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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ansela,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
9mQouCorosia Aquifoliaceae 305Adult (f)6,2749422
PXnS4Fadio Aquifoliaceae 310Adult (m)5,4861,0211
toAY4Lizia Aquifoliaceae 329Adult (f)6,3908852
zDezwZ'Jostio Aquifoliaceae 336Adult (m)5,1828784
0nslwHenrio Aquifoliaceae 343Adult (m)6,1408472
Ip7t6Bleepia Aquifoliaceae 344Adult (f)6,5428594
WsErLWiserlio Aquifoliaceae 353Adult (f)6,7718914
zn09QZ'Noquio Aquifoliaceae 360Adult (m)5,7788813
6fT1EZigramio Aquifoliaceae 362Adult (m)5,3178784
SbJXESibio Aquifoliaceae 371Adult (m)5,9671,0536
r6VEUPhoenio Aquifoliaceae 373Adult (m)6,5237853
3TftsWasio Aquifoliaceae 14Adult (m)7,1716951
eSvFWWasio Aquifoliaceae 36 NBAdult (m)6,7907412
MUnJLIxia Aquifoliaceae 40Adult (f)6,9376521
UVA0KVidia Aquifoliaceae 117 NBAdult (f)5,9167874
Im0M2Wahio Aquifoliaceae 118Adult (m)5,6837934
uWNWTYinia Aquifoliaceae 156 NBAdult (f)6,3801,1384
AIWLPFoxia Aquifoliaceae 270Adult (f)5,1489241
yP9vVQuixio Aquifoliaceae 296Adult (m)6,6849624
SMYKlCubia Aquifoliaceae 297Adult (f)6,8149353
z3uYpZ'Idio Aquifoliaceae 298Adult (m)6,7199324
cJMftVetoyio Aquifoliaceae 311Adult (m)5,0871,0441
0YIpYSoupio Aquifoliaceae 312Adult (m)5,1641,0510
BkgTHRospia Aquifoliaceae 313Adult (f)5,4221,0391
SaXA1Gujia Aquifoliaceae 314Adult (f)5,1321,0510
IXGCqMonacio Aquifoliaceae 315Adult (m)5,3801,0061
4I4IjJubellia Aquifoliaceae 316Adult (f)5,5131,0221
UQH2gSwelvia Aquifoliaceae 317Adult (f)5,4651,0042
thmi9Pikio Aquifoliaceae 322Adult (m)5,4941,0451
Y0FBZCallia Aquifoliaceae 323Adult (f)5,8021,0370
eYYPvAmario Aquifoliaceae 324Adult (m)5,7731,0090
k9yoQOjia Aquifoliaceae 325Adult (f)5,7181,0460
n6V3JMshindio Aquifoliaceae 367Adult (m)5,7468751
KeNn8Tokio Aquifoliaceae 282Adult (m)6,7438863
wgqyYIxia Aquifoliaceae 299Adult (f)6,8159483
sHvZpWahio Aquifoliaceae 300Adult (m)6,6469484
K9gk6Cubia Aquifoliaceae 326Adult (f)5,6311,0500
IBfX2Ajia Aquifoliaceae 368Adult (f)5,7378882
WIkisWikis Flamingo ArgisdottirAdult (f)5,1667098
RMi4dFranio Aquifoliaceae 2Adult (m)7,5957072
wHrfbRoyemia Aquifoliaceae 21Adult (f)6,0608743
XSiImJoshokia Aquifoliaceae 39Adult (f)5,7121,27812
jQeddIvia Aquifoliaceae 53Adult (f)6,5271,1421
A4brNZiouia Aquifoliaceae 55Adult (f)6,6277701
0RXTYSawatia Aquifoliaceae 68Adult (f)6,9818433
CUB28Chakio Aquifoliaceae 66Adult (m)7,0398331
ihDavRisalia Aquifoliaceae 67Adult (f)7,0098461
A0pR5Allania Aquifoliaceae 70Adult (f)6,9418512
WFBKwTqalio Aquifoliaceae 71Adult (m)5,6418103
0qMwxBhangrio Aquifoliaceae 85Adult (m)5,2007865
pUsX0Septia Aquifoliaceae 86Adult (f)5,8808993
cicz9Ahonanio Aquifoliaceae 88Adult (m)6,0909184
U2FbfSteelia Aquifoliaceae 90Adult (f)6,4137721
gP1apFreyrio Aquifoliaceae 96Adult (m)6,1368223
3aEOHYogio Aquifoliaceae 100Adult (m)6,3301,0701
R6iVLShunio Aquifoliaceae 99Adult (m)6,3111,0752
JViIrClarissia Aquifoliaceae 121Adult (f)6,3968093
tG4miMia Aquifoliaceae 135Adult (f)6,3307603
VMaqyMovio Aquifoliaceae 138Adult (m)6,1248073
IP721Heathio Aquifoliaceae 155Adult (m)5,3411,0753
pD02dKaracia Aquifoliaceae 159Adult (f)5,7501,1492
fepYdSeptia Aquifoliaceae 173 NBAdult (f)4,5111,2803
yJYrVFlamencianio Aquifoliaceae 168Adult (m)5,3221,2452
44Tn0Flagellia Aquifoliaceae 185Adult (f)5,0131,1833
3wHPpRussia Aquifoliaceae 187Adult (f)4,9281,1693
F3fMDShrimpia Aquifoliaceae 208Adult (f)5,4721,0785
NJwERAnia Aquifoliaceae 219Adult (f)6,1499813
ZbyjhZ'Asia Aquifoliaceae 220Adult (f)5,8981,0184
xNvkLAmmio Aquifoliaceae 221Adult (m)5,2311,0324
4Y9V5Aricio Aquifoliaceae 235Adult (m)5,4471,0751
7mKlzAfinio Aquifoliaceae 242Adult (m)5,1721,0574
fMDI0Feathia Aquifoliaceae 257Adult (f)6,2201,0333
EBCGZGurdia Aquifoliaceae 262Adult (f)6,1689721
UuI4WStonia Aquifoliaceae 264Adult (f)6,6119262
NNEafTwoia Aquifoliaceae 267Adult (f)6,4479612
LLLJaLillio Aquifoliaceae 271Adult (m)5,4329594
ZLfb3Z'Llyio Aquifoliaceae 273Adult (m)6,0191,0023
ZEUY1Dalmio Aquifoliaceae 275Adult (m)6,7588991
VMT24Manio Aquifoliaceae 276Adult (m)6,6789313
CQ0KsFloria Aquifoliaceae 283Adult (f)6,5888393
Vt2VyPalio Aquifoliaceae 289Adult (m)7,5618513
dWresEgunio Aquifoliaceae 291Adult (m)7,5079032
upjxaMudia Aquifoliaceae 292Adult (f)6,8018631
RD8iAJoquio Aquifoliaceae 293Adult (m)6,8559093
onQF7Blakerio Aquifoliaceae 308Adult (m)6,0299602
GN88OWuio Aquifoliaceae 309Adult (m)6,1289562
qQ0gNLilathia Aquifoliaceae 320Adult (f)6,2739224
NihWYVacamio Aquifoliaceae 333Adult (m)4,7588661
f2EEZRoyalio Aquifoliaceae 334Adult (m)4,7978212
czkXxSakirio Aquifoliaceae 335Adult (m)5,8158703
KNWpPSocia Aquifoliaceae 337Adult (f)6,3299092
5IdjaTyrio Aquifoliaceae 338Adult (m)6,8998773
nmtX3Buzia Aquifoliaceae 342Adult (f)6,6158621
drTvSVidio Aquifoliaceae 340Adult (m)5,8249642
V9mhJBokio Aquifoliaceae 341Adult (m)5,8619683
yYhFhQuestia Aquifoliaceae 345Adult (f)6,6188993
5GBIRFlania Aquifoliaceae 346Adult (f)6,2098961
yFE1ZSylastio Aquifoliaceae 349Adult (m)6,1498812
2LbgERagia Aquifoliaceae 350Adult (f)6,0278481
AsV6YZickia Aquifoliaceae 351Adult (f)5,4261,0411
nGIXkXylio Aquifoliaceae 352Adult (m)5,5381,0391
XdjKnWildio Aquifoliaceae 356Adult (m)6,7358822
lxPgNFio Aquifoliaceae 357Adult (m)7,0749023
RwoRzRagio Aquifoliaceae 365Adult (m)5,2079241
q3nkCQenkio Aquifoliaceae 369Adult (m)5,8608672
OeTV0Oetivio Aquifoliaceae 370Adult (m)5,9308600
sl7ZtPerio Aquifoliaceae 24Adult (m)5,6588212
RRadcSilveria Aquifoliaceae 45Adult (f)4,1479921
H72q4Royemia Aquifoliaceae 42Adult (f)7,0457811
gW88ZSavrissio Aquifoliaceae 69Adult (m)6,8078712
OVa4EEdlothia Aquifoliaceae 72Adult (f)6,0527864
g1cK0Allania Aquifoliaceae 75Adult (f)6,2278743
LqPFiGoldio Aquifoliaceae 92Adult (m)6,0791,0051
Z67GHZ'Tropia Aquifoliaceae 126Adult (f)6,0338263
l3ve5Handio Aquifoliaceae 149Adult (m)6,9327102
Ta5IrEleibia Aquifoliaceae 150Adult (f)6,9236983
mzzonFestivio Aquifoliaceae 165Adult (m)6,0471,2504
trsSuFlamio Aquifoliaceae 174Adult (m)3,0781,6032
sAxNwMario Aquifoliaceae 193Adult (m)5,8201,0763
tkU5USilio Aquifoliaceae 198Adult (m)5,7741,0522
6UwFxVanallia Aquifoliaceae 230Adult (f)5,9351,0732
qCiHcLurkia Aquifoliaceae 231Adult (f)5,9001,0801
OywNaRobinia Aquifoliaceae 226Adult (f)5,8801,1285
mJV4aSayia Aquifoliaceae 227Adult (f)5,8351,1022
vaeAVPerzeria Aquifoliaceae 232Adult (f)5,9391,0602
IUVfOFhundio Aquifoliaceae 228Adult (m)5,9051,1434
DjyRXDracio Aquifoliaceae 229Adult (m)5,1381,2395
PsGiJBloomio Aquifoliaceae 238Adult (m)5,5661,0635
zCAr8Z'Tropia Aquifoliaceae 240 NBAdult (f)5,5861,0595
8rJNdHarbia Aquifoliaceae 237 NBAdult (f)5,4461,0522
PlM9CRaryio Aquifoliaceae 259Adult (m)6,3539873
JhBoYSorrio Aquifoliaceae 260Adult (m)6,1529761
BEcBdFushio Aquifoliaceae 261Adult (m)6,0929831
qjzejSteelia Aquifoliaceae 268Adult (f)5,4781,1515
MMrYTJostio Aquifoliaceae 269Adult (m)4,7438684
eP3UgShrimpia Aquifoliaceae 272Adult (f)6,0621,0142
CgIasFlingio Aquifoliaceae 281Adult (m)6,7588612
oade4Dealio Aquifoliaceae 286Adult (m)7,1738533
6wQR1Centio Aquifoliaceae 287Adult (m)7,5148502
QlWxyCoralia Aquifoliaceae 288Adult (f)7,7738701
mphvSRisalia Aquifoliaceae 303Adult (f)6,3619587
0XjgGRosmilia Aquifoliaceae 306Adult (f)6,2809293
vkoM1Naugio Aquifoliaceae 307Adult (m)5,8699443
d7pSeKaleidio Aquifoliaceae 318Adult (m)6,2429223
WoeN9Bokio Aquifoliaceae 347Adult (m)5,1239932
gACrEDearia Aquifoliaceae 348Adult (f)6,4179232
OzwEjAgia Aquifoliaceae 358Adult (f)7,0488375
bq9ObEstrella Aquifoliaceae 359Adult (f)5,4979592
fAD92Dillia Aquifoliaceae 361Adult (f)5,4058641
GmpANTakmaio Aquifoliaceae 363Adult (m)5,6598633
vgpEvAmia Aquifoliaceae 15Adult (f)5,5778803
rIOL2Yukia Aquifoliaceae 16Adult (f)5,9338631
dpcJQYukia Aquifoliaceae 87 NBAdult (f)6,1589212
9gLV2Adraissio Aquifoliaceae 91Adult (m)5,6559352
Ou6XWGlania Aquifoliaceae 124Adult (f)6,1278133
GOEfuRamisio Aquifoliaceae 125Adult (m)6,2208024
2Q7r2Artio Aquifoliaceae 132Adult (m)4,3731,0273
4XzeMSkullia Aquifoliaceae 148Adult (f)7,0936582
5fpm7Quia Aquifoliaceae 197Adult (f)5,7391,0821
BkQ8mKio Aquifoliaceae 209Adult (m)6,0311,0482
V9BoXLyanio Aquifoliaceae 210Adult (m)5,6749984
cKD6UStrikia Aquifoliaceae 225Adult (f)5,4631,0862
7K7WpPynkio Aquifoliaceae 233Adult (m)5,9771,0422
SHk92Smoothio Aquifoliaceae 234Adult (m)6,0111,0221
viHCkGlania Aquifoliaceae 236Adult (f)5,7171,0775
CxzyhPronia Aquifoliaceae 284Adult (f)7,5958561
HLbasPhantio Aquifoliaceae 285Adult (m)7,5998692
2rJAmBazsio Aquifoliaceae 327Adult (m)6,3029001
ieuypBaraio Aquifoliaceae 328Adult (m)6,3479241
v1AlnAbyssio Aquifoliaceae 331Adult (m)6,2709002
kFwbXSeahio Aquifoliaceae 366Adult (m)5,6738982
ukePUBashia Aquifoliaceae 255Adult (f)5,7591,1281
iaWgDSeekeria Aquifoliaceae 330Adult (f)6,4029220
xhQZfSuriqia Aquifoliaceae 332Adult (f)6,3389190
sZNYTFlaio Aquifoliaceae 364Adult (m)5,3591,0534
TsMcjPainio Aquifoliaceae 122Adult (m)6,7287812
ekHXXBohemia Aquifoliaceae 200Adult (f)4,4461,2802
t9O5WPatxaria Aquifoliaceae 9Adult (f)6,2638441
eE4BFDreamia Aquifoliaceae 56Adult (f)7,2576801
vR6vWVerdia Aquifoliaceae 163Adult (f)6,2221,1854
elIS0Winia Aquifoliaceae 171Adult (f)5,4061,2463
n2PdjFreakia Aquifoliaceae 186Adult (f)5,6871,0843
eCwexCephia Aquifoliaceae 201Adult (f)5,6461,0665
6v4FXGreetio Aquifoliaceae 204Adult (m)5,8111,0805
El2VNZirconia Aquifoliaceae 217Adult (f)6,4229573
LLHU2Blasphia Aquifoliaceae 8Adult (f)4,4849431
qExtOKortionio Aquifoliaceae 27Adult (m)5,6448102
StLppRikio Aquifoliaceae 54Adult (m)6,4458172
NraxlMaster Aquifoliaceae 17Hatchling (m, F)4,7578491
N5KdXMiss Aquifoliaceae 19Hatchling (f, F)5,6846672
A6gcdMiss Aquifoliaceae 38Hatchling (f, F)4,9436062
Z1inZZ'Master Aquifoliaceae 48Hatchling (m, F)4,8818391
EBNHkMiss Aquifoliaceae 50Hatchling (f, F)5,6177311
sW0iSMiss Aquifoliaceae 101Hatchling (f, F)4,7258561
0fS2oMiss Aquifoliaceae 123Hatchling (f, F)5,3307613
E0hQxMiss Aquifoliaceae 137Hatchling (f, F)4,7088575
MTVRQInfant Aquifoliaceae 144Hatchling (F)4,9956131
lSqLpInfant Aquifoliaceae 146Hatchling (F)4,2235863
VxhbMInfant Aquifoliaceae 147Hatchling (F)2,8892692
msx0MInfant Aquifoliaceae 166Hatchling (F)4,3335883
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