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You pick up the scroll labeled “Rockelle,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
yihtq(yihtq)Hatchling (f)4,4958865
X2L3ZMezzadrielAdult (m)4,9901,1296
GHPAvTim N TomAdult (m)3,8818369
c2d6HRockelle n RochelleAdult (f)4,4681,0776
9Cjo7Drake n DrakenAdult (m)3,7907928
HrSudThunder N StormAdult (m)3,9024234
lKU7hKim N RochellaAdult (f)3,5049333
kQUekDiamond N SaphireAdult (f)4,2237722
pp8PuSky N RianAdult (f)4,9028894
a6hKKRisa N LisaAdult (f)3,2199925
3lqeaSweet BlueberryAdult (f)3,9941,0176
RHpKcNight N StarAdult (f)4,4867653
EWoLMTwo Headed Ultimate DragonAdult (m)3,8971,0963
3jBf2Storm N ThunderAdult (m)5,7511,0052
L0cZ0Sky N BluAdult (f)5,2159534
srdC8July KnightAdult (m)4,5159442
NcGqGRock N RockyAdult (m)4,8458553
WNM2jBella N EllaAdult (f)4,4191,0193
1E1JTJulie N JulietAdult (f)3,8738533
5kGBQChad N ChadeusAdult (m)5,7691,1476
AteuHBlue Demon DecanAdult (m)4,4987933
42TWYWater N FallAdult (f)4,3298419
GkDdF(GkDdF)Adult (m)3,7176331
G5NPY(G5NPY)Hatchling (f, F)2,7236324
aQfwQ(aQfwQ)Adult (f)2,0756324
9CvzX(9CvzX)Adult (f)2,6669265
lqfqf(lqfqf)Adult (m)2,9285903
2eLsA(2eLsA)Adult (f)3,2774253
Vpmeu(Vpmeu)Adult (m)2,9995571
vkUTF(vkUTF)Adult (f)2,2135941
J1avk(J1avk)Adult (f)1,2165550
wQOga(wQOga)Adult (f)3,8307311
Q1Drb(Q1Drb)Adult (m)4,2676501
vgGYE(vgGYE)Adult (f)1,4886150
fz6Ww(fz6Ww)Adult (m)2,2467021
C2ALV(C2ALV)Adult (f)2,2916192
pnFKL(pnFKL)Adult (m)2,5725671
aQkjM(aQkjM)Adult (m)3,1255662
VZnMy(VZnMy)Adult (m)2,8865363
lIOXU(lIOXU)Adult (m)3,2425751
LcmHe(LcmHe)Adult (f)4,6888391
q2Ylw(q2Ylw)Adult (f)2,1866591
KlYsR(KlYsR)Adult (f)4,2488021
7iXh3(7iXh3)Hatchling (m, F)4,5208428
o4HU3(o4HU3)Adult (m)4,2079480
y3Kli(y3Kli)Adult (f)4,1789140
Kumd9(Kumd9)Adult (m)2,8486960
TFaBB(TFaBB)Adult (f)4,8679791
2JmtPRynn HuntressAdult (f)3,3321,46513
vkcmNLovely Lady N PinkAdult (f)3,2818793
42rGqBringer of StarvationAdult (m)4,0606746
RTj5iNo More FoodAdult (m)2,5517112
cCWmoDestroyer of FoodAdult (m)4,0076804
18QLfWhy Yes I'm HungryAdult (m)2,6287572
5TLmWI am StarvationAdult (f)5,14075911
1rBYAHa Ha No FoodAdult (m)6,6701,04810
oMTumI'm Eating NothingAdult (f)2,9747395
RbEUZWhat R U Going 2 Eat NowAdult (m)3,6048165
efNlOI'm StarvingAdult (f)2,7056744
LIOaOThats Right No More FoodAdult (f)6,7621,0297
66Xe5I Am H U N G R YAdult (f)3,1518172
PWdTKNo More TwinkiesAdult (f)3,4407742
D6QD8Hostess is HistoryAdult (f)5,2999645
JSLueTwinkies Cant Last 4everAdult (f)6,7349117
27PDTHostess offically went extinctAdult (f)3,9586337
ep2kLApocalyptic Cadet 2Adult (m)5,8171,0814
IlDQfRIP HostessAdult (f)2,0216721
A4169Hostess no MoreAdult (m)2,1037552
nEBKiApocalyptic AlbinoAdult (f)5,4967564
FhJqKDestroyer of the TwinkieAdult (f)3,6627811
7S0BOI C Through Your SoulAdult (m)2,6658271
Y7a0o(Y7a0o)Adult (f)2,6676022
JtFJ2Mini RynnHatchling (f, F)4,2567296
bBlUj(bBlUj)Adult (m)2,8077370
hikwo(hikwo)Adult (m)2,9387530
kCKTt(kCKTt)Adult (f)3,2426911
VVdea(VVdea)Adult (m)4,1008421
530jm(530jm)Adult (f)3,0516711
tsEwv(tsEwv)Adult (f)4,3017211
Eu3Ui(Eu3Ui)Adult (f)4,3738311
ZS7Zh(ZS7Zh)Adult (f)3,0047911
4mygm(4mygm)Adult (m)2,8287821
hfEg8(hfEg8)Adult (f)2,9797971
LhEWh(LhEWh)Adult (f)2,8827350
chgcs(chgcs)Adult (m)2,9896870
M3wYM(M3wYM)Adult (f)2,9635751
8diTl(8diTl)Adult (m)3,3444180
p5rLb(p5rLb)Adult (m)3,1705931
UOagb(UOagb)Adult (m)3,0937562
Q1Esi(Q1Esi)Adult (m)3,2486540
IK8Di(IK8Di)Adult (m)3,1326080
GaoUW(GaoUW)Adult (m)3,0325790
Nt9RE(Nt9RE)Adult (m)3,6286551
mzWir(mzWir)Adult (m)3,5946901
Y464U(Y464U)Adult (m)4,0727121
lWvlF(lWvlF)Adult (m)4,7566863
OS05R(OS05R)Adult (f)4,2106772
xY0MQ(xY0MQ)Adult (m)3,5138083
Mxn19(Mxn19)Adult (f)3,1747631
RpPhD(RpPhD)Adult (m)3,0288332
7LKFj(7LKFj)Adult (m)3,0327291
75oLo(75oLo)Adult (m)3,2847600
vORvy(vORvy)Adult (f)3,3307700
UZKsS(UZKsS)Adult (m)3,8055771
m8rgv(m8rgv)Adult (f)3,2295920
uhaNm(uhaNm)Adult (m)3,3467011
ArqWh(ArqWh)Adult (f)5,4867965
RwirE(RwirE)Adult (m)3,8218300
bJxax(bJxax)Adult (f)3,8348341
JAR8i(JAR8i)Adult (f)4,3878492
9jWsG(9jWsG)Adult (f)4,9429360
AKCBu(AKCBu)Adult (m)3,2027381
BczW8(BczW8)Adult (m)2,7337033
4GzNz(4GzNz)Adult (f)2,5706832
02VPw(02VPw)Adult (f)2,2885790
PnXlg(PnXlg)Adult (m)2,5995971
UTrsB(UTrsB)Adult (m)4,6689051
PWkt8(PWkt8)Adult (f)4,9106921
29mxQ(29mxQ)Adult (m)4,7239250
RdxlT(RdxlT)Adult (m)5,0379380
SA0I1(SA0I1)Adult (m)4,4399183
1uwU7(1uwU7)Adult (m)3,1726912
ONrwC(ONrwC)Adult (f)3,8027641
vpezN(vpezN)Adult (m)3,1276230
QUkbY(QUkbY)Adult (m)3,5257541
9O3SX(9O3SX)Adult (f)3,5677511
jhWgo(jhWgo)Adult (m)4,2557621
j7WwY(j7WwY)Adult (m)3,8987211
M7b06(M7b06)Adult (f)6,6579370
cvt0n(cvt0n)Adult (f)4,0167721
ERCE8Jelly Belly BalloonistAdult (m)3,4008222
HIK4QSweetest Jelly BeanAdult (f)3,4598184
CIpURSpyro's BalloonistAdult (f)5,5338328
5G4pu(5G4pu)Adult (m)2,6126912
iNoS9(iNoS9)Adult (m)2,3906972
wr3AY(wr3AY)Adult (m)3,7165805
nXZMK(nXZMK)Adult (f)3,2816101
6GmV9Alduins CommanderAdult (m)2,7657412
FrHrt(FrHrt)Adult (f)2,5867463
r4Yb8(r4Yb8)Adult (m)4,1156642
JGfzL(JGfzL)Adult (f)3,3956814
CeZIi(CeZIi)Adult (f)3,3806834
KL0dl(KL0dl)Adult (f)2,8636001
cqiRS(cqiRS)Adult (f)2,4717011
NwSIj(NwSIj)Adult (m)2,4247051
kViBW(kViBW)Adult (m)2,2907041
IU3o1(IU3o1)Adult (m)2,5025611
Qt1U1(Qt1U1)Adult (m)2,4287161
NQkyS(NQkyS)Adult (f)2,4176971
vYtfZ(vYtfZ)Adult (m)2,8275411
IwTYc(IwTYc)Adult (f)2,7606071
lUFqm(lUFqm)Adult (m)2,4907021
FQrUt(FQrUt)Adult (f)2,4376811
MKSQq(MKSQq)Adult (m)2,8538822
Cz3PB(Cz3PB)Adult (f)2,9348681
xffky(xffky)Adult (m)2,0255931
qvqsh(qvqsh)Adult (m)2,2267022
RlvFX(RlvFX)Adult (m)2,1216901
FHTKS(FHTKS)Adult (f)2,0736951
P9eIk(P9eIk)Adult (f)2,2927591
YW2qH(YW2qH)Adult (m)1,6776852
WRms7(WRms7)Adult (m)4,8726820
Vs3JV(Vs3JV)Adult (f)4,9107041
HOx0T(HOx0T)Adult (m)4,2236741
B8sqQ(B8sqQ)Adult (m)3,7569120
n761j(n761j)Adult (m)5,5061,0990
Sf1tn(Sf1tn)Adult (m)5,0849680
htJPKBattle WarrioressAdult (f)3,9777944
bTtN3Battle WarriorAdult (m)6,5201,2355
DjlilKnight of BattleAdult (m)6,7821,3516
4T4fXHeart and Song of BattleAdult (f)3,4018873
CYJr5Shadow of BattleAdult (m)4,69587814
BuHi9Haunting Hollow SpiritressAdult (f)3,7288703
IK3WPPink Emerald IsabellaAdult (f)5,5109008
8F0qBSilver Star of NightAdult (f)3,5971,0176
fSA6C(fSA6C)Adult (f)2,6598772
3UVsl(3UVsl)Adult (m)4,6749989
j7hvF(j7hvF)Adult (f)2,2487231
XWrM8(XWrM8)Adult (m)2,2355813
ilH2m(ilH2m)Adult (f)2,5287461
m0C15(m0C15)Adult (m)3,3935751
6VXSb(6VXSb)Adult (m)3,5255831
CG9hj(CG9hj)Adult (m)2,7168014
Q5cKL(Q5cKL)Adult (m)2,7646142
c5TYj(c5TYj)Adult (f)3,5475755
EDHfi(EDHfi)Adult (m)2,3717201
iIY0v(iIY0v)Adult (f)6,5501,13312
cKT64(cKT64)Adult (f)2,4146823
qTMoA(qTMoA)Adult (f)3,5881,13210
jumWE(jumWE)Adult (m)5,7221,3048
mkIDz(mkIDz)Adult (f)2,6576832
vIaKP(vIaKP)Adult (m)2,0346990
talAa(talAa)Adult (m)3,1084800
vkHzI(vkHzI)Adult (f)3,2914773
ydRQc(ydRQc)Adult (f)2,6945803
BR3gd(BR3gd)Adult (m)3,4525631
ecDJX(ecDJX)Adult (f)9,8171,3535
uTXhp(uTXhp)Adult (f)2,5836283
rqjBN(rqjBN)Adult (f)4,4129422
NIYkoLttile Love Bug of GoldHatchling (m, F)3,4888963
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