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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Count-Falcon,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
spNe2Swan Song CBAdult (f)5,29886112
aegAeDe Lane LeaAdult (f)4,93598322
GEivRSon of BathoryAdult (m)3,29373316
5dk3BLeroy's SpeedqueenAdult (f)2,2996297
1uk5VBlooddinhoAdult (m)2,2907091
497EGElheir BloodwingAdult (f)2,0635673
0FYpKOncetherewasharmonyAdult (f)4,8998811
0FBVcThe Unknown PlanetAdult (f)5,4099781
LQf0XCothakAdult (m)5,4166423
Ot2XHYoung EllieAdult (f)4,6678811
FCfRNIrvinkaAdult (f)4,5567453
itqJADschungelDreamAdult (f)2,3725310
OhPVWRideawhiteswanAdult (f)3,8918467
lPIB2Reba's BloodwingAdult (m)4,4819562
pzE4yTymar of BeefAdult (m)7,4896103
02ZjdGrandpawaskilledAdult (m)3,6329571
ZFPeMBlood MeowAdult (f)3,6591,0761
GvZTjVampy XmasAdult (f)4,5848832
zdRm6Burga XmasAdult (f)5,9118344
Y7rOdWhyohtellmewhyAdult (f)3,9668873
rt17rBella's SwansongAdult (m)6,6557572
zpqx8Second BloodAdult (m)5,6587552
OiK3SBloody SpringtimeAdult (f)4,6877740
OzlPEBloody BewlayAdult (m)5,1796823
Xo4CVBloody CaptainAdult (m)5,3016452
uUWnz(uUWnz)Adult (m)4,6546152
Hrfum(Hrfum)Adult (m)5,1506641
OnMmNBethelia GreenAdult (f)4,9716172
PRliv(PRliv)Adult (f)7,0595661
FNAR0Stopthesun CBAdult (f)6,7665914
qzAaOThis is VampirinhoAdult (m)5,3497404
xkB42(xkB42)Adult (m)6,1755601
RiHWS(RiHWS)Adult (m)6,1075531
GtWlP(GtWlP)Adult (m)5,8035512
ySpXISooncomeshalloweenAdult (m)6,5076274
kGGwa(kGGwa)Adult (m)6,0076141
kAukZ(kAukZ)Adult (f)4,7097442
cnYDs(cnYDs)Adult (m)4,7747382
rkjaW(rkjaW)Adult (m)3,5645540
o7PuJ(o7PuJ)Adult (f)3,4544530
9A3qGDalaiLama CBAdult (m)1,8726703
Jwch4(Jwch4)Adult (m)3,3844500
jN5wUVioletSnake CBAdult (f)6,6839463
DFEiiPurpleSnake CBAdult (f)6,8439581
gWPFs(gWPFs)Adult (f)2,6217360
ZEbTl(ZEbTl)Adult (m)2,7547450
JYfBG(JYfBG)Adult (f)2,8147660
AUqIU(AUqIU)Adult (f)2,8578461
wgpBz(wgpBz)Adult (m)2,7378630
wFUgS(wFUgS)Adult (m)3,3598831
UaUISuper CreepAdult (m)3,4591,00214
j1JhsScary Monster CBAdult (f)6,03150710
NaMHz(NaMHz)Adult (m)3,7018153
OIPPSweaty FootAdult (f)4,6201,31225
a2T6Count Falcon's Splish SplashAdult (f)7,4441,48914
PN9ESenorita AquaAdult (f)4,9671,01714
I9fZChris MistralAdult (m)3,9311,12842
IOAWDesert CharmeAdult (f)4,8591,33113
uZilCount Falcon's AmadeusAdult (m)5,5921,42524
dJcmCount Falcon's CocaineAdult (f)4,1031,26220
qpmZCount Falcon's Data LoveAdult (f)3,2251,20614
URuBDoctor Time LordAdult (m)2,21973027
Igi6fWhitelight DreamAdult (f)3,53794311
ps52pFriggnar NebelheimAdult (m)3,26989116
jP01YAgu Frosst CBAdult (m)4,16994921
ph8v2Schneeschwalbe CBAdult (f)3,92494219
lM7aaWhite Widow CBAdult (f)4,5471,05518
sNNjBSchneeblume CBAdult (f)3,95785617
d26pnCount Falcon's Schneesturm CBAdult (m)4,40299717
OTOOMKoenig Otto CBAdult (m)3,2228427
8UWPSWhite Wedding CBAdult (f)4,02992920
sPlCASpica CBAdult (f)4,44573018
GxKgsSnowstorm CavebornAdult (m)2,76574821
r17nzDer Weisse CBAdult (m)4,14544312
If01CRuegensage Damsbrueck CBAdult (f)2,31759616
u4evoWhiteshy CBAdult (f)2,14061614
EWxVsRuegenfels Damsbrueck CBAdult (m)2,0026388
CfO28Son of LulurisAdult (m)2,73761915
i9QUvSorbet Wolzig CBAdult (m)2,92573118
toD2tLola PileAdult (f)1,9165472
WwQaRElfried CBAdult (m)2,0796231
MDRrXCount Falcon's White RoseAdult (m)2,3095816
p5RRBSon of RosesAdult (m)1,6336581
DLhgvFreshSnow CBAdult (m)4,2319492
XCrLZ(XCrLZ)Adult (m)4,3966531
5WCUIBornasangelinsnowAdult (m)6,8177931
SwedCOld Blueeye CBAdult (m)3,5789612
0t5AXYangYang CBAdult (f)3,8808861
QxpffLong Hui CBAdult (m)3,8808731
DEQ54Valienth NestadAdult (m)4,5109741
TF32s(TF32s)Adult (f)5,1318570
IqA9t(IqA9t)Adult (m)5,1628491
lxeU6(lxeU6)Adult (m)5,0848621
6FSY6(6FSY6)Adult (f)6,2829980
1QAzP(1QAzP)Adult (f)5,1068201
ACAez(ACAez)Adult (m)4,8091,0600
tWMUW(tWMUW)Adult (m)5,6651,0720
lHWlT(lHWlT)Adult (m)4,3411,0380
Sj3Zq(Sj3Zq)Adult (f)4,4411,0320
8cAW5(8cAW5)Adult (m)5,2729682
j4NxcCaveborntofight CBAdult (m)5,0788341
qnUhb(qnUhb)Adult (f)6,1199646
APELq(APELq)Adult (f)3,5248491
K1wA8(K1wA8)Adult (m)3,8517961
n59oM(n59oM)Adult (m)4,8658710
n8eLxMana Xena CBAdult (f)4,8387692
TJEqj(TJEqj)Adult (m)4,7237221
AzT9ZSon of Silver TebesiAdult (m)3,8706574
xHBS9(xHBS9)Adult (f)3,9047952
rQ2ZzSon of DamianAdult (m)5,8566063
qHvw9(qHvw9)Adult (f)5,4817580
f3Kei(f3Kei)Adult (m)4,0996810
ZUqK3(ZUqK3)Adult (f)5,1137640
VPwPr(VPwPr)Adult (m)4,8137481
MmkjcHellmarianneAdult (f)6,4398051
EldZA(EldZA)Adult (m)3,9914456
pnH8c(pnH8c)Adult (m)4,6087422
zO0qO(zO0qO)Adult (f)5,9235691
ovues(ovues)Adult (f)5,9785151
9FyTc(9FyTc)Adult (m)3,5108581
lt9QA(lt9QA)Adult (m)3,4525361
FYyoW(FYyoW)Adult (f)3,0374690
MP3dL(MP3dL)Adult (f)7,5049151
quhUG(quhUG)Adult (f)3,0854202
hFXer(hFXer)Adult (m)9,8819931
HP7Lk(HP7Lk)Adult (f)2,5212741
IdOnSDino AzzuroAdult3,25792915
8OpIcGianluigi AzzuroAdult6,02887015
ziTVrBlueberrie DragonAdult2,39667018
VGlvYCaught in ViennaAdult3,8681,15119
BalIiGreen WalternateAdult4,06697613
pRVjVGreen HietzingAdult4,45289924
d9VfbFlying FakeAdult3,93289819
2mU0CDino Red Riding HoodAdult5,0481,13829
fgT3RDas AiltonAdult2,7291,3152
hhB1qDino OshikuruAdult8,1951,56012
04S1qRonkong ComaAdult6,3691,03223
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