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You pick up the scroll labeled “rosesatin43,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
bRARTSunstone Dragon ClarkAdult (m)1,9416651
fGdPxStriped Red Dragons AmberAdult (f)2,1797972
eUWF8Striped Red Dragons AlbertAdult (m)3,0286515
550LOStriped Red Dragons ClarkAdult (m)1,7866471
G74CnStriped Red Dragons AustinAdult (m)2,4776595
EPjilStriped Red Dragons ZanAdult (m)2,1386745
PgWCBlack Dragon CholeAdult (f)1,95654111
E15F0Black Dragon AthenaAdult (f)1,6207592
V7f9DBlack Dragon ClarkAdult (m)3,2959951
oMqbBlack Dragon TidusAdult (m)2,17532116
mAeThBlack Dragon AustinAdult (m)3,4977312
XojBIMisfit Pygmie AmberAdult (f)2,0926436
A3IMmMisfit Pygmie CholeAdult (f)2,2157315
m2iShMisfit Pygmie AthenaAdult (f)1,9114894
RxiE9Misfit Pygmie AlbertAdult (m)2,5208342
5riEkMisfit Pygmie ClarkAdult (m)4,6909201
LE38BCanopy Dragon AmberAdult (f)1,8506577
FN1uDCanopy Dragon CholeAdult (f)2,14257016
uyPTiCanopy Dragon AlbertAdult (m)1,7106601
ie5w3Canopy Dragon AustinAdult (m)2,8288228
hM4xGCanopy Dragon ClarkAdult (m)5,1069522
n7i1hDark Mysts Pygmies AmberAdult (f)2,4235471
njH6FDark Mysts Pygmies CholeAdult (f)3,4968487
pL68nDark Mysts Pygmies AthenaAdult (f)3,9811,2066
NxjXRDark Mysts Pygmies AlbertAdult (m)2,5016542
vNKNpDark Mysts Pygmies ClarkAdult (m)4,7209811
gDd21Skywing Dragoon CholeAdult (f)5,2397952
2CcLISkywing Dragoon AmberAdult (f)2,2886576
1DjevSkywing Dragoon ClarkAdult (m)2,2516754
OV9DGSkywing Dragoon AlbertAdult (m)3,6165165
OilJASkywing Dragoon AustinAdult (m)1,9585141
LKkDaWhiptail Dragons CholeAdult (f)3,8908391
CPhoBWhiptail Dragons AthenaAdult (f)3,8468071
8JXjBWhiptail Dragons AmberAdult (f)2,7189161
EeFUWhiptail Dragons AlbertAdult (m)2,14028120
0yuuWhiptail Dragons ClarkAdult (m)2,02126920
zBiTWhiptail Dragons AustinAdult (m)2,24434217
hAiS9Cavern Lurker Dragons CholeAdult (f)4,0781,1171
6FKUiCavern Lurker Dragons AmberAdult (f)2,4826143
4l33VCavern Lurker Dragons AlbertAdult (m)2,3106213
21UXqCavern Lurker Dragons ClarkAdult (m)2,7309609
kUKgECavern Lurker Dragons AustinAdult (m)4,0481,0862
dUHSMCavern Lurker Dragons VaanAdult (m)3,2461,0101
7pxAE(7pxAE)Adult (f)5,2591,1441
aLCIy(aLCIy)Adult (f)4,7791,0312
4RvujBright-Breasted Wyvern AmberAdult (f)1,9475877
P9zLQBright-Breasted Wyvern AlbertAdult (m)4,1996264
SUlGeBright-Breasted Wyvern ClarkAdult (m)2,6065668
89qKKBright-Breasted Wyvern AustinAdult (m)3,5936841
uj8OcMagma Dragons CholeAdult (f)4,6439535
iuM86Magma Dragons AthenaAdult (f)3,3157741
oRvRyMagma Dragons AmberAdult (f)2,97141614
0Sq9KMagma Dragons AlbertAdult (m)2,4537916
jHgppMagma Dragons AustinAdult (m)3,7728462
kr5CbMagma Dragons ClarkAdult (m)3,9189121
JDHpA(JDHpA)Adult (f)3,0957323
k4MbKRidgewingDragons CholeAdult (f)2,4097823
nJdeuRidgewingDragons AngelAdult (f)2,5285687
qEkIdRidgewingDragons AlbertAdult (m)3,6938661
0tUYFRidgewingDragons ClarkAdult (m)1,7236446
ypKlZ(ypKlZ)Adult (m)2,9337171
gqkPz(gqkPz)Adult (f)3,2157442
MaoXwSkywing Dragon CholeAdult (f)2,3246471
a76ptSkywing Dragon ClarkAdult (m)2,0366216
kBbVSkywing Dragon AlbertAdult (m)3,53666118
ZZdYESkywing Dragon AustinAdult (m)2,2315644
XNEvWSkywing Dragon ZanAdult (m)2,0366036
M5APfThunder Dragons AthenaAdult (f)4,9871,0044
JYvnPThunder Dragons AmberAdult (f)3,6387053
ezWKfThunder Dragons CholeAdult (f)2,5758483
31UCIThunder Dragons ClarkAdult (m)2,9268347
GicEoThunder Dragons AustinAdult (m)5,2877569
GxdnTThunder Dragons AlbertAdult (m)8,4011,0263
YN8VeBlack Truffle Dragon AthenaAdult (f)7,6801,0161
MX2isBlack Truffle dragon CholeAdult (f)5,3619671
bEPSEBlack Truffle dragon AmberAdult (f)5,1308862
Etd2EBlack Truffle dragon ClarkAdult (m)5,4549022
4TEF9Black Truffle Dragon AlbertAdult (m)5,2999662
TOIuUBlack Truffle Dragon AustinAdult (m)6,8968821
eqPG5(eqPG5)Adult (f)4,9471,0015
XbcHQAvatars of Changes AmberAdult (f)4,8531,0031
93M0BAvatars of Changes CholeAdult (f)5,5701,0413
WOASgAvatars of Changes MarcusAdult (m)5,3539604
ngGicAvatars of Changes AlbertAdult (m)5,5171,0122
ygQymAvatars of Changes ClarkAdult (m)6,5601,0559
Ag7eKGilded Bloodscale Dragon AmberAdult (f)5,1509000
vV01KGilded Bloodscale Dragon AthenaAdult (f)5,3388921
OxVXLGilded Bloodscale Dragon CholeAdult (f)2,6785796
M6EIbGilded Bloodscale Dragon AlbertAdult (m)3,3137242
UQtJYGilded Bloodscale Dragon ClarkAdult (m)4,2167885
imZuNGilded Bloodscale Dragon AustinAdult (m)2,7539013
sPspo(sPspo)Adult (f)4,3579262
bKehAlbino Dragon AmberAdult (f)2,39565515
NouqAlbino Dragon CholeAdult (f)1,5783599
X50jAlbino Dragon AlbertAdult (m)2,89331719
OqSnAlbino Dragon ClarkAdult (m)2,82627015
btzRG(btzRG)Adult (m)3,1556912
0ojIHellfires Wyverns AmberAdult (f)2,2336156
IjjFPHellfires Wyverns CholeAdult (f)4,2061,3005
SpggHellfires Wyverns AthenaAdult (f)3,7646539
7GeDHellfires Wyverns AlbertAdult (m)4,4857248
4AcQpHellfires Wyverns ClarkAdult (m)3,6396953
VMbYAHellfires Wyverns AustinAdult (m)3,9487611
GLQSHPurple Dragon AmberAdult (f)1,7415997
gSaDPurple Dragon CholeAdult (f)2,68131921
6wwN8Purple Dragon AthenaAdult (f)2,71073210
KK23vPurple Dragon ZoeAdult (f)2,5606157
Eh0EPPurple Dragon AlbertAdult (m)1,5686622
uAQRRPurple Dragon ClarkAdult (m)3,9477092
tQRa9Turpentine Dragon AmberAdult (f)2,0716564
E74JtTurpentine Dragon CholeAdult (f)2,2597346
JE8DXTurpentine Dragon AthenaAdult (f)2,1626922
SnC1NTurpentine Dragon AlbertAdult (m)1,6886632
zmdHkTurpentine Dragon ClarkAdult (m)1,4876332
TDNLe(TDNLe)Adult (m)5,6391,0081
AKk33Tsunami Wyvern AmberAdult (f)5,0627347
4n5KmTsunami Wyvern CholeAdult (f)4,2151,0495
bShhXTsunami Wyvern AthenaAdult (f)2,9538978
s56KVTsunami Wyvern ClarkAdult (m)2,9947231
BvCSITsunami Wyvern AlbertAdult (m)1,7175767
E9MBi(E9MBi)Adult (m)3,5677261
M7QoFLunar Blue Heralds AmberAdult (f)4,0677261
8axFqLunar Blue Heralds CholeAdult (f)3,2606451
EsK2nLunar Blue Heralds AshelyAdult (f)3,1986691
lbl5dLunar Blue Heralds AlbertAdult (m)4,2167641
cWzKQLunar Blue Heralds ClarkAdult (m)3,8407561
19oAi(19oAi)Adult (m)4,1209501
U6JAgDiamondwing Dragon AthenaAdult (f)5,7417923
6c95GDiamondwing Dragon CholeAdult (f)4,1748242
NYu9ADiamondwing Dragon AmberAdult (f)3,5257513
TjYwlDiamondwing Dragon ZoeAdult (f)3,5007232
Rd3ZTDiamondwing Dragon ClarkAdult (m)4,4848831
mC9VaDiamondwing Dragon AlbertAdult (m)3,3437052
IbtWVNocturne Dragon CholeAdult (f)4,1067641
k6xkbNocturne Dragon AmberAdult (f)1,9965904
5Pey4Nocturne Dragon AlbertAdult (m)3,0539841
IJPfNocturne Dragon ClarkAdult (m)2,5763098
jXMDNocturne Dragon AustinAdult (m)2,56368818
MgO7Nocturne Dragon XanderAdult (m)2,49968613
GuJkXSunset Dragons CholeAdult (f)4,1907591
1aBAESunset Dragons AmberAdult (f)2,6428641
tEFu1Sunset Dragons AngelAdult (f)7,4391,3617
62JkSunset Dragons ClarkAdult (m)2,92338627
sZxcvSunset Dragons AlbertAdult (m)3,3566712
XqLuxSunset Dragons AllenAdult (m)3,4206952
SmOS0Black Tea Dragon AmberAdult (f)4,5696626
TQ41GBlack Tea Dragon CholeAdult (f)3,3499918
swDDIBlack Tea Dragon AthenaAdult (f)2,0816801
cefT1Black Tea Dragon AlbertAdult (m)3,3097057
nhusIBlack Tea Dragon ClarkAdult (m)1,9656901
pB3YNBlack Tea Dragon AustinAdult (m)1,9536672
2dtdvEmber Dragon CholeAdult (f)2,2738614
CjaDEmber Dragon AmberAdult (f)2,36757210
IOIUUEmber Dragon AthenaAdult (f)2,9711,0235
6UnsEmber Dragon ClarkAdult (m)3,17630210
BPTvqEmber Dragon AlbertAdult (m)2,6467926
T6f7MEmber Dragon AustinAdult (m)3,5177302
u8CfC(u8CfC)Adult (f)3,6817561
fYV63Two-headed Green Lindwyrm AthenaAdult (f)8,5811,0583
kiWIGTwo-headed Green Lindwyrm AmberAdult (f)2,3609323
YOLIHTwo-headed Green Lindwyrm CholeAdult (f)2,6168513
rv6BF(rv6BF)Adult (m)4,5218841
4uP1NTwo-headed Green Lindwyrm AlbertAdult (m)2,3247432
DCWuZTwo-headed Green Lindwyrm AustinAdult (m)7,7151,0843
kQ0URidgewing Dragons XenaAdult (f)2,32560311
8d8KRidgewing Dragons ZoeAdult (f)4,6757956
5PDKRidgewing Dragons AmyAdult (f)4,7258087
uksXRidgewing Dragons BenAdult (m)2,9114638
U6sgjRidgewing Dragons AlbertAdult (m)3,5618112
NfT5Ridgewing Dragons ZanAdult (m)2,9714839
Rv7he(Rv7he)Adult (m)3,0517192
fkdmaFlamingo Wyvern AmberAdult (f)2,1496246
5d9WuFlamingo Wyvern AlbertAdult (m)2,1046296
uPKzSFlamingo Wyvern ClarkAdult (m)2,8369291
7VJ7Flamingo Wyvern ZanAdult (m)2,8484548
OGv7Flamingo Wyvern XanderAdult (m)4,8547938
PrNWHFlamingo Wyvern AustinAdult (m)8,7041,5357
NURaqSunrise Dragon AmberAdult (f)5,8041,0332
0y41Sunrise Dragon AlthenaAdult (f)2,11026812
4YS7Sunrise Dragon CholeAdult (f)2,51125916
cCR9Sunrise Dragon ClarkAdult (m)2,07926513
MtoYBSunrise Dragon AustinAdult (m)4,29080411
x3vT7Sunrise Dragon AlbertAdult (m)4,9339242
OCbfeDorsal Purple Dragons CholeAdult (f)3,0777301
6Me1IDorsal Purple Dragons AthenaAdult (f)3,9619693
nAsvFDorsal Purple Dragons AmberAdult (f)2,6655748
jeGdRDorsal Purple Dragons AlbertAdult (m)2,5818114
baSwDorsal Purple Dragons ClarkAdult (m)2,16129319
2GSr7Dorsal Purple Dragons AustinAdult (m)2,3807367
uJY3x(uJY3x)Adult (f)5,7481,2273
3H4pnLumina Dragon AmberAdult (f)2,5119812
1dFp6Lumina Dragon CholeAdult (f)2,8769221
bbiTaLumina Dragon AthenaAdult (f)2,7207613
DVfB7Lumina Dragon AlbertAdult (m)3,3391,0042
AewQfLumina Dragon ClarkAdult (m)3,6048773
0cLKpLumina Dragon AustinAdult (m)6,3808289
q55ENHowler Drake CholeAdult (f)3,2957341
P3MdMHowler Drake AmberAdult (f)3,4031,1282
XIZbCHowler Drake AthenaAdult (f)3,7366302
d8sNHHowler Drake XenaAdult (f)3,4148584
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