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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
  • 2019 Holiday Event
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  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
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  • 2018 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “AnorHel,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
9tXUNEzran 'CBAdult (m)6,4081,1238
ZxnSk(ZxnSk)Adult (f)5,7827143
7c5aKLeon White 2genAdult (m)3,0508692
8DxTrVesta PB 2genAdult (f)2,2469161
B9x1LSally 2genAdult (f)3,3688143
IM11wGhiandaia Imitatrice 2genAdult (f)3,2878292
QIzqnWendy 2genAdult (f)3,5487922
QCbsLGabriella 2genAdult (f)3,2488142
nSLhgPhillip 2genAdult (m)3,2128142
HTSq8Jameson 2genAdult (m)4,0887532
aaeJgVestal CBAdult (f)5,3591,1001
jCbVYJameson CBAdult (m)5,2911,1011
O8ALe(O8ALe)Adult (f)2,4677371
Cgy2w(Cgy2w)Hatchling (f, F)1,9497202
SgZ3i(SgZ3i)Adult (m)5,2617503
reUpY(reUpY)Adult (f)5,1277463
r9HmP(r9HmP)Adult (m)4,2147531
KR7EA(KR7EA)Adult (f)4,5989131
eSYoRobb PB 2genAdult (m)1,73248425
KaJErGredius CBAdult (m)4,3537803
tm0X2Feramont CBAdult (m)4,9246512
WaTczAlastreya CBAdult (f)5,7095623
gX1az(gX1az)Adult (m)5,9586071
qegYVHugh Jul 2genAdult (m)7,1829825
eF5ClPetra Jul 2genAdult (f)8,6417111
mHWMJAcquarius 4genAdult (m)7,9838396
D4uobCeleste 2genAdult (f)8,1718978
GcKYn(GcKYn)Adult (f)8,2928042
Z5260Verana Stormleader 2genAdult (f)8,4406629
g1RKgHolliday 2genAdult (f)8,0506465
UIhcbChimera 2genAdult (f)7,1289394
XtkcgLady Nightmare 3genAdult (f)5,3759412
CNc5Andromaca 2gen Second TakenAdult (f)7,66154415
tZYOBArtes CBAdult (m)4,9759801
q9IFF(q9IFF)Adult (f)4,9547981
KmQ14(KmQ14)Adult (m)4,0828071
QPEj7The mighty Father of DragonsAdult (m)6,6079222
rGxmlThe mighty Mother of DragonsAdult (f)5,5851,3805
OkDISKuolematon CBAdult (m)3,3614831
k6OiEMarkus Alexander CBAdult (m)2,8444761
9ZMU0Nikos Alexander 2genAdult (m)5,6139872
r9Sio(r9Sio)Hatchling (m, F)3,5487333
h0NvnIrma Infinity CBAdult (f)3,2871,1154
5vQOSAbraka CBAdult (f)3,3311,1113
jFJtPChristine LN 3genAdult (f)6,2799273
PpVurOttavia 2genAdult (f)5,0441,1151
dXYD(dXYD)Adult (f)2,91057821
veE3Hell Drogon CBAdult (m)2,8428258
soWtsPersefone CBAdult (f)4,9909341
5FJ5DIzma CBAdult (f)3,7591,0511
e1oqJViserion I CBAdult (m)4,3137833
2pwfRVidia CBAdult (f)5,2019942
bTy2K(bTy2K)Adult (f)5,3499551
XlwWK(XlwWK)Adult (m)4,6348493
zzSuC(zzSuC)Adult (f)4,0937903
KpYo(KpYo)Hatchling (f, F)4,6655324
hOP5RCaronte 2genAdult (m)4,9418533
7W0gYRubinrot LN 3genAdult (m)3,9111,1563
pj6HCSaphira 2genAdult (f)4,7291,1003
FwoRoAbaste 2genAdult (m)4,2539011
geNSG(geNSG)Adult (m)3,7689542
wfYZqAltariel LN 5genAdult (f)6,2601,2564
1VXNQLady of the Xmas Folk LN 8genAdult (f)5,5221,3654
gEH1rJanus Winter LN 6genAdult (m)5,6751,3732
SWtTiSwitti LN 6genAdult (m)5,4191,4291
GJ8EkHaldo LN 4genAdult (m)3,2787991
yo1Bj(yo1Bj)Adult (m)4,1821,0211
VSbeI(VSbeI)Adult (m)5,2721,1531
a7Oj(a7Oj)Adult (m)5,6961,0628
yWAuQ(yWAuQ)Adult (m)3,9529021
iIyF2Thorin LN 3genAdult (m)5,9731,3465
Mik12Thrain LN 3genAdult (m)5,8421,3114
p6zOEThror LN 4genAdult (m)4,5059532
U7RAYRay LN 4genAdult (m)4,7021,1602
kGYQvThe stag King LN 4genAdult (m)5,4781,4401
4Q7kfSky 2genAdult (m)5,6631,3583
OhgXk(OhgXk)Adult (m)3,8627731
fmOFBNelson 2genAdult (m)3,2378031
o5FDe(o5FDe)Adult (m)3,3354451
lLjgG(lLjgG)Adult (m)4,9091,1411
1085(1085)Hatchling (m, F)5,0459618
23nRG(23nRG)Hatchling (f, F)3,4918031
SSe0Gretel 2genAdult (f)5,8441,0838
cY92gClarissa 2genAdult (f)4,1599842
8PpKI(8PpKI)Adult (f)4,4009872
O3p4j(O3p4j)Adult (f)2,7898400
vVhzF(vVhzF)Adult (f)2,8428330
E3OTNDama LN 4genAdult (f)6,0651,3304
V4euoNeve 2genAdult (f)4,6411,1882
KJA9N(KJA9N)Adult (f)5,9661,2841
vw7PX(vw7PX)Adult (f)5,8471,2521
4exOD(4exOD)Adult (f)5,6491,2722
0esvz(0esvz)Adult (f)5,8621,3011
MSDsYellea CBAdult (f)3,9668574
dAFvRibia CBAdult (f)4,6179974
P1CtLCarlie 4genHatchling (f, F)3,7459411
KF79GMaknar CBAdult (m)2,6655251
NV05sJeremy CBAdult (m)3,7245561
zBXISPako 3genAdult (m)3,7248364
U2Aa8Kuzko LN 3genAdult (m)3,2188212
pIxT5Albus 3genHatchling (m, F)3,9989521
AcTLqItalo I 2genAdult (m)4,9838849
Xl90J(Xl90J)Adult (m)4,1309791
qSjUQGaston LN 3genAdult (m)5,3479112
VdpH0Silvestro LN 3genAdult (m)4,9571,2062
1pFMfItalo 2genAdult (m)6,7561,2282
tkH6r(tkH6r)Adult (m)5,1101,1893
slIS9(slIS9)Adult (m)4,7721,1221
sRl0aSpyro 2genHatchling (m, F)4,3658971
NL7x8Aurora 2genAdult (f)5,3138844
QxzYBContessina 2genAdult (f)6,1791,3542
BrdozSnown 2genAdult (f)3,2787943
LpfBsContessina CBAdult (f)4,5751,0263
MmdW8(MmdW8)Adult (f)5,7731,2792
UqKnv(UqKnv)Hatchling (f, F)6,7481,38715
UY39pSerafina 2genAdult (f)4,0609753
emRIn(emRIn)Adult (f)2,7928340
KqHIGDream LN 4genAdult (f)5,2101,3861
uOz8XAmina 2genHatchling (f, F)3,1128511
NM1jVAdamantia CBAdult (f)3,9328452
E1OekShiny Tiana CBAdult (f)4,0778421
vzEHwVictoria Stormleader 2genAdult (f)5,8471,3564
U9EvOEdvige 2genAdult (f)5,8741,3912
ie5CnAthaya Flavia 2genAdult (f)3,2878031
7i8WVJasmine 2genAdult (m)3,5497502
V8fQQ(V8fQQ)Adult (f)5,0581,1644
hRQB6(hRQB6)Adult (f)4,5481,0771
hpaGNIorek Frostbite CBAdult (m)2,6748191
b0p9rValking Stormleader CBAdult (m)2,6938111
GpTXCMaximilian Frostbite 2genAdult (m)5,8261,3114
nhihJSilmaril Telperion CBAdult (m)5,9191,2994
AwvQeSilmaril Laurelin CBAdult (m)5,8731,2701
gDurB(gDurB)Adult (m)4,4961,0591
5xBzR(5xBzR)Adult (f)4,2341,0141
DTLp7(DTLp7)Adult (f)4,2151,0011
m96ed(m96ed)Adult (f)3,2819391
rtsgg(rtsgg)Adult (f)3,2169602
Jkvh6(Jkvh6)Adult (m)3,1959512
Bm3yY(Bm3yY)Adult (m)3,2809253
AJeSe(AJeSe)Adult (m)5,8381,2103
Ymlzn(Ymlzn)Adult (f)5,3871,1984
TV2Cs(TV2Cs)Adult (f)5,4251,1902
2Az2a(2Az2a)Adult (m)4,1661,0482
oV4y8(oV4y8)Adult (f)4,1828414
bVJWb(bVJWb)Adult (m)5,3617282
OYI3e(OYI3e)Adult (f)4,6737331
HPJLh(HPJLh)Adult (f)4,2467441
YxHCj(YxHCj)Adult (f)4,9357341
8rh0t(8rh0t)Adult (m)6,0106031
H4nDPegasus Ulmo CBAdult (m)3,11035920
Hoq1Yavanna CBAdult (f)2,1424344
BafsCHercules CBAdult (m)4,8579211
fc8evOrinth CBAdult (m)5,1537082
5eGtSAthlas CBAdult (m)6,3596310
SOEu1Espina CBAdult (f)4,6537521
vIHG9Mooren CBAdult (f)5,1306661
rpYV(rpYV)Hatchling (f, F)4,2078483
oEDDkMalefica CBAdult (f)5,1389681
jMV8jIskra CBAdult (f)7,1028662
hy9bORonack CBAdult (m)5,4348463
NopWQ(NopWQ)Adult (m)4,2281,0412
KAL1Ekaterina 'CBAdult (f)8,1851,63231
NEgdNValdemar CBAdult (m)5,8499395
75Ry8Friza LN 3genAdult (f)4,9167793
2HYeBKaisa CBAdult (f)5,1876239
DieqwJarkko 'CBAdult (m)6,1836343
weKnRNeres 2genAdult (m)4,1761,0182
foY3BDamiano LN 3genAdult (m)8,0721,1424
2oJLL(2oJLL)Adult (m)3,1359883
79woAPharaon CBAdult (m)4,7899051
Zn2eaNefertiti II CBAdult (f)4,6909921
gxP4eTeresa CBAdult (f)5,3349132
lefXnAslan I CBAdult (m)7,2147581
zdPmL(zdPmL)Adult (f)4,9259723
7LmRW(7LmRW)Adult (m)4,9388755
q1pCV(q1pCV)Adult (m)4,1986291
XPgki(XPgki)Adult (f)4,1896341
3RfWh(3RfWh)Adult (m)4,0116581
wME4L(wME4L)Adult (m)5,1696532
tiF2o(tiF2o)Adult (m)4,3626512
SYSVT(SYSVT)Adult (m)4,4026503
QFFVv(QFFVv)Adult (m)4,0038682
9nCoW(9nCoW)Adult (m)3,3396772
zC8CPWayren CBAdult (f)4,1097823
Hofgx(Hofgx)Adult (m)3,4997691
SA7U5(SA7U5)Adult (m)2,9909901
FS2sY(FS2sY)Adult (m)3,0811,0511
P73Pa(P73Pa)Adult (m)3,2001,0371
c9tuh(c9tuh)Adult (f)3,1211,0171
Pn0aH(Pn0aH)Adult (f)3,0401,0201
oQ1Wx(oQ1Wx)Adult (f)2,0277512
OGE96(OGE96)Adult (f)4,0368451
RMfXH(RMfXH)Adult (m)3,9067782
27hed(27hed)Adult (f)4,1847962
Hrtk4(Hrtk4)Adult (f)4,6471,0562
pBpk8(pBpk8)Adult (m)4,9079882
CynMU(CynMU)Adult (f)4,3217413
X2pFt(X2pFt)Adult (m)3,2747911
TPyQ3(TPyQ3)Adult (f)4,2786991
2jB7Z(2jB7Z)Adult (m)4,0847583
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