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You pick up the scroll labeled “rosesatin43,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
v8vwiPink Queen AmberAdult (f)5,0711,3328
NAwZPink King AlbertAdult (m)1,46641211
sPQ6XPink Queen CholeAdult (f)2,6608612
DQtShPink King ClarkAdult (m)2,1167721
adRbMPink Queen TifaAdult (f)2,6489422
J2eUOPink King TidusAdult (m)3,0829321
1UcBGPink Queen ZoeAdult (f)2,9649281
wDvFnPink King ZanAdult (m)1,6446762
WDUufPink Queen AthenaAdult (f)2,5808701
IzPVkPink King AustinAdult (m)1,7666361
AaooKPink Queen XenaAdult (f)3,4296821
NwLWbPink King XanderAdult (m)2,0776571
N0djaPink Queen RoseAdult (f)2,6418971
nKpzOPink King RobbyAdult (m)1,5946553
3oK17Pink Queen SohpiaAdult (f)4,2548291
KYDunPink King SanderAdult (m)3,6417612
FmcckPink Queen FaithAdult (f)4,7509522
34aXEPink King FrankAdult (m)3,4677302
ZmfPf(ZmfPf)Adult (f)7,5671,0931
2JTEOSinomorph AmberAdult (f)
hmYswSinomorph CholeAdult (f)
QIcLBAeon Wyverns CholeAdult (f)4,0457021
phpCzPyralspite Almandine CholeAdult (f)5,0079171
QOY3BDesipis Dragons CholeAdult (f)2,5826381
NcxlVGrave Dragons CholeAdult (f)2,5756533
UNccZValentine Pink CholeAdult (f)3,0279651
tjFgOCopperDragonVerdigrisCholeAdult (f)4,3376893
rqVtFCopperDragonRainbowCholeAdult (f)2,5137808
0XtPWYellow Dinos CholeAdult4,0698003
cqLmaChicken CholeAdult (f)2,4619183
AnYpChicken AmberAdult (f)1,28418614
WP7QhPurple dinos CholeAdult2,5747159
r82diPurple dinos ClarkAdult2,9091,0268
akvfCheese Dragons CholeAdult2,93433315
7ohNCheese Dragons ClarkAdult2,58635018
eQ6eyGemshard Red Dragon AmberAdult (f)2,7906462
STNOcGemshard Red Dragon CholeAdult (f)4,9129301
6QEmyGreen Holiday Dragons CholeAdult (f)2,7028872
RdTzcGreen Holiday Dragons AmberAdult (f)2,6558131
QpKhMGreen Holiday Dragons AlthenaAdult (f)3,3288111
20316Shadow Walkers AlbertAdult (m)3,0101,0597
h6SJbShadow Walkers ClarkAdult (m)2,1958767
EcazsGold dragons AlbertAdult (m)3,1536309
8GdVCGold dragons ClarkAdult (m)4,6276665
9WqvKBlue Holiday dragons AmberAdult (f)2,2438133
hKNoRBlue Holiday dragons CholeAdult (f)2,1168141
DKK0jBlue Holiday dragons AthenaAdult (f)3,2378341
iI6SFWhite Christmas CholeAdult (f)1,4077401
GOjO1White Christmas AthenaAdult (f)1,7057872
CfN8nWhite Christmas XenaAdult (f)1,3757542
4olECWhite Christmas AmberAdult (f)3,2658162
Nhx15Green Christmas AmberAdult (f)3,1498201
mbWZjGreen Christmas AthenaAdult (f)1,3607431
D9aR8RainBow Christmas AlbertAdult (m)1,6868311
HxwAoRainBow Christmas ClarkAdult (m)3,3108081
kn3ujRainBow Christmas AustinAdult (m)3,2728142
aQ5tURainBow Christmas XanderAdult (m)1,3106981
EUja1Red Christmas AlbertAdult (m)3,2478322
9kuS6Red Christmas ClarkAdult (m)1,2897051
IoVZ3Red Christmas AustinAdult (m)1,6638101
72dRCandy Cane Christmas AlbertAdult (m)3,04365921
TfvmLCandy Cane Christmas ClarkAdult (m)1,6167531
HyVWuCandy Cane Christmas AustinAdult (m)1,4477672
ANXBdValentine AmberAdult (f)3,0291,0081
6lZloValentine AthenaAdult (f)3,0771,0132
BXg72Christmas AthenaAdult (f)1,6667891
uxxClChristmas AustinAdult (m)3,0169750
DUOsAMimic Pygmies CholeAdult (f)4,2718821
s20QYMimic Pygmies ClarkAdult (m)4,3189111
CUMrwCarina Dragons AmberAdult (f)3,4508541
ZVADfCarina Dragons AlbertAdult (m)2,8426611
AUVYuShimmer-scale Gold CholeAdult (f)6,9448853
ZrVkzShimmer-scale Gold ClarkAdult (m)5,8329272
VrafPZyumorph Yellow CholeAdult (f)6,6639835
rKQ7OZyumorph Yellow ClarkAdult (m)7,0921,0692
WgBtHZyumorph Pink CholeAdult (f)5,1679222
2EvlsZyumorph Pink ClarkAdult (m)6,6981,0205
NRScoZyumorph Black CholeAdult (f)6,5199704
JEUPgZyumorph Black ClarkAdult (m)6,9121,1024
ZFBlsZyumorph Red CholeAdult (f)6,5729754
2oNh7Zyumorph Red ClarkAdult (m)5,8379122
faVRdZyumorph Dragon Blue CholeAdult (f)6,9669602
XuiADZyumorph Dragon Blue ClarkAdult (m)5,0229333
GskVjZyumorph Silver CholeAdult (f)6,6028874
ZjIUHZyumorph Silver ClarkAdult (m)5,5309413
alvd3Xenowyrms Chrono CholeAdult (f)3,4857952
RMlVmXenowyrms Chrono ClarkAdult (m)2,5186521
5B2wlXenowyrms Gaia CholeAdult (f)3,6367042
xufjqXenowyrms Gaia ClarkAdult (m)3,3097883
rDarRXenowyrms Pyro CholeAdult (f)2,7167522
swC9QXenowyrms Pyro ClarkAdult (m)3,4997432
hEsoPXenowyrms Thalassa CholeAdult (f)2,5677072
4n4miXenowyrms Thalassa ClarkAdult (m)3,9327793
9KleqXenowyrms Mageia AmberAdult (f)3,7977221
BHimTXenowyrms Mageia AlbertAdult (m)3,5937371
IkB4SPyrovar dragons CholeAdult (f)4,5511,0292
bP7KRPyrovar dragons ClarkAdult (m)4,5401,0172
QW8fMPyralspite Pyrope CholeAdult (f)4,9221,0471
sxj4XPyralspite Pyrope ClarkAdult (m)4,8521,0711
QQIDNFloret Wyverns Gold AmberAdult (f)3,3666781
bD9LjFloret Wyverns Gold  AlbertAdult (m)4,5178552
jfZHWFloret Wyverns Purple CholeAdult (f)5,9581,0042
LTr7WFloret Wyverns Purple ClarkAdult (m)4,1921,0054
OHoNsTatterdrakes CholeAdult (f)4,3386371
maMvvTatterdrakes ClarkAdult (m)3,3437031
EHGu7Morphodrakes CholeAdult (f)4,6659001
ClgYCMorphodrakes ClarkAdult (m)2,6387104
wBv3mHoney Drakes CholeAdult (f)3,4786662
LbmC2Honey Drakes ClarkAdult (m)4,8629132
ZFIKhSetsong Dragons CholeAdult (f)4,8339102
5nudeSetsong Dragons ClarkAdult (m)4,2788040
FD5zMRisensong Dragons CholeAdult (f)4,1048392
Vlq1dRisensong Dragons ClarkAdult (m)4,3028691
iPKhrNexus Dragons RoseAdult (f)4,0967212
IOfOGNexus Dragons RonAdult (m)5,2979914
WWcBTThe Freckled Dragon CholeAdult (f)4,1838621
17EWrThe Freckled Dragon ClarkAdult (m)3,6267401
t4K6rDark Lumina Dragons CholeAdult (f)3,4528402
IRM8oDark Lumina Dragons ClarkAdult (m)4,1528371
ToWSuThe Leodon Dragon AlthenaAdult (f)4,2279911
vKe32The Leodon Dragon ArronAdult (m)4,5781,0562
QxxxCMelismor Dragons AlthenaAdult (f)4,1759801
2YhEpMelismor Dragons ArronAdult (m)3,8829281
DxILeKhusa dragons CholeAdult (f)2,7986222
hUlZAKhusa dragons ClarkAdult (m)3,8027681
HKq5NSinii Krai Dragon AmberAdult (f)4,9958901
36QjZSinii Krai Dragon AlbertAdult (m)3,6917071
KpSG8Cassare Dragons CholeAdult (f)6,6581,1481
W0GerCassare Dragons ClarkAdult (m)3,4297321
5ESCgBolt Dragon AmberAdult (f)4,8688973
mZdT7Bolt Dragon AlbertAdult (m)3,6047123
RZYu6RedBlackSliverWingCholeAdult (f)4,4057353
hDTsyRedBlackSliverWingClarkAdult (m)4,6911,0451
Xzl5pAvatars of Destruction ZoeAdult (f)6,3118653
DDwUBAvatars of Destruction ZunAdult (m)6,7568893
WBJ6uFell Dragons AmberAdult (f)4,4689211
J5RUeFell Dragons AlbertAdult (m)3,3786543
RZ9VuBauta Dragoon CholeAdult (f)4,5138992
MMpvMBauta Dragoon ClarkAdult (m)3,2787092
3EFajRazorcrest Wyvern AmberAdult (f)4,7021,0691
ZJ76TRazorcrest Wyvern AlbertAdult (m)4,3101,0452
ZuQBKLacula Dragon CholeAdult (f)3,7649671
tnAKQLacula Dragon ClarkAdult (m)4,6221,0572
bdqi4Scimitar-wing Wyverns AmberAdult (f)3,8227432
LTTmNScimitar-wing Wyverns AlbertAdult (m)3,4427032
vwLRpFire Gem Red Dragons CholeAdult (f)5,3538933
5zMGxFire Gem Red Dragons ClarkAdult (m)3,8858222
Qs1BzFire Gem Green Dragons AmberAdult (f)6,6181,1312
I8SAZFire Gem Green Dragons AlbertAdult (m)3,9597582
gnysvTetra Dragoon AmberAdult (f)4,5428622
qQaTuTetra Dragoon AlbertAdult (m)5,3229443
VkG9PCandelabra Dragons AmberAdult (f)6,1181,0122
9PC0mCandelabra Dragons AlbertAdult (m)3,5307252
8bBizScript Dragon AmberAdult (f)5,3108931
LOOYYScript Dragon AlbertAdult (m)5,2339161
x596kKingcrowne AmberAdult (f)3,4067162
jNjzAKingcrowne AlbertAdult (m)3,6787472
rECp2Day Glory drakes AmberAdult (f)5,4247701
M7TijDay Glory drakes AlbertAdult (m)2,3517152
OkX45Gemshard Green Dragons CholeAdult (f)3,6357272
sNk9YGemshard Green Dragons ClarkAdult (m)4,5308244
nqiqjGemshard Blue Dragons AmberAdult (f)3,8416982
HeducGemshard Blue Dragons AlbertAdult (m)3,6188011
hhekQGlaucus Drakes AmberAdult (f)3,3098405
IovzYGlaucus Drakes AlbertAdult (m)3,6448262
6cxepValentine SandyAdult (f)3,0491,0392
JeT7GValentine AlbertAdult (m)3,2631,1487
KS4MqIce Dragons AmberAdult (f)5,0431,0518
X8gJ9Ice Dragons AlbertAdult (m)4,2006448
2CU22Two-Finned Bluna AmberAdult (f)4,2246386
PW2qTwo-Finned Bluna AlbertAdult (m)5,8058316
qXpdZTri-Horn Wyverns AmberAdult (f)4,9951,0016
WJXQUTri-Horn Wyverns AlbertAdult (m)4,6621,0109
EPXfsBlusang Lindwyrm AmberAdult (f)2,3299407
uVM9MBlusang Lindwyrm AlbertAdult (m)4,2851,0549
9cUSAHarvest Dragons AmberAdult (f)2,5636655
GIrubHarvest Dragons AlbertAdult (m)2,8016337
5EqRtSpotted Greenwings AmberAdult (f)4,7297433
d9fggSpotted Greenwings AlbertAdult (m)4,1971,2208
cMo97Striped Black Dragons AmberAdult (f)2,1086785
4DWZOStriped Black Dragons AlbertAdult (m)2,4106799
s376Striped Blue Dragons AmberAdult (f)2,45036416
nRhLStriped Blue Dragons AlbertAdult (m)2,28027621
P5esStriped Green Dragons AmberAdult (f)3,78243025
VeQOStriped Green Dragons AlbertAdult (m)3,49640221
lN42Water Walker CholeAdult (f)2,86432014
q1pdWater Walker ClarkAdult (m)2,31636615
XxwcBalloon Dragon AmberAdult (f)1,3608206
1GP1Balloon Dragon AlbertAdult (m)2,05531215
w6TJGuardian Dragon AmberAdult (f)3,08065518
TkQzGuardian Dragon AlbertAdult (m)1,90277115
kWmPSRed-Tailed Wyrm CholeAdult (f)5,2239861
dNVS3Red-Tailed Wyrm ClarkAdult (m)4,7528931
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