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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Bantymom,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
nHpxAII SW Silver MAdult (m)1,8497229
0Vki3III Marrow Gold M2Adult (m)1,53578217
9auUDII Marrow MAdult (m)1,60578621
ZBbXxIII Marrow Stripe F1Adult (f)2,01870816
CVJR9Mi'Pink Ani'yoAdult (m)2,1415933
ljDEHMi'Purple Bri'bo spiralAdult (m)2,20954224
3tuW0II Gold Sunsong F1Adult (f)3,57273415
ImcqbII Gold Sunsong M2Adult (m)2,26979013
fwZ4SIII Marrow Stripe M2Adult (m)1,6445852
eZs44III SW Hellfire M1Adult (m)1,8275992
sXSThIII Marrow Stripe M3Adult (m)1,7826192
eNvzxIII SW Silver Checker F1Adult (f)1,5435701
HfCwJIII SW Silver M1Adult (m)1,5295801
oCQNmIII Marrow Sweetling F1Adult (f)1,3236549
iu2BpII Lurker Gold M1Adult (m)1,5666103
mmtsiIII Marrow Gold M1Adult (m)1,6855583
zGiJYII Marrow F1Adult (f)2,30790581
EDrjuMi' Gold Ani'eoAdult (m)1,65941961
sRCCfMi'Paper 'zaAdult1,16740511
S3401Mi' Gold Ani'eaAdult (f)1,1064988
iV5H2III Silver Pink F2Adult (f)2,05360016
YYzDdIV Black Silver MAdult (m)1,86756014
KdQ2OIII Silver Black F3Adult (f)1,80658110
VunxiIII Black Silver MAdult (m)1,8135921
5iVKbIII Silver Black F2Adult (f)2,10468510
2Y6N1III Silver Gold F2Adult (f)2,0806179
4I4r3III Black Gold MAdult (m)1,6715051
D1B3SI Ice F4Adult (f)1,8903084
BwhkXMi'Purple Ani'vaAdult (f)3,1399910
bqAR9Mi'Purple Ani'uaAdult (f)3,4179291
LWK0uMi'RidgeTan Ani'zaAdult (f)1,9666372
4eVeNII Gold Sunsong F3Adult (f)2,4687472
9zRarI CopperBright M3Adult (m)2,6844764
PZxy5II Gold NebulaPurple FAdult (f)2,1655087
I1eqrII Turpentine Gold FAdult (f)1,5024502
YoK52II Pink Silver M3Adult (m)1,5594442
gtg4xI StripeWhite F28Adult (f)2,5184992
6mXjEI CopperBright M2Adult (m)1,3625344
hBD66(hBD66)Adult (f)1,6234853
4cxnk(4cxnk)Adult (f)2,2204063
A4e4pII Silver Blusang M6Adult (m)4,40249232
0h8SqV Gold White Dorkface SpiralAdult (m)3,619535163
31P04I Sunset M3Adult (m)2,8686032
mL3d3II GW Gold M2Adult (m)1,8256754
tlGxlI Sunset M2Adult (m)2,7715350
9PcULI SeasonalFall F1Adult (f)1,73060076
66MR8Mi'Seawyrm Ani'yaAdult (m)3,1185471
dIZGhIII Moonstone Silver F6Adult (f)3,83740218
jkdPoMi'Purple Ani'z042Adult (m)4,1631,0933
1JWj0III GW Gold M4Adult (m)2,5413295
hA7XUI Bloodscale F8Adult (f)2,8055393
4F0pkIII Pink Silver M2Adult (m)2,2686612
s6YX3III Silver Pink F1Adult (f)2,2086991
LLtNyIV Moonstone Silver F4 mineAdult (f)1,9896382
AdD0XIII Silver Moonstone M5Adult (m)2,2617322
lx4W1IV Silver Hellfire M2Adult (m)2,2097152
WssOYIII Silver Blusang F2Adult (f)2,2407073
QLzPFIII Blusang Silver M1Adult (m)1,9916311
2i7h3III Silver Blusang M1Adult (m)2,1797052
Owp74III Stripe Gold M3Adult (m)2,2776641
wQ5glIII Gold Stripe F1Adult (f)2,7427273
IIkYZIII White Gold F2 refAdult (f)2,2536271
ZPEd0IV Sunsong Gold F1Adult (f)2,2276511
U8CU1III Gold Sunsong F1Adult (f)3,4046753
57D0yI Stripe White F25Adult (f)3,3607152
Sm6H5I Stripe White M26Adult (m)3,3297033
zHJd2II Silver M10Adult (m)4,1523765
yCfQNMi'Purple ZM4Adult (m)2,5655040
Qnn6sMi'Moon Ani'waAdult (f)2,6844653
Z9mTfMi'Purple Ani'waAdult (f)5,0961,2094
15LlMI Stripe White M24Adult (m)4,0181,0762
itTK0Mi'Sunsong Ani'zoAdult (m)2,7114641
YXrPxIII Speckle Silver M3Adult (m)1,5645412
Y8fiWIII Black Silver F2Adult (f)1,6766061
1fC1FIII Black Silver F1Adult (f)1,7736172
P9eBkMi'Misfit Ani'eaAdult (f)3,6144901
1yolJMi'RidgeBlue Ani'zaAdult (f)3,5803853
jfoPXMi'Flare Ani'eaAdult (f)3,9324590
2vJWyMi'Purple ZM5Adult (m)3,6094141
4wJX9Mi'Purple ZF4Adult (f)3,7634400
IKwkwMi'Purple ZF1Adult (f)3,3753810
ouHNiMi'Purple ZM1Adult (m)3,7403700
UTPAnI Sunrise M3Adult (m)4,1133370
tNIa4Mi'Purple ZM2Adult (m)3,2404291
L7sRHMi'Sunsong Ani'iaAdult (f)3,9794392
1exa7Mi'Misfit Ani'yaAdult (f)4,1254302
SXQ0nMi'Misfit Ani'zaAdult (f)3,2564141
JHeA6Mi'Misfit Ani'zoAdult (m)4,0514400
7xfqlMi'Misfit Ani'haAdult (f)3,7323740
7ham3Mi'WhitePink Bri'zaAdult (f)3,8723751
yoIO5Mi'Nilia Ani'eoAdult (m)3,5254050
cQaFPMi'Purple Ani'zaAdult (m)3,4104392
fQUwvMi'Purple ZF2Adult (f)3,3304640
qzlryII White Silver M1Adult (m)2,7354822
F1kxuMi'Purple ZM7Adult (m)3,0675200
r3OqdI Sunrise M4Adult (m)6,10349450
1kAsCI Stripe White M25Adult (m)1,2957592
hyF4nMi'Seawyrm Ani'eoAdult (m)6,0611,0592
NlWQmI NebulaRed F1Adult (f)2,2897861
jt1MZMi'Speckle Ani'zoAdult (m)2,5672763
Mm58bMi'Purple ZM6Adult (m)2,7293004
U4j4DI OpalBlue FFAdult (f)2,23780914
79l5CI Bloodscale F7Adult (f)2,9778153
FcyeQI OpalGreen M4Adult (m)4,57991822
gxHymMi'Moon Ani'vaAdult (f)4,2261,2774
rFFhNMi'Glorynight Ani'zoAdult (m)3,0881,0243
AY2Z6III Gold GW F2Adult (f)2,88373724
pV8YGI Blusang F4Adult (f)1,7827384
dTanLI Opal Blue FAdult (f)3,049664121
2wOtlMi'Magma Ani'haAdult (f)6,4591,3042
BqCUsI Blusang M4Adult (m)3,4237749
OfkvUMi'Spitfire Ani'zaAdult (f)2,6606891
rOUlmMi'Tangar Ani'zoAdult (m)2,6676741
nlz7eI NebulaBlue F5Adult (f)2,8167163
gpl81I NebulaBlueF6Adult (f)2,8686883
28xSdI CopperAncient F2Adult (f)3,1625657
7LYoxMi'Silver Chi'hoAdult (m)3,8875615
esJzkII Silver Hellfire M6Adult (m)2,447755172
bEojeMi'Crown Ani'aaAdult (f)3,71049020
a2RIOMi'Crown Ani'aoAdult (m)2,6216342
uzB9SMi'Crown Ani'baAdult (f)2,3706732
EEeqlMi'Crown Ani'boAdult (m)2,6876843
tD1T0Mi'Tidal Ani'baAdult (f)2,5997001
qtmwZMi'Tidal Ani'boAdult (m)2,6776994
0i2LIMi'Tidal Ani'aaAdult (f)2,4377092
qr1ZrMi'Tidal Ani'aoAdult (m)2,6437043
274NIMi' Gold Bri'ioAdult (m)3,3557768
0rq9ZI Blusang M3Adult (m)2,0897437
KuoDXIII Gold Sunsong M1Adult (m)4,47086010
82C2II Blusang F3Adult (f)3,0957018
LSloFIII Silver Black M2Adult (m)3,0718222
Y7o78Mi'Silver Chi'haAdult (f)3,1997942
W5yhSMi'Silver Chi'gaAdult (f)3,0958012
6fQYlMi' Gold Chi'eoAdult (m)3,1188022
hUFFLIII Ice Moonstone MAdult (m)3,9821,0167
oPL8HI Blue Opal MAdult (m)4,3821,1744
h8QhOII Ice Stripe F1Adult (f)2,4737492
gg2QkMi'Purple Ani'zo41Adult (m)4,1931,0663
jYmXfMi'Silver Dri'caAdult (f)2,4477533
ls59uII Gold White M1Adult (m)3,1477754
pDVw4TinSil 5 Prize IceAdult (m)9,08179613
aRLTaMi'Purple Ani'za42Adult (f)3,2308843
ASO43II Speckle Silver M3Adult (m)2,6237015
4G7TCIII Gold White M2Adult (m)2,7647687
9lU1LTinSil 3 Inextrica SWAdult (m)5,9001,1036
IlHH1I OpalBlue M6Adult (m)3,4309634
rDpchI Tangar F2Adult (f)4,4987863
hhzVbI GoldWyvern F13Adult (f)2,8858984
nPc3fII Speckle Silver M4Adult (m)2,0885873
PxsGyShiGol 5 ShimmerLuck GoldAdult (m)6,16172240
YtiL0I Purple F'41Adult (f)1,3783973
MhgNvI Albino M1Adult (m)3,4254122
A3lahII Silver Blusang M5Adult (m)3,8921,0681
rk2rzII Gold Black F2Adult (f)3,8921,0854
hchRzII Silver Blusang 'F3Adult (f)3,3647243
QYaeeIII Turpentine Gold F1Adult (f)2,3196742
sMKA5II Siver Copper M1Adult (m)2,8187376
4Le4wIII Black Ice F1Adult (f)3,1569943
s9DhVI Nebula Purple M4Adult (m)4,5011,1352
nxycwIII Gold Xmas F1Adult (f)1,69365128
sAq5NIII Sunsong Gold F3Adult (f)2,1146974
oIsdrIII Silver Hellfire 'M1Adult (m)2,2086945
3CGOfIII Hellfire Silver F2Adult (f)2,1106652
CPJE2III Moonstone Silver F4Adult (f)2,1136691
sNNDVI Nebula Purple M3Adult (m)3,4018432
PD3pH(PD3pH)Adult (m)3,6007633
fginWMi'Silver Chi'fo Ck InbredAdult (m)2,74162765
fVhBS(fVhBS)Adult (f)2,67844527
zfmBhI Horse F4Adult (f)1,35042749
0h3vkI Pygmy M4Adult (m)2,49641828
KHDd3I Swallowtail F2Adult (f)2,61841427
pI1dqI Terrae M4Adult (m)3,70647127
hBIbfI Canopy M1Adult (m)2,42341431
hl8VXI Misfit F4Adult (f)2,99659161
SF9LeI Magma F7Adult (f)2,15157613
Y18Z4III Silver Gold M1Adult (m)1,66370811
cf4zvI Misfit F3Adult (f)2,86536755
qdqfcI Misfit F2Adult (f)3,53732952
RJK5lMi'Silver Chi'faAdult (f)2,15268221
QnqLiPurple Mess 35Adult (f)2,8243093
SkDLJI Ochredrake F1Adult (f)2,8114678
hVDRCI Lumina M5Adult (m)3,6077032
YOpqnI Moonstone F7Adult (f)2,6184948
kNi3CMi'Silver Chi'goAdult (m)4,1053669
ErunDMi'Silver Dri'baAdult (f)3,4731,0738
7z0usI Silver F4Adult (f)2,24144943
VcpU6I Bloodscale M6Adult (m)3,2545403
KpyjdII Ice White F5Adult (f)2,0626455
HuGFs(HuGFs)Adult (f)4,6021,1484
SReKHII GW Gold 'M1Adult (m)3,1835345
nFEUaIII Gold SW F4Adult (f)4,58155333
xTKO4I Nebula Purple M2Adult (m)4,43745822
4MBZCII Ice White M5Adult (m)1,9786601
t0IAPMi'Silver Dri'boAdult (m)2,1376984
IGbweI Terrae M3Adult (m)3,8819796
YZWlXMi' Gold Chi'gaAdult (f)2,2167434
wzufhI Seawyrm M4Adult (m)3,2597141
CA28EIII Purple Mix 15Adult (m)3,4647021
YycnRI Bloodscale F6Adult (f)3,03142120
Y58we(Y58we)Adult (m)2,6637271
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