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You pick up the scroll labeled “rosesatin43,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
QyKAoAnagallis Dragon AustinAdult (m)4,1627123
izuSgYellow-Crowned Dragon CholeAdult (f)2,4929123
zc8AZYellow-Crowned Dragon AmberAdult (f)2,2548231
gklsaYellow-Crowned Dragon ClarkAdult (m)3,6247352
fZoEiYellow-Crowned Dragon AlbertAdult (m)2,7229553
5azjtYellow-Crowned Dragon AustinAdult (m)2,1706282
y3B7bBrute Dragon CholeAdult (f)4,2628961
TCnJrBrute Dragon AthenaAdult (f)2,7536313
hs6VQBrute Dragon AmberAdult (f)2,6378013
bjTdeBrute Dragon AlbertAdult (m)2,5348111
cePxdBrute Dragon ClarkAdult (m)2,2333921
AKk33Tsunami Wyvern AmberAdult (f)5,0627347
4n5KmTsunami Wyvern CholeAdult (f)4,2151,0495
bShhXTsunami Wyvern AthenaAdult (f)2,9538978
s56KVTsunami Wyvern ClarkAdult (m)2,9947231
BvCSITsunami Wyvern AlbertAdult (m)1,7175767
E9MBi(E9MBi)Adult (m)3,5677261
tQRa9Turpentine Dragon AmberAdult (f)2,0716564
E74JtTurpentine Dragon CholeAdult (f)2,2597346
JE8DXTurpentine Dragon AthenaAdult (f)2,1626922
SnC1NTurpentine Dragon AlbertAdult (m)1,6886632
zmdHkTurpentine Dragon ClarkAdult (m)1,4876332
TDNLe(TDNLe)Adult (m)5,6391,0081
GLQSHPurple Dragon AmberAdult (f)1,7415997
gSaDPurple Dragon CholeAdult (f)2,68131921
6wwN8Purple Dragon AthenaAdult (f)2,71073210
KK23vPurple Dragon ZoeAdult (f)2,5606157
Eh0EPPurple Dragon AlbertAdult (m)1,5686622
uAQRRPurple Dragon ClarkAdult (m)3,9477092
28v6uImperial Fleshcrowne AmberAdult (f)1,8577177
58BiRImperial Fleshcrowne CholeAdult (f)1,7776598
t0frDImperial Fleshcrowne AthenaAdult (f)2,3256217
XITyeImperial Fleshcrowne ZoeAdult (f)2,2815724
OoUXkImperial Fleshcrowne AlbertAdult (m)2,0715586
G239Electric Dragon AmberAdult (f)1,9536558
0inbElectric Dragon CholeAdult (f)2,40953612
O6N9Electric Dragon AthenaAdult (f)2,45858713
l39SgElectric Dragon ClarkAdult (m)2,4028231
1DCDjElectric Dragon AlbertAdult (m)2,5438601
uhecdPillow Dragon CholeAdult (f)1,8596338
cYAUcPillow Dragon AmberAdult (f)2,2548744
LLY7VPillow Dragon AthenaAdult (f)3,6907485
FwgSOPillow Dragon ClarkAdult (m)3,3137312
OsrJhPillow Dragon AlbertAdult (m)3,3397078
lx5nmRoyal Blue dragons AmberAdult (f)2,5375369
Cmr7ERoyal Blue dragons CholeAdult (f)2,8196256
nHaGQRoyal Blue dragons AthenaAdult (f)2,0446722
NS9apRoyal Blue dragons ZoeAdult (f)3,2006655
ekaoLRoyal Blue dragons AlbertAdult (m)2,4616516
88BfESunstone Dragon AmberAdult (f)3,9801,1707
MdCVNSunstone Dragon CholeAdult (f)4,1471,2227
FxeSaSunstone Dragon AthenaAdult (f)2,0046472
fTEoXSunstone Dragon AlbertAdult (m)2,0805316
bRARTSunstone Dragon ClarkAdult (m)1,9416651
fGdPxStriped Red Dragons AmberAdult (f)2,1797972
eUWF8Striped Red Dragons AlbertAdult (m)3,0286515
550LOStriped Red Dragons ClarkAdult (m)1,7866471
G74CnStriped Red Dragons AustinAdult (m)2,4776595
EPjilStriped Red Dragons ZanAdult (m)2,1386745
PgWCBlack Dragon CholeAdult (f)1,95654111
E15F0Black Dragon AthenaAdult (f)1,6207592
V7f9DBlack Dragon ClarkAdult (m)3,2959951
oMqbBlack Dragon TidusAdult (m)2,17532116
mAeThBlack Dragon AustinAdult (m)3,4977312
MaoXwSkywing Dragon CholeAdult (f)2,3246471
a76ptSkywing Dragon ClarkAdult (m)2,0366216
kBbVSkywing Dragon AlbertAdult (m)3,53666118
ZZdYESkywing Dragon AustinAdult (m)2,2315644
XNEvWSkywing Dragon ZanAdult (m)2,0366036
gDd21Skywing Dragoon CholeAdult (f)5,2397952
2CcLISkywing Dragoon AmberAdult (f)2,2886576
1DjevSkywing Dragoon ClarkAdult (m)2,2516754
OV9DGSkywing Dragoon AlbertAdult (m)3,6165165
OilJASkywing Dragoon AustinAdult (m)1,9585141
ObgiC(ObgiC)Adult (f)3,5547281
4iH43(4iH43)Adult (f)3,3236841
HX9YoRed Dragons CholeAdult (f)2,8025658
nFP2Red Dragons AngelAdult (f)3,53865917
R5McCRed Dragons ClarkAdult (m)2,1796786
hc5LCRed Dragons AllenAdult (m)2,1136648
xwODeRed Dragons ZunAdult (m)4,2527671
ua5ox(ua5ox)Adult (m)3,3506902
U6JAgDiamondwing Dragon AthenaAdult (f)5,7417923
6c95GDiamondwing Dragon CholeAdult (f)4,1748242
NYu9ADiamondwing Dragon AmberAdult (f)3,5257513
TjYwlDiamondwing Dragon ZoeAdult (f)3,5007232
Rd3ZTDiamondwing Dragon ClarkAdult (m)4,4848831
mC9VaDiamondwing Dragon AlbertAdult (m)3,3437052
ApujhStriped River Dragon ZoeAdult (f)4,1787691
bCiMvStriped River Dragon AmberAdult (f)4,5077912
e0x3JStriped River Dragon CholeAdult (f)2,5033912
pMbytStriped River Dragon AthenaAdult (f)4,1197961
KbfcjStriped River Dragon AlbertAdult (m)2,1573931
siZCZStriped River Dragon ClarkAdult (m)4,6419683
9zKUhStriped River Dragon AustinAdult (m)4,1997472
Xvh0yStriped River Dragon ZanAdult (m)3,5847061
UC0A0Undine Dragons CholeAdult (f)4,3248621
5CKnQUndine Dragons ZoeAdult (f)3,6961,1856
5O9nCUndine Dragons AmberAdult (f)3,4676961
7UPoEUndine Dragons AthenaAdult (f)4,0337421
1QLpJUndine Dragons AustinAdult (m)3,4847331
7B7YOUndine Dragons ClarkAdult (m)3,6521,1883
K5QaNUndine Dragons AlbertAdult (m)4,0958803
skhxrUndine Dragons ZanAdult (m)3,8807251
JqGKeUndine Dragons RockyAdult (m)2,5237842
Z53FgBlue-Banded Dragon AmberAdult (f)3,6201,1704
OjNWRBlue-Banded Dragon CholeAdult (f)4,2339212
GfAwtBlue-Banded Dragon AthenaAdult (f)2,6056692
FZWoYBlue-Banded Dragon ZoeAdult (f)1,8915751
zrknsBlue-Banded Dragon XenaAdult (f)2,7044372
RhBaJBlue-Banded Dragon AlbertAdult (m)3,4161,1234
TYAUPBlue-Banded Dragon ClarkAdult (m)3,6361,1653
4jjIZBlue-Banded Dragon AustinAdult (m)4,2228954
mLfY7Blue-Banded Dragon ZanAdult (m)2,0195961
oY0HsBlue-Banded Dragon XanderAdult (m)4,0698733
q55ENHowler Drake CholeAdult (f)3,2957341
P3MdMHowler Drake AmberAdult (f)3,4031,1282
XIZbCHowler Drake AthenaAdult (f)3,7366302
d8sNHHowler Drake XenaAdult (f)3,4148584
3uhCDHowler Drake ClarkAdult (m)3,6037731
YPAMCHowler Drake AlbertAdult (m)2,9858384
FaLWOHowler Drake AustinAdult (m)2,5117642
18d33Howler Drake XanderAdult (m)3,4939195
otNAeFrostbite Dragon AmberAdult (f)3,4888242
jrcRfFrostbite Dragon CholeAdult (f)2,7486802
WBZOgFrostbite Dragon AthenaAdult (f)3,3136031
d1tMRFrostbite Dragon XenaAdult (f)3,4618752
XIdIUFrostbite Dragon ZoeAdult (f)4,0468655
1kVSJFrostbite Dragon AlbertAdult (m)3,5097553
9HlFbFrostbite Dragon ClarkAdult (m)4,2779202
vCHxhFrostbite Dragon AustinAdult (m)3,3961,1134
5jYcSFrostbite Dragon XanderAdult (m)2,7016662
YIEGkFrostbite Dragon ZanAdult (m)3,5758071
iKPaNCarmine Wyvern  AmberAdult (f)3,2037201
pWI8ICarmine Wyvern CholeAdult (f)3,4768303
iWXUhCarmine Wyvern AthenaAdult (f)3,3578352
dGu5iCarmine Wyvern XenaAdult (f)2,5637742
LOiVkCarmine Wyvern ZoeAdult (f)2,9858271
cN4VSCarmine Wyvern RoseAdult (f)2,6077981
f6IdxCarmine Wyvern AlbertAdult (m)3,4539034
FI6EgCarmine Wyvern ClarkAdult (m)3,4918813
HG3t6Carmine Wyvern AustinAdult (m)3,1108702
w9xXvCarmine Wyvern XanderAdult (m)3,0528801
6aJHJCarmine Wyvern ZanAdult (m)3,0338231
XzN17Nhiostrife Wyvern AmberAdult (f)2,5899212
oSrzANhiostrife Wyvern CholeAdult (f)2,4258931
vZr54Nhiostrife Wyvern AthenaAdult (f)2,6489721
EpthANhiostrife Wyvern AlbertAdult (m)2,8429301
EINwVNhiostrife Wyvern ClarkAdult (m)2,6509292
xMfLsNhiostrife Wyvern AustinAdult (m)2,6309561
NHdLNNhiostrife Wyvern XanderAdult (m)2,3778631
LvamVNhiostrife Wyvern ZanAdult (m)3,6309762
IbtWVNocturne Dragon CholeAdult (f)4,1067641
k6xkbNocturne Dragon AmberAdult (f)1,9965904
5Pey4Nocturne Dragon AlbertAdult (m)3,0539841
IJPfNocturne Dragon ClarkAdult (m)2,5763098
jXMDNocturne Dragon AustinAdult (m)2,56368818
MgO7Nocturne Dragon XanderAdult (m)2,49968613
uO4pU(uO4pU)Adult (f)3,5967322
STr75Seragamma Wyvern CholeAdult (f)2,9838862
alBPASeragamma Wyvern AthenaAdult (f)2,6998873
upTFASeragamma Wyvern AmberAdult (f)1,8466521
KwLb8Seragamma Wyvern AlbertAdult (m)2,1527113
hY5zvSeragamma Wyvern ClarkAdult (m)1,8435912
jxRN7Seragamma Wyvern AustinAdult (m)1,9756234
tuVHiSeragamma Wyvern XanderAdult (m)2,7746128
P4Ak1Seragamma Wyvern ZanAdult (m)2,3987758
3H4pnLumina Dragon AmberAdult (f)2,5119812
1dFp6Lumina Dragon CholeAdult (f)2,8769221
bbiTaLumina Dragon AthenaAdult (f)2,7207613
DVfB7Lumina Dragon AlbertAdult (m)3,3391,0042
AewQfLumina Dragon ClarkAdult (m)3,6048773
0cLKpLumina Dragon AustinAdult (m)6,3808289
L4gSlMagiDragonAmberAdult (f)5,4681,2163
Wk6cUMagiDragonCholeAdult (f)4,8179011
3BSKYMagiDragonAthenaAdult (f)4,7289211
89CQwMagiDragonAngelAdult (f)4,7259143
syJGjMagiDragonZoeAdult (f)2,1466824
vBuRMagiDragonAdamAdult (m)3,53966321
7xDdgMagiDragonClarkAdult (m)1,71460110
NgTfcMagiDragonAlbertAdult (m)2,6689193
s6vjdMagiDragonZackAdult (m)1,8186912
k867hMagiDragonAllenAdult (m)2,0266812
N2Dq7(N2Dq7)Adult (f)3,9907043
SxbYdBleeding Moon Dragon AmberAdult (f)1,7696266
d4BfFBleeding Moon Dragon CholeAdult (f)2,0885555
38ud9Bleeding Moon Dragon AthenaAdult (f)2,0856653
BxFWyBleeding Moon Dragon AlbertAdult (m)2,2995444
he9llBleeding Moon Dragon ClarkAdult (m)2,1686042
ANsJpBleeding Moon Dragon AustinAdult (m)2,2565873
lS7h5(lS7h5)Adult (m)3,4416742
GuJkXSunset Dragons CholeAdult (f)4,1907591
1aBAESunset Dragons AmberAdult (f)2,6428641
tEFu1Sunset Dragons AngelAdult (f)7,4391,3617
62JkSunset Dragons ClarkAdult (m)2,92338627
sZxcvSunset Dragons AlbertAdult (m)3,3566712
XqLuxSunset Dragons AllenAdult (m)3,4206952
kSxa7Royal Crimson Dragon XenaAdult (f)4,7618353
N1lnrRoyal Crimson Dragon AthenaAdult (f)4,5089302
sofmSRoyal Crimson Dragon AmberAdult (f)6,3411,0396
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