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You pick up the scroll labeled “Rockelle,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
0KvUz(0KvUz)Adult (m)2,6096131
D0Lso(D0Lso)Adult (m)3,0056150
Gr0Qj(Gr0Qj)Adult (m)2,2755152
hu2Jg(hu2Jg)Adult (m)2,2395432
xMfT7(xMfT7)Adult (f)2,7185751
EXkWC(EXkWC)Adult (f)2,1996411
o4jzQ(o4jzQ)Adult (m)1,9896062
zhTCs(zhTCs)Adult (f)1,6076004
ETDNm(ETDNm)Adult (f)3,0895601
Jee3F(Jee3F)Adult (m)4,8556900
11cDu(11cDu)Adult (f)4,8787252
JRPHt(JRPHt)Adult (m)5,4476353
yM6kB(yM6kB)Adult (m)4,1777803
RT7VCSmall Frozen Strawberry LemonadeHatchling (f, F)2,7834235
EZmUX(EZmUX)Hatchling (m, F)1,9575782
3cBrA(3cBrA)Adult (f)2,4646441
CROJF(CROJF)Adult (m)2,0325641
Dzdq6(Dzdq6)Adult (f)2,1285941
1thvq(1thvq)Adult (f)2,4076461
JqJTT(JqJTT)Adult (m)1,4425720
aGR5S(aGR5S)Adult (m)1,6616190
nSGpR(nSGpR)Adult (m)2,0437271
0oLAK(0oLAK)Adult (f)1,9167023
V70Cr(V70Cr)Adult (f)1,9727042
GuUPU(GuUPU)Adult (f)2,5687550
V355T(V355T)Adult (m)2,3946982
9Pdib(9Pdib)Adult (f)2,3267181
qr6EK(qr6EK)Adult (m)2,2186951
ol41R(ol41R)Adult (f)2,6997351
5qx8t(5qx8t)Adult (f)2,1895780
eW5ZD(eW5ZD)Adult (f)2,7226842
AwDWk(AwDWk)Adult (m)4,7211,0470
NIR10(NIR10)Adult (m)4,4321,0331
jXUrz(jXUrz)Adult (m)5,1339711
xw2Ey(xw2Ey)Adult (f)4,3619961
kCPvE(kCPvE)Adult (m)4,5391,0560
KWVsp(KWVsp)Adult (f)4,1067380
ESQxQ(ESQxQ)Adult (m)4,2687980
C12vW(C12vW)Adult (f)4,7901,0950
zfCC8(zfCC8)Adult (m)4,8519150
bEf15(bEf15)Adult (f)3,0407661
FYigR(FYigR)Adult (m)2,9637641
rveSu(rveSu)Adult (m)3,0807541
MqWTO(MqWTO)Adult (m)3,0887071
3CdxN(3CdxN)Adult (f)3,4735991
iAi1F(iAi1F)Adult (f)3,4666521
ZUDA1(ZUDA1)Adult (f)3,3317761
zw1Yp(zw1Yp)Adult (f)3,6676430
Oz92R(Oz92R)Adult (f)3,4296030
1CuaR(1CuaR)Adult (f)4,1747371
Wfje8(Wfje8)Adult (m)4,8127282
uxXNe(uxXNe)Adult (f)3,1206021
JNjrE(JNjrE)Adult (f)3,1475821
BW3J8(BW3J8)Adult (f)3,0235771
szBHx(szBHx)Adult (f)2,9155690
EfAAx(EfAAx)Adult (f)3,2355523
5dC2w(5dC2w)Adult (m)2,8595495
7zZIn(7zZIn)Adult (f)2,8025724
5kNTC(5kNTC)Adult (f)2,3356681
EW8gf(EW8gf)Adult (f)2,4326062
b59MJ(b59MJ)Adult (f)2,4476182
DESHH(DESHH)Adult (m)2,4246383
Ly8Lw(Ly8Lw)Adult (m)2,9567831
3mwQf(3mwQf)Adult (f)3,2566150
Wessm(Wessm)Adult (m)2,4985303
zrJdg(zrJdg)Adult (m)2,6127092
E0ejL(E0ejL)Adult (f)2,1116383
eMLAv(eMLAv)Adult (m)3,0486850
YOC3Y(YOC3Y)Adult (f)3,1527362
v6WW6(v6WW6)Adult (m)3,3027481
CEvIN(CEvIN)Adult (f)4,6096462
kWjGB(kWjGB)Adult (f)5,3466891
uHUvt(uHUvt)Adult (f)4,1486551
w2onf(w2onf)Adult (f)4,3266402
RQfwu(RQfwu)Adult (m)3,2007701
guPE6Saphire StoneAdult (m)3,6138425
pRXKWGem of the StoneAdult (m)3,7466309
RRfdmQueen of the Crystal QuartzAdult (f)3,4308744
7kQxL(7kQxL)Adult (m)2,4875122
O53xt(O53xt)Adult (m)2,5516360
IAfGK(IAfGK)Adult (f)2,2886201
ypA0f(ypA0f)Adult (f)2,1706190
uBkC7(uBkC7)Adult (m)2,1746330
4jyVO(4jyVO)Adult (m)2,3256120
fIS1M(fIS1M)Adult (f)2,2156132
GcBNs(GcBNs)Adult (m)2,6056690
BTI3I(BTI3I)Adult (m)4,4469301
H14NW(H14NW)Adult (m)4,1809353
htyhb(htyhb)Adult (m)3,0035562
QtvZL(QtvZL)Adult (m)2,2936671
1BgDq(1BgDq)Adult (m)3,8946982
mamlZ(mamlZ)Adult (m)4,3907541
1dKee(1dKee)Adult (m)4,5596281
2J3Td(2J3Td)Adult (f)4,5846672
Urg3g(Urg3g)Adult (f)3,7666672
igLh8Mistic Sun LightAdult (f)3,2408277
nb7ksSon of TwilightAdult (m)3,4561,1215
pEitaGlimmer of Sun and ShineAdult (m)3,4739575
2Pj7NDay of the DrakeAdult (f)4,8788774
I5c5pKing of TwilightAdult (m)5,0899012
mIcVESir Glory DrakeAdult (m)4,4969706
LQat9Daylight BeautyAdult (f)3,72182317
ejeVDDay of the Glory DrakeAdult (f)3,7527299
N7eXy(N7eXy)Adult (f)2,8466051
1tvnSLil Dazzling LightHatchling (F)97523416
nHdVHMystic Drake of NightAdult (f)5,1201,0816
4ODUsKnight of the DrakeAdult (m)4,1819254
3UmceNight Drake FuryAdult (f)3,5863019
aKDgTSir Night DrakeAdult (m)3,6725488
Sl9YNKnight of Drake and GloryAdult (m)3,5709219
ZG631Gloria Keeper of NightAdult (f)4,64059014
6tgEGKing Drake of NightAdult (m)3,5621,1722
AflvhQueen Gloriana of NightAdult (f)3,1646764
vapeGGypsy of Night and SongAdult (f)3,0755705
38qr6Knight of the Glory DrakeAdult (m)3,5056715
qLp1oNight Moth of DrakeAdult (m)2,9734883
iEC7VNight Hawk of GloryAdult (m)3,2017048
DrsbO(DrsbO)Adult (m)2,5807351
RAAQm(RAAQm)Adult (m)2,8336782
zTNat(zTNat)Adult (m)5,0097102
i8GlMThe GoldenatorAdult (f)4,7641,0018
8cdm4(8cdm4)Adult (m)5,5881,13913
M1b6X(M1b6X)Adult (f)4,47741811
e9FFvDraco of GoldAdult (m)4,4707293
EwiTEDragoness of GoldAdult (f)2,2237375
St80X(St80X)Adult (f)2,3668035
Ro78e(Ro78e)Adult (m)3,2496723
VM0UfSea Golden WaveAdult (m)3,0989293
c1hYsSea Splash SwimAdult (f)3,6317815
oUIu3Sweet Playful WavesAdult (f)3,4927155
JZG9LMay Koi-ChanAdult (f)2,7298632
2aZcAMaster KoiAdult (m)3,7297215
spE9MMistress KoiAdult (f)3,5388065
fd3cqOne Eyed JackAdult (m)4,34890412
tgUW0Emperor Golden KoiAdult (m)4,6849119
PtYKaEmpress Golden KoiAdult (f)4,3148687
I3eA8Queen of the StormsAdult (f)3,9671,0894
KTcabWarrioress of StormsAdult (f)2,4069052
F27AWGaurdian of Storm CloudsAdult (f)5,5291,2179
XN653Raging Storm CloudAdult (m)4,7207144
uPV9aThe Messenger of StormsAdult (m)3,8757913
MtpS7Grand Master of StormsAdult (m)4,0271,0707
jJegpShadow Storm of PinkAdult (f)3,2218992
Gqi7OGolden Silver StormAdult (m)4,3979612
bjP3d(bjP3d)Adult (m)2,5697101
BG013(BG013)Adult (m)2,8416802
TOkSi(TOkSi)Adult (m)2,7817571
vBh8NStorming C WavesHatchling (f, F)2,6236154
1vJUcStrawberry StormHatchling (m, F)2,4369463
7LcS4(7LcS4)Adult (f)2,1186700
Xkr6R(Xkr6R)Adult (f)2,2526430
JznqQ(JznqQ)Adult (f)3,1415850
COPod(COPod)Adult (m)3,6917692
6iZXr(6iZXr)Adult (m)3,0527696
qUoRWEarth WarrioressAdult (f)4,0728875
N3udGMaster Swamp FureyAdult (m)3,7009773
Akrc0Gentle Earth GuardianAdult (f)3,7831,0811
KKfvRRock'N Ur WorldAdult (m)5,9408467
tlFTEI'ma Going to Rock the WorldAdult (m)9,7319114
QnHrHRuler of EarthquakesAdult (m)10,0579025
aaj0rRed Eye Tree FrogAdult (f)5,8219407
V1e5BGoddess of Going GreenAdult (f)3,0172574
pjJ9XI'm a Lean Green Autumn MachineAdult (f)4,1149343
86VVMBringer of the EarthquakeAdult (f)2,6617321
MnqCMEarthquake of DestructionAdult (f)2,4677011
UuafSBringer of the Quaking EarthAdult (f)4,07229510
tox4pMiss Diamond BreakerAdult (f)2,8187690
Oi89c(Oi89c)Adult (m)3,1047911
JZOzN(JZOzN)Adult (f)2,0355764
AaGEeLittle Red Eyed Trouble MakerHatchling (f, F)2,3436908
OqEWLDraco of QuakeHatchling (m, F)3,7906615
7Gaf9Crystal BluAdult (f)2,6995765
lMLGlCynderzAdult (f)3,9821,0903
HpVqWThe Chronicler of DragonsAdult (m)4,2471,2236
YK167JosephinnieAdult (f)3,4787199
NGC4oCynder's SpiritAdult (m)2,8695266
4TEXPLeap'n LizardsAdult (m)7,8321,0123
J0siWGreen Wing GoddessAdult (f)5,4491,0042
SHYfUQueen of Crystal BluAdult (f)3,1935259
66P3u(66P3u)Adult (f)3,5006566
DftQM(DftQM)Adult (f)2,9584735
QsHho(QsHho)Adult (f)4,1597626
Sel9M(Sel9M)Adult (f)3,90850511
coYEeKing of Crytal BluAdult (m)3,0125234
iiJjW(iiJjW)Adult (m)6,2301,1892
WQOFW(WQOFW)Adult (m)4,1844729
lZ8hP(lZ8hP)Adult (f)2,9385770
Sj8DX(Sj8DX)Adult (f)2,1025443
ap7kc(ap7kc)Adult (m)2,4965260
lO76A(lO76A)Adult (m)3,2206020
JtoYQ(JtoYQ)Adult (m)2,7995810
B9fvc(B9fvc)Adult (m)3,0966170
c3vTI(c3vTI)Adult (m)2,6125850
HD3kV(HD3kV)Adult (m)2,2255700
g6dcdLittle Night WalkerHatchling (F)2,8236626
TWgeK(TWgeK)Hatchling (m, F)2,9646036
LlS5sSilver ProtectorAdult (m)3,1675505
HSAXbProtector of the ShieldAdult (f)4,1741,0422
K1UhiProtecting YouAdult (m)3,50289021
W5oZRDefender of the ShieldAdult (m)5,2447155
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