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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
  • 2019 Holiday Event
  • Gingerbread House
  • 2019 Halloween Event
  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
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  • 2018 Halloween Event
  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “AnorHel,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ihpCQ(ihpCQ)Adult (f)6,0968422
Sl8VM(Sl8VM)Adult (f)6,0736321
WP6oR(WP6oR)Adult (m)6,0438672
XthIIMuschio CBAdult (m)5,5189772
Om5oH(Om5oH)Adult (f)5,1377751
SXSfEmeth Fifth Taken CBAdult (m)2,83525616
Ol58TPetra I CBAdult (f)4,0991,0781
T3j7fEmroth CBAdult (m)5,0788901
ho8DGManon CBAdult (f)3,4479851
cAAWfMountaine CBAdult (f)5,0598431
yARmmGrifo Malvento CBAdult (m)4,0281,0721
wfO4sTempesta II CBAdult (f)4,6529422
8Suoc(8Suoc)Adult (f)4,8939295
EOcwCOrlando Furioso 2genAdult (m)4,9756692
3I21RLucrezia Borgia d'Aragona 2genAdult (f)4,9036082
bS7cMAngelica Furioso 2genAdult (f)6,8935192
23x2qAlfonso d'Aragona 2genAdult (m)5,8395633
YxJLJ(YxJLJ)Adult (f)3,5848663
JPTR9(JPTR9)Adult (m)3,9718893
vnr1K(vnr1K)Adult (m)3,6677953
cRMDD(cRMDD)Adult (m)4,3959303
TNlY7(TNlY7)Adult (m)4,1329262
yzsitMrs Lenaria Wisewind CBAdult (f)4,4939571
wjuLkMr Zeddicus Whiteshadow CBAdult (m)4,8879061
Rb1UyMr Leopoldo Wisewind CBAdult (m)4,9988372
tLneyMr Barthemius Hall CBAdult (m)6,5347431
oBq4CMrs Saffina Hall CBAdult (f)5,9495862
L2wExMr Oswald Stark CBAdult (m)5,4428404
bgOE2Mrs Primrose Stark CBAdult (f)4,1648561
oD7LgMrs Herriette Coven CBAdult (f)6,0106921
hpXXjMr Andrew Benkin CBAdult (m)6,1086171
2IExuMrs Gilly Whiteshadow CBAdult (f)4,0937222
M2BI6Mrs Tana Benkin CBAdult (f)5,2846332
YsZ6dMr Henry Coven CBAdult (m)5,1226542
HaY9z(HaY9z)Adult (f)6,7255671
XAbDELinwood Hall 2genAdult (m)4,8158794
STjFfCeleste Whiteshadow 2genAdult (f)5,8286944
UzIsQEmbernee Stark 2genAdult (f)4,2517321
3JnohRubeus Hall 2genAdult (m)4,4226963
DdFxEColleen Benkin 2genAdult (f)4,5736943
KfWR8Eynara Wisewind 2genAdult (f)4,8037671
4CBrQ(4CBrQ)Adult (f)6,2986941
EyGTUPatrick Coven 2genAdult (m)5,3485071
iUpdEUmbreon Wisewind 2genAdult (m)4,3757301
UlQSlSorrel Coven 2genAdult (f)4,4326922
F8uziDorian Hall 2genAdult (m)5,4165041
wBFEVTilda Benkin 2genAdult (f)5,4855321
0P1oxBlumarine CBAdult (f)4,0349861
2UrttSalt Blue CBAdult (m)4,0559892
xU9w1Silvermist CBAdult (f)3,1809872
3uehjCalique CBAdult (f)4,3538522
14OyhBreza CBAdult (f)5,5597652
VpprN(VpprN)Adult (m)4,4587681
oOrVGiantess 2genAdult (f)4,5639577
mijdTRomualdo CBAdult (m)4,2359712
9jIAeSigismondo CBAdult (m)5,0529894
KihJvThobias CBAdult (m)3,6641,0971
W7h7CNora Oora CBAdult (f)5,2971,3281
wvJMw(wvJMw)Adult (f)4,9928452
wLu68(wLu68)Adult (f)5,5876341
8HyPTTwero CBAdult (m)6,1668781
eOQNp(eOQNp)Adult (f)5,2839851
qEPDE(qEPDE)Adult (m)6,8687152
3uEx0(3uEx0)Adult (f)6,9904971
WGR0M(WGR0M)Adult (m)4,7088671
57bsKarima CBAdult (f)1,82644321
zBcxOAbu CBAdult (m)4,2459863
eZlfB(eZlfB)Adult (f)5,4808861
9Eayl(9Eayl)Adult (m)5,3817701
hc1METhialis CBAdult (m)4,1194181
MJvTPSalmakia CBAdult (f)4,9993943
1EphIVal il folletto 2genAdult (m)6,1534781
ejp4DFa 2genAdult (f)4,8397573
7u8ywTinkerbell Tuttofare CBAdult (f)5,8358781
T8CqW(T8CqW)Adult (m)4,4949091
83WMBetee CBAdult (m)4,2796632
t4pGLyra Bells CBAdult (f)3,6476585
6PNIg(6PNIg)Adult (m)4,8548901
gXiCPerseo 3genAdult (m)7,3819667
ugcvEssen 2genAdult (m)6,7221,1864
OyXoR(OyXoR)Adult (m)3,2621,1243
7uLPv(7uLPv)Adult (m)3,6571,0606
wqAvxSoft Heart 2genAdult (m)6,4449108
u2D17Levi 2genAdult (m)5,6309485
90UW3Landon 3genAdult (m)4,9311,1432
NsLx4Espeon 2genAdult (m)4,7871,1193
NHnEqAlan LN 3genAdult (m)4,6381,0028
HdHOe(HdHOe)Adult (m)5,2511,1751
L4R6I(L4R6I)Adult (m)5,1461,1691
DqoyC(DqoyC)Adult (m)5,1881,1342
WF5ie(WF5ie)Hatchling (m, F)2,0897141
PfO0G(PfO0G)Adult (f)4,8757153
AjL97(AjL97)Adult (m)4,8737101
Fymfz(Fymfz)Adult (m)5,4638901
8N3ei(8N3ei)Adult (m)5,4481,0081
0uHUZ(0uHUZ)Adult (f)5,1288695
Px8vb(Px8vb)Adult (f)2,8576953
LtZbN(LtZbN)Adult (m)3,6331,1011
rwrfL(rwrfL)Adult (f)3,8938803
iWpUv(iWpUv)Adult (f)3,9429211
w0wbh(w0wbh)Adult (m)3,9279421
hRXYt(hRXYt)Adult (m)3,9899382
Dyopd(Dyopd)Adult (m)3,8508161
BUhWf(BUhWf)Adult (m)3,8418252
WvYTO(WvYTO)Adult (f)4,3159232
7VPqD(7VPqD)Adult (m)4,0708301
cpl8R(cpl8R)Adult (f)4,8379011
944CT(944CT)Adult (f)4,7228822
wSZCy(wSZCy)Adult (m)4,5839243
MKneGCicorita CBAdult (f)5,1429841
EpiLpTealeaf CBAdult (m)4,9021,0591
056n2Chikorita 2genAdult (f)6,3036651
kTsX2(kTsX2)Adult (f)5,8856571
78qDNLyla 3genAdult (f)6,0996463
iizaTSamantha 4genAdult (f)4,5746344
FqWNyLyza 2genAdult (f)6,7701,0452
Vx2oRJenda CBAdult (f)5,0556943
j9KHX(j9KHX)Adult (m)6,0311,0433
d02gj(d02gj)Adult (m)5,5191,1351
UHVAM(UHVAM)Adult (f)5,5631,1481
6jjYl(6jjYl)Adult (f)5,0691,1111
tPwkM(tPwkM)Adult (m)3,8998361
qfeCuTesla 2genAdult (f)5,3457725
eCrPzBolt PB 2genAdult (m)6,1668513
kWIDOAlvermina 'CBAdult (f)3,6741,0064
5JINNThor Odinsson 'CBAdult (m)4,6901,3404
loMILElektras CBAdult (f)5,4225923
xrQHrJane Foster 'CBAdult (f)6,3661,1804
CsOxZAnderson 'CBAdult (m)6,0921,3194
6ohgZ(6ohgZ)Adult (m)6,5488741
LvffS(LvffS)Adult (m)3,6581,0873
Y9V4EDrogon Trailer CBAdult (m)5,4299891
yIHMFEvee Shelob CBAdult (f)3,5269991
0TdFrDentata CBAdult (f)4,4589411
G2DjLCaspio CBAdult (m)6,0718591
G0GJzTopazio CBAdult (m)5,2108872
T5kOgPois CBAdult (m)3,6981,0121
kPDOYMike I CBAdult (m)4,6778731
WUxHx(WUxHx)Adult (f)5,7917231
8OevyAriel Heirsea 2genAdult (f)5,7477212
6HNpiFinnick 2genAdult (m)6,3858572
EtdHzEric Heirsea 2genAdult (m)6,4836172
Cd53UHanneitt 2genAdult (f)5,1226412
CEWVa(CEWVa)Adult (m)5,5385971
musD(musD)Hatchling (f, F)4,1308745
JtWApNanny CBAdult (f)5,3207952
BmvkgManfred CBAdult (m)5,6947401
IWhaZShimun CBAdult (m)5,7838915
tD6qEReta CBAdult (f)5,3828281
ZObebLilliandil CBAdult (f)4,9557992
xLvoR(xLvoR)Adult (f)5,8748533
X5G6W(X5G6W)Adult (f)6,0907831
GhajO(GhajO)Adult (f)6,3271,0362
eJpH5(eJpH5)Adult (m)4,3578833
mp9NL(mp9NL)Adult (m)4,3178783
1wuzG(1wuzG)Hatchling (m, F)3,0815874
MCzIcShailene CBAdult (f)5,7947622
7RumXSheiroth CBAdult (m)5,1011,0354
kVRFBViserys CBAdult (m)4,6407683
qUteh(qUteh)Adult (f)4,2058021
2vNOD(2vNOD)Adult (m)4,7529184
VvkGGElia 2genAdult (f)6,7817082
ABdmmMrs Rosalie Terane 2genAdult (f)5,7635832
U2iDAMr Thorn Terane 2genAdult (m)5,8485632
BC8DkNefero CBAdult (m)3,6987033
UrYhlAria PB 2genAdult (f)5,6759082
A6sFyEuron CBAdult (m)5,1228793
JTV7EGuendalina CBAdult (f)5,3459901
lCpWYSpartacus CBAdult (m)4,7438722
WGQG4Keelen CBAdult (f)5,5207781
WKxtKEllaria CBAdult (f)7,0159392
5NW3V(5NW3V)Adult (m)5,0539872
U4OvT(U4OvT)Hatchling (m, F)3,6629951
4eHxpAlyha 2genAdult (f)6,8479192
W07vtEltanin 2genAdult (m)5,5285814
eZesS(eZesS)Adult (f)6,4946151
BcDSZAmanda LN 4genAdult (f)4,6499041
l5qsVVanessa LN 4genAdult (f)3,6671,1171
ip4jAVee LN 3genAdult (f)6,2429204
BspJH(BspJH)Adult (f)5,0401,1341
2JTmdI've got alt ancestors 4genAdult (f)5,1291,1141
A6c1i(A6c1i)Adult (f)4,1578612
qGs1K(qGs1K)Adult (f)5,6551,2332
PmWCf(PmWCf)Adult (f)5,5151,2361
z2fzV(z2fzV)Hatchling (f, F)3,8687053
hCdALilith the Dark CBAdult (f)2,82690310
qOKqGwandolyne Starcasset CBAdult (f)3,5018106
j2rmNicholas Iscariot CBAdult (m)4,7099206
h2VcGiulia Pesaro CBAdult (f)4,2888032
oZ7WSebastian Vioget CBAdult (m)5,3276312
40iYwBeauregard Vioget CBAdult (m)5,3836931
O1NlI(O1NlI)Adult (m)4,6756681
sXAJA(sXAJA)Adult (m)6,7441,2343
REeHk(REeHk)Adult (m)7,7885252
7DqPP(7DqPP)Adult (f)5,9711,1282
O8PDO(O8PDO)Adult (f)4,9596382
O2HN(O2HN)Hatchling (m, F)4,1918273
R7029(R7029)Adult (f)4,4479242
goDWk(goDWk)Adult (f)4,3878861
XqeZB(XqeZB)Adult (f)4,5169932
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