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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Bantymom,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
H6eqgI Thunder M4Adult (m)4,0951,0648
vJvgOTinSil 4 Patxaran SWAdult (m)7,3887338
G1BTbTinGol 4 GoldEpica WinterMagiAdult (f)8,2247858
UoOkHI Lumina M2Adult (m)3,6978174
sVnXKI Tsunami M2Adult (m)3,2881,21623
T9CE2I Tsunami M1Adult (m)3,3231,2692
KWf58I Tsunami F2Adult (f)3,2351,2141
0OhFdI Lumina M1Adult (m)3,3671,29240
kmcCUI Tsunami F1Adult (f)5,3881,5013
CNcruI Lumina F1Adult (f)3,1921,22929
17V32II Swallowtail BBW M1Adult (m)4,8209598
VELaYII Terrae Pink F5Adult (f)3,9421,4072
okccWVI Mixed Arrow F1Adult (f)4,6411,4075
ebqG2II Pink Terrae M6Adult (m)6,9321,5194
qvLeuII Gander M1Adult (m)7,7581,5124
OGnSsII Goose F1Adult (f)7,2711,4705
6sORcTinGol 4 LivingInSin SunsetAdult (f)6,1071,23911
Uq8jkIII Red MagiRibbon M1Adult (m)4,7441,2613
isJN4III White Gold F1Adult (f)4,3891,2344
pkHD7II Sunrise Silver M1Adult (m)7,5811,3245
G1cTIII Terrae Pink F9Adult (f)4,3631,2303
ciZdQII Sunset Silver F1Adult (f)5,59882563
FPkv8I Gander M3Adult (m)5,7271,3747
Eqf3RII BBW F1Adult (f)2,9061,0291
6M9eoI Gander M2Adult (m)2,9049933
FIhjZI Sunsong F2Adult (f)5,1869860
Qg7kPI Goose F2Adult (f)3,1569644
ZoYCJII BBW M1Adult (m)3,5338081
Qgf0aIV Gold AutumVines 1Adult (f)6,3699514
SlDDWTinSil 5 Penk IceAdult (f)6,7657458
pl0RGTreasured DeceptionAdult (m)3,78233823
TvlmuI Ice F7Adult (f)4,4621,0533
05bfMII Stripe White F4Adult (f)4,4151,20128
IA23WII Green Gold M1Adult (m)4,3961,17527
J0tr7III Ice F1Adult (f)4,8701,4728
An72UII Bluna Sea'n'Sky 1Adult (m)2,7409454
eb4PGII Bluna Sea'n'Sky 2Adult (m)2,7099464
5ZjCuII Bluna Sea'n'Sky 3Adult (f)2,7749544
fepXSII Ice Nebula M1Adult (m)3,0779126
Dd56oII Magma Red F1Adult (f)3,2049076
GmNl6II Electric Thunder M8Adult (m)3,56394228
EWrX3III Stripe Green M1Adult (m)3,0399243
XULlpI Nilia M2Adult (m)5,2387952
UQQcDI LongNecked Goose F1Adult (f)5,2467955
ebButI LongNecked Gander M1Adult (m)5,0901,36415
TvXfSI Magi F5Adult (f)3,62889125
h9qRiII GW Red F1Adult (f)4,3321,12023
C7bb2Bantam DelawareAdult (f)2,0466442
Kke8uII Stripe Black F3Adult (f)3,9491,1462
sDr1RII Red BkSweetling 1Adult (f)3,8869681
LdDVDII Stripe Red 'F4Adult (f)3,8781,1030
Qr3PuI White F5Adult (f)3,8538166
d8oRXI Turpentine F2 ref goldAdult (f)3,3799450
HSnNPI Turpentine M2Adult (m)3,4039120
GMNCAIII GW Gold M2Adult (m)3,9437573
m8P9VIII Red Magma M1Adult (m)3,2829621
hJnZ8II Pink BlackAdult (m)2,8967474
fVFpMIII Red Marrow M1Adult (m)4,8771,2316
0XUKcIII Stripe Black F1Adult (f)3,1361,0438
A7sSjI Turpentine M1Adult (m)3,8791,1652
bdhCJI Turpentine F1Adult (f)4,0211,1222
EcZvPIII Red M1Adult (m)3,3031,06010
F20iEIII Red Wrapping M1Adult (m)3,7669775
IBSWGII Ice White M2Adult (m)4,6661,1916
fbD7LV Alramih Muwa ThuwedAdult (m)4,9441,4949
pWPZ3IV Silver Spiral F1Adult (f)4,3431,18920
vWjDGII Stripe Red M3Adult (m)4,4551,2164
69iDEII GoldWyvern PB M3Adult (m)3,3481,2496
iPqSHII Ice F2Adult (f)3,1909295
FEIHQTinSil 5 Penk PinkAdult (m)5,9201,05316
uNV9hTinGol 5 Apollo RibbonAdult (m)4,1041,0195
CfhXLY I Purple M4Adult (m)3,4401,25843
SulsSIII Pink Valentine M1Adult (m)3,0571,1719
A1gHKII Stripe White M4Adult (m)2,7609035
QR7t1TinSil 5 Inextrica BlueNebula 2Adult (m)5,6011,26746
ZHJcpII BBW Wrapping F1Adult (f)4,6311,06439
vkATXII BBW Ribbon M1Adult (m)4,5021,04930
DHBeiII Stripe Black M2Adult (m)4,4671,4124
bR18FI Magi F1Adult (f)4,6321,1447
HUkJSI Magi M1Adult (m)3,4231,0378
kWKcmII Ice M2Adult (m)3,9011,1408
aq5dPII Magma F1Adult (f)4,1281,1727
6ugm7Mi'GoldMagi Bri'aaAdult (f)3,3341,10527
2UTFnII Ice M3Adult (m)3,4261,1217
oYaPgII Black F1Adult (f)5,8281,5258
ZoP3hI Magi M2Adult (m)4,2411,0963
78f43I Magma F4Adult (f)3,5591,12211
mFmDsX I Purple F5Adult (f)4,4501,4079
A9NJ4Bantam Belgian d'UccleAdult (f)4,9901,3944
I7MPXX II Caio's Gift Silver F1Adult (f)3,4251,3287
B8dogII Thunder FAAdult (f)4,0911,34510
Fl8CWII Stripe White F5Adult (f)3,7401,35611
X2tueI White M5Adult (m)3,7371,0834
g3fivII Black M1Adult (m)4,9191,5537
1N8F5II Stripe Green F3Adult (f)4,0441,1265
NbM3HII Pink Silver F1Adult (f)4,8511,45610
NC4t7II Stripe Blue M3Adult (m)3,8309367
7SoqdI Black 'F3Adult (f)5,5901,5015
7c9qnII Silver Xmas Spiral M1Adult (m)5,6931,10812
r6Uv3III Magma M1Adult (m)4,8461,14439
FVYI3III White Ice F9Adult (f)4,3441,20328
6blmZII Red M2Adult (m)5,3011,5185
rvWiYIV Pink Sweetlings F1Adult (f)5,6251,1238
hQ8jtII Red F2Adult (f)4,7411,4465
GmrEUII Red Ribbon M4Adult (m)4,8601,5019
nZhFJV Red Xmas Tin F1Adult (f)5,0071,54510
FAKWYI White M4Adult (m)4,1241,2775
emhXUII Royal Silver F1Adult (f)4,8101,3185
sb9WLI GoldWyvern M5Adult (m)4,0981,24810
PtmT4I Stripe White 'F4Adult (f)3,9901,2485
qbhD4II Thunder F9Adult (f)8,0701,4248
8j51jII Thunder M10Adult (m)4,7389617
tIQNiII Magma Ember F1Adult (f)4,5021,09719
3Q7Y0I Magma F3Adult (f)3,5651,1345
M5embIII Silver Ice Stair F1Adult (f)2,2778415
ecaAZII GoldWyvern PB F2Adult (f)4,1915493
GjAuCII Harvest Terrae F1Adult (f)4,8681,2452
iUQHCII Terrae Pink M1Adult (m)4,7721,2331
qp9dmTinGol 5 Apollo IceAdult (m)5,9311,62712
XtbBcII Gold Wyvern PB M2Adult (m)4,7431,4479
mIqa6I Stripe White 'M4Adult (m)3,2291,2026
gbQNKX I Purple F4Adult (f)3,2131,20512
2KhqOBantymom's ScrollAdult3,4371,30411
p4X84Y I Purple M3Adult (m)3,1211,13112
lPRncTinSil 4 Erno StripeAdult (m)4,5771,36834
uWipoI Pink F8Adult (f)3,7821,28110
VPH76Mi'SilverTsai Ani'aoAdult (m)5,5351,26714
HLKhpHelki Teng IIIAdult (m)5,0221,6627
jTtM1Tammy Mei IIIAdult (f)5,0211,6487
jad1GI White F4Adult (f)2,8708432
TjEm2I Stripe White 'M3Adult (m)4,3001,60712
Gm0PGI Stripe White 'F3Adult (f)3,0579244
GZ4j2III GoldWyvern Marrow M1Adult (m)4,9591,34617
L9fLITsai's Gift M2Adult (m)3,3438032
Sj29nIV White GW Angel F1Adult (f)4,7561,49229
Wf5jgII Thunder Electric F10Adult (f)5,1011,61912
2ohpUII Stripe White M3Adult (m)3,4911,06079
JibqpII Stripe Red M2Adult (m)3,5531,0856
RMNYtI Terrae F3Adult (f)3,7621,06279
J4Wi0II Stripe Red 'M1Adult (m)3,8681,1244
GPd81III Pink Silver F1Adult (f)3,9961,17673
c3Sk8I White M3Adult (m)4,1431,1335
A3WVRII Stripe Blue M2Adult (m)3,7111,1075
XuIRTTinGol 6 LivInSin SunsetAdult (f)3,4541,06695
YULXhV1 Pink ValSweet F1Adult (f)5,0181,4018
TboavVI Pink Valrose M1Adult (m)4,9961,4169
QdLEXIII Ice Winter M1Adult (m)4,3691,17856
7LM1YLami Teng IIIAdult (m)2,36294334
bh7AHBehat Teng IIIAdult (m)2,070877120
0K1GYOkali Mei IIIAdult (f)3,35857432
DtrgIDieter Teng IIIAdult (m)2,74959239
N88dFNeddra Mei IIIAdult (f)2,6311,019106
uETpcEtain Mei IIIAdult (f)2,25691134
V5iRjII Pink Silver Spiral M1Adult (m)3,5041,20814
KEYpSII Swallowtail BBW F2Adult (f)3,6941,2544
JrOegI White F3Adult (f)4,3991,2916
Hmch8I Terrae F2Adult (f)4,1731,2618
8C0n5II GoldWyvern PB M1Adult (m)4,7281,35621
lT52LII Stripe White F2Adult (f)4,2831,3537
LirjZII Thunder M9Adult (m)2,2506668
BggaOII Ice Black F1Adult (f)2,6199753
s01kcII Stripe White M2Adult (m)2,2948693
pB1L5II Stripe White F1Adult (f)2,5416207
a8U7GTinSil 5 Inextrica BlueNebulaAdult (m)5,8571,0479
4B0a0II Stripe Red 'F1Adult (f)5,6311,2454
MSjpKII Stripe Blue 'F4Adult (f)5,8011,2807
ifSaATinGol 5 LivInSin SunsetAdult (f)5,3941,2017
heujjTinSil 7 Artemis HelfireAdult (f)3,7461,4216
sgZHlVII Pink Tinsel Fail M1Adult (m)3,8721,2616
cl238I Sunsong M4Adult (m)5,2311,1784
fmRBuI Thunder M3Adult (m)5,3201,1487
HZ75uII Thunder Electric F9Adult (f)3,6781,2786
rEGc5I Thunder M2Adult (m)4,6511,5088
aARvYII Stripe White M1Adult (m)3,3471,1756
rZg3uIII Black WhiteGold M1Adult (m)4,1711,36824
nFLWbI Thunder F8Adult (f)3,5981,2618
4IdneI White F2Adult (f)2,28598021
ikZ48II Pink Sweetling M1Adult (m)3,0711,2348
6dgpXII Pink Sweetling M2Adult (m)3,1031,2775
mSCMqI White M2Adult (m)2,6729976
dob8cII Stripe Red F3Adult (f)5,4411,2319
7NUrpI GoldWyvern F5Adult (f)3,3391,3383
j3WD8II Ice F1Adult (f)3,5001,0643
sGfEcSilver Rose de la MalmaisonAdult (f)2,9559643
p6OZeIV Seraphim de Peyrac SpiralAdult (m)3,0231,0056
qJc2dI Ice 'F3Adult (f)4,0781,3332
85VrWFriend Icy SerpentAdult (m)5,7471,3792
FPHaMFriend Chandler refusalAdult (f)3,9861,2123
NdCqpAlmne PinklingAdult (f)3,8451,2092
eH0e0II Black Gold ALT M1Adult (m)4,2021,36110
GuSERI Red F5Adult (f)4,4961,3843
oMfaGII Black Stripe 'F1Adult (f)3,7271,04021
ZKCdjI Pink M9Adult (m)4,6391,2561
QgbhmX I Purple F3Adult (f)4,6311,2291
ZUsMFI Stripe White F2Adult (f)3,4821,09737
bHnpRII GoldWyvern PB F1Adult (f)3,5421,0042
SrAgGIII White BlackGold F1Adult (f)3,0867241
67vI7I Pink M8Adult (m)3,1479052
c7U0aIII WhiteIce M9 WGAdult (m)2,1856234
3LlmII Thunder F3Adult (f)4,4931,1795
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