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You pick up the scroll labeled “seep5,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
UZYJx(UZYJx)Adult (f)2,6665974
tuUje(tuUje)Adult (f)3,4027902
5jyve(5jyve)Adult (f)4,1128161
CrgQv(CrgQv)Adult (f)2,2457062
OLJrkShio no Keiji - CBAdult (f)2,1968621
spvW8Jiki Nami - CBAdult (m)2,1988291
S822XTsuyakeshi Garasu - CBAdult (f)2,1968491
EeGWXZaii Shio - CBAdult (f)2,2439081
TEXBDSir Instantaneous - CBAdult (m)3,4721,1715
xGEVS(xGEVS)Adult (m)2,8439641
CsKuv(CsKuv)Adult (m)2,3177130
aNOZs(aNOZs)Adult (f)3,4578201
N2GGw(N2GGw)Adult (m)3,2089982
6IVgJ(6IVgJ)Adult (m)1,9057083
m6RuOMorning- NBAdult (f)2,1007962
uWQgLThe Gloriest of the Glory - 3EvGAdult (m)3,5141,2994
r8ORcCatch Yourself-PB 2nd genAdult (m)3,3431,1331
MegptCalmed-PB 2nd genAdult (f)3,1701,0431
y0bRMFlaunticus Narcissus - 2g PBAdult (f)2,5858101
Ejlp6Elli - 2g PBAdult (f)2,6838202
CHXqxAugustah - 2g PBAdult (m)2,6287870
ysbGYHouse of Augusta - 2g PBAdult (m)2,7428110
9GIGR(9GIGR)Adult (m)2,7108041
rCNcB(rCNcB)Adult (m)4,0047941
3AJFI(3AJFI)Adult (m)2,5965121
vprDVi am here but you're not-UNHatchling (m, F)2,2458622
6tfAIRiches Death and Song - EvGenAdult (m)3,3778194
PZPGxRanzatsuna Gorudo - UnBAdult (f)2,6599174
XgOqCScentana dey la RosailiaAdult (f)2,9497666
6zMgMLadiala - 2g PBAdult (m)3,2749688
PDXOcThe First Is Frozen-UNHatchling (F)1,2915711
oNxikDelible DelinquintHatchling (m, F)1,9528884
LAVJGGoldin Horned- SpLinAdult (m)3,2201,0513
2rEocGolden Horned-CBAdult (f)3,2101,0221
mKPa1Goldenpearl's Flop - ShimmerfailAdult (m)1,1735852
h0iAR(h0iAR)Adult (m)2,3337921
XOPt1XomenionAdult (f)3,7531,0453
yDDApRise of the Regal - CBAdult (m)1,7307403
IP4cqSomewhat Distorted - 2g x pinkAdult (m)1,8557431
pSzoYSprawin - 3g EvGAdult (f)2,6267973
wHq76Mistakes Were Made - UnBAdult (f)2,0268160
GFJ6SLiquid Gold - CBAdult (m)2,2907244
fKWY1Ransom For A King - CBAdult (m)4,0441,2816
HaRBx(HaRBx)Adult (m)3,1059901
8j1xM(8j1xM)Adult (m)2,1266292
MUNpmMunpAdult (m)2,8456011
qmHpf(qmHpf)Adult (f)2,1877031
7UWw7(7UWw7)Adult (f)2,5237051
2Rw3nErwin the Shiny - CBAdult (f)3,2437862
5wtcrBlazing Souls -CBAdult (f)2,2909710
BF0Ch(BF0Ch)Adult (m)2,2581,0030
SdNJs(SdNJs)Adult (f)2,2649733
eYLr0(eYLr0)Adult (m)2,2799910
7oJFe(7oJFe)Adult (f)1,7005220
4jgsO(4jgsO)Hatchling (F)2,0158143
qsA49(qsA49)Adult (m)4,2281,1905
7GBKx(7GBKx)Adult (f)1,5805342
yzcMJ(yzcMJ)Adult (f)2,2347251
mK9O6(mK9O6)Adult (f)2,2027171
lVPZV(lVPZV)Adult (m)1,9235762
2fvd3(2fvd3)Adult (f)2,3735391
uIk0j(uIk0j)Adult (f)2,5856891
oTNMOdinian - UNAdult (m)5,3281,2352
f3X00Odina - UNAdult (f)3,0911,0085
vg9QxSymbolic-CBAdult (f)2,8021,0305
i1WhmPrevailance - CBAdult (m)3,7821,1096
6FUKb(6FUKb)Adult (m)3,4321,0915
M4l3q(M4l3q)Adult (m)2,6278853
HifE3(HifE3)Adult (m)3,0727432
oQUbQ(oQUbQ)Adult (m)2,4668110
8JD0Y(8JD0Y)Adult (m)2,2765092
a1QyB(a1QyB)Adult (f)2,8266693
M91Mh(M91Mh)Adult (f)3,0177041
F70Nb(F70Nb)Adult (f)2,8837082
fWd9A(fWd9A)Hatchling (F)1,5256571
Oq0cm(Oq0cm)Hatchling (f, F)2,4119421
CpxHj(CpxHj)Hatchling (F)9501217
yGJDRAlmighty Fortune Holder - 2gAdult (m)3,8581,1162
GfWwzFochun IchiAdult (m)3,9671,0732
1uih5Tristis AngelumAdult (m)3,4991,0003
vXyhO(vXyhO)Adult (m)3,5449122
teSG5HellooooooooooooAdult (f)6,6091,27911
tTdVyGoodbyyyyyeAdult (m)6,5171,2494
EAJ6B(EAJ6B)Adult (f)5,8468846
aY7SeAgent Shield  - UNAdult (m)2,6981,0231
2DDjsGaurdian  - CBAdult (f)3,4961,0467
6psmy4 - related to dead CB TinselAdult (m)1,6096503
azee2Silvesteine - 2g x SilverAdult (f)1,6006653
FBocV(FBocV)Adult (f)2,3038181
zidxkGardaya - UnBAdult (m)2,1688432
TzcrX(TzcrX)Adult (m)2,5978762
1jLYl(1jLYl)Adult (f)3,2036412
DdT09(DdT09)Adult (f)2,4555692
LfPOt(LfPOt)Adult (f)2,6065782
YO5RmBehold all the Legends are TrueAdult (m)3,2051,2232
k8MDuAzarath Metrion ZynthosAdult (f)4,6619335
H5VY8Plentiful-CBAdult (f)2,9261,0523
MJ10KYou're Welcome - CBAdult (f)2,1956695
t8TdmA Skull For A Pumpkin Patch - CBAdult (f)2,6598561
dzJTuBlessings Require Payment - CBAdult (m)4,3111,2430
6yUWRA Prayer For A Corn Field - CBAdult (f)3,2931,1975
KSxyM(KSxyM)Adult (m)2,0625374
7za5l(7za5l)Adult (f)3,0528562
vvE6F(vvE6F)Adult (f)2,3517030
DJTav(DJTav)Adult (m)3,1848453
8rYag(8rYag)Adult (m)2,4304951
XbTvY(XbTvY)Adult (f)2,9585763
wFeBZ(wFeBZ)Adult (f)3,1245591
wOuS7(wOuS7)Adult (m)2,7115922
yxqYz(yxqYz)Adult (m)2,4985362
6vXR3(6vXR3)Adult (f)2,1185261
AWZs1(AWZs1)Adult (f)2,5025181
59TKH(59TKH)Adult (m)2,6775771
lh5SKValentine Seeker-SpLinAdult (m)1,9969462
UZtIz(UZtIz)Adult (m)2,7669257
kYNAIKyinaAdult (f)3,1939803
lBCYQ(lBCYQ)Adult (f)3,1729311
qC61iBrimstone Choker- NBAdult (m)2,4418981
NTjxCMore Mistakes - UnBAdult (m)1,9967070
EeSbUPurgatory Burns Cold Too - 2g PBAdult (f)2,1287181
z1fe7Lucifer's Angel - 2g PBAdult (f)2,1796233
V17WUWe Collapsed And Burnt - CBAdult (m)2,3399125
FVNTLThe Wailing Code - CBAdult (f)2,4627902
jmGKH(jmGKH)Adult (f)3,8489651
L8Tvr(L8Tvr)Adult (m)2,7857991
Wib3Z(Wib3Z)Adult (m)3,6868483
3mFox(3mFox)Adult (f)4,9371,0425
4bE53(4bE53)Adult (f)2,5925123
STQZB(STQZB)Adult (m)2,1446511
LMEvQ(LMEvQ)Adult (m)2,4465151
PdICz(PdICz)Adult (f)2,2975113
KfbTu(KfbTu)Adult (f)2,7035161
JVLhM(JVLhM)Adult (f)1,8535851
1qTf6(1qTf6)Adult (f)2,1396160
fGN62(fGN62)Adult (f)2,0255540
GlmXP(GlmXP)Adult (f)3,1147031
ihLWsRebel's Flames - UnbAdult (f)1,5225662
5RsBiApocalypse Walker - 2gAdult (f)2,2158102
fv8iIScreaming Innocents - 2gAdult (f)2,1838003
muewPThe Wailing Reaper - 2gAdult (m)1,7205181
DRYUe(DRYUe)Adult (m)3,6878943
4J295(4J295)Adult (m)2,9045864
o4oXDPeppermint Bark - 3rd g x WhiteAdult (m)2,6171,1302
vk1iOWho Thought Of This DisgraceAdult (m)2,4271,0881
4WFhJ(4WFhJ)Adult (m)2,5298921
NrfL5Wings of Gold-3rd Gen SpLinAdult (f)4,8511,4719
Tfdk8Golden Winged- SpLin5th gen DorkAdult (f)2,5381,1092
aK1ELEnchanter - 2nd gen x whiteAdult (f)4,6341,5383
AU8LNRibbons A Plenty - 2gAdult (f)4,4891,5192
a2sng(a2sng)Adult (f)2,6038980
OV89KTinseled Out- CBAdult (m)2,4721,0740
lhi7cGuard the Tree- CBAdult (m)2,4051,0920
sb9dLAncient Ho Ho Ho - 2gAdult (m)2,5268580
n5p96(n5p96)Adult (f)2,6079091
yJBm7(yJBm7)Adult (f)2,5078924
zc6dD(zc6dD)Adult (f)2,4819060
ZRowWBloodbath - CBAdult (m)4,2741,0734
KrRyL(KrRyL)Adult (f)2,2367252
947mWBloodsoaked - CBAdult (m)2,3387272
gsZNf(gsZNf)Adult (f)2,4157331
UiwgMKetsueki - CBAdult (m)2,3255634
QTCtRChishio - CBAdult (m)2,3466391
0CvVd(0CvVd)Adult (f)2,5087060
l2CgURebellion-CBAdult (m)2,2898472
uNz5yDark Horse - TinFailAdult (m)1,9055585
yMi29Midnightmare - CBAdult (f)4,0191,2544
xAYbXI Only EverAdult (m)2,0107052
Y4A2n(Y4A2n)Adult (m)2,2596832
4BYZc(4BYZc)Adult (f)3,0047052
91dVEHiddenn-UNHatchling (m, F)2,6281,0044
JdxbVYosei Yuyake - CBAdult (f)2,2198832
dblGIFuji Yuyake - CBAdult (m)2,1308581
l30nUBloody Hurting LipsAdult (m)2,3358490
OLlZm(OLlZm)Adult (f)3,4698503
6LzwL(6LzwL)Adult (m)3,6119251
yIALV(yIALV)Adult (m)2,5307022
VZguFIcy Wynters- 2nd gen PBAdult (m)2,4911,0633
8eQEsThe King of Nothing- NBAdult (m)1,79882925
B3Zr6Ice Queen- CBAdult (f)2,0529003
ll5XVIce Sickle- 3rd gen PBAdult (f)1,5797032
jgnTSThe End- TinFailAdult (m)1,7987081
JxGpXLady Freeze Unfortunance - 3gAdult (f)3,0957894
o5RvwWinter Wynters - 3rd genAdult (m)2,9939805
Xf774(Xf774)Adult (m)4,3821,0991
GPjFH(GPjFH)Adult (f)2,4796251
CuUJhA Tiered Hierarchy - CBAdult (m)4,0891,2281
LRBbeImperialization - UnBAdult (m)3,2559551
Oun3cThe Imperial Empress - CBAdult (f)3,3931,1382
UblnV(UblnV)Adult (f)2,4456300
gXDCP(gXDCP)Adult (f)1,8205520
zZKBg(zZKBg)Adult (f)1,7046260
TLlmD(TLlmD)Adult (m)2,3536721
SZMbr(SZMbr)Adult (m)2,1967091
QUFe3(QUFe3)Adult (m)2,2497060
Bbwy2(Bbwy2)Adult (f)2,3717030
hn5hY(hn5hY)Adult (m)2,4587021
Z0suW(Z0suW)Adult (m)2,5667041
QcpAf(QcpAf)Adult (m)2,8077020
fph2R(fph2R)Adult (m)1,7157451
Rk21Y(Rk21Y)Adult (m)2,9826441
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