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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Bantymom,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
TpDhtI Thunder F6Adult (f)2,5778152
2UqfIIV Magi Mix M1Adult (m)3,44489116
4BXLiI Thunder F5Adult (f)3,9121,0316
fmTaII Thunder F4Adult (f)2,5538085
3ErtOI Ice F2Adult (f)2,5228073
IdAQoI Black F2Adult (f)3,9768565
d4Z15I Black M2Adult (m)3,5749603
PSVdNII Stripe Blue F3Adult (f)2,8249276
0iDZRI GoldWyvern F4Adult (f)2,3518031
cSOoSI Terrae F1Adult (f)3,04592146
trremII Stripe Red F2Adult (f)1,6456303
8MDORII Ice M4Adult (m)2,6228234
SRsq3II Stripe Green M2Adult (m)1,8516484
IdJSBII Stripe Green F2Adult (f)1,8236623
hM4HUI Ice M3Adult (m)1,76570359
6Dm94I Thunder F7Adult (f)2,81450046
hWttXII Ice White M4Adult (m)2,43752010
VKIgtI GoldWyvern M4Adult (m)1,94372645
sLjuaI GoldWyvern M3Adult (m)3,8437629
bWN17II Stripe Blue M1Adult (m)2,5837927
WK58BI Electric M8Adult (m)2,5516931
DkEqNI Pink F7Adult (f)2,6047111
i2MQFI Electric M7Adult (m)2,5217001
8WGdCI Magi M3Adult (m)2,5297070
p1d8CTinSil 6 ArborielMerchant BlackAdult (f)5,645799200
Y1Su1I Thunder F2Adult (f)2,4706673
j0JDsII Stripe Blue F1Adult (f)1,42853685
ilmiaII Stripe Green 'M1Adult (m)2,21375236
TupJYI Pink F6Adult (f)2,26076219
ZkmZWI Magi F2Adult (f)2,1666625
SZba5I Terrae M1Adult (m)2,58480923
ipC4SI Winter F1Adult (f)2,0086902
sDMRFVII Pink Tinsel Spiral Fail M1Adult (m)2,4514084
fr9m7II Red F1Adult (f)2,7228021
f8IttIII Pink Red F1Adult (f)2,8488811
dLGjKIII PinkSilver Purple M1Adult (m)2,4778221
sApPgX III Purple Angel F1Adult (f)2,3577860
Jrnr3Y III Purple Angel M1Adult (m)2,1518041
TF79mI Seawyrm F2Adult (f)2,9517813
rqJnkI Winter 'F5Adult (f)2,8147501
TNVlUIV Sunsong Tinsels F1Adult (f)2,8928841
j5mt4I Pink M7Adult (m)2,0987103
Y4QsmI Winter F4Adult (f)2,22651844
1TRndII Black Gold ALT Bodicia M1Adult (m)2,16569936
PEhlCII Thunder Ice F1Adult (f)2,0656782
WN7Q4II Electric Thunder M1bAdult (m)1,3986392
Y8qtJI Stripe White 'M1Adult (m)1,3916241
11j8aI Winter M1Adult (m)2,8725708
acfd1check all for refusalsAdult (f)2,8918228
KiLouI Thunder M1Adult (m)2,13844534
laBH7III Hellfire MagmaAdult (m)1,4256621
818gTEmber II Magma M2Adult (m)2,13463923
O17RKI Skywing M2Adult (m)1,7626793
vhi7bII Terrae HarvestAdult (f)2,4987653
O892JI White F1Adult (f)1,5867012
QPdjSI Winter M2Adult (m)1,6895524
drVZLI BBW M1Adult (m)1,5617252
vs9P3VI White Gold TinselAdult (f)1,53364523
JVMVMMi'ValSeeker Ani'booAdult (m)1,8376222
ilBJ6Mi'ValSeeker Ani'boAdult (m)2,1236161
CdUrmI Winter F3Adult (f)2,3395303
DUQeXMi'ValRoseRed Bri'aaAdult (f)1,65464491
iTqAjI Red F4Adult (f)1,921730107
qhpl2II Stripe Black 'M1Adult (m)1,09657753
foGUOI GoldWyvern F1Adult (f)2,33146585
XlLhvII Stripe Blue F2Adult (f)1,3476331
sWvrXII Stripe Black F2Adult (f)1,59572149
mZD77I Black F1Adult (f)1,819449133
oJHNpI Pink F5Adult (f)1,884620120
LBa3XII Ice Magma M1Adult (m)1,7708189
2v1v7I Ice M1Adult (m)1,404495203
lqTNUI RoyalBlue M4Adult (m)1,3965562
B7cbdI RoyalBlue M3Adult (m)1,3095442
RRmKuI Magi F3Adult (f)670366207
rURsXI RoyalBlue M2Adult (m)2,10354937
F6HtGI RoyalBlue M1Adult (m)2,48857333
bJgboI GoldWyvern M2Adult (m)3,09636336
af3eIY I Purple M2Adult (m)4,0993693
TS9IGI GoldWyvern F2Adult (f)3,57031010
05e4MBantam AraucanaAdult (f)1,0454482
9oZIDI Red F3Adult (f)3,59845329
7F1pdI GoldWyvern F3Adult (f)3,08652371
FBSVZHonerable Golden OneAdult (m)974469162
YV1u5IV Neb TinFail M1Adult (m)1,731520102
MOd1UI Pink M6Adult (m)2,8406462
BQRQCI Ember M3Adult (m)4,34239832
WR4qcI Magma F2Adult (f)4,11637018
qu5aAFire I F5Adult (f)3,9033962
Mk89oI RoyalBlue F4Adult (f)3,73242814
ncRTPI RoyalBlue F3Adult (f)3,25547829
PcEMQI RoyalBlue F2Adult (f)3,2784101
7pODBI RoyalBlue F1Adult (f)3,41846229
JmUJ1Mi'ChrisMagi Ani'aoAdult (m)89457980
1EdV9Mi'ChrisMagi Ani'boAdult (m)93458889
qlZ0kII Pygmy Nilia M1Adult (m)1,66654173
Z4qqhI Misfit  M3Adult (m)990577125
js5M5Fire III M4Adult (m)1,06168732
YV8dnFire III M3Adult (m)1,04468637
N9NI6Fire III F2Adult (f)1,05268654
IoNG9II Electric Thunder M1and2Adult (m)1,04967433
FnKDoY IV Purple M1Adult (m)1,07269333
C6UKiIII Pink Mix Silver M1Adult (m)1,05368432
duKmaIII Magi Water F1Adult (f)2,2721,06714
P0q8GII Swallowtail M1Adult (m)1,9111,00613
s8FRRII Sunsong F1Adult (f)1,9641,02914
LaBlSWhite III IceGold F1Adult (f)1,87799614
dksorEmber II Magma M1Adult (m)1,8791,02414
lT4rUY III Purple SW Stair M1Adult (m)1,2315786
rLa5ASplash II WaterMagi M1Adult (m)1,2866227
WgIAFII Magi Water M1Adult (m)1,24653119
4dH5KTinSil Long Penk Pink GirlAdult (f)6,5457237
JrtvYI Greenwing M1Adult (m)2,1055303
hDOrIIII Pink F1Adult (f)1,857789122
G2epoIV Pink Christmas F1Adult (f)1,846752116
iet2RII Red M1Adult (m)1,851774125
DgneuIII Red Christmas M3Adult (m)1,863789118
96BBJII Red Rose M1Adult (m)1,857774131
IgC1hFire III F1Adult (f)3,77194939
WhosIFire III F4Adult (f)3,34393647
tehtqFire III F3Adult (f)3,30594146
mMOElY III Purple M1Adult (m)3,32293348
ZahRfX II Purple F5Adult (f)3,35294378
ckSFLTinSil Spiral Bubika's GiftAdult (m)5,155711125
oLhinWater II Magi F1Adult (f)1,5896302
PQHZhWater II Magi M1Adult (m)1,5986605
c8YdAWhite III BlackGold M1Adult (m)1,4856423
3u4WfIII Black Silver MirrorAdult (f)1,5796226
ndCfEX III Purple F1Adult (f)2,78262391
e8pODWhite III WhiteIce M1M1Adult (m)2,77461395
flBWKII Red Rose F1Adult (f)1,93945225
c9XqsII Red Rose F2Adult (f)1,74443540
OIIrvIII Red Ribbon F2Adult (f)1,77341633
B4OGKI Tangar M1Adult (m)2,79676249
MPP7PII Pink F2Adult (f)3,00985544
IeduuII Pink F1Adult (f)3,15389540
lT4qPII Pink M3Adult (m)3,83195649
C3vTSI NebulaGreen M1Adult (m)2,4435355
P9FoWFire III M1Adult (m)1,81557824
RDWThFire II M4Adult (m)3,24784126
OhqfrFire II M3Adult (m)2,77855026
7OSplFire II F2Adult (f)2,71653518
dhYBYII White Ice M1bAdult (m)3,97038525
bUnlpX III Purple PnkSil F1Adult (f)2,68384336
ICqIgY II Purple M2 3Adult (m)2,67387632
Dns32II Red Ribbon F2Adult (f)2,69784430
DPZnAII Pygmy Pumpkin Spiral F1Adult (f)3,8107805
gJIJHI Sunsong M5Adult (m)984519102
GpYNqII Pygmy Pumpkin F1Adult (f)1,1714961
jG554III Pink Yule F1Adult (f)1,70245962
id23QII Pink M2Adult (m)1,82050162
Yn9PATinSil Spiral BluebellRose PenkAdult (m)3,29650791
uLVBMII CrimsonFlare DarkMyst F1Adult (f)1,40451966
gEEriII Sunsong M1Adult (m)1,885427127
FCHIvX II Purple F4Adult (f)1,521644198
qkSmDX I Purple F2Adult (f)2,4409272
9AJ0hY II Purple M2Adult (m)2,3508882
DHajsII Magi F1Adult (f)2,51991898
mrMDtI Water M1Adult (m)1,328581103
b4YnrX II Purple F2Adult (f)1,31754978
6FdlfI Pink M5Adult (m)7,0251,0813
b6j8rI Ghost M4Adult (m)1,49753471
TOJg5I Ghost M3Adult (m)1,11849285
q3i2MPale ThestralAdult (m)1,07949498
ORcMHI Ghost F2 change to F1Adult (f)1,415665158
EP4ShI Ghost M1Adult (m)1,407646159
krXXdI Ghost F3Adult (f)1,367620156
Pto5RI Ghost F4Adult (f)1,401643159
WF43FI Ghost F1Adult (f)1,423675159
gBhNgI Misfit  M2Adult (m)2,0484876
ei8dMII Marrow Stripe M1Adult (m)3,5421,2924
fHHCsI Moonstone M2Adult (m)2,2104310
2kv35I Sunstone M1Adult (m)2,6064830
WkTKZI Moonstone M1Adult (m)2,0794350
dM7deI Moonstone F1Adult (f)2,4954330
EJ2NEI Sunstone F1Adult (f)2,5044390
LGQAI DarkMyst M1Adult (m)5,8195491
WqXoI Seawyrm F1Adult (f)5,8286771
kXgAI Nilia M1Adult (m)5,8216651
3SvKI Misfit  M1Adult (m)5,7736682
OH8GI CrimsonFlare M1Adult (m)7,4086704
BvbnII Electric Thunder M1and3Adult (m)2,55040419
o5P5I Pygmy F1Adult (f)1,32448816
eogBI Red M4Adult (m)2,91557522
7lB5Electric I M2Adult (m)1,45546120
UaBRI Magi M5Adult (m)1,25549927
HSWtII Neb RdNeb M1Adult (m)1,52593344
WtBeI Pillow F2Adult (f)5,5391,288102
QUU9I Red F2Adult (f)5,5411,285117
JaL0Banty's Dancing BantamsAdult93766236
MkoDI Magi M4Adult (m)4,7981,64264
1qloII Thunder Electric M9Adult (m)2,07699134
IB8EElectric I M6Adult (m)2,1511,03645
pnJ1Pernella Roj de Casa GatitaAdult (f)1,92797127
aDnQElectric I M5Adult (m)1,82496330
hXhZFire II F4Adult (f)1,90672684
EvvcI Pink F4Adult (f)1,53569221
OEmOI Sunrise F2Adult (f)1,17367645
gPToII Magma Ember M1Adult (m)85965228
lm9fIV Red Yule F2Adult (f)1,42066715
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