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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2016 Holiday Event
  • 2015 Valentine’s Day
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  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
  • 2012 Valentine’s Day
  • 2011 Holiday Event
  • Carrot Cave
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
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You pick up the scroll labeled “DragonMyst,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Jt4lKPillow of PillownessAdult (m)2,1357212
DdS0MMini Egg-guardHatchling (F)2,5201695
bgQJ6Purple Grape BlossomAdult (m)2,6861,0651
Q2WcaWinter Grape BlossomAdult (f)2,0227581
sCKcPFirstdawn Grape BlossomAdult (m)4,5159134
LlLW7Little Grape BlossomAdult (m)1,9407775
mKkhaMikkha the Grape BlossomAdult (f)3,8908793
YQq4bSimple Grape BlossomAdult (m)6,5369771
kaQA4Blooming Grape BlossomAdult (f)6,0999832
aT5qBlack Cherry BlossomAdult (f)3,51341911
GGqjMidnight Cherry BlossomAdult (m)3,1421,0908
0Sn8cShadowed Cherry BlossomAdult (f)3,1711,0687
P4M7XHalf-Line Cherry BlossomAdult (f)2,6629584
nmiGjAmbient FireholderAdult (m)3,6198964
t6j6(t6j6)Egg (F)
544XMelted Vanilla Ice Cream BlobHatchling (F)2,43119711
SMaLI am SMaLHatchling (F)3,4148118
2JN6Tied To A StringHatchling (F)1,7851,14820
tOraLittle BallerinaHatchling (f, F)5,5771,0805
k4iDForever a KiDHatchling (F)1,21614310
Bk62KCharmander WannabeHatchling (F)2,2416111
0H40TBurning PeppermintHatchling (F)2,7521922
UIQFcFrosted PinesnowHatchling (F)1,4212401
CqXQ4FlowerboltHatchling (F)1,3042411
MDdtTiny BreathmintAdult (m)3,26426320
e9tKElectric MidnightAdult (m)6,2478188
4XSNQSpotwing OvergrowthAdult (f)4,7899292
JpDVXSpotwing MidnightcrashAdult (f)4,7739423
vboreSpotwing BoredfinAdult (f)3,9779813
YlF7WSpotwing LateseaAdult (m)2,6097432
IkMf3Spotwing ShadowspeedAdult (f)1,9967561
VgeHYSpotwing SeastarAdult (m)2,5231,0010
QVk6mFruitwing TailsplashAdult (f)5,1019482
iGo8FNocturnwing DarklifeAdult (f)2,8516945
46vB1Guardwing ShieldtailAdult (m)3,7077715
Yac8ZTinywing LostcryAdult (f)2,8837133
juncdBlackwing ShadowpawAdult (m)3,6977603
9CThZShinewing PurpleglowAdult (m)1,9747622
I0kTuShinewing SunsparkAdult (f)3,1808542
BnTe2Stonewing ScratchpawAdult (f)2,4431,0575
2cDG8Fogwing StormycloudAdult (f)2,4881,0292
ZE7OAWhipwing SpeedytailAdult (m)2,4771,0021
QKdhNBlazewing EmbertailAdult (f)2,5741,0191
NvJ5BIcewing SnowytailAdult (f)3,0701,0202
WoTrI Like To Drink WoTrAdult (f)4,81595921
RNW0cMidnight MystAdult (m)6,1421,4651
JqdtIPrankster Of The SkyAdult (m)6,0931,4522
uQCbtThe Sun's Flaming SongAdult (m)4,3049344
GrAMCProtector of SoulAdult (m)5,9991,1174
CNqS2Glowing MoonsAdult (m)6,3911,0957
dBNiAMoonglow SongAdult (m)4,4661,3302
UUqZNSpark of the Blue MoonAdult (m)2,6489442
IGeE2Double-TailedAdult (m)3,7999766
BlS59A Tale of Two TailsAdult (m)4,0999331
PZ2FThe Shadow In The SkyAdult (m)3,02584410
MjZDWith A Starry BrushAdult (m)2,35589310
25Z4OShooting Star at MidnightAdult (f)4,1231,2735
sodRDance of the MoonAdult (m)2,6207525
kRqASunfall in the DayAdult (m)7,4331,17511
1qESkFlying On Sun-Dappled WingsAdult (m)3,8031,08114
MY0XNot my 0XAdult (f)3,07952013
15NriYulefrost SunsetAdult (f)4,7091,5607
BcaZNyghtfrostAdult (f)1,6696879
pPOZSoaring on Gilded WingsAdult (f)7,0686868
M3siCupid's NightmareAdult (f)4,58575117
2E7YSweeter than Chocolate DorkfaceAdult (m)7,6711,02425
L3uKMoon of the DawnAdult (m)1,78951811
SUcmCherry BombsAdult (f)2,3016209
g0LEWeucao Vcumadwe ThuwedAdult (m)9,0681,61712
UPropMovie PropAdult (m)6,5609621
h85HhTeran'tAdult (m)4,4031,16113
LdJlcEarthly DancerAdult (f)5,8439675
Imu3rI Am YouAdult (m)2,4644202
WpGkHTangled IllusionsAdult (m)5,2229734
pSO9Tangled DreamsAdult (m)1,97664014
sq0pDon't sq0p MeAdult (f)1,5624933
9V6XBlazing PathsAdult (m)4,3181,01412
RQCWmFlying On Maple-Coated WingsAdult (m)6,7741,2505
kcs1WBronze Vine TwistAdult (m)6,7771,5223
5j4VtOutlawedAdult (f)7,5771,10710
eGo13A Large EgoAdult (f)7,2619487
Pok2k2K GoldAdult (m)4,8871,43611
qPg89Golden Starlight NightAdult (f)8,1001,0632
dfOCMidnight RideAdult (f)9,17988530
qDm2Brough of SaintsAdult (m)3,93449222
MrBTMister BTAdult (m)2,73869811
YHIuShimmering SurpriseAdult (f)2,66953414
P3TlByrnt CoalsAdult (f)4,1776739
dnShDawn of the MistAdult (f)10,1621,05216
Qo3hRiding on Electrified WingsAdult (f)6,99993413
s7EjMaster of Lightning CloudsAdult (f)6,79168511
D0VeXFlying On Dove's WingsAdult (m)4,4141,32518
7G4cFrosted HopesAdult (f)10,1541,04319
uNMFkPatience and Hard Work Pays OffAdult (f)4,9551,0023
5mVW2A Blueberry PopsicleAdult (m)6,1069791
ibhmDouble FlightAdult (m)6,6186657
HFQaDouble Dash ThuwedAdult (f)7,5348478
avlWTropical Fruit PunchAdult (f)3,73893917
CQEiThe Wings of a HeroAdult (m)1,6127107
ViT2Gliding OverheadAdult (f)2,1887304
KlTtsDragon KittenAdult (f)4,3811,3706
VnlcXBlue Eyed GrapeAdult (f)7,3439976
gFdpLight SparklesAdult (f)6,8801,5304
kfFLbOrakyoAdult (m)4,3978303
WIXG9My Orange Soda Is On FireAdult (m)7,3041,63913
rmsCShadowed Lights DorkfaceAdult (f)7,1581,60729
CsaGImmortal MaelstromAdult (f)2,2297008
B4BKAWhite BabkaAdult (f)3,8341,0846
vZZkuSilver QuickfireAdult (m)3,0154375
8PIUfSilver Copper FlightAdult (f)3,0167854
LSKSkBeginning White LightsAdult (m)2,8171,0246
0l3VHCopper Healing LightAdult (f)5,4981,2193
TCrMLIcy WhitestormAdult (f)5,4308943
pcFZaTerra White RoseAdult (f)5,6809132
cJrV3Regal IceAdult (m)5,4639504
VKNlGolden Diamond Dorkface ThuwedAdult (m)6,7921,01717
0PRnWings Of Golden Light DorkfaceAdult (m)7,3417698
bWSEEStriped SnowarrowAdult (f)5,0218855
Oe39eFlaming Streak Of GoldAdult (m)3,6109713
jrZmg3 The Burning Flames of DeathAdult (f)6,7631,16510
mBtZXDark Gold BlazeAdult (m)4,8298515
lTLrZFlying On Maple Bark WingsAdult (f)5,4237264
WUTWaGliding on the Last Maple WingsAdult (m)6,3811,1231
l5QdLGliding On Frost-Coated WingsAdult (m)2,4439426
OTjYO Tj Y Was I AbandonedAdult (m)4,09877115
7ALCI Am Made Of 7ALC ThuwedAdult (m)7,1091,2945
M803DragonMystAdult (f)8,0141,6704
HJqOWAqua-WingsAdult (m)6,9721,1406
1XRjI Haven't The Foggiest IdeaAdult (m)2,9524888
siWASnowed DuskAdult (f)7,2961,4334
uFLlCan uFLIAdult (m)9,2841,64510
BnDV6Snowtree of DawnAdult (f)5,2266141
XZoYLike A Memory Made of PaperAdult (f)3,0228373
dc2cFragile As A RibbonAdult (f)3,21883819
Ac4edActing Christmas SnowAdult (m)2,3804711
DVpnOColored FlightAdult (f)4,5441,0149
9hAahMebujikaAdult (f)6,3609827
v2jPSoaring In The SkyAdult (m)7,4951,05910
KjirPast The SkylineAdult (m)3,42170612
evDASCompletelyAdult (f)4,1881,2418
XnLcRain Clouds Long PassedAdult (m)1,88260615
BojNBittersweet NightAdult (m)4,3171,03719
FMBoTwilight of the Rheu Island PackAdult (f)1,6187256
3kAVFangs Of Wars Long LostAdult (m)6,1301,5739
jX6AStorms Long Gone D'HennegelAdult (m)3,72948513
kTfUStories Long ToldAdult (f)3,02965314
YshRBurning Up This FuseAdult (f)3,3471,05917
SFZrGreat Flaming BreathsAdult (m)2,0948678
08XVjMisty Lava BurstAdult (m)4,7381,1453
njvnBottle Up LightningAdult (m)3,30970410
lAXfRelax I'm FriendlyAdult (f)4,8971,3828
8qtoMacaroni And Cheese DragonAdult5,8611,4897
OAfkO I'm AFKAdult1,7293587
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