult (m)3,4044561
VhNVbAubergine OffspringAdult (f)3,5364441
U4zWmYours for the WizardAdult (f)3,2265372
oXhhROxen AubergineAdult (f)4,0924282
MXdMLMighty Might AubergineAdult (f)4,9368044
31KVWDark Coffee AbidingAdult (m)4,3814280
dVqNdSystematical DorsalAdult (f)3,6993941
lBC0lRuinous Christmas ChildAdult (f)3,3834280
6KupeKupeAdult (m)4,6904101
aNUZuPurpleberry CreeperAdult (f)3,8104090
qjhweDeath to the Purple LineageAdult (f)4,4474211
Ptuc9Caffeine MeltAdult (f)4,2174610
8KkgKSatin StardustAdult (m)2,4478473
LiG8GFaintest ReplyAdult (f)4,0314351
lcDABPerfect AnxietyAdult (f)4,7844470
1tXZpDee and DoodleAdult (f)2,9984982
Bf2AHas a Life Spirit NameAdult (f)1,49736216
TxvtRight to DreamAdult (f)1,82942269
HqNfWho Look and Think Like YouAdult (f)2,20251715
HBKIGHeartbreak KingAdult (m)4,1481,0490
QRn2OForgotten SlumberlandAdult (m)4,0571,0182
FOCAkApplied TransformationAdult (m)4,3374120
P06SNTrained GravityAdult (f)4,7024410
zbOhDExclusive TransitionAdult (m)4,8654221
A4J2vCathedral WingAdult (m)3,5343530
j18oXShards of Broken PromisesAdult (f)4,0093682
ULxFxRosegold HeartsongAdult (f)6,0866672
kxHQMCrystallize DaydreamsAdult (m)2,9814331
XaPyDiaphanous WindAdult (m)1,84141323
Usb6My Storybook LoveAdult (f)2,79050535
SwpqMiss Lonely HeartsAdult (f)1,55248616
MUIbUCome My Love to Tell a TaleAdult (f)5,7646620
wogm0Impulsive FuschiaAdult (f)4,5477962
Cwtw8Muted SongbirdAdult (m)2,9154842
2JzlnMost Hopeful RomanticAdult (f)2,5305820
1yOemLoving OmensAdult (f)2,6325880
omoQjHoneyed Pink SpectraAdult (f)5,4911,3695
DVTgiAngel AruenarisityAdult (f)5,7771,2341
kSnKHMystery CoralAdult (f)2,9514551
fA965Vibrant Coral DreamsAdult (f)4,1093801
AVuIdCoral TreasuresAdult (f)3,2893991
84IGBHalcyon BlushAdult (f)3,53794518
RrrZ0Inure BlushAdult (f)3,47193633
NYLYoBarely BlushAdult (f)4,7641,2166
o9lVZImmodest BlushAdult (f)4,9791,1892
m0Ln8Shuttering BlushAdult (f)5,0041,0372
tDvw1That is sooo FetchAdult (f)6,5794831
6AdrLCan't Help it that I'm PopularAdult (f)3,3284260
nbm99Doesn't Even Go HereAdult (f)3,5344152
C16JSNone for Gretchen WeinersAdult (f)3,0304991
jAv58I Had to Pretend to Be PlasticAdult (f)2,8684601
2uD4SMostly BlushAdult (f)3,5244733
7GziXNearly BlushAdult (f)3,9234570
dwFCNRouge WingsAdult (m)5,2841,4045
PAGG2Rouge HeartAdult (m)5,3821,4145
8TeqkRouge DaydreamAdult (m)4,3459151
FaPSDRouge HeroAdult (m)4,7759872
xG0jNRouge RevelryAdult (m)5,7931,1622
0Aq7KRogue NationAdult (m)4,1584170
d5cmBThat's the Burn BookAdult (m)4,3724370
XTpGsGo Glen CocoAdult (m)3,8375203
k2ynfButter is a CarbAdult (m)3,1315491
1NWjvRogue RevelryAdult (m)3,9184331
ypmkyRouge OneAdult (m)4,7964111
qutQtThat's Why Her Hair is So BigAdult (m)2,7454112
1iATEChristmas Presents in JuneAdult (m)3,6914192
o45XQSpeckled MelodyAdult (m)4,1583782
5yLEvSpeckled MomentAdult (m)4,6313763
EMRfkSpeckled InsurgenceAdult (m)3,0484351
DJDkuSpeckled ExclamationAdult (m)3,2714211
S50CwSpeckled TempoAdult (m)4,6643941
T3TfpSpeckled VelvetAdult (m)3,5414240
7meyESpeckled InquiryAdult (m)3,8033872
RUHSMSpeckled ConflictAdult (m)3,4684181
QPSZySpeckled AftermathAdult (f)3,1624630
Gc7eSSpeckled RunnerAdult (f)3,8864052
nZqtFMy Only Pink ShirtAdult (f)5,4269960
afKNgThe Only Thing That Fits Me NowAdult (f)4,6678711
8lTYJItty Bitty Pinky CommitteeAdult (f)3,1314051
37mpRSpeckled GuestAdult (f)4,1744161
WEOipSpeckled EnvironmentAdult (f)3,4614422
lgkAaSpeckled NegotiationAdult (f)3,4324001
dJaQASpeckled IdealAdult (f)4,3564002
lDh9ZSpeckled ShearlingAdult (f)4,2924030
41fmwSpeckled PantologistAdult (f)3,9394230
LLzzaSpeckled MightAdult (f)3,4354120
RR584Speckled SleuthAdult (f)4,2853741
TwSygThis Was Girl WorldAdult (f)3,0084311
hPOIVSweetest Bad RomanceAdult (m)5,4731,3783
ge5ZyPink InkheartAdult (m)5,2071,3794
q1bxkSweetlings KaibaAdult (m)5,8951,2182
LnTMlIllishin SilcadesAdult (m)5,9481,2700
Bn04LCoral ArmyAdult (m)2,6654101
VUHADRosette BeauAdult (m)3,0454711
dJJQ3Oktober SweetAdult (m)2,9244441
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