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You pick up the scroll labeled “seep5,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
nBZbCPale Regalty-CBAdult (m)2,6011,0452
1ZUnYPale Beauty-CBAdult (f)3,8801,1881
DKgFiSomebody Told Me - 2g PBAdult (f)2,1296672
mHy58Little Honey Bee - CBAdult (m)1,6827782
cUpa6(cUpa6)Adult (f)4,7231,3244
D6rjZ(D6rjZ)Adult (f)2,3886901
qSAnySamantha von TrillestAdult (m)2,3086961
kLCiy(kLCiy)Adult (m)2,4337100
kitkd(kitkd)Adult (m)3,4067524
dB1dT(dB1dT)Adult (m)2,3496091
RW0I2(RW0I2)Adult (m)2,3967021
qKM6k(qKM6k)Adult (m)1,8087301
nkg6K(nkg6K)Hatchling (F)1,2117255
DRDsv(DRDsv)Hatchling (F)1,4486242
xntQW(xntQW)Adult (f)3,7881,0836
diig1Hallowed  Metal - 2ndgenAdult (f)3,4508477
1m0nUThe Gravest of Errors - 2nd g xAdult (f)3,0181,0356
TEiCtThe Wonder Vein - CBAdult (f)3,5261,0413
Ek9XJFemme Copper - CBAdult (f)2,4027021
FOxScFoxxxy - CBAdult (m)3,5737833
CbQ5XCorrosion - 2nd genAdult (f)3,1097846
Gu20G(Gu20G)Adult (f)1,9746644
5dp2A(5dp2A)Adult (m)3,2509137
fnDXPaper Lanterns - CBAdult (f)2,9548975
1KMgChinese New Year - 2gAdult (f)2,9951,1403
h014iSparks - CBAdult (m)3,4351,1211
JFjLcCJ Holertitan - CBAdult (f)3,4101,0527
Cs1AKSmol SolHatchling (m, F)3,5601,1621
xli8YHow Does Your Garden Grow - CBAdult (m)1,9936423
OPkI2With Silver Bells - CBAdult (m)3,8901,1941
JAD1uAnd Cockle Shells - CBAdult (m)1,6567433
ZaXQGMary Mary Quite Contrary - CBAdult (f)2,4769611
ixveXAnd Pretty Maids All In A RowAdult (m)5,0708613
CdbItLavinia von Vineyard - 2g PBAdult (f)2,0728154
9MstYVincent von VineyardAdult (m)3,1249376
v9KX2(v9KX2)Adult (m)3,7585345
xkSbRMari Golden - 3gAdult (f)3,3351,0317
IG91kIon xon Cay nho - UnBAdult (m)2,3235373
LK9svBeneit Fiila de la Terra - CBAdult (f)2,7291,0052
XjQmT(XjQmT)Adult (m)3,8574634
2v14V(2v14V)Adult (m)3,5684214
p8CVc(p8CVc)Adult (f)2,6788001
b7eTE(b7eTE)Adult (f)2,9409561
XfVLw(XfVLw)Adult (m)2,2656272
ic18w(ic18w)Adult (f)2,2406710
gBVzF(gBVzF)Hatchling (f, F)1,7844998
1NB9s(1NB9s)Hatchling (m, F)2,0865043
2xvkuTheir Gardens Are Greener - UnBHatchling (f, F)2,9928074
BOcN8The End Of The Line-SpLinAdult (m)4,8634290
dWPNtDarkness Will Fall - 2g PBAdult (f)3,5079724
QJhUs(QJhUs)Adult (f)2,2015062
4lsQThe Deep Will Wait For You - CBAdult (m)2,6387074
46UXbDarkness Will Wait For You - CBAdult (f)3,4581,2410
91hE1Nothing Will Wait For YouAdult (f)2,4618511
skbyfNo One Will Wait For YouAdult (m)2,2478141
182ZPA Speck Of Dust Is All You AreAdult (m)3,8141,0921
pna2L(pna2L)Adult (f)2,2697041
39k5OHeret-CBAdult (m)3,1089990
1lGBXI Should've Been A Stripe - UnBAdult (f)4,5383400
TBNaaSilver Blooded Dreamers - UnBAdult (m)2,4716101
G8nwDDreams - Tinfail 3rd genAdult (m)2,3328843
V2BYwMost Epic Of Them All - Epic LinAdult (m)2,3578693
HnAMyUtsukushi Muso-ka - CBAdult (f)2,8878961
8pc6AIf Only I Knew Nightmares - CBAdult (f)2,9761,0241
GvAxSDepth- 2nd gen SpLinAdult (m)2,5771,0483
bMQOxBio-Electra - CBAdult (f)1,7536481
9fm9CBionica - CBAdult (f)2,1257033
7MKFjCybertronic Warfare - CBAdult (m)4,9821,3622
ubQdZT3chn0-Tr0n1c - CBAdult (f)2,2199015
kGvJ4(kGvJ4)Adult (m)1,9975101
dvjl2(dvjl2)Adult (f)2,1955651
dUcCh(dUcCh)Adult (m)2,1495880
2Ok8vOkeitvAdult (f)3,1645673
2MSZ6(2MSZ6)Adult (m)2,5535410
3mWJ6(3mWJ6)Adult (f)2,5555631
0UPTV(0UPTV)Adult (m)2,8395882
dNIbh(dNIbh)Adult (m)2,3235792
afZeS(afZeS)Adult (f)2,7075823
YAKSx(YAKSx)Adult (f)2,0825931
0Y4nc(0Y4nc)Adult (m)2,2306200
DTmtS(DTmtS)Adult (m)2,2985700
I2yIF(I2yIF)Adult (f)2,6155251
1nrSr(1nrSr)Adult (m)2,7207042
pKyac(pKyac)Adult (f)2,8786301
SrhkKNesbia Foulikus - CBAdult (f)2,7891,0560
KInZS(KInZS)Adult (f)2,6369921
gz2zj(gz2zj)Adult (m)2,6359632
fTHIi(fTHIi)Adult (m)2,7611,0021
ww3Hi(ww3Hi)Adult (f)2,7369671
AVAoE(AVAoE)Adult (f)2,6939892
F5FsR(F5FsR)Adult (m)2,7811,0091
XLe1q(XLe1q)Adult (f)2,2347020
hAj1B(hAj1B)Adult (f)2,4947061
CK9oN(CK9oN)Adult (m)3,0956631
I4WVQParader-CBAdult (m)2,1909172
YQTCAGregory the Drapion - 2g PBAdult (m)1,5735072
AvZ7JSkull-Crusher 3000Adult (f)2,4377800
9Jzex(9Jzex)Adult (f)2,3817450
Y7qpi(Y7qpi)Adult (m)2,4177640
8nLyZ(8nLyZ)Adult (m)2,3105671
3XEkH(3XEkH)Adult (m)2,1555581
iNdxY(iNdxY)Adult (m)2,5626021
tYWrMParanoia - UnBAdult (f)3,3581,0574
OQRMdI'm Flourescent - UnBAdult (m)2,7171,0191
wLSq5Hideous - CBAdult (m)4,3771,2831
4E8EQOh Why Did It Have To Be Us - CBAdult (m)4,8921,3211
AbCxh(AbCxh)Adult (f)2,9328913
YvJFB(YvJFB)Adult (f)2,5987120
zDp3y(zDp3y)Adult (f)2,0797491
AVsTX(AVsTX)Adult (m)3,1797311
2QSXgElectra-CBAdult (f)3,1829966
dO5KnElectro-CBAdult (m)2,6031,0032
dcbB6Electrica-CBAdult (f)3,0931,0341
1I5SB(1I5SB)Adult (f)2,0185342
GiiWa(GiiWa)Adult (m)2,8987012
X7HYX(X7HYX)Hatchling (F)1,1542322
akrRgEmber Serpent- CBAdult (f)1,9818211
mVAu9Muave - UnBAdult (m)3,7551,38111
R2o86Beneath Perfect Skin - UnBAdult (m)3,2781,0521
qb0clSmoggy Horizons- SpLinAdult (f)3,6281,0622
PQH6vMagmalacious-SpLinAdult (f)2,4878971
jmhJYI Had Fun Once - It Was Awful CBAdult (f)2,5536113
RIAgzQueen of Seething and Rage - CBAdult (f)3,8761,3495
jRyJvStoke The Coals I'm Getting ColdAdult (m)2,6419761
X2poISmoke n' Mirrors - CBAdult (m)4,6201,2426
gd9xjCoraline Burtonesque-ElementalAdult (f)1,7285993
mGzMM(mGzMM)Adult (f)2,4828852
EaOZz(EaOZz)Adult (f)3,4799670
lCLeZ(lCLeZ)Adult (f)3,6589081
PV6ru(PV6ru)Adult (f)3,5418593
zzs9e(zzs9e)Adult (f)2,3715372
UVs8C(UVs8C)Adult (m)2,4327041
5P4qe(5P4qe)Adult (m)2,4447050
uTODJ(uTODJ)Adult (f)2,7376151
bSrQDThe Icy Rivers Dead - CBAdult (m)2,1059052
t3NIOThe City She Breathes - CBAdult (f)2,1518982
KAzd8Lost In Cyberlandia - CBAdult (f)2,0798881
tuQWaRaindrops of Ice - CBAdult (f)2,8339344
MqhHPSilenced Rave - CBAdult (f)2,9379323
lRXoA(lRXoA)Adult (m)3,1281,0251
lGFQ1(lGFQ1)Adult (m)3,0781,0075
c6Oor(c6Oor)Adult (m)2,7958571
O1tr1(O1tr1)Adult (m)3,1007862
HboyV(HboyV)Adult (m)2,7186431
NN6Ri(NN6Ri)Adult (m)2,4836371
DVlzsFell Prey To Myself - CBAdult (f)3,4337763
yQoVN(yQoVN)Adult (f)2,5307471
XCqZ1Feverish - CBAdult (m)2,3549512
NqbYbBacterial Invasion - CBAdult (m)2,3119182
UwnsAThorn of Spines - CBAdult (f)9,3241,2944
xCPYpWikia's Hatsunetsu - EvGAdult (f)3,5961,1505
EhrjM(EhrjM)Adult (m)2,1806583
g4HAw(g4HAw)Adult (m)3,5168464
gLH4w(gLH4w)Adult (f)2,1195350
qafNG(qafNG)Adult (m)3,8808451
dUdzL(dUdzL)Adult (f)3,8999201
Z2IFKFacing Fears-CBAdult (m)2,7509111
jr9RCUp Up Up- CBAdult (m)2,0038831
RO8IPThe Flammable FlamingoAdult (f)3,1788535
jAUpOThe Flamingo Flood - 2gAdult (m)3,0469381
80GleFloret - CBAdult (f)2,1727062
9kHRu(9kHRu)Adult (f)2,2467052
fyCsx(fyCsx)Adult (m)2,2227021
YqrIb(YqrIb)Adult (f)2,4537030
zF3No(zF3No)Adult (m)2,0027011
Iu3IX(Iu3IX)Adult (m)2,3687011
z8Hfi(z8Hfi)Adult (m)1,9957962
OAFXF(OAFXF)Adult (f)1,7927451
XAAFI(XAAFI)Adult (f)2,9027022
NnF4NFrosted - CBAdult (f)2,1489091
szTkoIcefire - CBAdult (m)2,0739051
miI08Freeze My Heart And Feel No MoreAdult (m)2,0768872
hiXP5(hiXP5)Adult (f)2,6879032
YTeUN(YTeUN)Adult (f)2,4838311
IwzgY(IwzgY)Adult (f)2,7036321
SFoSj(SFoSj)Adult (m)2,3345770
2iBm4(2iBm4)Adult (f)2,4895050
9jTM7(9jTM7)Adult (f)2,2417010
iW6Pp(iW6Pp)Adult (f)3,1947743
6GeXASlippery Iced Mint TeaAdult (m)3,6751,0772
KsabqCreeping FroggerAdult (f)3,5171,0441
nl3ah(nl3ah)Adult (f)2,0125431
mMY1f(mMY1f)Adult (f)1,8635301
zjm0m(zjm0m)Adult (m)3,0395422
wBIbRWipple PurripAdult (m)4,2251,2681
Daf44(Daf44)Adult (m)1,9575482
9RyAv(9RyAv)Adult (m)2,0145841
mPQUKGeo Cash - e x eAdult (m)2,1546901
ElegnKakusareta Hoseki - BO 2gAdult (f)3,6491,2027
rviFaStone Hearted Soldier - 2gAdult (f)2,1677983
QDXov(QDXov)Adult (f)2,1865200
xCHe8(xCHe8)Adult (f)2,0705253
j5pyABlood Contains Iron - CBAdult (m)3,3791,1827
lvNm0Iron With Guild And Blood - CBAdult (m)3,7881,4285
Bg8oENot Again - CBAdult (m)2,4658545
6IwzYPatience Turned - CBAdult (f)3,3681,0810
samKk(samKk)Adult (m)3,1208751
Nssgs(Nssgs)Adult (f)3,2508480
N9iq1(N9iq1)Adult (m)2,2095405
FrxRA(FrxRA)Adult (m)2,2236061
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