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You pick up the scroll labeled “seep5,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
PqJAMChry to the Moon- CBAdult (f)2,5991,0392
wTktfHychion Lanteis - 2gAdult (m)2,9939354
ZGdjkAlbina Missourie - NBAdult (f)3,6571,16117
V8IARValsar - NBAdult (f)4,3628816
eBnyDEbina - StrfailAdult (f)2,3586300
TGYg6Bones - EVAdult (m)2,6534891
pvUO1Faergore - 2g PBAdult (f)2,1445741
U715dScream at Me - NBAdult (m)3,0036741
2Zs70Na I OH K - CBAdult (m)2,5987021
XrUa7(XrUa7)Adult (f)2,1327035
hH36p(hH36p)Adult (f)2,7816221
yw1gECool Mint Breathalyzer - CBAdult (m)2,0606240
lfEmWFemmerald - CBAdult (f)2,3546801
fz5TqFitzaerld - CBAdult (f)2,3007040
bKeS3Limperet - CBAdult (m)2,5607101
XaJdtMarperet - 2gAdult (m)2,3347032
YaxgtEsmere - CBAdult (f)2,0117100
C8WM7(C8WM7)Adult (f)2,2077020
JV0ZdBecause of yoooouuu - CBAdult (m)2,7748702
PLO7NPumpkin Face - CBAdult (m)2,5948661
TVd0qIris Face - CBAdult (f)1,9176900
R8KqZWhy - CBAdult (m)1,6636511
hrHvkBirdman - CBAdult (m)2,0867041
mc9EUAnafae - CBAdult (f)2,0255201
dzLE1Sina - CBAdult (m)2,1185860
S0vzZSovi - 2gAdult (f)2,0575213
Zn7V9(Zn7V9)Adult (m)2,8707052
07RNKTHINK PINK - CBAdult (f)1,8796082
bsbN7DRINK PINK - CBAdult (f)2,3505803
vrAaBPINK PINK - 2gAdult (f)2,4355323
lKBHr(lKBHr)Adult (f)2,6096161
GassDDance of the Monarchs- CBAdult (f)2,0219443
0qBsiDance of the Matriarchs- CBAdult (f)1,9969391
9NYsc(9NYsc)Adult (m)2,0507921
GJYNyOnce in a Aoi Moon - CBAdult (f)2,7696991
WOjSRViolet Ice - CBAdult (m)2,4917112
fSMs6(fSMs6)Adult (m)3,1477063
h2SrBPleaosaur - CBAdult (f)2,0667090
DMEWz(DMEWz)Hatchling (m, F)2,7157763
9JTyDRegaellia - CBAdult (m)2,5357010
OR5DZFukamae - CBAdult (f)2,7407063
nUhBX(nUhBX)Adult (m)2,1567062
O5ANUHanu Hau Anu - NBAdult (f)2,0996431
9XtakSkipper - CBAdult (f)3,8691,2094
XVMyESkipee - CBAdult (m)4,3151,2771
H2NL5Tiger Eye - EVAdult (m)2,3866140
cGmYiFrolic In The Darkness -  UnBAdult (f)5,0391,3754
BrpNZHaunt The Dreamers - UnBAdult (m)5,6001,4876
9Qj6cDark Dancer - TinFail-PenkAdult (f)6,1501,3779
bY7UlLeap of Faith - UnBAdult (f)2,5279491
x0J1BCloaked- 2nd gen PBAdult (f)2,1399661
9dFuDLuk- CBAdult (m)2,2799702
KV9XyNightmare - CBAdult (f)1,5927292
ZsQ8IChaos - UnBAdult (m)2,2007391
OJrMxFrolick - 2nd gen x WhiteAdult (f)2,5589651
ajWFyBlack Gold - 2nd gen PBAdult (m)5,9101,0883
EFAMlSin City's Mascot - TinselkinAdult (f)4,8351,3154
1pl1BDear Me I'm Terribly Late - CBAdult (m)2,5029851
AIsYwAnother - CBAdult (m)2,5238091
cNVeqThe Devil's Legacy - 2g PBAdult (m)3,4171,0823
Z75Z0Even Curses Bring Blessings - CBAdult (f)2,7759782
g4rpfBlackadder's Legacy - 2g PBAdult (m)1,8187101
xp7JrCole Coal - 2g PBAdult (m)3,2881,0643
RKSaJNO PLEASE WAIT - 2g blc x vineAdult (m)2,4957862
xJxoo(xJxoo)Adult (m)4,9151,4041
lSoO8Taciturn Horrors - ev deathlinAdult (f)2,3247032
VOiwSBorn Alone Die Alone - CBAdult (m)3,3689471
v8WIdVated Killer - ev x iceAdult (f)2,3721,0093
jNudy(jNudy)Adult (m)2,4756591
zxuyeDark Mushu - CBAdult (m)3,6177492
dQ4S4(dQ4S4)Adult (f)2,1727061
5AZXB(5AZXB)Adult (m)2,5107400
jFqiq(jFqiq)Hatchling (F)2,6565924
FAqTC(FAqTC)Hatchling (m, F)2,2018332
QMf8W(QMf8W)Hatchling (F)2,2631572
3IZcJ(3IZcJ)Hatchling (F)3,5704142
dU78j(dU78j)Hatchling (f, F)18,3171,5919
Eol6JMidnight - TinFailHatchling (F)2,0933042
McyUo(McyUo)Hatchling (F)2,3353162
unX2yFilwipsen SpoonHatchling (m, F)2,3597752
yNEpZBatman - EvGen-SprAlt-DorkfaceAdult (m)1,7977352
DEcT1Deceit - EvGenAdult (f)4,2021,3493
3pIG5Doomsday - EvGenAdult (m)4,1811,3222
uCKt5(uCKt5)Adult (m)4,3851,3730
TTUa8I Can't Wait To Die - str x grwiAdult (f)3,5601,2463
6ASzJTo Kill A Raven - PB EGAdult (f)3,5651,2334
xAPUFMarrow Me - IQAdult (m)1,9755640
JziIqCalling Death at 3am - uestarAdult (f)2,0245950
2TH8MPossessed - CBAdult (f)4,2611,2811
E4BvfSammy Sammy - CBAdult (m)4,2291,2930
uBBvvI Like My Tea Strong - CBAdult (m)3,2699800
e6L3oEllo - CBAdult (m)3,3369920
92QDPPlease To Please Ya Mona Lisa CBAdult (m)5,0871,3501
bmWlcBritish Obsession - CBAdult (f)3,8151,0242
Bm2DnUnderneath I'm a Mess - UNBAdult (f)3,2805611
F1QYNHilltop's Grey Tears - 2g PBAdult (m)2,6465741
zoozW(zoozW)Adult (m)2,6266023
3BsAuAbu - CBAdult (f)2,7015894
Kvn9dCakniving - CBAdult (f)2,4716012
lNXDx(lNXDx)Adult (m)3,0007081
Bk8O2Little Cyber BugHatchling (F)1,5954792
QBMzc(QBMzc)Adult (m)2,0817030
MukvP(MukvP)Adult (m)2,3037030
P7CrIJonathan Livingston Seagull - CBAdult (m)4,1231,2643
Ut9x0Am I A Seagull - CBAdult (m)4,2371,2370
TMsSNSeagull - UnBAdult (m)3,3799903
VZcuJI Think The World Is A SeagullAdult (m)3,5491,1361
DrCAII Think Therefore I SeagullAdult (f)3,7268774
vJbDfI Seagull Therefore I SeagulledAdult (f)2,2747020
VleL3The Vampires Love Me - CBAdult (f)4,9321,2452
tInVlViolent Moonlight - CBAdult (f)3,8691,2121
AQV5vHarpsey - CBAdult (f)4,2591,3141
rdHPTFear Me And The Tides - CBAdult (m)4,7841,2991
kvPudK Pu - CBAdult (m)4,7901,2531
luGjTMidas Untouched - 2g x goldAdult (f)2,8218391
SpgfhSpiffed - CBAdult (m)1,8065942
Sjqo8Oops - UnBAdult (f)2,3046547
I9au7(I9au7)Adult (m)2,7296910
ORpRE(ORpRE)Adult (m)2,0847060
htLAx(htLAx)Adult (m)9636314
NX0kHNox TiousAdult (m)2,3238593
j0fYn(j0fYn)Adult (f)2,4047020
8kwHGBrilliance- 2nd gen PBAdult (f)2,3131,0193
sPbVPShe Sang - Silver x Blue CheLinAdult (f)4,4357643
HPvcsSea Flames - CBAdult (m)3,5771,2946
dmNaRPacific Plunders - CBAdult (m)2,9279707
Shal2Vibrance - CBAdult (f)3,6849389
uD2BiHello - Goodbye - CBAdult (m)4,8339005
0GlmBThe Summary Of Life - CBAdult (f)5,3819613
QMYjrSingsong - 2g pbAdult (m)2,8957466
IztNJMali - CBAdult (m)4,2339977
jlyPMBleu Brine - CBAdult (m)3,9457403
PSOAr(PSOAr)Adult (m)2,0175250
5AtQk(5AtQk)Adult (m)2,0855311
XJaWh(XJaWh)Adult (m)2,2295382
qVxBM(qVxBM)Adult (m)2,7766192
LTDQ3(LTDQ3)Adult (m)2,7207071
Wqrf5(Wqrf5)Adult (f)2,3407071
Rh0wk(Rh0wk)Adult (f)1,9648011
K74vN(K74vN)Adult (f)1,8057701
lCF9qTropica - UnBAdult (m)3,4691,2772
jVSuYAscending Please Wait - UnBAdult (f)3,3661,1311
l5UMdParadise - CBAdult (m)2,6568931
yNded(yNded)Adult (f)3,3898664
LpxEPDon't Mess With Me - UnBAdult (f)3,3769964
FqshRI Wish I Was A Fish - CBAdult (m)4,9941,2661
aB72W(aB72W)Adult (m)6,0381,1581
DrAex(DrAex)Adult (m)3,1281,0092
7mIuoNebuchadnezzar's FateAdult (f)5,2371,2579
9F7LzHoytar VinegrritAdult (f)5,2789465
LzfJr(LzfJr)Adult (m)5,2871,4008
Ahsiu(Ahsiu)Adult (f)2,7227761
94tqf(94tqf)Adult (f)4,2617130
hQEKo(hQEKo)Adult (m)3,6787512
bItDV(bItDV)Adult (m)3,1497044
g7SVPBrute Force - CBAdult (f)2,4399551
vyF3DBrute Strength - CBAdult (m)2,4179771
vO6l4Darkness BloodnetAdult (m)4,5281,1954
yYoDwSendierri - CBAdult (m)1,8465522
19Ioq(19Ioq)Adult (m)3,0557062
rjykWRio De No - CBAdult (m)1,8227551
WWnHpRio De Nada - CBAdult (f)4,0841,2510
nIQgk(nIQgk)Adult (f)2,1245211
W4cPH(W4cPH)Adult (m)3,1027870
WFk7a(WFk7a)Adult (f)2,9696061
jyA2GBlidnek - CBAdult (f)2,2958781
OMOt5Insolence - CBAdult (m)2,9918864
3dZQoSore Throat - CBAdult (m)4,4731,3311
FfdMzBurning AmberiAdult (f)2,3758841
DTTzBAntriteAdult (m)2,3938861
tZSBISinmietAdult (f)2,7877843
i9jeV(i9jeV)Adult (f)2,2927033
9AGjEPaige LinAdult (m)3,2849173
N0WL7(N0WL7)Adult (f)2,6028361
TR068(TR068)Adult (f)2,8095963
Hr9AG(Hr9AG)Adult (f)2,5197030
UVDevA Devil's Ransom - 2g PBAdult (m)3,9641,2801
u19rKDemon Avenger - 2g x MagiAdult (f)4,2391,3102
yRykS(yRykS)Adult (m)4,9851,5315
xLcUQ(xLcUQ)Adult (m)1,8065470
IFTCj(IFTCj)Adult (m)2,1266130
q4YMK(q4YMK)Adult (f)2,61053211
ndWpJ(ndWpJ)Adult (m)2,0685680
iz6JJ(iz6JJ)Adult (f)2,7775573
jsIid(jsIid)Adult (f)2,1185591
lBX2H(lBX2H)Adult (m)2,2137010
gLfHi(gLfHi)Hatchling (F)3,2221,0679
Bdzj0Wave Maker- CBAdult (m)1,8367520
ToSd4Tsu Me - CBAdult (m)3,0574651
Z5oh4CoatallAdult (f)3,0359313
MWzLG(MWzLG)Adult (m)2,2006940
TUSpZ(TUSpZ)Adult (m)2,7715171
jOX5iDon't Rock The Boat - UnBHatchling (m, F)2,7799651
rH5vPumpkins-SpLinAdult (m)2,3256951
Og7LWPale Innocence-CBAdult (f)3,4021,1101
pbWkePylferer-CBAdult (m)3,4281,1321
0YkEgFiressa-CBAdult (f)3,3438617
8jJpuSmal-SpLinAdult (m)4,0791,2293
L7AXMCriolla-SpLinAdult (f)3,1551,0040
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