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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2011 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “sir_horsey_XIX,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
VAl0Misty and SarahAdult (f)2,5948027
JM16Two in OneAdult (m)5,0611,37719
T0DuTina and ReneeAdult (f)2,4667065
N2mcFace and HeadAdult (f)1,6499030
eGH5Head and FaceAdult (f)1,4976163
kFBom(kFBom)Adult (f)2,4579170
4HpDMiraculous Vanilla CookieAdult (m)2,5469256
rZU6SoblancoAdult (m)1,7758283
lvMmEstoy QuemadoAdult (m)9936113
2lJ7Eve the AlbinoAdult (f)1,5325961
kHmhAnother Male AlbinoAdult (m)1,6445801
HqlUMy Name is EvaAdult (f)2,1597373
CHeITengo PrisaAdult (m)3,2831,1478
rnDASr BlancoAdult (m)3,1971,0649
5eSXMira al CieloAdult (m)2,1217165
EZ01FacilAdult (m)2,8528995
2RLVEncantarrAdult (m)3,5391,1318
3va2Konyets Vestris MihailovaAdult (f)2,72190310
AHR3Don't Eve Me BehindAdult (f)3,8151,3556
j2buNo Tengo PrisaAdult (m)3,2531,2869
aFFRAnti-Growth SpurtAdult (m)3,5551,38414
oJEBEve I AmAdult (f)2,78188310
XlmdI Am EveAdult (f)4,16989615
VuIcI Love LatinAdult (m)4,3719518
DKAWColorless DayAdult (f)4,36960011
39TaEve Among the WillowsAdult (f)2,7687425
k2GEEve of All EvesAdult (f)3,7511,1384
8O3kBright-White-OutAdult (m)3,5589854
tPicTundra PicasoAdult (m)2,0247731
akgESnowy EveAdult (f)2,9388130
LLubSneg MihailovaAdult (f)1,8509621
vX4LMy Last Name is MihailovAdult (f)1,3427013
YE0GWhen I'm SadAdult (f)1,5377941
l2QsI Have GumAdult (m)4,3267418
eOkJYou Don't Like SpearmintAdult (m)4,2797516
bfX9Hagan Daaz BarAdult (f)1,6297075
UT13Ice Cream Ice CreamAdult (m)1,6197793
DvdpIce Ice CreamAdult (f)1,3605616
lqWRIceCreamIceCreamIceIceCreamAdult (f)1,4995593
vCFYx Ice Cream xAdult (m)1,3315901
tnonAll I Can Say Is Ice CreamAdult (m)1,9896472
HdoUWhat'sWrongWithYouAdult (f)2,0775105
Jg59x Churros xAdult (m)1,5015203
jKICCome Get Your Hot ChurrosAdult (m)4,4856571
XDObVSinging in the Gilded RainAdult (m)3,6196632
DLC6rWanta Go To- Tinsel TownAdult (m)3,8157701
DJrah(DJrah)Adult (f)4,4941,1661
gifoFThunderous White StatueAdult (m)3,5919862
ruJreI Chew PeppermintAdult (m)3,2701,0444
hKtXVWhile I Drive FastAdult (m)2,9358591
sjSTFIn My Big Red CarAdult (m)4,5761,2483
QSoBZDeathly Pale PhantomAdult (m)3,5459740
CYtecDandamanAdult (m)1,5157341
rta5bEvening PhantomAdult (m)1,4526711
UZ7JS(UZ7JS)Adult (f)1,7476580
jjmeW(jjmeW)Adult (m)1,8406791
kcYs4(kcYs4)Adult (f)1,9046740
MtIV4(MtIV4)Adult (f)5,4231,1861
VcU2g(VcU2g)Adult (m)4,1448241
KIhDR(KIhDR)Adult (f)3,9829710
UjDrs(UjDrs)Adult (f)4,9841,1931
l5EBI'm a Little Russian MihailovHatchling (m, F)2,5877542
aTb2Globo de ManzanaAdult (m)1,87557714
8d84Hey Look I FloatAdult (m)1,3525986
iM3iI'm BloatedAdult (m)6,0239710
DWTDCarbon CoalAdult (m)9505873
nqXsInnie BredingAdult (f)3,5281,17023
buA1Black Hole VinnyAdult (m)3,2058506
TAd9Night in the SierrasAdult (f)2,7533867
uhU5Flight Over the MoonAdult (m)2,6707343
YGqfLoba en la SombraAdult (f)3,3701,1626
J41WGreen-EyesAdult (f)2,5868456
89AcNinja Warrior DorkaceAdult (m)1,5915263
RZRb6Chey's Lucky HandAdult (m)1,8146822
ItirFlappyFlapFlapAdult (f)1,1984745
vTgDLittle Bit o' ParadiseAdult (m)1,4748450
ViCIBird o' ParadiseAdult (m)2,1481,0252
2LUk32 LukeAdult (m)4,3315600
TXJ5ShineewingsAdult (f)3,1362233
ih35My Tail CurlsAdult (f)1,7188833
5G3OCandy Cane TigerAdult (m)1,8235113
iJh4Mane of SnowAdult (m)1,5725444
6AATShiny LadyAdult (f)1,8718347
5VPcGol'nStripesAdult (f)1,8308536
9VaZx Ornate xAdult (f)1,8094211
YjnpPooftailAdult (f)1,9515461
XTDbCMagicOfChristmasAdult (m)3,2187401
jpWsjNewsPaperReaderAdult (m)3,1927570
aZYePterosuarAdult (f)1,5618002
ljiGPterodactyl is My NameAdult (m)1,3867212
A3tWSordesAdult (f)1,6186910
qt0nCespiente the SurvivorAdult (f)1,2266445
25cZGarden TendrilsAdult (f)2,0206551
XkpJI Dream of  DorkfaceAdult (f)3,97171821
eoNaAgua del MarAdult (f)8075175
J494Nado en AguaAdult (m)1,7866543
FET5Melissa the DragonAdult (f)2,7051,0343
hL7qTrueno y RelampagoAdult (m)2,6311,0063
fvUoBuzztAdult (m)1,4657642
WqMZrHoneytoeAdult (m)3,7234420
0RomColcendioAdult (m)1,5166492
Q87WN(Q87WN)Adult (f)2,3856120
Fm7Uj(Fm7Uj)Adult (m)4,4468312
qbPl1Rawr My Wings Are PinkAdult (m)4,9311,0891
npikDena the SurvivorAdult (f)1,7839208
ej8XLittle Scientific Lilly PadHatchling (f, F)2,5687744
aZNgVerocaAdult (f)1,8597354
p0m2I Have Shiny WingsAdult (f)2,7889134
uDG1bCrysingsAdult (m)1,9746860
Pn75P(Pn75P)Adult (f)3,6389641
upY9Little Cold StoneHatchling (f, F)2,3898707
dDgJBlueberry -CobblerHatchling (f, F)1,2843592
bKD8Look at me I'm so YELLOWAdult (m)1,2545952
0i0FNo Look at Him Brown is BetterAdult (m)1,6068402
VTesDatamonster Escapee Dark GenieAdult (m)1,2176234
V8fmNubenegraAdult (f)1,8147895
aoXLSpirit of the SurvivedAdult (f)1,1645884
rIT8Mad Queen ThundercloudAdult (f)3,2089227
IZABPida-VerAdult (f)1,1654597
ZUMFVeritioAdult (m)1,3076634
q701I Nommed a BeardAdult (f)4,0581,3955
jvRlUn-Jolly Green GirlAdult (f)3,3551,0597
WelnWelnoAdult (m)3,59577712
2iu9T-RutyAdult (m)1,8985454
t8KGRoc-DemontAdult (f)3,7161,0382
Mm5qI'm Singing En EspanolAdult (m)2,4589327
AWpmElmyAdult (f)1,8168164
bWMiYahWunAdult (f)2,1299387
iGdhGreen-rockAdult (f)1,5506431
fQs9Screamin' GreenAdult (f)1,8887881
o6L6Eternally GreenAdult (f)1,1545112
BO2dShiny Green EternityAdult (f)1,1075041
Hi2vEternally YellingAdult (f)1,8966273
60MlI Have HornsAdult (m)2,1885403
getQShimmers of GreenAdult (f)2,2345206
meY6I Dont See EternityAdult (f)1,4524851
XI3YHey Quit GellinAdult (f)1,6205921
k1ijYellin Like MegellanAdult (f)1,7116700
6qOOEternal GreensAdult (f)1,5814222
HnaKHorn of Thuwed DorkfaceAdult (f)4,7327176
aQbqI'll Have Horns For EternityAdult (m)7,7128422
GkeoI'm Not a Gecko EternityAdult (f)7,7308061
vtWDWell I AmAdult (m)6,7625832
0YFBqDon't Judge Me LukeAdult (f)4,3385660
lHdpiI Won't Judge YouAdult (m)4,3405641
BbYLYYou're Being JudgementalAdult (m)4,3535700
QPkFoEternalverityAdult (m)3,7504271
Sqi4qI Don't Need a DoctorAdult (f)3,0831,0332
XbvBgDragon Breath HiiiiiiiAdult (f)3,1381,0511
D9H6ZLichensidesAdult (m)4,4321,1861
9XKvVAzverAdult (m)4,8471,0490
LZNb5Gloria GoldenscalesAdult (f)4,1861,3080
NUsscGuardian of the TempleAdult (m)3,2521,0421
HJkUJaqui-Lant-UrnAdult (f)2,7271,11110
mnRaMy Neighbors Are Too NoisyAdult (m)1,4015073
cvPuaHow Do You Think I FeelAdult (f)3,1683912
U94oRhickety-Rackety-KabobAdult (m)1,6106002
LJ9mRhickety-Rackety-KahooAdult (f)1,4905382
suqZmIckety-Brickety-BrackAdult (m)2,5423722
brhLNI Use the Flux CapacitorAdult (f)3,2185701
4f3TkUltimate Ninja AttackAdult (m)3,1945793
PE8QOSlystealthAdult (m)3,4105592
qHKQXNowuseemeAdult (m)2,8865602
O61FMy Neighbors Make NoisesAdult (m)1,2915401
0sTHKing of FlamesAdult (m)3,6861,2676
9prIQueen-of-FlamesAdult (f)1,6377205
b537Jack of FlamesAdult (f)1,4275921
1NqKV(1NqKV)Adult (f)2,5926072
iHXhCrazy FlavianAdult (m)1,3055623
ZjWlEternally PurpleAdult (m)2,4216136
XMXQStep into EternityAdult (m)3,5771,2087
6MDrEternal EssenceAdult (m)1,1725592
L9PYEternal Wings of PurpleAdult (f)1,7119322
ruVYEternally HorseyAdult (m)1,4737783
hBUtEternally HyperAdult (m)1,2705832
g2kHEternal HorseAdult (m)1,3195443
KuF5Life Isn't EternalAdult (m)1,2225411
Jtu3Earth Isn't EternalAdult (f)1,2465431
Ab1TAm I EternalAdult (f)1,6865211
UKg1Or Am I Not EternalAdult (m)1,8816583
4QXqIts The Eternal QuestionAdult (m)1,8506391
umCrOf EternityAdult (m)1,9236603
DUoPAnd Eternity PastAdult (f)1,5634450
NHO2Or Maybe Not EternityAdult (f)1,6414101
uVSmJust What is EternityAdult (f)7,7258452
InvHI Don't See EternityAdult (f)7,7878362
EZsZHey Look CanariesAdult (m)6,7065713
CAM8Do You See EternityAdult (m)6,0459740
vBv8XDon't Look at EternityAdult (m)3,1784223
FveZLEternity Lasts ForeverAdult (m)3,5061,0084
czjqAgua del RioAdult (m)1,2766795
kNXMOceanic SurvivorAdult (m)1,8107833
ScVqSal del OceanoAdult (m)1,0626412
OTXoNadya MihailovaAdult (f)3,8881,2506
tcCESasha Vestris MihailovaAdult (f)2,1108058
YmuGPlovets MihailovAdult (m)2,1579811
J9cWFourteenth StarAdult (f)9554922
XUg4Bright  StarAdult (m)3,6241,1744
e0eXGleaming StarAdult (m)3,1241,05610
svGPIBuiltALighthouseInStPetersburgAdult (m)2,1127906
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