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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Count-Falcon,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
2m3yMGespaltene Persoenlichkeit CBAdult (f)2,0326721
W1QWPKingsmead CBAdult (m)2,8047793
I2pE1ThetwoofusAdult (f)3,1776760
MREDCount Falcon's ElectraAdult (f)3,0221,40326
XGPQSparksWillFlyAdult (m)4,8441,51419
gLBTR(gLBTR)Adult (m)2,7978310
EHGS7(EHGS7)Adult (m)4,9446503
pT2Jj(pT2Jj)Adult (f)4,9016253
QLTCP(QLTCP)Adult (m)3,8095022
lX2pV(lX2pV)Adult (f)3,7545193
HKiqBlack DancerAdult (m)3,6731,20013
1lq3Dark Glowing BeautyAdult (f)4,2041,53717
I20BGlowing MelodyAdult (f)4,6721,09511
JirRCount Falcon's LavazzoAdult (m)4,6201,18010
pjagCount Falcon's FirestarterAdult (m)5,0661,36316
hlYgCount Falcon's VolluzoAdult (m)2,57485811
RrtnTCount Falcon's LolaAdult (f)4,36596413
XbOgMCount Falcon's GeisterseherAdult (m)3,59194315
nqGza(nqGza)Adult (f)5,7145311
2uAoaToquinha CBAdult (f)2,6909220
lbdkCDarklyDreamingDexter CBAdult (m)2,7169170
IjddOAra Sunu CBAdult (f)2,6819130
brOecAnahola CBAdult (f)4,4129460
izcvO(izcvO)Adult (m)3,7435750
CCLZQ(CCLZQ)Adult (f)3,7945700
e4Zd0(e4Zd0)Adult (f)5,5366162
E4YQ0(E4YQ0)Adult (f)5,7725950
gGj31(gGj31)Adult (f)6,0785801
G62OF(G62OF)Adult (m)6,4626061
JzNQ6(JzNQ6)Adult (m)5,6175662
8ocXQ(8ocXQ)Adult (m)6,0245630
QV9bn(QV9bn)Adult (f)6,7165042
mrWKU(mrWKU)Adult (m)5,7855031
LwD7V(LwD7V)Adult (m)5,2915960
EZMzi(EZMzi)Adult (m)6,3606600
s70eYForest Gump CBAdult (m)3,4439511
yrzbCForest Flower CBAdult (f)3,4309470
ii3gkForest King CBAdult (m)3,3709440
P73IYForest Meadow CBAdult (f)3,5369350
tykhwForest Princess CBAdult (f)3,9041,0331
SDzg1Forest Green CBAdult (m)4,0758742
WkXVBForest Cat CBAdult (f)3,6548760
y0NvnProve the HammerAdult (f)2,8664600
JMCtA(JMCtA)Adult (m)5,0846750
uWYPk(uWYPk)Adult (m)5,9748132
JfEra(JfEra)Adult (f)5,0587930
2Mtzt(2Mtzt)Adult (m)6,0075921
gUwBH(gUwBH)Adult (f)6,5356081
rA8iB(rA8iB)Adult (f)7,1335541
jlLv6(jlLv6)Adult (f)7,6036410
JNtoc(JNtoc)Adult (m)5,7967920
TZbIs(TZbIs)Adult (f)5,5058051
RDqs7(RDqs7)Adult (m)6,3376621
mwrbV(mwrbV)Adult (f)5,9446710
4C7jCount Falcon's RosenrotAdult (f)6,3971,70518
NbO6Johnny FlamingoAdult (m)6,5321,74011
ig8vVFloridasealAdult (m)6,81192118
PSddnFranzJoseph CBAdult (m)1,5407472
lSafiElisabethCBAdult (f)1,7567381
KmXF6Emporio CBAdult (m)2,0836741
U3LH9PlayingforthecrownAdult (m)2,4596630
8210FMajor Winters CBAdult (m)2,4086672
u6Aoy(u6Aoy)Adult (m)4,3078091
uyWZE(uyWZE)Adult (f)5,1206470
GK9j0(GK9j0)Adult (f)8,2087871
cKTaO(cKTaO)Adult (f)3,8495033
Byw9C(Byw9C)Adult (m)6,4858932
eGVU5(eGVU5)Adult (f)5,8625642
bjtxh(bjtxh)Adult (f)6,9441,0202
Z6aB7(Z6aB7)Adult (f)9,8481,6513
0ppaf(0ppaf)Adult (m)9,8781,6710
aexVm(aexVm)Adult (m)4,2526730
fX1SB(fX1SB)Adult (m)3,1194551
xMhOn(xMhOn)Adult (m)2,6335390
Za3RCount Falcon's ViennaAdult (f)2,84288246
Fl9nCount Falcon's JabulaniAdult (m)1,18471517
v9ccP(v9ccP)Adult (f)3,2758392
BKduc(BKduc)Adult (f)3,2758370
iwT7NThrillthefrill CBAdult (m)3,7727641
24t3rTuan mac Cairill CBAdult (m)3,8407621
jcc8H(jcc8H)Adult (m)5,0036842
tgxfL(tgxfL)Adult (m)7,3564942
AmKaXi'm Jake CBAdult (m)2,6529250
YjBA9I'm David CBAdult (m)2,7299200
N9uYRSpechenka CBAdult (f)2,7169160
ER6l8Kasane CBAdult (f)3,9397453
0qPCwDanyme CBAdult (f)4,0528891
JI7N2Kleine EuleAdult (f)5,5207488
tjIYaDamien SerpenAdult (m)2,2345381
e3NxXAchsokalt CBAdult (m)6,9867120
REasW(REasW)Adult (m)2,7217220
oXQaW(oXQaW)Adult (f)2,8227060
EneNX(EneNX)Adult (f)3,3068682
dpXsC(dpXsC)Adult (f)3,5478051
A7aAF(A7aAF)Adult (f)4,0404080
XZkOO(XZkOO)Adult (m)2,7794681
G0lr3(G0lr3)Adult (f)3,4755641
TOdWd(TOdWd)Adult (m)2,8755572
7KDyu(7KDyu)Adult (m)3,6364911
ePpaM(ePpaM)Adult (m)2,9775442
lkjrL(lkjrL)Adult (m)2,4656780
QFmtD(QFmtD)Adult (m)3,0018680
g7zeX(g7zeX)Adult (m)2,8148520
J3Csv(J3Csv)Adult (m)3,7374600
hPG5sSolitaria CBAdult (f)3,9308131
yswQz(yswQz)Adult (m)3,9755411
YiqI7(YiqI7)Adult (f)3,2155031
38yxZ(38yxZ)Adult (f)9,8049920
6gujpOrlando's Bride CBAdult (f)3,8979523
w6KmxAurelia ZenAdult (f)5,9568341
hp13m(hp13m)Adult (f)4,1697180
mK5um(mK5um)Adult (m)6,0866171
hccYl(hccYl)Adult (m)3,7405080
IsMEuCrocodile Canyon CBAdult (m)4,6629373
crDYu(crDYu)Adult (f)4,9137040
91oTn(91oTn)Adult (f)4,7627220
8JYLCMy Big Green FamilyAdult (m)5,4385625
JsZeWAliyana CBAdult (f)3,9009613
FavUdVenetian Court CBAdult (m)3,9319661
sIgkC(sIgkC)Adult (m)4,4918680
uieJCount Falcon's Crystal BlueAdult (f)4,8171,36821
daFMCount Falcon's HadesAdult (m)3,5391,54327
Myo8wKahuna CBAdult (m)3,0568621
iRfiqKaha Huna CBAdult (f)3,1148550
EoGVRClaukus Lionel CBAdult (m)3,1138630
gXu0PAlbiceleste CBAdult (f)3,5568550
1c8QdQueen for Ninedays CBAdult (f)3,5578540
HeMMFMichoMichelis CBAdult (m)4,2818543
K9neoDon'tCryForMeArgentina CBAdult (f)4,4218451
rLgT6Adriano Damsbrueck CBAdult (m)4,6847603
8niUCount Falcon's FuvuzuelaAdult (f)3,9971,56619
Fc89Count Falcon's SangomaAdult (f)3,3461,40321
qHiVCount Falcon's SeleccaoAdult (m)4,1721,49821
QvopCount Falcon's CorazonAdult (f)4,9831,31517
dTfdCeleste ArgentinaAdult (f)4,7141,53122
kqBQMara DonaAdult (f)4,5321,57027
oTSENgiya BongaAdult (f)6,4431,59019
CYr2ElftalAdult (f)5,7161,37713
chfS1Agent Dale CooperAdult (m)3,26693825
9LALAGiant AugustinoAdult (m)3,05482417
AS90RJohanna d'EldoradoAdult (f)3,27898825
7j4gEGoldbaerAdult (m)4,00395323
AkeDEJoan d'EldoradoAdult (f)4,39789318
ff6rHConthura OlyanderAdult (f)4,20180128
0OMLeOlympia GoldmedalAdult (f)2,47573226
RLEcOCervezo d'OroAdult (m)5,76250717
8KZGrMachisma d'OroAdult (f)3,32252716
7q6lVFuryharetAdult (m)5,9698432
OrORnGolden Ghost OrorAdult (m)3,6281,0041
qtbueGold One OrphantAdult (m)1,9015435
qz3y7Purple DoradoAdult (m)8,8411,5968
PgT2Samba BrasiliaAdult (f)4,2211,37816
TVHYThree Lions' VictoryAdult (m)4,8461,73017
8G6kCount Falcon's AdiemusAdult (m)4,7031,60818
ee75Oranje RobbeAdult (f)8,0731,69316
m9aHGolden ThamesAdult (f)6,1121,55120
4sAUAntonia BayAdult (f)4,4561,56826
N4S2Antonio BayAdult (m)6,0661,65913
rEJQXRock Hit CBAdult (m)3,5637852
3hNqZMosheen CBAdult (f)4,5607344
Rotjz(Rotjz)Adult (m)3,8957831
YLpUS(YLpUS)Adult (f)5,0967620
CxHJn(CxHJn)Adult (f)5,4347721
5xJxx(5xJxx)Adult (m)5,6987650
KcOna(KcOna)Adult (m)5,8737400
bVGVe(bVGVe)Adult (f)5,9007360
0HUjyLove your Corner CBAdult (f)5,0207651
5HKS3(5HKS3)Adult (m)7,1695002
NTJ0Count Falcon's JeannyAdult (f)3,0711,13036
59EaChichiqua DomminicanaAdult (f)3,03691639
v4VZCount Falcon's Spirit never diesAdult (m)4,3501,28412
slhB3Spartakus CB WuhlheideAdult (m)3,57196114
YUcPlSpencer RAdult (m)3,49787934
sfaj3Aaron HAdult (m)3,44584718
gSOthJennifer JAdult (f)3,34482624
kPd5PEllen PAdult (f)4,97259810
YMPYTSeven Eleven CBAdult (f)4,1821,1154
QWDKCount Falcon's AlucardaAdult (f)5,1241,50728
BV29Count Falcon's AlucardAdult (m)4,7271,21613
wuuThRampensau CBAdult (f)6,5846411
sRQbLFrontschwein CBAdult (m)6,5846491
MYVvSKnophelia OkelAdult (f)3,90396022
nD654Golden OgroAdult (m)3,83091416
gWUqnCount Falcon's Real DealAdult (m)4,56186221
b0I2mMiss Golden HalloweenAdult (f)3,90384517
VXtIZCount Falcon's ZamoniaAdult (f)3,3778247
ejIMEWyvverion CBAdult (m)3,70285311
Tg94MFlying golden Horse CBAdult (f)3,39840814
EpV7kJintsuki SanAdult (m)4,1601,0343
HLDRMGol GolAdult (f)2,2978236
wl5rzHenryderachte CBAdult (m)5,6087741
ydw6D(ydw6D)Adult (m)3,4354101
SU9E7Cucurbita GracielaAdult (f)1,98673314
W2qDQPumpkin ChiefAdult (m)8,0081,43838
OVmqpPumpkin JuniorchiefAdult (m)3,6091,03115
Y9ZWoChief CurcubitusAdult (m)2,1156662
d8ZP7Little Leo PumpkinAdult (m)2,3299862
BR6HpPittiplatsch der GelbeAdult (m)2,7795622
RXofiOzzy Osseus MarrowAdult (m)2,89177119
Br1jbCount Falcon's CutieAdult (f)5,5391,13131
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