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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Elda-Chan,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
JLYxQHC 305Adult (f)2,9544331
4UsCJHC 306Adult (f)3,5924021
fsnwFHC 307Adult (f)3,0014733
36kdQHC 308Adult (m)3,9484531
My0ODHC 309Adult (f)4,4963873
NjQw6HC 310Adult (f)3,5913861
bROyrHC 311Adult (f)3,9413902
JjiFAHC 312Adult (f)4,8093883
mLiCTHC 313Adult (m)4,2233921
CkKa5HC 314Adult (f)3,5833933
e8Kt4HC 315Adult (m)3,3324121
dxqjAHC 316Adult (f)3,5194370
7c5d8HC 317Adult (m)3,8544290
xC4txHC 318Adult (f)4,4924064
WKhXXHC 319Adult (f)4,1114412
I9tKzHC 320Adult (f)3,5914021
QSmxfHC 321Adult (m)2,6624201
EH2ugHC 322Adult (f)2,8904141
C5JPCHC 323Adult (f)3,7763820
1hzPxHC 324Adult (f)4,1463870
pRvp1HC 325Adult (m)4,0034082
ptmp2HC 326Adult (m)4,0704391
Qkf5hHC 327Adult (m)3,8364430
JzLVzHC 328Adult (m)3,5714341
3dGvYHC 329Adult (m)4,0603942
22ZJvHC 330Adult (m)4,1804302
4mht2HC 331Adult (m)4,3284301
SyKUuHC 332Adult (f)3,6284511
j8DzqHC 333Adult (m)3,3904662
nmN8tHC 334Adult (f)3,5384582
Oo8v3HC 335Adult (m)3,4424292
DLda3HC 336Adult (m)3,9163821
aoxQaHC 337Adult (m)8,6929614
efOcqHC 338Adult (f)3,5104371
S7gX4HC 339Adult (f)4,0614001
mGxB8HC 340Adult (f)3,2084681
Dl0abHC 341Adult (f)3,7204132
FyFkoHC 342Adult (f)3,1254214
gxHhdHC 343Adult (m)3,4564255
3oYFvHC 344Adult (f)3,1314380
igaaVHC 345Adult (f)4,0894122
mI9HWHC 346Adult (f)3,7264252
JcHEHHC 347Adult (f)4,2884072
kC39cHC 348Adult (m)5,0844181
SrtpBHC 349Adult (m)3,6225351
xr8gHHC 350Adult (f)4,0645431
sa1wNHC 351Adult (m)4,6994071
PeAfDHC 352Adult (m)4,9094151
CmEqGHC 353Adult (f)4,1885720
AYfa3HC 354Adult (f)3,9015470
fiFhwHC 355Adult (f)4,0715661
iLyjHHC 356Adult (m)4,0303981
umdn3HC 357Adult (m)5,1993771
UoX3ZHC 358Adult (m)3,8803571
bfiLbHC 359Adult (m)3,5703761
9s08JHC 360Adult (m)4,2384321
FRgnuHC 361Adult (m)3,1564211
H0fSFHC 362Adult (f)3,9244241
aYIucHC 363Adult (m)3,0484150
zyvDwHC 364Adult (f)2,6014381
KKyTxHC 365Adult (m)3,4844720
vM6iLHC 366Adult (f)3,1444390
pXaLQHC 367Adult (m)3,7124331
lDcxiHC 368Adult (f)3,5524400
G8BTOHC 369Adult (f)3,2714254
wPzl2HC 370Adult (f)3,5664031
3zgREHC 371Adult (m)3,8454473
dVAPzHC 372Adult (m)4,6966801
OaNJIHC 373Adult (m)3,7355464
jch1eHC 374Adult (f)4,8217873
0Xo0IHC 375Adult (f)4,9933811
tBz8THC 376Adult (m)4,2103851
XnvCqHC 377Adult (m)4,4146911
auorWHC 378Adult (f)5,6078752
smLh4HC 379Adult (f)5,1888131
iL4QUHC 380Adult (f)4,7938710
ytUbtHC 381Adult (f)3,7094612
Tmu0oHC 382Adult (m)2,6004640
goy36HC 383Adult (f)3,0015081
CEFtLHC 384Adult (m)2,5744282
EXg4sHC 385Adult (f)2,7984851
Nour2HC 386Adult (m)2,9134384
4CLCTHC 387Adult (f)3,1254982
MbZmvHC 388Adult (f)3,8583971
335oVHC 389Adult (f)3,5864102
aDojzHC 390Adult (f)2,5214560
OpmoGHC 391Adult (m)3,3234882
VL8ynHC 392Adult (m)3,1794342
8qtKMHC 393Adult (f)5,7281,1560
vyIdZHC 394Adult (f)3,1224572
nObK2HC 395Adult (f)4,0034241
QLFgJHC 396Adult (m)3,9954091
iX4HtHC 397Adult (m)4,4734474
Nxz27HC 398Adult (f)4,3174071
viZ6sHC 399Adult (m)4,1953841
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