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  • Egg Basket
  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
  • 2015 Holiday Event
  • 2015 Halloween Event
  • 2015 Valentine’s Day
  • 2014 Holiday Event
  • 2014 Halloween Event
  • 2014 Valentine’s Day
  • 2013 Holiday Event
  • 2013 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Eisoj5,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
sgyzk(sgyzk)Adult (m)3,8521,0042
KQqJX(KQqJX)Adult (m)3,0231,1076
MNdsi(MNdsi)Adult (m)2,9821,1119
H7Qi(H7Qi)Adult (f)1,2206294
GRhU(GRhU)Adult (f)1,5135419
iQmR(iQmR)Adult (m)1,3225348
S6H2(S6H2)Adult (m)1,0094639
jVmU(jVmU)Adult (m)4,3235761
SCsq(SCsq)Adult (m)5,4754941
NbOMO(NbOMO)Adult (m)9,5008254
NUdALord Of Giving ThanksAdult (m)2,9581,40163
t57pHe Who Shakes The TreesAdult (m)3,9362,07253
rCGhHe Who Gilds The LeavesAdult (m)4,1431,92278
IRMfHe Who Fills The CornucopiaAdult (m)2,8221,48387
baqR(baqR)Adult (m)1,94240410
kJRXB(kJRXB)Adult (m)3,9433391
GRt29(GRt29)Adult (m)4,0683222
Qen3Lord Of The Unconquered SunAdult (m)2,6151,41083
kjW5Lord Of Praise To SaturnAdult (m)4,31456917
XJJTf(XJJTf)Adult (m)4,2319712
JnRfD(JnRfD)Adult (f)4,6184381
SKo0d(SKo0d)Adult (f)4,4734231
C6q7n(C6q7n)Adult (m)4,7544423
cVU0X(cVU0X)Adult (m)4,8774541
e39XU(e39XU)Adult (m)4,5583953
LqgCv(LqgCv)Adult (m)4,1725831
2GR8j(2GR8j)Adult (m)3,8675902
r4not(r4not)Adult (m)3,6349902
PPalD(PPalD)Adult (m)4,1659872
Gb9W(Gb9W)Adult (m)4,2165561
bM8s(bM8s)Adult (m)4,2165581
o1k1(o1k1)Adult (m)5,4644943
tHKa(tHKa)Adult (m)4,5173822
Opsd(Opsd)Adult (m)3,5335241
Ve32Z(Ve32Z)Adult (m)4,1724431
eVdoLord Of All KnowledgeAdult (m)5,0812,097205
1M1ZLord Of Divine WordsHatchling (m, F)4,6691,307212
UENoLady Of The House Of BooksAdult (f)3,0931,47292
pz9TLady Of Record KeepingHatchling (f, F)2,6671,44364
2rozLady Of One Hundred MemoriesAdult (f)2,0001,12176
BscU(BscU)Hatchling (F)2,14018810
RNLg(RNLg)Hatchling (F)2,13860013
VVcN(VVcN)Hatchling (F)3,6223591
PXVV(PXVV)Hatchling (F)2,5682561
CaN0Y(CaN0Y)Adult (f)3,8769992
6rBNLord Of Guises And TricksAdult (m)3,00375219
mPQfQ(mPQfQ)Adult (f)4,5797292
7auna(7auna)Adult (m)3,4294701
PcGND(PcGND)Adult (f)3,4494691
uCoYT(uCoYT)Adult (m)2,0765012
inb6X(inb6X)Adult (f)7,8397485
eVlA7Lady Of A Thousand And One TalesAdult (f)9,0449223
iJ5WQ(iJ5WQ)Adult (f)5,7341,1321
lOkF(lOkF)Adult (f)3,4745191
ePgF(ePgF)Adult (f)4,2145561
0ioHS(0ioHS)Adult (f)4,5243663
sbK6e(sbK6e)Adult (m)7,3354892
N2lqO(N2lqO)Adult (f)6,6474441
hmn8L(hmn8L)Adult (f)7,3504900
wbK6w(wbK6w)Adult (f)3,9713622
IsU4Lord Of The Sun In EquilibriumAdult (m)2,1681,17439
Vw1YLord Of The EquatorAdult (m)2,1131,06438
Z3GWS(Z3GWS)Adult (f)3,1199511
qaNXLady Of The Standstill SunAdult (f)3,0621,75293
9Ok4Lady Of The MeridianAdult (f)2,2211,09241
ADIq(ADIq)Adult (f)1,25945324
of8c(of8c)Hatchling (f, F)3,4185618
Up4bE(Up4bE)Adult (m)4,8824311
shBjb(shBjb)Adult (m)4,4113640
T4jgs(T4jgs)Adult (m)4,8103761
Crf13(Crf13)Adult (f)5,1973470
QuV8H(QuV8H)Adult (m)4,5243210
1slW(1slW)Hatchling (m, F)3,7877699
Sc9k(Sc9k)Adult (m)5,43096712
YPIo(YPIo)Adult (m)4,6751,56212
0f1cLady Of The Growing Of DaysAdult (f)5,84680315
oEkYLady Of The End Of WaitingAdult (f)6,21186713
jSfRO(jSfRO)Adult (f)3,5479614
s0bp8(s0bp8)Adult (f)3,8869713
1OqNZ(1OqNZ)Adult (f)4,2659743
bgbQ(bgbQ)Adult (f)2,6968255
98jI(98jI)Hatchling (f, F)1,5093369
0WROE(0WROE)Adult (f)1,9516497
gFB8y(gFB8y)Adult (m)5,6067380
JvG3(JvG3)Adult (f)3,5865842
AAOg(AAOg)Adult (f)3,5735832
bOCry(bOCry)Adult (f)3,0099211
y0yqv(y0yqv)Adult (f)4,1879842
b5NU(b5NU)Adult (m)2,7185152
L4um(L4um)Adult (f)2,6695082
0PpJ(0PpJ)Adult (f)3,9834684
OLca(OLca)Adult (f)4,3185101
6IaQU(6IaQU)Adult (m)2,5703382
oGp6F(oGp6F)Adult (m)2,5728231
i9fRU(i9fRU)Adult (m)2,6421,0620
grAHLord of BloodAdult (m)3,1851,258144
svbrHe Who Sends Rage To Burn HeartsAdult (m)4,8141,891194
48pAOne Who Counts HeartsAdult (m)3,6521,649162
u1a8One Whose Claw Is RaisedAdult (m)3,7511,838156
ox5AHe Whose Heart Is SafeAdult (m)3,8201,683156
frUALord Of Forgotten RealmsAdult (m)3,0351,378103
Gq7IHe Who Lights The FlamesAdult (m)2,3441,35618
dwvZHe Who Is Rich In MagicAdult (m)1,8041,21828
PaWWLord of the OrbitAdult (m)5,4616024
oNaSH(oNaSH)Adult (m)4,6564050
9rurI(9rurI)Adult (m)3,1397940
SOFF(SOFF)Hatchling (F)2,0944055
3BUYOne Who Is Greatness Of DeathAdult (f)3,1091,366103
wCqKOne Whose Gaze VanquishesAdult (f)2,8081,30171
9IiLShe Who Rescues The FearfulAdult (f)2,3501,31568
unsRShe Whose Two Eyes Are FireAdult (f)2,8271,68259
l323(l323)Hatchling (F)2,2201815
Kbsi(Kbsi)Adult (f)3,6754684
BcEp(BcEp)Adult (f)5,2404313
VU48f(VU48f)Adult (f)4,7593880
bEXTI(bEXTI)Adult (f)3,6303652
uUdM7(uUdM7)Adult (f)2,9624552
iT9fh(iT9fh)Adult (m)4,1293881
DE4JZ(DE4JZ)Adult (f)4,5363891
QuDfp(QuDfp)Adult (f)2,5853211
Q78gt(Q78gt)Adult (f)2,5459251
Ljx8S(Ljx8S)Adult (f)4,3485550
JSsgM(JSsgM)Adult (f)4,1035561
S8LG(S8LG)Adult (f)3,17257610
umJi(umJi)Adult (m)1,7007203
9knG(9knG)Adult (m)3,3187838
sR8Au(sR8Au)Adult (m)6,9764671
CoQ1(CoQ1)Adult (f)3,6445884
A9q1l(A9q1l)Adult (f)6,9324631
SdfCV(SdfCV)Adult (f)3,3555380
EsLUP(EsLUP)Adult (f)5,0034370
uVe9N(uVe9N)Adult (m)2,7155250
t6UHHe Who Wakes The BearsAdult (m)2,52284232
rUZFHe Who Buds The TreesAdult (m)2,63188029
7X8a(7X8a)Adult (m)3,17293038
6wxw(6wxw)Adult (m)90351016
3uJe(3uJe)Adult (m)2,1391,14425
p7DD(p7DD)Adult (m)2,8945175
Nv1uq(Nv1uq)Adult (m)3,5894502
PPl6j(PPl6j)Adult (m)2,4609091
jZkLq(jZkLq)Adult (m)2,5009141
mtAPg(mtAPg)Adult (m)3,1997242
gbOU(gbOU)Adult (m)2,4237606
d0oBT(d0oBT)Adult (m)5,4753651
UBJU(UBJU)Adult (m)2,5651,36821
3wtq(3wtq)Adult (m)9315049
IMtA(IMtA)Adult (m)9324846
CgXC2(CgXC2)Adult (m)4,1233701
p0gz(p0gz)Adult (f)99358813
1qAl(1qAl)Adult (f)1,28276710
KCrY(KCrY)Adult (f)1,2516385
hqmv(hqmv)Adult (f)9454897
2KMq(2KMq)Adult (f)3,4244055
6dfj(6dfj)Adult (f)1,7247464
LYCi(LYCi)Adult (f)2,0405207
ETcH(ETcH)Adult (f)1,8179053
uNOve(uNOve)Adult (f)4,9393300
qIZeU(qIZeU)Adult (f)2,4198311
gxq8J(gxq8J)Adult (m)5,9846760
dIg8One Who Excavates The PastAdult (f)2,5951,41277
BJnqn(BJnqn)Adult (m)3,7285761
ElhgR(ElhgR)Adult (f)3,6683271
MRqNF(MRqNF)Adult (m)3,3545272
YHMa(YHMa)Adult (f)2,7361,04236
Nufo(Nufo)Adult (f)93655419
5hNU(5hNU)Adult (f)4,5644064
wUqzg(wUqzg)Adult (f)2,8394512
jg6Um(jg6Um)Adult (f)4,9408421
HANgOne Who Stirs With LaughterAdult (m)3,6691,99967
PHunOne Who Raises The HillsAdult (f)2,3361,30483
zlJjOne Who Groans BeneathAdult (m)2,0271,31031
JLexOne Who Stretches To The HorizonAdult (f)1,95789447
Vr9yOne Who Holds Fast The WickedAdult (m)2,2031,48026
DGgsOne Who Lies On His SideAdult (m)2,7831,44935
WAQMShe Who Furrows The EarthAdult (f)2,5151,39727
MAUIHe Who Hauls Up IslandsAdult (m)1,94387924
6FL4(6FL4)Adult (m)2,6101,09135
SaRl(SaRl)Adult (f)93445815
rSHO(rSHO)Adult (f)1,9053959
pKTD(pKTD)Adult (m)3,0775544
8gQS(8gQS)Hatchling (f, F)3,30850213
0N0P(0N0P)Hatchling (m, F)5,15353512
1nXD(1nXD)Adult (f)1,0335573
OOcD(OOcD)Adult (m)1,1115844
RCc9(RCc9)Adult (m)3,8284291
bAnG(bAnG)Adult (f)3,3154603
maSA(maSA)Adult (m)3,8704595
S406(S406)Adult (f)3,8025172
Hubb(Hubb)Adult (f)2,9675783
dONA(dONA)Adult (m)3,2285513
OWLX(OWLX)Adult (m)4,5174284
eW0X(eW0X)Adult (m)4,4904344
lh5s(lh5s)Adult (m)4,6565374
roOLG(roOLG)Adult (f)5,3763754
8mjR3(8mjR3)Adult (f)4,7223772
FuLNM(FuLNM)Adult (m)4,6703641
pLiFn(pLiFn)Adult (m)4,4104040
8vgYU(8vgYU)Adult (f)3,9913931
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