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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “rosesatin43,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
v8vwiPink Queen AmberAdult (f)5,0711,3328
NAwZPink King AlbertAdult (m)1,46641211
sPQ6XPink Queen CholeAdult (f)2,6608612
DQtShPink King ClarkAdult (m)2,1167721
adRbMPink Queen TifaAdult (f)2,6489422
J2eUOPink King TidusAdult (m)3,0829321
1UcBGPink Queen ZoeAdult (f)2,9649281
wDvFnPink King ZanAdult (m)1,6446762
WDUufPink Queen AthenaAdult (f)2,5808701
IzPVkPink King AustinAdult (m)1,7666361
AaooKPink Queen XenaAdult (f)3,4296821
KYDunPink King XanderAdult (m)3,6417612
N0djaPink Queen RoseAdult (f)2,6418971
nKpzOPink King RobbyAdult (m)1,5946553
3oK17Pink Queen SohpiaAdult (f)4,2548291
NwLWbPink King SanderAdult (m)2,0776571
FmcckPink Queen FaithAdult (f)4,7509522
34aXEPink King FrankAdult (m)3,4677302
ZmfPfPink Queen BethAdult (f)7,5671,0931
kJUp0Pink King BradAdult (m)5,2289552
RXorkPink Queen MalAdult (f)3,7287441
VbIS6Pink King MaxAdult (m)3,4007491
qb5pXPink Queen StarAdult (f)4,4139214
oWGOiPink King ScottAdult (m)2,9166872
g9ilhPink Queen ReneeAdult (f)3,4888571
qbIWZPink King RonAdult (m)3,4768582
4er46Pink Queen PennyAdult (f)3,4178421
K3u3wPink King PaulAdult (m)3,5638361
FPlZJPink Queen ShebaAdult (f)2,7726701
IO3P5Pink King ShebyAdult (m)3,2776495
M6C6hSinomorph AthenaAdult (f)
2JTEOSinomorph AmberAdult (f)
hmYswSinomorph CholeAdult (f)
XAzBHGuardians of Nature AlbertAdult (m)5,5399441
UNccZValentine 2009 AthenaAdult (f)3,0279651
t7sHNValentine 2009 AmberAdult (f)2,6166552
ANXBdHeartstealingDragons 2015 AmberAdult (f)3,0291,0081
6lZloHeartstealingDragons 2015 AthenaAdult (f)3,0771,0132
6cxepRosebud Dragons 2011 AmberAdult (f)3,0491,0392
yHam2Rosebud Dragons 2011 AthenaAdult (f)2,7756462
JeT7GSweetlings 2010 AlbertAdult (m)3,2631,1487
WXVCySweetlings 2010 AustonAdult (m)3,41885011
oODQ9HeartSeeker 2012 AlbertAdult (m)2,8146703
uxxClHeartSeeker 2012 AustinAdult (m)3,0169750
CHBobSoulstone Dragon AthenaAdult (f)3,0026212
3orxgSoulstone Dragons AmberAdult (f)2,8636432
z8V1TErador Lindwyrm AlbertAdult (m)2,8796503
mMuMrErador Lindwyrm AustonAdult (m)4,0557603
45fp4The Sakuhana Wyverns AmberAdult (f)3,0076703
2Qs5KArsani Dragons AmberAdult (f)2,8846692
UVdITRadiant Angel Dragons AlbertAdult (m)2,6556572
4tmoxMutamore Dragons AlbertAdult (m)2,8226603
3VL8pFloral-Crowned Dragons AlbertAdult (m)2,8996324
0XtPWDiplodocus carnegii AmberAdult4,0698003
hjQK7Chicken AthenaAdult (f)3,9838375
cqLmaChicken CholeAdult (f)2,4619183
AnYpChicken AmberAdult (f)1,28418614
WP7QhPurple dinos CholeAdult2,5747159
r82diPurple dinos ClarkAdult2,9091,0268
akvfCheese Dragons CholeAdult2,93433315
7ohNCheese Dragons ClarkAdult2,58635018
w39jAGarland Dragon 2017 AmberAdult (f)2,6577891
4ZtaaGarland Dragon 2017 AthenaAdult (f)3,5289931
9T8JTGarland Dragon 2017 ZoeAdult (f)3,5951,0381
crspmStarsinger Dragon 2018  ZoeAdult (f)2,6227761
efCRhStarsinger Dragon 2018 AthenaAdult (f)2,6177901
lFMtNStarsinger Dragon 2018 AmberAdult (f)3,9249693
6QEmyMistleToe 2014 CholeAdult (f)2,7028872
QpKhMMistleToe 2014 AlthenaAdult (f)3,3288111
RdTzcMistleToe 2014 AmberAdult (f)2,6558131
9WqvKSolstice 2013 AmberAdult (f)2,2438133
DKK0jSolstice 2013 AthenaAdult (f)3,2378341
hKNoRSolstice 2013 CholeAdult (f)2,1168141
iI6SFSnow Angel 2009 CholeAdult (f)1,4077401
GOjO1Snow Angel 2009 AthenaAdult (f)1,7057872
4olECSnow Angel 2009 AmberAdult (f)3,2658162
CfN8nSnow Angel 2009 XenaAdult (f)1,3757542
mbWZjRibbon Dancer 2010 AthenaAdult (f)1,3607431
Nhx15Ribbon Dancer 2010 AmberAdult (f)3,1498201
GN5paAegis 2015 AustonAdult (m)2,6477852
iDGB7Aegis 2015 AlbertAdult (m)2,5427613
MFzPSSnow 2016 AustonAdult (m)2,6187972
9zic2Snow 2016 AlbertAdult (m)2,5547382
Yuh1uWintertide Dragons AlbertAdult (m)3,5301,0173
YMDHdWintertide Dragons AustonAdult (m)3,4871,0061
D9aR8Winter Magis 2011 AlbertAdult (m)1,6868311
HxwAoWinter Magis 2011 ClarkAdult (m)3,3108081
kn3ujWinter Magis 2011 AustinAdult (m)3,2728142
aQ5tUWinter Magis 2011 XanderAdult (m)1,3106981
EUja1Wrapping Wing 2012 AlbertAdult (m)3,2478322
9kuS6Wrapping Wing 2012 ClarkAdult (m)1,2897051
IoVZ3Wrapping Wing 2012 AustinAdult (m)1,6638101
72dRYulebuck 2008 AlbertAdult (m)3,04365921
TfvmLYulebuck 2008  ClarkAdult (m)1,6167531
HyVWuYulebuck 2008 AustinAdult (m)1,4477672
DUOsAMimic Pygmies CholeAdult (f)4,2718821
s20QYMimic Pygmies ClarkAdult (m)4,3189111
MV5dVCoral Pygmy Wyverns AmberAdult (f)4,8888862
zab7WCoral Pygmy Wyverns AlbertAdult (m)4,9029102
c4nhmCoral Pygmy Wyverns AthenaAdult (f)3,9848262
qzltXCoral Pygmy Wyverns AustonAdult (m)3,9909001
ciwPUAvatars of Destruction CholeAdult (f)4,3039353
Xzl5pAvatars of Destruction ZoeAdult (f)6,3118653
DDwUBAvatars of Destruction ZunAdult (m)6,7568893
2QBV2Avatars of Destruction ClarkAdult (m)6,2398721
gz4UCRisensong Dragons AmberAdult (f)3,5979423
FD5zMRisensong Dragons CholeAdult (f)4,1048392
Vlq1dRisensong Dragons ClarkAdult (m)4,3028691
IVn4nRisensong Dragons AlbertAdult (m)3,6338971
T6zhEAeon Wyverns AmberAdult (f)3,8248311
M6f2JAeon Wyverns AthenaAdult (f)3,9878742
QIcLBAeon Wyverns CholeAdult (f)4,0457021
ZOiATAeon Wyverns ClarkAdult (m)3,3717252
ec5goAeon Wyverns AustinAdult (m)3,9658461
VD7c7Aeon Wyverns AlbertAdult (m)3,3467222
eUBrzCarina Dragons AthenaAdult (f)3,9268511
UWMP5Carina Dragons CholeAdult (f)3,5668623
CUMrwCarina Dragons AmberAdult (f)3,4508541
ZVADfCarina Dragons AlbertAdult (m)2,8426611
2CkdWCarina Dragons ClarkAdult (m)4,0398923
M3kKzCarina Dragons AustonAdult (m)3,9068873
mfaGdSetsong Dragons AmberAdult (f)3,5459161
ZFIKhSetsong Dragons CholeAdult (f)4,8339102
5nudeSetsong Dragons ClarkAdult (m)4,2788040
LxJH1Setsong Dragons AlbertAdult (m)3,3377011
xWVfXAvatars of Creation AmberAdult (f)4,7129711
zBLKXAvatars of Creation CholeAdult (f)5,9769785
2IiKdAvatars of Creation SonAdult (m)4,4989851
dsAL8Avatars of Creation ClarkAdult (m)5,5708681
VrafPZyumorph Yellow CholeAdult (f)6,6639835
2JI68Zyumorph Yellow AmberAdult (f)5,7391,0232
WAHHz(WAHHz)Adult (m)4,1289262
rKQ7OZyumorph Yellow ClarkAdult (m)7,0921,0692
umlO9Zyumorph Black AmberAdult (f)6,3391,0372
NRScoZyumorph Black CholeAdult (f)6,5199704
JEUPgZyumorph Black ClarkAdult (m)6,9121,1024
sUy40Zyumorph Red AmberAdult (f)5,4969852
ZFBlsZyumorph Red CholeAdult (f)6,5729754
2oNh7Zyumorph Red ClarkAdult (m)5,8379122
faVRdZyumorph Dragon Blue CholeAdult (f)6,9669602
XuiADZyumorph Dragon Blue ClarkAdult (m)5,0229333
TXWdNZyumorph Dragon Blue AlbertAdult (m)4,8899602
CsJXlZyumorph White  AmberAdult (f)4,6909331
GskVjZyumorph White CholeAdult (f)6,6028874
ZjIUHZyumorph White ClarkAdult (m)5,5309413
DzyQuZyumorph White AlbertAdult (m)4,9091,0451
J1XtBZyumorph Pink AmberAdult (f)5,6069342
WgBtHZyumorph Pink CholeAdult (f)5,1679222
2EvlsZyumorph Pink AlbertAdult (m)6,6981,0205
DSKF7Zyumorph Pink ClarkAdult (m)5,3711,0350
URXPvXenowyrms Chrono AmberAdult (f)4,6548713
AKoWgXenowyrms Chrono AthenaAdult (f)4,6619162
alvd3Xenowyrms Chrono CholeAdult (f)3,4857952
RMlVmXenowyrms Chrono ClarkAdult (m)2,5186521
LC1sTXenowyrms Chrono AlbertAdult (m)3,4547081
ZMDAuXenowyrms Chrono AustinAdult (m)3,2347311
5B2wlXenowyrms Gaia CholeAdult (f)3,6367042
xufjqXenowyrms Gaia ClarkAdult (m)3,3097883
rDarRXenowyrms Pyro CholeAdult (f)2,7167522
swC9QXenowyrms Pyro ClarkAdult (m)3,4997432
hEsoPXenowyrms Thalassa CholeAdult (f)2,5677072
4n4miXenowyrms Thalassa ClarkAdult (m)3,9327793
9KleqXenowyrms Mageia AmberAdult (f)3,7977221
BHimTXenowyrms Mageia AlbertAdult (m)3,5937371
yXPloXenowyrm Astrapi CholeAdult (f)3,6507272
PRrloXenowyrm Astrapi AmberAdult (f)3,7027383
SZb99Xenowyrm Astrapi ClarkAdult (m)2,6485622
Gg1PXTercorn Dragons AmberAdult (f)3,9561,0542
LNmYsTercorn Dragons AlbertAdult (m)3,3749122
rqVtFCopperDragonRainbowCholeAdult (f)2,5137808
nmHLQCopperDragonRainbowClarkAdult (m)3,8748302
nkWhPRift Wyrms AmberAdult (f)3,9168852
IksTNRift Wyrms AlbertAdult (m)3,9848972
REKr4Arcana Dragons 2018 AmberAdult (f)3,2911,0462
LADTjArcana Dragons 2018 AlbertAdult (m)1,9827001
pvU7AOmen Wyrms 2017 AmberAdult (f)2,6008974
ssJSYOmen Wyrms 2017 AlbertAdult (m)2,5898831
ejE4LCaligene Dragons 2015 AmberAdult (f)2,7009131
RgxpHCaligene Dragons 2015 AlbertAdult (m)2,5569071
817pvAsh Dragons CholeAdult (f)5,1651,0411
feJgXAsh Dragons ClarkAdult (m)5,3531,0233
MUH8BThe Boreal Dragon CholeAdult (f)5,1941,0263
v255qThe Boreal Dragon ClarkAdult (m)5,2911,0113
IkB4SPyrovar dragons CholeAdult (f)4,5511,0292
bP7KRPyrovar dragons ClarkAdult (m)4,5401,0172
LfufjThe Aeria Gloris AmberAdult (f)3,4679611
vsl1AThe Aeria Gloris AlbertAdult (m)3,5579693
qsOggLihnseyre Dragons AmberAdult (f)3,5439331
isWweLihnseyre Dragons AlbertAdult (m)3,5649011
2BPVJVremya Drakes AmberAdult (f)3,4588781
yntGeVremya Drakes AlbertAdult (m)3,4779182
zNjbEGeminae Dragons AmberAdult (f)3,5669611
4k5VTGeminae Dragons AlbertAdult (m)3,3289001
Y250JPyralspite Almandine AmberAdult (f)3,4098252
phpCzPyralspite Almandine CholeAdult (f)5,0079171
TaPPSPyralspite Almandine ClarkAdult (m)3,8759072
AK7wKPyralspite Almandine AlbertAdult (m)4,5076702
Fa7BYPyralspite Spessartine CholeAdult (f)3,8589161
DBL0xPyralspite Spessartine AmberAdult (f)4,4197604
oGCmtPyralspite Spessartine AlbertAdult (m)2,7838011
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