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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “AnorHel,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Ye4qI(Ye4qI)Adult (m)2,4776542
XG5oo(XG5oo)Adult (m)6,0148584
6u3Y3(6u3Y3)Adult (m)4,6257843
o1j1Atena Nike CBAdult (f)5,40087210
MOWeAres Torch CBAdult (m)4,0868265
Mx8WYFiamma 2genAdult (f)4,8648372
xuggHFirelight CBAdult (f)4,8278691
W6t24Mahwi CBAdult (m)4,2486141
t8WMpBisnonno I Antonio PesaroAdult (m)6,4285932
xUfFoBisnonna II Adriana BadoerAdult (f)6,2836712
nkoERBisnonno III Nicolo' VendraminAdult (m)6,7527042
wbCAvBisnonna IV Adriana BollaniAdult (f)6,2348335
hqHPrIgnoto padre di Man CBAdult (m)6,6488034
yr2uaBisnonno VAdult (m)6,1575632
2SW3RBisnonna VIAdult (f)5,9225502
euyTEBisnonno VIIAdult (m)8,2481,1443
41VFgBisnonna VIIIAdult (f)7,3167943
6dgbCBisnonno IX GrantworthAdult (m)6,5251,1943
sYkrKBisnonna X GrantworthAdult (f)5,7821,1632
CGqvgBisnonno XIAdult (m)6,3866912
pmHE7Bisnonna XIIAdult (f)6,9408633
EXu8jBisnonno XIII GardellaAdult (m)6,3359362
A8UrOBisnonna XIV GardellaAdult (f)6,5789102
wT5jhBisnonno XVAdult (m)5,2528072
xNh7hBisnonna XVIAdult (f)7,1736298
bdasWAlvise Tiepolo CBAdult (m)7,4556132
Ik1QoLucrezia Mocenigo CBAdult (f)6,5077921
IiJtGNonno I Leonardo PesaroAdult (m)5,5148335
hc6jXNonna II Chiara Maria VendraminAdult (f)5,9568882
Tcn0HNonno IIIAdult (m)5,8718802
jO96MNonna IVAdult (f)6,4397073
GmJqtNonno V GrantworthAdult (m)6,5506833
bDDEONonna VIAdult (f)5,4126842
G6YzHEustacia GardellaAdult (f)6,0086942
0xBcVNonno VII Renald GardellaAdult (m)6,5128103
ypR6JNonna VIIIAdult (f)6,5558913
lUCa3Cornelia TiepoloAdult (f)6,3908933
sWS3yMaria PesaroAdult (f)5,8681,0543
RXNrDNicolo' PesaroAdult (m)6,0981,0481
WhhUO(WhhUO)Adult (m)6,3401,0035
FuXckAntonio PesaroAdult (m)5,2391,27213
fgChWAdriana PesaroAdult (f)5,7386583
d4HWYFrancesco PesaroAdult (m)6,2816272
Op0PgElena PesaroAdult (f)5,1727022
dBzYrCornelia PesaroAdult (f)6,3456103
LnGCECaterina PesaroAdult (f)5,0696413
h4q1XGiovanni PesaroAdult (m)5,5086241
ydqYXPietro PesaroAdult (m)6,3259334
QcqdeSignora PesaroAdult (f)6,8035842
q0OhsHerbert GrantworthAdult (m)6,5455823
eSAbYMelisande GardellaAdult (f)5,9755652
1SZfsGiulia PesaroAdult (f)6,2125733
yPsgQMaximilian PesaroAdult (m)4,3316292
Ns8cAVictoria Grantworth GardellaAdult (f)6,5039661
daBxuStacia PesaroAdult (f)6,7826232
3p9yQJuliette PesaroAdult (f)5,3446181
YcklkLeonardo PesaroAdult (m)6,4186742
dZERV(dZERV)Adult (f)5,9226772
qYQ9r(qYQ9r)Hatchling (m, F)5,6917327
SES0L(SES0L)Hatchling (f, F)5,5728623
LYJHQ(LYJHQ)Adult (m)3,4078473
xOEXK(xOEXK)Adult (f)4,0249154
OUfAl(OUfAl)Adult (m)4,0949353
IeEeY(IeEeY)Adult (f)4,1257863
SZ35h(SZ35h)Adult (f)4,6208862
6vCfS(6vCfS)Adult (m)4,8688422
XoB7f(XoB7f)Adult (f)4,1307984
MKFHw(MKFHw)Adult (m)3,8591,0021
LMmbL(LMmbL)Adult (m)3,8669963
StKpABaleria CBAdult (f)4,7131,0531
OEZsfBalerion VI CBAdult (m)4,2329512
ne74jBiolumen CBAdult (m)5,1926552
8x12u(8x12u)Adult (m)6,5626032
x9Plm(x9Plm)Adult (m)5,3458311
sdPrY(sdPrY)Adult (f)3,6728002
Yyffz(Yyffz)Adult (m)6,3271,1885
cSx0l(cSx0l)Adult (f)3,9858852
j9r2e(j9r2e)Adult (m)4,0168102
toTD4Tealeef CBAdult (m)5,3999411
v0vFcLeah CBAdult (f)5,1129933
oxTAV(oxTAV)Adult (m)3,9248292
VHEdD(VHEdD)Adult (f)3,7568581
d5vtG(d5vtG)Adult (m)5,6041,1421
dYaZu(dYaZu)Adult (f)5,4541,0363
5kqMa(5kqMa)Adult (m)5,5926711
w3oAx(w3oAx)Adult (m)4,2648663
rC0vo(rC0vo)Adult (m)5,5831,1174
lLaU5(lLaU5)Adult (f)5,5681,1384
6jPeo(6jPeo)Adult (f)5,6731,1202
DOoDU(DOoDU)Adult (f)4,7329473
IBRqP(IBRqP)Adult (m)4,0628141
bDkAv(bDkAv)Adult (f)5,6041,1162
AMTLk(AMTLk)Adult (m)5,6051,1303
ApC4m(ApC4m)Adult (m)4,5218464
Od0iJamila CBAdult (f)4,6231,05714
fB1j(fB1j)Adult (m)4,4657541
tk7ctLala CBAdult (f)6,0118112
ZvnzK(ZvnzK)Adult (m)4,5849881
tswwn(tswwn)Adult (m)5,1501,1923
qZ1mV(qZ1mV)Adult (m)5,1411,1693
7WN1j(7WN1j)Adult (m)4,3247602
HC5St(HC5St)Adult (f)3,4418302
hzHOo(hzHOo)Adult (f)4,9601,1012
YHg3b(YHg3b)Adult (f)5,1321,1431
wHoNH(wHoNH)Adult (m)5,0521,0832
LmvkY(LmvkY)Adult (f)4,9421,1151
kFbaz(kFbaz)Adult (f)5,4129571
AOyTf(AOyTf)Adult (m)3,8021,1553
y93om(y93om)Adult (m)4,1968401
zzorj(zzorj)Adult (m)4,4989671
PtPqd(PtPqd)Adult (f)5,1426562
ae94M(ae94M)Adult (m)5,2826521
XsvtF(XsvtF)Adult (f)6,0815223
gRL1N(gRL1N)Adult (f)6,4055632
Oj4OkRowan Whitethorn CBAdult (m)2,2607354
Y5eAbDaenerys Dragonstone CBAdult (f)4,8108885
2YrZyAlessia XXIV CBAdult (f)5,4855821
p1xvt(p1xvt)Adult (m)6,1558881
9cjuR(9cjuR)Adult (m)6,5709222
wiMVq(wiMVq)Adult (m)6,3396712
5wgED(5wgED)Hatchling (f, F)5,4037512
4e1Kc(4e1Kc)Adult (f)4,0909051
Hz1yn(Hz1yn)Adult (m)4,0758631
1w40L(1w40L)Adult (m)4,4439943
C8Epr(C8Epr)Adult (f)4,7578291
6lfzY(6lfzY)Adult (f)3,1696623
4uSn1(4uSn1)Adult (f)4,1056824
dV2uo(dV2uo)Adult (m)3,9487611
MPCfA(MPCfA)Adult (f)3,9238672
sxgJXSmeraldo CBAdult (m)5,5017692
X7pP4Olafia CBAdult (f)4,5637931
gJkN4Polunga CBAdult (m)5,4026741
MY2RORosamunde CBAdult (f)4,4271,1168
1Fnue(1Fnue)Adult (m)4,4898282
keT7P(keT7P)Hatchling (f, F)4,8368375
KNaxsRubino CBAdult (m)4,0289892
WTZoqKerva CBAdult (f)3,4461,0111
Ddu7QLysandra CBAdult (f)6,2868011
bIoAsIbus CBAdult (m)6,1298243
xdImsPandora I CBAdult (f)6,3217432
AOWrJZaffiro CBAdult (m)2,7379283
qrOzxCiel Ciel CBAdult (f)5,3087961
gcgpHVaron CBAdult (m)7,3009282
7typI(7typI)Adult (f)5,5728613
9tSFs(9tSFs)Adult (f)4,5727673
WWUoKAberfort Silente 2genAdult (m)4,1897411
VEaJ5Quasa Arwens 2genAdult (f)5,2636641
0BwKPNamida LN 3genAdult (f)4,9316842
SfTBJElsabeth Silente 2genAdult (f)5,9145603
8f4ZRDamian Arwens 2genAdult (m)5,7611,2044
YgX23Quasimodo LN 3genAdult (m)5,1861,1865
B32NTotoro 3genHatchling (m, F)4,5035465
9G4J7Nemo CBAdult (m)4,4579592
2yzdd(2yzdd)Adult (m)6,5909363
ex5Zu(ex5Zu)Adult (m)4,3029151
9K1da(9K1da)Adult (f)5,0228671
MMHbe(MMHbe)Adult (m)5,0877471
FyRLN(FyRLN)Adult (m)5,6047370
EOCcL(EOCcL)Adult (f)3,9098271
9rcPy(9rcPy)Adult (m)4,1458221
Mp3BvSarephen CBAdult (m)5,2319554
iTA3yAelon CBAdult (f)4,5219072
3Joj9Rowan I CBAdult (m)4,1381,0462
HFrZqMab CBAdult (f)5,8447892
HkMCv(HkMCv)Adult (m)3,8808232
X64uHelios Apollo CBAdult (m)3,12471013
eWym0Glael CBAdult (f)5,5929003
sIusuOrlon CBAdult (m)5,2428852
YWYS5(YWYS5)Adult (m)6,3019622
7IjjK(7IjjK)Adult (m)4,5158712
bOZGs(bOZGs)Adult (m)3,8378654
674ca(674ca)Adult (m)4,1387825
CLXrO(CLXrO)Adult (f)3,9057782
RGu9yPascal CBHatchling (m, F)4,8588332
lijzgAtalaria CBAdult (f)6,6068551
jg28vIgors CBAdult (m)4,9127661
PMRIt(PMRIt)Adult (f)5,8786092
TzeOZ(TzeOZ)Adult (m)4,4509354
wNWrk(wNWrk)Adult (f)4,5248632
U64EB(U64EB)Adult (f)4,5698414
vtCQC(vtCQC)Adult (f)3,9278482
zjF6I(zjF6I)Adult (m)4,8319672
t7Zcd(t7Zcd)Adult (m)3,2708031
Q78WGNefertiti 5genAdult (f)5,3459253
N68BfEthan 4genAdult (m)5,8755353
5s7VsRoderic '6genAdult (m)6,3865943
m5kTcAugusto PB 2genAdult (m)7,6081,3363
xhOkrAurelia GoldiesAdult (f)4,5039592
9PeetRia CBAdult (f)4,7544861
uaymm(uaymm)Adult (f)4,0788271
2oDil(2oDil)Adult (f)4,0178291
INHkeJaekub CBAdult (m)2,7201,1561
kLfKoJuliett CBAdult (f)5,0747914
vEAJ3Tutankamon CBAdult (m)6,0397901
leXFkAurelia Mida CBAdult (f)6,0596171
CicUGAnthousa 'CBAdult (f)5,8701,0602
UilniTyrone 'CBAdult (m)5,5011,3695
VHSrZNicomedes 'CBAdult (m)4,3041,1962
9tXUNEzran 'CBAdult (m)6,4081,1238
ZxnSk(ZxnSk)Adult (f)5,7827143
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