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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Platinum Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2016 Halloween Event
  • 2014 Valentine’s Day
  • 2013 Valentine’s Day
  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
  • 2012 Halloween Event
  • 2012 Valentine’s Day
  • 2011 Holiday Event
  • 2011 Haunted House
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You pick up the scroll labeled “AlternateMew,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
0cf6P(0cf6P)Adult (f)1,6363714
vsIjF(vsIjF)Adult (f)2,9867246
XBYvm(XBYvm)Adult (m)2,8465824
EH124(EH124)Adult (f)2,8796215
r01Lo(r01Lo)Adult (f)3,4976525
O0lfR(O0lfR)Adult (m)15,2811,5826
6QaXd(6QaXd)Adult (f)3,7146687
hiIpv(hiIpv)Adult (m)3,7736755
1KvH5(1KvH5)Adult (f)3,1187497
qtkAL(qtkAL)Adult (f)2,5527770
nV34c(nV34c)Adult (f)2,5267860
UNXmv(UNXmv)Adult (f)2,4598031
q22h1(q22h1)Adult (f)2,4547930
FSDsc(FSDsc)Adult (m)2,5727740
zGHkx(zGHkx)Adult (f)2,5668040
0IvEi(0IvEi)Adult (f)2,8804091
KlgkX(KlgkX)Adult (m)2,7028531
esfKVMonagene FihorhotAdult (m)2,6788022
P1OYm(P1OYm)Adult (m)3,0864323
nlDOw(nlDOw)Adult (f)2,7394032
y30fXOlenveldHatchling (m, F)2,5033833
od0Gc(od0Gc)Adult (m)2,9674343
lz0P6(lz0P6)Adult (m)2,8864501
OM7MT(OM7MT)Adult (m)3,0884291
DmJCm(DmJCm)Adult (f)3,2114322
q0N1T(q0N1T)Adult (m)2,8624001
a3EpT(a3EpT)Adult (f)2,9234063
3TNiu(3TNiu)Adult (m)2,7103761
Perjw(Perjw)Adult (m)2,8558182
zqHeD(zqHeD)Adult (m)2,7447870
DboD3(DboD3)Adult (f)2,7937940
Lks3I(Lks3I)Adult (m)2,8343742
Au9ry(Au9ry)Adult (m)2,6783970
XU5XD(XU5XD)Adult (f)2,9254270
1SR5A(1SR5A)Adult (f)2,9904210
cOmsr(cOmsr)Adult (f)3,3984272
KoIatKolat ShuldoreAdult (f)3,8327839
UOJJC(UOJJC)Adult (f)4,0347819
yNhEC(yNhEC)Adult (f)2,4796832
NoUIl(NoUIl)Adult (m)2,5026842
XuUE5Jazrah should be PinkAdult (m)3,1255972
31RpL(31RpL)Adult (m)2,7696771
vJNXK(vJNXK)Adult (m)2,6366643
o4yMA(o4yMA)Adult (m)2,6636903
qMqHO(qMqHO)Adult (f)4,45197110
DWUJtLil' CheerHatchling (m, F)2,1886724
5FkUThe GameAdult (f)2,1147053
f9GclConditions SetszaHatchling (f, F)3,51084610
NfotLI don't wanna be a killerHatchling (m, F)1,5075945
SKt5You are cursed to have males lolHatchling (m, F)6,16485417
O5XeSWe do not just waste spaceHatchling (f, F)2,2287494
H6oJbAll us hatchies earn our placeHatchling (m, F)3,4141,12718
fI5CGAdults boast that they can breedHatchling (m, F)2,7259947
UkEf3We take notes for times of needHatchling (F)1,3216532
qei6cLeetle PaperHatchling (F)2,5288054
ijmurWe Do Not ForgiveHatchling (F)1,8974645
qRGYkBokoblin MintionAdult (m)3,7838307
viuMDNAME viuMD IAdult (f)4,1098493
O39UDF O39UD ShuldoreAdult (f)2,3377030
OMF0OF OMF0O ShuldoreAdult (f)6,2656060
4N4l2F 4N4l2 ShuldoreAdult (f)3,3136881
scT0fF scT0f ShuldoreAdult (f)3,0687105
80hJdF 80hJd ShuldoreAdult (f)2,3106470
UYDh6F UYDh6 ShuldoreAdult (f)1,9797100
ot8lkF ot8lk ShuldoreAdult (f)1,8897082
18csGF 18csG ShuldoreAdult (f)1,9827170
GHtKlF GHtKl ShuldoreAdult (f)2,0367250
R8vRCF R8vRC ShuldoreAdult (f)2,1246250
12HpmF 12Hpm ShuldoreAdult (f)2,5776715
tD9B8F tD9B8 ShuldoreAdult (f)2,8327215
9T2MpF 9T2Mp ShuldoreAdult (f)2,8106310
qrH90F qrH90 ShuldoreAdult (f)2,0275800
TdA4fM TdA4f ShuldoreAdult (m)3,5327543
JhJ6gNAME JhJ6g IAdult (m)3,1418955
ladXSM Mintion BAdult (m)2,7559085
jERZXM jERZX ShuldoreAdult (m)2,3627044
UK2GjM UK2Gj ShuldoreAdult (m)2,5216315
hX7Jgm hX7Jg ShuldoreAdult (m)2,8677022
NvKrOM NvKrO ShuldoreAdult (m)2,2735105
UqKczUqKcz ShuldoreAdult (m)1,3356582
rHkY6rHkY6 ShuldoreAdult (f)1,5607473
AGkbPAGkbP ShuldoreAdult (f)1,5356962
AwqxVAwqxV ShuldoreAdult (m)1,1746082
8yTWI8yTWI ShuldoreAdult (m)1,2466591
iTCs0iTCs0 ShuldoreAdult (m)2,2318021
cpDZrcpDZr ShuldoreAdult (m)2,3629130
q7fIAq7fIA ShuldoreAdult (m)2,2838831
JKD4tJKD4t ShuldoreAdult (f)2,3268940
91DwE91DwE ShuldoreAdult (f)2,2866211
fcAR2Gen I MintionsHatchling (F)1,0804625
mOobsMoblin Mintion IAdult (m)2,4218521
FOfueFurnix Mintion IAdult (f)2,1136875
aI11NSheargrub Mintion IAdult (m)1,9816782
UI1bAPikmin Mintion IAdult (f)2,1458282
9EGZEBuzz Bomber Mintion IAdult (m)2,8539366
mYLveMotobug Mintion IAdult (f)2,1437782
TDSEAKlaptrap Mintion IAdult (m)3,0487657
bDDgjKremling Mintion IAdult (f)2,2976606
Ue6XXTrowlon Mintion IAdult (m)3,7787546
jNv37Auroros Mintion IAdult (f)2,2677323
6JIGSAnenome Mintion IAdult (m)3,5367486
rrFoSnorkel Snake Mintion IAdult (f)2,3167384
N8sDWMinion Mintion IAdult (m)1,9217124
jCosrBurrowing Snarget Mintion IAdult (f)2,3048897
ULH0LTerritorial Oak Mintion IAdult (m)2,6918214
VlAk0Lil' UFO Mintion IAdult (f)2,8309632
12YYRoly-Poly Mintion IAdult (m)5,9701,19812
0XSXBox Boxer Mintion IAdult (f)4,7939252
sENSDry Bones Mintion IAdult (m)2,8818463
EL3aElectro-Koopa Mintion IAdult (f)4,1331,04313
KIdISir Kibble Mintion IAdult (m)3,2076807
cfHWGaw Gaw Mintion IAdult (f)4,5661,1984
3hNOEeno Mintion IAdult (m)2,8478789
lTAtLizalfos Mintion IAdult (f)5,8081,15015
ab3RSoldier Mintion IAdult (m)2,5397935
ZENRZebon Mintion IAdult (f)3,5991,0449
OrHRFEeleye Mintion IAdult (m)2,9777627
LnmvMook Mintion IAdult (f)2,4447468
i40SMinos Mintion IAdult (m)1,8675743
EGYYEgg Plant Wizard Mintion IAdult (f)4,9168986
GNKPGolden Tektite Mintion IAdult (m)2,5507616
KrvRKarakoro Mintion IAdult (f)5,4551,2944
FPmDQBubble Bat Mintion IAdult (m)4,4525343
dDYg1Tackle Fire Mintion IAdult (f)2,1996422
9JiNDWaddle Doo Mintion IAdult (m)1,9476930
qi224Waddle Dee Mintion IAdult (f)3,2288615
13HafWyvern Rider Mintion IAdult (f)1,9837881
EnGSoPegasus Rider Mintion IAdult (m)2,8828672
htRJdGabyoall Mintion IAdult (m)2,4999266
CGLMaMetool Mintion IAdult (f)3,3668056
hsROEOwtch Mintion IAdult (m)2,8288612
DC98DEvir Mintion IAdult (f)1,9617320
5un0LZubat Mintion  IAdult (m)2,3918953
An0q1Tentacool Mintion IAdult (f)1,8797111
3slnc3slnc Mintion IAdult (m)1,9297260
ov5ckov5ck Mintion IAdult (f)2,2486241
JIQ0kJIQ0k Mintion IAdult (m)1,9866850
KUKJ9KUKJ9 Mintion IAdult (f)2,1845972
LOrJBLOrJB Shuldore IAdult (m)3,9817722
rQQ5WNAME rQQ5W ShuldoreAdult (f)1,8186430
cQOU7Wall Master MintionAdult (m)2,2606160
tJKJEFloor Master MintionAdult (f)1,8417174
Y9nKEFireflea MintionAdult (m)2,3347261
UQtTnFune MintionAdult (f)3,3508905
T3m87Topi MintionAdult (m)2,0566417
nfFacKeron MintionAdult (f)1,9417884
MrA3Mr I MintionAdult (m)3,0578395
kiLvLakitu MintionAdult (f)3,0688657
MLKHaNAME MLKHa ShuldoreAdult (m)2,5956344
EJ8H2NAME EJ8H2 ShuldoreAdult (f)2,4467621
Io84CNAME Mintion ShuldoreAdult (m)2,9407922
DC4OiNAME DC4Oi ShuldoreAdult (f)7,5169710
OUMOBOUMOB ShuldoreAdult (f)1,4276831
bOnGbGen II MintionsHatchling (f, F)2,8055223
RsXsiKargaroc MintionAdult (m)2,4728954
YSVHnHoney Wisp MintionAdult (f)2,2777203
57mFDChopper MintionAdult (m)2,1617052
3degNZinger MintionAdult (f)2,4898952
ZERr7Greap MintionAdult (m)2,7847932
SDi6jComBat MintionAdult (f)3,0878385
MUuCKWollywog MintionAdult (m)2,0858282
ChHrTMighty Bear MintionAdult (f)2,0027942
UJPrPoppy Bro Mintion JrAdult (m)5,7991,0879
WOr2HParatroopa MintionAdult (f)2,7146845
DCutReaper MintionAdult (m)4,40678711
CBCbChuChu MintionAdult (f)5,5281,09213
FGnIHBlipper MintionAdult (m)3,5968474
kTAUbKobil MintionAdult (f)3,3308584
XWmtKomayto MintionAdult (m)1,9416267
7amesKeese MintionAdult (f)2,1066974
1nv5WCrazy Razy MintionAdult (m)1,8996873
ukPY9Scarfy MintionAdult (f)2,5907655
gmiXPKnight MintonAdult (m)5,6041,0643
CI4l9Peng MintionAdult (f)5,7111,0617
dkKOqZoomer MintionAdult (m)3,5757874
gIfCTPidgey MintionAdult (f)1,9006666
1lYrB1lYrB Deux MinntionAdult (m)2,8646802
gUKtkgUKtk Deux MintionAdult (f)2,8416662
XTSkgNAME XTSkgAdult (m)3,9548131
XdFoELike-Like MintionAdult (f)2,6147594
56Ab8Girin MintionAdult (m)2,3837825
ZPg3KSpiny MintionAdult (f)2,6697536
tJmBlMella MintionAdult (m)2,6158222
rWIRqNAME rWIRq IIAdult (f)2,5475923
WDZ6DNAME WDZ6D IIAdult (m)2,8126144
i9TCENAME i9TCE IIAdult (m)1,9395572
rFDnYGen III MintionsHatchling (m, F)2,5709144
kZe3LSwooping Snitchbug MintionAdult (m)3,1129105
GW8CeNewtron MintionAdult (f)3,0398962
cRsvjShaydas MintionAdult (m)3,0618832
bOertNew Age Retro Hippie MintionAdult (f)3,1509275
RVAlLKoopa Troopa MintionAdult (m)3,3939215
XL1dkBubble MintionAdult (f)3,2609031
JEkSdWalky MintionAdult (m)2,8647506
ikA0GDaphne MintionAdult (f)2,6888473
cPZknMumbie MintionAdult (m)3,3316644
EUIciPaladin MintionAdult (f)1,9556825
vXGQBGeemer MintionAdult (m)3,3286634
V1FVLTrouser MintionAdult (f)2,7858402
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