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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Ansela,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
bgf6XAJ Beggar DeniedAdult (m)6,3377745
GGQw0AJ Gregina DeniedAdult (f)4,1379893
E8jz5AJ Eleight DeniedAdult (m)5,7318096
2tmaxAJ TkMaxx DeniedAdult (f)6,0418206
j0nwCAJ Jon DeniedAdult (m)5,9598402
a4Z2kAJ Azzanadra DeniedAdult (f)5,1498682
R0nzhAJ Ron DeniedAdult (m)5,3438041
JlRO2AJ Jiro DeniedAdult (f)5,2068521
7VBnFAJ Vobung DeniedAdult (m)4,7648671
nFZQlAJ Nafez DeniedAdult (m)5,5477521
ACZFOAJ Acofizo DeniedAdult (f)6,0106301
Jv7ePAJ Jove DeniedAdult (m)6,4897601
WDeyxAJ Woad DeniedAdult (f)6,3577820
BiBiFAJ Bibif DeniedAdult (f)6,0846582
PPFj8AJ Papa DeniedAdult (m)6,2577932
n4VItAJ Navit DeniedAdult (m)6,5657352
oh3gjAJ Ohgi DeniedAdult (f)5,5487431
CRpXgAJ Core DeniedAdult (m)7,0077431
0c5vVAJ Ocine DeniedAdult (f)7,1667101
O2Dz1AJ Droid DeniedAdult (m)7,2427162
pnFIlAJ Penny DeniedAdult (f)5,6768751
eP6fmAJ Berkant DeniedAdult (f)5,6678355
mJCnYAJ Dmitry DeniedAdult (m)5,7998301
60NCZAJ Kiwi DeniedAdult (m)7,0587141
PcUGDAJ Pugilism DeniedAdult (f)6,2457232
h1YaIAJ Hilda DeniedAdult (f)6,6487552
rQOT6AJ Quota DeniedAdult (m)6,1167012
5eMR3AJ Semira DeniedAdult (m)6,0118371
Yn6uRAJ Yanira DeniedAdult (f)5,3018561
JXjo4AJ Joxer DeniedAdult (m)5,8728781
cSro7AJ Cissy DeniedAdult (f)5,8128800
jKViZAJ Joker DeniedAdult (m)6,1568786
YK88jAJ Yikura DeniedAdult (m)4,9418521
SuimgAJ Suomi DeniedAdult (f)5,7068991
tKVEoAJ Vaio DeniedAdult (f)5,5709362
ehOXAAJ Ehoxa DeniedAdult (f)5,4631,0874
JmtzDAJ Jimmy DeniedAdult (m)5,5991,1004
VMYTmAJ Vermin DeniedAdult (f)4,5091,1372
OcpvzAJ Ocelot DeniedAdult (m)5,4161,5444
bPQvcAJ Beeping DeniedAdult (f)4,6241,1016
CD4HYAJ Flight DeniedAdult (f)4,6519023
g9ngdAJ Glod DeniedAdult (f)4,8107683
yhEDXAJ Hyed DeniedAdult (m)6,4179613
IgSIsAJ Osiris DeniedAdult (m)6,2329852
JWnjTAJ Jawn DeniedAdult (m)6,3199312
JGOsJAJ Jog DeniedAdult (m)5,7789412
nPf7lAJ Napera DeniedAdult (f)5,9429361
kYlW9AJ Kyla DeniedAdult (f)5,7279444
m2cn1AJ Mynci DeniedAdult (f)4,9058774
YujHYAJ Yuhij DeniedAdult (m)6,2359003
5jFoJAJ Fog DeniedAdult (m)6,0148982
qTBNjAJ Tobin DeniedAdult (f)6,1108721
sIJzeAJ Size DeniedAdult (m)5,2298931
2QZZAAJ Zazza DeniedAdult (m)6,0071,0271
DkXOdAJ Xodlin DeniedAdult (m)7,1129802
gU6WZAJ Guerrilla DeniedAdult (m)5,5905817
1Lc0XAJ Laura DeniedAdult (f)5,2941,0638
0WQiXAJ Owix DeniedAdult (m)6,2547671
V19qhAJ Ninia DeniedAdult (f)5,9977872
hwz07AJ Howiz DeniedAdult (m)6,6428603
zp5tBZ'AJ Pifivat DeniedAdult (f)6,2729134
lRUy4AJ Iruya DeniedAdult (f)5,3188700
CUBoUAJ Cubou DeniedAdult (m)5,6368571
pZssgAJ Pizass DeniedAdult (f)6,3208433
QxwgxAJ Quicksand DeniedAdult (f)7,3457965
LyK3GAJ Lyanna DeniedAdult (f)5,4417862
47prtAJ Partially DeniedAdult (f)5,3728202
eA5onAJ Aeon DeniedAdult (f)5,0498412
VH4EkAJ Valara DeniedAdult (f)6,1738015
uqXkeAJ Uquil DeniedAdult (m)6,9168401
5CzarAJ Czar DeniedAdult (m)6,7588421
lEh13AJ Lehl DeniedAdult (m)5,5129181
zWBQ6Z'AJ Wobuffet DeniedAdult (f)7,2118572
Ch7U5AJ Chuse DeniedAdult (m)5,8078831
h430DAJ Herod DeniedAdult (m)5,8759201
RwZH2AJ Ruiz DeniedAdult (f)5,5378212
1uZfDAJ Luzfid DeniedAdult (m)5,1457761
8WEj6AJ Bwear DeniedAdult (f)6,1267613
LqdDtAJ Lake DeniedAdult (m)6,7277102
c7q1PAJ Cesen DeniedAdult (f)3,4369292
IxB8CAJ Ixbay DeniedAdult (f)4,9581,0210
NtZHOAJ Notezzo DeniedAdult (f)4,3765553
M0zEBAJ Moezeb DeniedAdult (f)5,9437561
2D2jyAJ Dimension DeniedAdult (m)4,7027781
lutTiAJ Lutti DeniedAdult (f)5,3015443
GxDZAAJ Gixda DeniedAdult (m)4,0878470
PdRL1AJ Pedri DeniedAdult (f)4,5608801
YHZPbAJ Yahez DeniedAdult (f)4,9528500
Tou9cAJ Toucan DeniedAdult (m)4,3328680
NHhmrAJ Niham DeniedAdult (m)4,9967721
p45cjAJ Job DeniedAdult (f)4,4228590
OTD6qAJ Otdaq DeniedAdult (m)5,8769253
gQ63kAJ Goq DeniedAdult (f)6,6027193
YT0puAJ Yotopu DeniedAdult (m)8,4901,1183
Fwh4lAJ Fawhal DeniedAdult (m)5,9991,0682
Hm7LmAJ Mahlim DeniedAdult (m)4,9901,0072
LmjwPAJ Limwij DeniedAdult (m)4,9251,0170
ultxqAJ Ultxiq DeniedAdult (f)5,6779512
4MSJiAJ Amsij DeniedAdult (m)6,0489451
HYp55AJ Hype DeniedAdult (f)5,3175671
Z2xpQZ'AJ Twox DeniedAdult (m)5,1221,0451
sMSaKAJ Smack DeniedAdult (f)6,4097641
X5kn9AJ Skin DeniedAdult (f)4,9738511
rXZb5AJ Rex DeniedAdult (f)5,6019441
x6x4aAJ Grix DeniedAdult (m)6,3377811
U4S9KAJ Usagi DeniedAdult (f)4,1957271
P4hcNAJ Pahcin DeniedAdult (f)2,9308573
KS53BAJ Kesseb DeniedAdult (f)4,4936781
BuSSNAJ Busan DeniedAdult (f)5,0657012
61oV2AJ Love DeniedAdult (f)4,9937806
1kIUYAJ Kiuy DeniedAdult (f)7,6851,0722
RCRVtAJ Racer DeniedAdult (f)5,7487242
QFH5kAJ Fahred DeniedAdult (f)5,1326892
xkaAiAJ Kaxai DeniedAdult (m)5,7067391
tTJu8AJ Tejut DeniedAdult (m)5,2658371
nrWu8AJ Nerut DeniedAdult (f)5,1077163
TE3sMAJ Teem DeniedAdult (m)4,8587041
5YnilAJ Yanil DeniedAdult (f)4,9767021
jm4Z2AJ James DeniedAdult (f)5,4137271
ccQnNAJ Cocon DeniedAdult (f)5,2957182
fYtBRAJ Fight DeniedAdult (f)5,3388151
zkfJIZ'AJ Permission DeniedAdult (m)5,1196833
7F2aPAJ Sap DeniedAdult (f)5,7099572
HQtmtAJ Hunt DeniedAdult (m)6,0637352
2XmBLAJ Mobile DeniedAdult (m)6,5967631
uyrufAJ Uyruf DeniedAdult (m)5,4328430
grndxAJ Grind DeniedAdult (m)5,9029351
erpy1AJ Erp DeniedAdult (f)5,8537332
rLe8CAJ Late DeniedAdult (m)6,4077531
ZCAxpZ'AJ Caxpa DeniedAdult (m)7,3858091
sOxJ3AJ Sox DeniedAdult (m)6,1659810
ipTBRAJ Tobor DeniedAdult (f)6,4358150
hSylLAJ Hisyll DeniedAdult (f)6,9398781
23BOoAJ Boo DeniedAdult (f)6,7509980
K1xKjAJ Kixkij DeniedAdult (f)6,7099950
FJKjUAJ Fuji DeniedAdult (f)6,1571,0390
odXdsAJ Odds DeniedAdult (f)5,8118931
XlO8UAJ Xilotu DeniedAdult (m)5,6341,0322
XGKjpAJ Xigkaj DeniedAdult (m)5,5478662
TZykeAJ Tyke DeniedAdult (m)5,6031,0362
y1RZ0AJ Yirzo DeniedAdult (m)5,8138622
xJuNvAJ Juniper DeniedAdult (m)6,7539233
rWxy5AJ Rowx DeniedAdult (f)5,8251,0490
OXRWMAJ Oxen DeniedAdult (m)5,5171,0440
cnAgVAJ Nagivn DeniedAdult (m)5,5591,0480
nwGC6AJ Nova DeniedAdult (m)6,0329963
qC8OyAJ Coato DeniedAdult (m)5,9098405
18L1gAJ Ligate DeniedAdult (f)5,4561,0381
6j5uQAJ Suds DeniedAdult (m)5,6378882
GycwYAJ Cuwy DeniedAdult (f)5,3139562
h1GMlAJ Higmil DeniedAdult (f)5,3821,0672
gY9VMAJ Vimes DeniedAdult (m)5,6631,0070
gwhYYAJ Gawhil DeniedAdult (m)5,6959950
mHItOAJ Miho DeniedAdult (f)5,6398834
QITvyAJ Quit DeniedAdult (f)6,1138382
j6cIbAJ Coleb DeniedAdult (f)5,8141,0642
xj63dAJ Thread DeniedAdult (m)5,6541,0780
tPmgXAJ Timpan DeniedAdult (m)4,5095080
7NuIQAJ Nulq DeniedAdult (m)4,4725120
ZBkLyZ'AJ Bokal DeniedAdult (f)7,1171,0432
fZyD4AJ Fizzix DeniedAdult (m)7,0031,0751
kPB23AJ Kerbal DeniedAdult (f)6,6871,0172
NQxKoAJ Noxious DeniedAdult (m)6,3719971
hoHtdAJ Hoht DeniedAdult (m)6,8408884
KwVwCAJ Kivic DeniedAdult (f)7,0709152
5KwT2AJ Swallow DeniedAdult (m)6,0971,0360
tjltBAJ Tijil DeniedAdult (f)5,4669540
bGklDAJ Bagram DeniedAdult (f)5,5479780
kV8wbAJ Kivra DeniedAdult (m)7,0979531
tduNqAJ Tudun DeniedAdult (f)6,3831,0011
8yQq3AJ Atiyq DeniedAdult (f)6,3151,0532
FWI1KAJ Fwiik DeniedAdult (m)6,2191,0251
1ILZPAJ Ilzip DeniedAdult (m)5,9161,0311
12ESUAJ Iesu DeniedAdult (f)6,7419113
C962QAJ Nisex DeniedAdult (f)6,8879154
t1znNAJ Tinzin DeniedAdult (f)7,7691,0192
qdz5uAJ Quodzo DeniedAdult (m)7,6851,0262
Z6HO3Z'AJ Hoe DeniedAdult (m)7,7611,0322
bSsvGAJ Bass DeniedAdult (m)7,4681,0521
NffxaAJ Niffur DeniedAdult (f)6,4549264
Uuv79AJ Uvur DeniedAdult (f)6,3309872
6phQXAJ Siphox DeniedAdult (f)6,2371,1091
1jzZZAJ Jazzy DeniedAdult (m)5,7231,1151
jDCVdAJ Bourbon DeniedAdult (m)5,6101,1251
oJ9ZhAJ Orange DeniedAdult (m)5,6281,1221
XidJ5AJ Xidin DeniedAdult (m)5,5981,1351
6fliIAJ Fidelity DeniedAdult (m)5,0008771
aL2oGAJ Adventure DeniedAdult (m)6,8959162
rj518AJ Rioja DeniedAdult (m)7,2469351
rnrHuAJ Runner DeniedAdult (m)6,9889381
MHkiNAJ Mehkin DeniedAdult (f)7,0239223
4I9jwAJ Jowl DeniedAdult (m)5,8609273
KrMfeAJ Keramfe DeniedAdult (f)5,3671,0092
gF7EQAJ Geseveq DeniedAdult (f)6,8008391
eAu0IAJ Patrol DeniedAdult (m)6,3449651
G9HXtAJ Genihxt DeniedAdult (f)6,2241,0421
78DpA(78DpA)Adult (f)5,8757781
jq58k(jq58k)Adult (m)6,4599950
lig22(lig22)Adult (f)8,0698712
YLWlt(YLWlt)Adult (f)4,7597951
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