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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Count-Falcon,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
tI3KsNoxinixi CBHatchling (f)5,4169522
grcRkFirstofthekingsmen CBHatchling (m)5,5599521
vedoCount Falcon's CthulhuAdult (m)4,9991,50133
VmMGCount Falcon's KadathAdult (f)2,90297911
4dsvLivetogether DiealoneAdult (m)7,7551,40728
RIPNZTim Toldrum CBAdult (m)6,8771,1628
i5k9JCount Falcon's Twinpeaks CBAdult (f)4,37977016
7cJubTwoheadedBlue ForeverAdult (f)4,5187601
mKWEvSiegandfriedaAdult (f)1,8815891
E7VRSFriedAnneliese CBAdult (f)2,4136850
7hDnIGreyindeedAdult (f)4,3307731
wu4GuTwinpeak CBAdult (m)5,5978143
tITlDStrategic Decision CBAdult (m)4,4348501
71Ny2For ever Metal CBAdult (m)7,0641,1283
EsS4FDoublegreeneyedAdult (m)7,4308161
ovfVkLetsbeperfect CBAdult (m)4,6649685
Ou5DYGinaLisa CBAdult (f)4,8559320
YF0HaGinoPerfectAdult (m)3,9808681
A4dlsMadMen CBAdult (m)3,6759272
wrfvqRemedial CBAdult (f)4,5291,1002
qYpXzHatchedonasadday CBAdult (f)4,5556061
AeiGcWaldluft CBAdult (m)5,3476881
jTFMKGalsreimer CBAdult (m)5,8616391
oqvN8Lord Aeris CBAdult (m)3,3184850
QhrSVLady Aeris CBAdult (f)6,1141,2696
zKgZNFetzen CBAdult (f)3,1484460
VOozHZerrissen CBAdult (f)2,6988421
69ERe(69ERe)Adult (m)3,5055561
ZZlSaGloriaAeris CBAdult (f)5,0111,0371
amDXm(amDXm)Adult (m)7,8638142
oBbFG(oBbFG)Adult (m)4,8616553
sp6XF(sp6XF)Adult (m)1,5837210
svQUw(svQUw)Adult (f)1,5727132
xJsqm(xJsqm)Adult (m)2,1386750
SOCue(SOCue)Adult (f)2,7359630
uGpTj(uGpTj)Adult (f)2,9794971
x4Si2(x4Si2)Adult (m)3,9085091
CUXO6(CUXO6)Adult (f)3,2794441
GrBQk(GrBQk)Adult (m)2,6353000
kpnSCount Falcon's OlafsdottirAdult (f)1,57751318
U6riCount Falcon's AlbasonAdult (m)5,42476613
Nt54rDer UnpigmentierteAdult (m)5,7705861
v6llgAlpiAlbi CBAdult (m)5,6626791
X4p8uAlbinoQuartzflowerAdult (f)3,9904243
GXWnnGalsreimerin CBAdult (f)5,0715980
Uc0C4(Uc0C4)Adult (f)6,7069302
QBy8jVedad CBAdult (m)6,8829393
ZXrDYAugust in GalsreimAdult (f)3,2775340
Ku6nNSpacerookie JonesAdult (m)5,5347832
uf6nc(uf6nc)Adult (f)3,5658001
jXzus(jXzus)Adult (m)3,8048000
zduv2(zduv2)Adult (m)3,9228010
zRqZC(zRqZC)Adult (m)3,2607940
io4Lw(io4Lw)Adult (f)5,3046200
ZmSzWBerning Affair CBAdult (m)3,8698552
DemCCBella Latte CBAdult (f)3,8368622
AELiEItameri CBAdult (f)3,8788523
8VVZlNew York Rain CBAdult (m)3,9138561
8EJgZJennyfromtheblock CBAdult (f)3,8958511
4clrKPurrfect Choice CBAdult (m)3,9518451
ZDYO8You Think So CBAdult (f)4,9748781
dDbN5(dDbN5)Adult (m)5,9528501
9gY70(9gY70)Adult (f)6,3097951
ZC8Of(ZC8Of)Adult (m)5,8477400
9XaIy(9XaIy)Adult (f)2,7557143
xg7At(xg7At)Adult (m)6,2637381
8ciAR(8ciAR)Adult (f)5,6386241
YLNxo(YLNxo)Adult (f)4,9386291
necbI(necbI)Adult (f)2,6412760
cqrWeIkarus CBAdult (m)4,5527981
tREbsAlte Dame Juve CBAdult (f)4,5047971
wG4efDaedalos CBAdult (m)4,7567903
FVQI0(FVQI0)Adult (f)4,9977940
71aFl(71aFl)Adult (m)4,2537710
daEII(daEII)Adult (m)4,6447910
A4YfS(A4YfS)Adult (m)4,4117880
2SLdV(2SLdV)Adult (f)4,3398140
2Jrwx(2Jrwx)Adult (f)4,8007190
53B3i(53B3i)Adult (f)4,9597010
tdFtH(tdFtH)Adult (f)5,5206611
bRJ8A(bRJ8A)Adult (f)7,2836312
ilirQ(ilirQ)Adult (f)6,2226591
MTAMPAquaAquarius CBAdult (m)4,4758320
EXDlH(EXDlH)Adult (m)3,2037280
Oioj1(Oioj1)Adult (m)3,1364422
H7mjc(H7mjc)Adult (m)3,1034830
DmLni(DmLni)Adult (m)3,4865050
0D6syLady Aqualis CBAdult (f)4,4521,1401
NZeHt(NZeHt)Adult (m)3,6705180
3zlkW(3zlkW)Adult (f)3,3026340
n7qhq(n7qhq)Adult (m)3,7424920
1lMwG(1lMwG)Adult (f)7,4879201
znre9(znre9)Adult (m)9,8759852
nt13eAquaLung CBAdult (m)3,9758184
VcHiD(VcHiD)Adult (f)2,6736500
tLypw(tLypw)Adult (f)2,9557920
BQnNRLady Aranoa CBAdult (f)2,8807851
4MZ5r(4MZ5r)Adult (f)4,6245910
ALRHe(ALRHe)Adult (f)6,3016850
c3Shk(c3Shk)Adult (f)3,4014800
ArQPM(ArQPM)Adult (m)3,7814711
GaqFY(GaqFY)Adult (m)4,9801,0233
WeGKZFishhunter CBAdult (m)5,2327052
co1HxPinkcomesback CBAdult (m)3,2028321
0hRGcAriannaisback CBAdult (f)3,4908400
sMZJ5Smilecozpinkisback CBAdult (m)3,2448152
DLsViCR7 CBAdult (m)4,4447170
e78xqArianAdrianna CBAdult (f)4,5187180
lower(lower)Adult (f)4,7526630
v3yXQPinkisstrongerthangoldAdult (m)5,0296642
Ech1bAbyss SongdragonAdult (m)5,7715951
F2GRl(F2GRl)Adult (f)7,5675590
yrUgB(yrUgB)Adult (f)2,9308600
mxeXB(mxeXB)Adult (m)3,1488550
nfdaf(nfdaf)Adult (m)3,9675102
GyhLY(GyhLY)Adult (m)3,3475340
8gAnH(8gAnH)Adult (f)2,1737110
oVQyY(oVQyY)Adult (m)3,4744590
rQmpJ(rQmpJ)Adult (m)3,6115281
ZXyAe(ZXyAe)Adult (m)3,7095770
Kq2hN(Kq2hN)Adult (f)3,6685740
0Ig8qFreaky AzureAdult (f)7,6185344
Fa41y(Fa41y)Adult (m)6,6496002
r6g3y(r6g3y)Adult (f)6,6436001
fFPix(fFPix)Adult (m)5,3426261
RdzARBluemountainshadow CBAdult (m)6,6856130
0F0ET(0F0ET)Adult (m)5,1937100
rw3kO(rw3kO)Adult (m)4,6086561
vgHvl(vgHvl)Adult (f)4,8276570
mSfpj(mSfpj)Adult (f)4,9526950
DdRKd(DdRKd)Adult (f)4,3706070
365jg(365jg)Adult (f)5,3526580
LA1be(LA1be)Adult (m)5,6006061
P9SNZ(P9SNZ)Adult (m)5,8535720
F1GeEBaikalDouble CBAdult (m)3,3747542
4dI8s(4dI8s)Adult (f)1,9605620
PpLVABonamassa CBAdult (m)4,5235971
yQGef(yQGef)Adult (f)5,4356510
Xnk6Lady Marlboro CBAdult (f)3,7011,03946
mM8hMarlboro LightAdult (f)5,6961,41013
ND51Red Bull Light CBAdult (m)2,05385420
LMwHu(LMwHu)Adult (m)4,5267030
Ut6ts(Ut6ts)Adult (f)4,5577070
MvaOvTwoheaded Bauta CBAdult (f)5,6646801
9jWNu(9jWNu)Adult (m)3,1854955
EZUxP(EZUxP)Adult (f)3,6142582
OYRlw(OYRlw)Adult (m)3,2774470
WlxMtEjijAdult (f)3,3027352
N2OeCount Falcon's BehemothAdult (m)4,6091,37639
6WAbCount Falcon's NirvanaAdult (f)4,6551,35629
mIffCount Falcon's KreatorAdult (m)3,0001,16411
lihuCount Falcon's SlayerAdult (m)3,7891,22321
d0MfNattefrostAdult (m)1,52371311
6he4Schwarzer AbtAdult (m)4,0251,24723
mqYYCount Falcon's MayhemAdult (f)6,5731,51416
2O5MCount Falcon's Foo FighterAdult (m)3,8351,0098
hATLCount Falcon's MardukAdult (m)4,8621,33813
JJ9OCount Falcon's SodomAdult (m)5,5291,51216
DMb3Count Falcon's GorgorothAdult (m)5,7721,07411
ERlZCount Falcon's TiamatAdult (f)6,0531,48418
QmXOCount Falcon's MegadethAdult (m)7,7151,29024
KKnrCount Falcon's VaderAdult (m)3,6267409
1gFjCount Falcon's NightwishAdult (f)5,35587140
31oSCount Falcon's SuedeAdult (f)6,25697726
TdfnCount Falcon's MotorheadAdult (m)6,19698027
dtAKHCount Falcon's RageAdult (f)3,34868121
qWIP4Count Falcon's BurzumAdult (m)4,57793314
X645XCount Falcon's VenomAdult (m)4,82472812
bvClhCount Falcon's Machine HeadAdult (m)6,3281,07617
f4AQCCount Falcon's WarpathAdult (m)3,64788916
OnvRoCount Falcon's VoivodAdult (m)6,2431,82622
PaOppCount Falcon's CarcassAdult (m)4,04792614
Hq85hCount Falcon's SonataAdult (f)5,4398044
94G5RCount Falcon's LordiennaAdult (f)4,16749113
PVuLgBlack Metal CavebornAdult (m)2,92278325
rQWaABlack Innocence CBAdult (f)2,23371114
dnzewBlack Campino CBAdult (m)2,44869012
U54EGSteinpilz Damsbrueck CBAdult (m)4,22846111
Hyc0THarmony Song CBAdult (f)3,6396892
K7aPHBurzum CBAdult (m)3,7476882
4oZirMiracle66 CBAdult (f)2,7946652
wgWYFIna Hanover CBAdult (f)2,0549172
di78OCount Falcon's RamsteinAdult (m)2,3184913
FbEjZMassie5Adult (f)1,4375502
pZOkMCount Falcon's AffenknechtAdult (m)2,2496713
Uu0GfCount Falcon's Campino CBAdult (m)2,0696760
c9EyJBlack Scar CBAdult (f)2,1246431
gmZtxMarek Wuhlheide CBAdult (m)2,4475902
NnCKIDormitor CBAdult (m)2,1277021
11dmjMinistry CBAdult (f)2,1556701
bK3fvCount Falcon's LordiAdult (m)1,8217051
dr4zECount Falcon's LyrikaAdult (f)1,8686781
5BijnBlackSabath CBAdult (m)2,1496801
imFgPCount Falcon's Mica CBAdult (f)2,9169131
KtfSvCount Falcon's Black Death CBAdult (m)3,3801,0211
A1X7lXmas OrphantAdult (m)1,3797463
RgrevBlack ArgentusAdult (m)6,6157911
lSgBmBlack Silvestra CBAdult (f)5,3309582
6uRJgCount Falcon's New Order CBAdult (m)3,8849991
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