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You pick up the scroll labeled “Rockelle,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ilMNDSong of WindAdult (f)3,8451,0442
b6Aj0Song FuryAdult (m)4,3101,0882
kTXgAHarpy SongAdult (f)3,0007745
vqYnfSinger of Swift WindsAdult (f)3,8006996
qCUnFHarpy's Song of FuryAdult (f)3,2879334
1uk4a(1uk4a)Adult (f)4,9858174
9uJNA(9uJNA)Adult (m)2,54244123
9NcqU(9NcqU)Adult (f)3,9767627
XE7LZ(XE7LZ)Adult (f)4,0607605
f3qBo(f3qBo)Adult (m)2,8704854
tZCKQKing Raptor of the Forest SkyAdult (m)5,1267055
nDvk3Sweet Merry PeppermintAdult (f)3,0548311
bsqWrMi'Swallow Tail of MarrowAdult (m)3,6565012
bGtnG(bGtnG)Adult (f)2,4177072
mKLjy(mKLjy)Adult (m)2,4476390
yR1l0(yR1l0)Adult (f)2,0465333
xIv3C(xIv3C)Adult (f)3,1515920
k9L2Y(k9L2Y)Adult (m)3,1956162
iSHWfTwo Tails ShyHatchling (m, F)3,7095269
dhfpjLiza GreenAdult (f)3,3931,0373
DHWOJMisa JoyAdult (f)3,9248084
WYZNh(WYZNh)Adult (m)2,5958984
0P0rO(0P0rO)Adult (m)3,2601,0484
404SZ(404SZ)Adult (f)3,9226274
BapvZ(BapvZ)Adult (f)6,3791,1214
tV0CBPeach Mango SmoothieAdult (f)4,7755895
rjNUR(rjNUR)Adult (f)3,2245814
YCdbkDark Tangar MoebreeAdult (f)3,6229135
DuOAeo Doctor Who oAdult (m)2,5067992
J7G3P(J7G3P)Adult (f)2,7778410
9vh98(9vh98)Adult (f)1,8876014
WYMOz(WYMOz)Adult (m)2,5766710
91h2C(91h2C)Adult (f)1,9965910
U3gDp(U3gDp)Adult (m)1,5546142
inpV7Little Flash of GreenHatchling (F)2,4252134
H1K4l(H1K4l)Hatchling (m, F)2,6636943
E4Hev(E4Hev)Adult (f)4,0067990
nTE3Y(nTE3Y)Adult (f)3,9877920
wIyPH(wIyPH)Adult (f)4,0357930
kcPSs(kcPSs)Adult (f)2,3558164
aQmEI(aQmEI)Adult (m)2,3448403
RmUHv(RmUHv)Adult (f)2,2908372
oesX1(oesX1)Adult (m)2,2158271
Gm1Gn(Gm1Gn)Adult (f)6,1111,3127
eJmOR(eJmOR)Adult (f)2,0278172
OMBLz(OMBLz)Adult (f)2,2768283
3Rs6N(3Rs6N)Adult (m)2,4165812
kuCrMGuardian King of the ForestAdult (m)4,4815864
UHldsPlayful Forest GuardianAdult (f)3,9207257
fBovATerrae of GoldAdult (f)6,7991,1478
VaL0d(VaL0d)Adult (f)2,8358866
Kuxm0(Kuxm0)Adult (m)3,3356462
p3y9S(p3y9S)Adult (f)3,0007322
NwQQv(NwQQv)Adult (f)3,3497710
OmTEu(OmTEu)Adult (m)3,1166753
H53Sx(H53Sx)Adult (m)4,3595173
o6ZyG(o6ZyG)Adult (f)7,4061,2032
LWVNPMiniature DancerHatchling (F)2,6027454
I19MjMaiden of the ForestAdult (f)4,1711,0632
RpJOsProtector of the Wild ForestAdult (f)4,2429943
DL27IForest Conservation GuardianAdult (f)2,5718312
mBW6E(mBW6E)Adult (m)3,5807720
hjx8e(hjx8e)Adult (m)3,6898893
2ki35(2ki35)Adult (m)4,1826536
Ue5qsDancing ForestAdult (f)3,6366826
FSALETerrae Dragon For SALEAdult (f)2,9907334
IkERA(IkERA)Adult (f)2,8607491
60KV7(60KV7)Adult (f)2,9467151
hHNcl(hHNcl)Adult (f)3,5687622
QTgC5Hey Guess What 42Adult (m)3,2836691
BHwIATerrae Keeper of GoldAdult (m)3,7517033
SMa3E(SMa3E)Adult (f)2,1687631
vFgzr(vFgzr)Adult (f)4,5996930
VgCb5(VgCb5)Adult (m)4,2358971
oaVr1(oaVr1)Adult (f)4,2058691
zJzGW(zJzGW)Adult (m)4,3048591
SkSiu(SkSiu)Adult (f)3,6418842
M4oMF(M4oMF)Adult (m)2,8357841
LFZdv(LFZdv)Adult (m)4,1467150
0JfIO(0JfIO)Adult (m)4,0697100
uY4E7(uY4E7)Adult (m)4,9967760
saF40(saF40)Adult (m)5,0287621
zvepj(zvepj)Adult (m)5,2298111
rTkXbThundering Night StormAdult (m)3,4499523
leL20Thundering Thunder BoltAdult (m)3,51944519
rmgK0Taylor BoltAdult (f)3,1168289
RcDsKThunder Bolt WarrioressAdult (f)6,6071,0195
9HOpkChristmas ThunderAdult (m)6,3681,1385
W5IF0Warrioress of ThunderAdult (f)5,0748245
vLJZbRibbons of ThunderAdult (m)3,65884112
d7uJlHeart of the Thundering StormAdult (f)3,6377907
PjfvEThundering Son of ThorAdult (m)5,1399599
v6HMZPure Heart of ThunderAdult (m)3,3488576
tmlNWBringer of the TornadoAdult (f)4,8397476
Ld9TLBringer of the HurricaneAdult (f)3,2307767
X8MEAThunder of Christmas PastAdult (f)3,8017997
uWqns(uWqns)Adult (m)2,4515651
ZRrAs(ZRrAs)Adult (m)3,0896170
H3IvF(H3IvF)Adult (m)3,4476001
MqgBU(MqgBU)Adult (f)2,4765684
Uf3FB(Uf3FB)Adult (m)3,1205770
MYxFU(MYxFU)Adult (f)2,5385191
sAUer(sAUer)Adult (f)2,0646842
o5yvU(o5yvU)Adult (m)2,4085632
1NdVV(1NdVV)Adult (f)2,0306720
Kbakm(Kbakm)Adult (m)2,2016870
TUa4l(TUa4l)Adult (f)2,1996680
xEoUc(xEoUc)Adult (m)2,4815971
J02Yg(J02Yg)Adult (m)2,5736680
qg80h(qg80h)Adult (f)1,8436110
IyWPp(IyWPp)Adult (f)1,5465710
JYx38(JYx38)Adult (f)3,3675190
jPkmX(jPkmX)Adult (f)1,8837250
tgkHM(tgkHM)Adult (f)4,6756421
Kp1iw(Kp1iw)Adult (m)2,9056721
d2ipLBlack Friday NinjaAdult (m)3,2416198
W3361Warrioress of Black FridayAdult (f)3,5365768
adBd3Tri-Horned GoddessAdult (f)3,7646675
GHTTHRuler of the Tri-HornsAdult (m)2,2617665
WknBQ(WknBQ)Adult (f)3,5307915
g9nWV(g9nWV)Adult (m)2,6067491
6XTkt(6XTkt)Adult (f)3,0317522
jiLDk(jiLDk)Adult (f)2,6068073
TgTQx(TgTQx)Adult (f)2,8257152
wBCtT(wBCtT)Adult (m)3,2366631
5VcsG(5VcsG)Adult (f)1,8336002
BjjLJ(BjjLJ)Adult (f)2,2507130
YVtdp(YVtdp)Adult (f)2,7996101
fm6Xw(fm6Xw)Adult (f)2,0765831
ZdYGo(ZdYGo)Adult (f)2,4495610
H3O64(H3O64)Adult (f)2,1705270
juzYi(juzYi)Adult (f)2,5285791
Mwvv8(Mwvv8)Adult (f)1,9296952
EdeTQ(EdeTQ)Adult (m)2,4185921
boupL(boupL)Adult (m)1,7206211
rlFuP(rlFuP)Adult (f)2,1636930
F7TvD(F7TvD)Adult (m)3,1787902
WevAe(WevAe)Adult (m)3,1147652
KnS8h(KnS8h)Adult (m)1,9667371
hfa1T(hfa1T)Adult (f)1,9747381
vIqJ7(vIqJ7)Adult (m)2,8255800
QDtmS(QDtmS)Adult (m)2,1535901
W5J79(W5J79)Adult (f)2,0716031
oN1I2(oN1I2)Adult (m)1,9805971
7kh4S(7kh4S)Adult (f)2,4506131
bbwbX(bbwbX)Adult (f)3,0047051
RkppL(RkppL)Hatchling (F)3,3097494
NlKerGone Surfing B Back SoonAdult (f)3,4689393
4Hs2ZPuddle Rock AnthemAdult (m)3,3501,2173
PKC9lMaster of the SurfAdult (f)4,1049394
c81ZQSurfing the WebAdult (m)4,6138364
TnojBSurfing N the USAAdult (f)3,8387384
1jPkiSurfer of the Wind N SurfAdult (f)4,0511,0287
ePofNSir Wave AlotAdult (m)2,9779751
Vkc2nTsunami of LoveAdult (f)3,3478682
BeVX3(BeVX3)Adult (f)1,9575282
x7bD0(x7bD0)Adult (f)2,8816523
OCsoB(OCsoB)Adult (m)2,3077031
dxTTd(dxTTd)Adult (m)2,3216660
2Tp1qTurpentine ViperAdult (m)3,7941,3394
RmBcISir Turpentine the FoulAdult (m)5,1621,4698
n4QWF11th Spotted SalamanderAdult (m)5,1871,6767
n0YLY12th Spotted SalamanderAdult (f)5,3751,6874
0JXYUSpitting CobraAdult (m)5,3332,0714
MpXfADeath Head MothAdult (f)2,6828503
1ZqIhMonarch QueenAdult (f)2,5751,0625
HbUcAToxic FeatherAdult (f)2,7228663
VFn60Toxic on the SpotAdult (f)2,7608222
0O1TnToxic VipressAdult (f)3,1231,0584
3MNLaPoison ToadAdult (m)2,9479392
UtBuG1st Spotted SalamanderAdult (m)3,9417666
dgVDPCaution PoisonessAdult (m)3,11758713
m3sev2nd Spotted SalamanderAdult (f)3,4198662
El7fd4th Spotted SalamanderAdult (m)2,6798773
Z4BOK5th Spotted SalamanderAdult (f)2,7268182
NNnR717th Spotted SalamanderAdult (f)2,7748722
mBHCFSpotted SalamanderAdult (m)3,88069910
X45IZ9th Spotted SalamanderAdult (f)3,1649024
2BtgsCute But SmellyAdult (f)3,8508234
epcN820th Spotted SalamanderAdult (f)4,9017795
k1YrA24th Spotted SalamanderAdult (f)5,0556635
66tQB33rd Spotted SalamanderAdult (f)4,8867464
NRS4b36th Spotted SalamanderAdult (f)3,9529033
cqGZm16th Spotted SalamanderAdult (m)4,0381,0391
RkcKm48th Spotted SalamanderAdult (f)2,9158362
O90o540th Spotted SalamanderAdult (f)5,29973011
YStVi8th Spotted SalamanderAdult (m)5,9841,0304
SuOtb23rd Spotted SalamanderAdult (m)6,1311,0603
WpTv527th Spotted SalamanderAdult (f)6,1119167
QXO5X3rd Spotted SalamanderAdult (m)5,0219374
qgZVU58th Spotted SalamanderAdult (f)4,6449582
DU6VE19th Spotted SalamanderAdult (m)5,2191,1093
XITBN6th Spotted SalamanderAdult (f)4,0759323
pcUfH18th Spotted SalamanderAdult (m)4,0968422
EUWuH10th Spotted SalamanderAdult (m)4,6709052
EIsJV32nd Spotted SalamanderAdult (m)4,7009684
K4aUA13th Spotted SalamanderAdult (f)4,4789112
c7hQS(c7hQS)Adult (f)4,9241,0352
OZ8dv14th Spotted SalamanderAdult (f)5,2528633
lbsSK51st Spotted SalamanderAdult (f)5,0789662
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