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  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
  • 2015 Holiday Event
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  • 2014 Halloween Event
  • 2014 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Eisoj5,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
qBOmo(qBOmo)Adult (m)5,1304792
MWpCc(MWpCc)Adult (m)3,6941,0770
B0anO(B0anO)Adult (f)4,8203610
UgBdG(UgBdG)Adult (f)4,8303371
790bD(790bD)Adult (m)4,5293172
gZfZT(gZfZT)Adult (m)5,3933602
PEeL9(PEeL9)Adult (f)4,3255522
uChBJ(uChBJ)Adult (m)4,0353330
TQpkG(TQpkG)Adult (f)4,8877410
yK0KO(yK0KO)Adult (f)4,3327850
oiT8o(oiT8o)Adult (m)4,5837721
BBV66(BBV66)Adult (m)5,4187220
5JUqq(5JUqq)Adult (f)4,5587890
u4I9y(u4I9y)Adult (m)5,6367160
gZJ3(gZJ3)Adult (m)5,7786022
btRX(btRX)Adult (m)4,8774324
fWZQ(fWZQ)Adult (m)3,7624043
ZAhB2(ZAhB2)Adult (m)3,2103732
WnQe(WnQe)Adult (f)2,09865814
FAQ5She Who Frequently AsksHatchling (f, F)3,5635635
C3qb(C3qb)Adult (m)2,3277604
PMPg(PMPg)Adult (m)2,6886001
YLjd(YLjd)Adult (m)1,5974916
29vOShe Who Hides Among The LotusAdult (f)1,9811,29632
bDNaHe Who Hides Among The PapyrusAdult (m)1,43297042
Ka4nShe Who Hides Among LiliesAdult (f)3,40788241
lOcFShe Who Hides Among The PoppiesAdult (f)1,88384835
Tx5YHe Who Hids Among The BarleyAdult (m)1,94886224
wAc1I(wAc1I)Adult (f)5,7167170
k3Fag(k3Fag)Adult (f)7,0398440
h6K09(h6K09)Adult (m)5,6927150
yCebK(yCebK)Adult (f)3,3598091
oety4(oety4)Adult (f)3,3708101
k1M4(k1M4)Adult (f)2,3004239
UcuB(UcuB)Adult (f)5,28668915
PbPb(PbPb)Adult (f)2,5734804
IcnG(IcnG)Adult (m)4,4944123
8Qgnh(8Qgnh)Adult (m)3,4361,0311
BBPmg(BBPmg)Adult (f)3,5231,0291
cchj(cchj)Adult (f)1,6374439
mCv68(mCv68)Adult (f)4,5923340
XUrEd(XUrEd)Adult (f)5,6627240
ibM5T(ibM5T)Adult (f)4,7597620
ETI0(ETI0)Adult (m)9,5706891
pmJOu(pmJOu)Adult (m)3,8964190
sjWvO(sjWvO)Adult (m)4,5733731
0UZg7(0UZg7)Adult (m)4,1593501
kMo8(kMo8)Adult (f)9,4356791
aka3v(aka3v)Adult (f)4,7643631
gKfI0(gKfI0)Adult (f)2,4589033
fpJ9a(fpJ9a)Adult (f)2,0438520
NTHZv(NTHZv)Adult (f)2,1128470
Zyj9n(Zyj9n)Adult (f)1,7727431
pvkqx(pvkqx)Adult (f)2,8998571
aMy8k(aMy8k)Adult (f)4,0748671
WyaFb(WyaFb)Adult (f)3,8831,1530
TY6X(TY6X)Adult (m)4,3875471
gtBam(gtBam)Adult (m)2,9674810
2eDsr(2eDsr)Adult (m)4,9803831
XIE1C(XIE1C)Adult (m)3,7355751
HD6TK(HD6TK)Adult (m)3,9133801
Dt2C(Dt2C)Adult (f)4,6895221
cdA02(cdA02)Adult (f)3,7364890
OsCus(OsCus)Adult (f)4,2524160
osyID(osyID)Adult (m)5,2547440
nr96(nr96)Adult (f)4,4995832
mFEO(mFEO)Adult (f)5,9014862
eSCkQ(eSCkQ)Adult (f)3,9164732
jBQ2T(jBQ2T)Adult (f)4,9263470
dsAuB(dsAuB)Adult (f)5,1373601
NGMDV(NGMDV)Adult (f)2,8303402
9VuLD(9VuLD)Adult (f)2,7246650
BltrShe Who Holds a Thousand SoulsAdult (m)3,7621,220125
QvWOHe Who Lifts To The HeavensAdult (f)2,8011,157212
mVQjHe Who Is Above The SpiritsAdult (m)3,9331,683165
ey36He Who Touches The ZenithAdult (m)2,4091,34854
Qo4jHe Who Touches The NadirAdult (m)2,4661,40355
uvje(uvje)Adult (m)5,0629149
jRR6(jRR6)Adult (m)1,8168154
KD38(KD38)Adult (f)1,2665615
uJ53(uJ53)Adult (m)2,1665004
1Rpc(1Rpc)Adult (f)3,1465062
HnB2(HnB2)Adult (f)2,8314650
PgVG(PgVG)Adult (f)3,6474561
VJBU(VJBU)Adult (f)3,6354283
SFiT(SFiT)Adult (f)4,7893892
BD8GP(BD8GP)Adult (f)5,6143751
qKu9g(qKu9g)Adult (m)4,1744350
GVVc7(GVVc7)Adult (f)4,8663700
mlfRE(mlfRE)Adult (f)5,1523690
OGbtr(OGbtr)Adult (m)3,5513910
3jTeA(3jTeA)Adult (f)4,7303272
mKHls(mKHls)Adult (m)3,9335441
0Tarm(0Tarm)Adult (f)4,3544381
gVS0j(gVS0j)Adult (m)3,7413931
fvGzv(fvGzv)Adult (f)1,8897094
BqzWc(BqzWc)Adult (f)1,9887203
pleFs(pleFs)Adult (m)1,8436918
a7e5(a7e5)Adult (m)4,8603752
ia1o(ia1o)Adult (m)4,2903852
jfs6q(jfs6q)Adult (m)5,2914072
1YQkO(1YQkO)Adult (m)5,6103740
IvhfZ(IvhfZ)Adult (m)5,1103421
O1bJ(O1bJ)Adult (m)1,5815058
nYfL(nYfL)Adult (m)1,6265075
Gl4S(Gl4S)Hatchling (m, F)3,0814744
MudNW(MudNW)Adult (f)4,4933021
uVjti(uVjti)Adult (f)4,1503091
xsQ0h(xsQ0h)Adult (f)4,0343391
Z02pS(Z02pS)Adult (f)3,8478680
owWkN(owWkN)Adult (f)3,4558530
5kgaS(5kgaS)Adult (f)5,6887180
yFZALord Of Bitter FrostAdult (m)2,7031,56755
pXCcHe Who HibernatesAdult (m)2,2531,43537
PIfUP(PIfUP)Adult (m)3,4465171
rTq4W(rTq4W)Adult (f)2,6138121
C2MBShe Whose Thoughts Fly UpAdult (f)2,03892724
AzL8She Whose Philosophy Has MoreAdult (f)2,21595928
hX9XShe Who Ends The HeartacheAdult (f)1,8351,06518
Hlp6She Who Is Cruel To Be KindAdult (f)87749715
u6OFShe Who Is Noble In ReasonAdult (f)1,38985514
0mwaShe Who Is Of Infinite JestAdult (f)1,49590812
6mpTHe Of Most Excellent FancyAdult (f)99560515
8fxk(8fxk)Adult (f)1,18870915
Ct5M(Ct5M)Adult (f)1,28474317
F5gg(F5gg)Adult (f)1,20571715
B44B(B44B)Adult (f)95452010
3jc2(3jc2)Adult (f)1,0404126
gFESShe Who Is True To HerselfAdult (f)8483924
OfP8(OfP8)Adult (f)91344715
VUNm(VUNm)Adult (f)1,37141616
hJ3m(hJ3m)Adult (f)1,42664414
SmKO(SmKO)Adult (f)3,7174182
ugLg(ugLg)Adult (f)3,9575521
DeeaZ(DeeaZ)Adult (f)4,1933931
gURvC(gURvC)Adult (f)4,5093800
NDkaL(NDkaL)Adult (f)5,0643971
20HR7Lady of A Thousand DragonsAdult (f)5,0363971
DQfDy(DQfDy)Adult (f)3,9783360
YrH8D(YrH8D)Adult (f)5,1613451
Xv2VShe Before Whom Evil TremblesAdult (f)3,4931,267131
1O72He Who Wields the KnifeAdult (m)3,6881,556140
SpoxHe Who OverseesAdult (m)3,9201,49193
GmpX(GmpX)Adult (m)1,2586437
WPql(WPql)Hatchling (m, F)4,1896068
T8ta(T8ta)Adult (f)3,9964284
tmUNb(tmUNb)Adult (m)4,6254230
4XHI8(4XHI8)Adult (f)4,0311,1080
NCELT(NCELT)Adult (f)5,2904420
Uvsbv(Uvsbv)Adult (m)5,9944000
2xqTo(2xqTo)Adult (m)5,5763720
zxYOLady Of Silence In The SnowAdult (f)2,4021,38066
BapPShe Who Freezes The WatersAdult (f)2,0401,18260
WRLzShe Who NumbsAdult (f)2,6631,66660
oBRBShe Who Returns On North WindsAdult (f)1,48990444
PyccShe Who Glitters ColdlyAdult (f)2,1041,20859
GtDa(GtDa)Adult (f)3,4736644
CmVo(CmVo)Adult (f)5,0375664
sEXf(sEXf)Adult (f)5,4776083
r0o0v(r0o0v)Adult (f)4,6964420
3Xs0E(3Xs0E)Adult (f)4,0665431
HOaxC(HOaxC)Adult (f)5,4923671
YmsJ(YmsJ)Adult (f)1,50646216
57E4(57E4)Adult (f)3,0984831
dq5hK(dq5hK)Adult (f)4,0734622
PeUuj(PeUuj)Adult (f)4,7244081
p7GMo(p7GMo)Adult (f)2,0685064
C7tVHe Upon Whom The Clouds HangAdult (m)2,02590625
fDSEHe Who Is Bounded In A NutshellAdult (m)1,8681,08916
gtyUHe Who Is King Of Infinite SpaceAdult (m)1,7541,01417
hz0PHe Who Is Nobler In The MindAdult (m)1,8151,06118
E2UDHe Who Is Not A BorrowerAdult (m)88953316
azQXHe Who Is Not A LenderAdult (m)1,20062812
FdFQHe Who Is A Piece Of WorkAdult (m)1,45277213
0CRzHe Who Is Infinite In FacultyAdult (m)1,46689314
Gpd4(Gpd4)Adult (m)1,26474815
BCJ0(BCJ0)Adult (m)9475139
58NE(58NE)Adult (m)93650910
uNnC(uNnC)Adult (m)1,2684238
F9DB(F9DB)Adult (m)1,25674110
FLUe(FLUe)Adult (m)1,25774210
WsMq(WsMq)Adult (m)86744125
gbv3(gbv3)Adult (m)1,39539212
iRie(iRie)Adult (m)2,70344610
GgOQ(GgOQ)Hatchling (m, F)2,9603769
60ud(60ud)Adult (m)1,4366308
pgJm(pgJm)Adult (m)1,2305454
eq94(eq94)Adult (m)2,8094731
F9cK(F9cK)Adult (m)3,3546370
drkF(drkF)Adult (m)3,9655560
CIrV7(CIrV7)Adult (m)5,0233761
fMWCQ(fMWCQ)Adult (m)4,7044230
XUmZ7(XUmZ7)Adult (m)4,9184000
QN1jA(QN1jA)Adult (m)4,7703742
GncE2(GncE2)Adult (m)2,9698531
A4jFf(A4jFf)Hatchling (m, F)4,4411,0301
pHCxM(pHCxM)Hatchling (f, F)5,0261,0410
3qd9(3qd9)Adult (f)4,2681,15625
igMI(igMI)Adult (f)1,1894967
loY2(loY2)Adult (f)2,0854947
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