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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Gold Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2017 Halloween Event
  • 2017 Valentine’s Day
  • 2013 Holiday Event
  • 2013 Halloween Event
  • Carrot Cave
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
  • Magikarp
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You pick up the scroll labeled “phone99999,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
4clZPhone Protector CBAdult (m)8,26383539
unAmoPhone Stone CBAdult (f)2,7299091
k9uhPhone StoneAdult (m)1,47445613
h1yE0Phone Black StripesAdult (m)2,7689081
WQfASPhone Blue StripesAdult (m)2,3636894
IZXDSPhone Green StripesAdult (f)2,5506073
86xZePhone Red StripesAdult (f)2,8156022
kogZPhone White StripesAdult (m)1,1904638
PX7XM(PX7XM)Adult (m)2,0504461
oZXsPhone Balloon CBAdult (m)2,3403806
06JptPhone Hot AirAdult (m)3,2507401
A6ib(A6ib)Adult (m)2,2484206
AGGs(AGGs)Adult (f)2,19732314
cKGypPhone Dorsal CBAdult (f)3,5276122
A4QmPhone Cheesy ChesterAdult2,19963911
jrW57Phone Dino Purple CBAdult2,4698278
oSjjPhone Dino Blue CBAdult3,78225417
8uo6Phone Dino Green CBAdult2,35866710
jP69j(jP69j)Adult (m)2,1685961
CWg7(CWg7)Adult (m)3,0422034
rVhW(rVhW)Adult (f)3,9038998
UtNuyPhone Willard Water CBAdult (m)2,9059053
lZaJPhone Water CBAdult (m)2,16345010
x3Gjw(x3Gjw)Adult (m)2,3616361
wZlFaPhone Wilda Water CBAdult (f)2,5299981
76YRWPhone Wanda Water CBAdult (f)3,0349652
LTJG(LTJG)Adult (f)4,2716167
pC1B(pC1B)Adult (f)1,93934212
TmVW(TmVW)Adult (m)2,41948610
iCcnPhone Sweet Lord CBAdult (m)2,31545912
LQfv(LQfv)Adult (f)1,04248513
ijUVs(ijUVs)Adult (f)2,0456082
UpELJ(UpELJ)Adult (m)2,4315456
0XVNl(0XVNl)Adult (m)1,8537082
BQkBs(BQkBs)Adult (f)3,6052484
sUOjL(sUOjL)Adult (m)1,8809403
0Aj1k(0Aj1k)Adult (m)2,3868111
7N25N(7N25N)Adult (m)1,8249091
PS89W(PS89W)Adult (m)3,0278122
MImKN(MImKN)Adult (f)2,4496265
rlkVU(rlkVU)Adult (f)1,8369032
nfxfp(nfxfp)Adult (f)2,4238994
PITuK(PITuK)Adult (m)3,2992211
G1oO(G1oO)Adult (m)2,9794062
GUF0(GUF0)Adult (m)9075443
c2JD(c2JD)Adult (m)4,1452776
eX3p(eX3p)Adult (m)8795313
gPfQ(gPfQ)Adult (m)3,8394193
LDg4(LDg4)Adult (m)1,2296294
9SoT(9SoT)Adult (m)3,6863704
proM(proM)Adult (m)1,0645533
ifue(ifue)Adult (m)3,9913905
ee2L(ee2L)Adult (m)1,6196695
fY36(fY36)Adult (m)1,1206118
jKP5(jKP5)Adult (m)1,0335797
fr8f(fr8f)Adult (m)1,0395807
3IJt(3IJt)Adult (m)1,4584898
uLAW(uLAW)Adult (m)1,1876293
WUor(WUor)Adult (m)2,0795058
flEC(flEC)Adult (m)1,6995753
ZkrR(ZkrR)Adult (f)3,9502673
I199(I199)Adult (f)4,2172823
EFGu(EFGu)Adult (f)3,6114719
LCmv(LCmv)Adult (f)5,3123565
bIra(bIra)Adult (f)2,8565907
qHBg(qHBg)Adult (f)1,2705634
Wl95(Wl95)Adult (f)1,0475649
bv3b(bv3b)Adult (f)1,3966415
bS9Y(bS9Y)Adult (f)2,3914183
0jerk(0jerk)Adult (f)2,5896753
Dfui(Dfui)Adult (f)2,0453426
t2Gs(t2Gs)Adult (f)3,9922924
bod6(bod6)Adult (f)4,31763010
9CX3(9CX3)Adult (f)1,82144211
ZhLO(ZhLO)Adult (f)1,9673827
KVS6jPhone Little LadyAdult (f)2,5507414
CWRM(CWRM)Adult (m)1,63970622
TiVEc(TiVEc)Adult (f)2,5546622
FLNN(FLNN)Adult (f)1,7745497
MPars(MPars)Adult (f)1,5676401
Ax9j6Phone Dream CBAdult (m)2,6988261
eOY9OPhone Derik Dream CBAdult (m)2,9448932
AJBN(AJBN)Adult (m)2,8589923
VMtgJPhone Magik CBAdult (f)3,0669712
n9c6sPhone Maggie Magi CBAdult (f)2,7518822
UMm1pPhone Orange MagicAdult (m)3,2186672
JxyhMPhone Orange Magic CBAdult (m)2,6289212
pyHHpPhone Mark Magi CBAdult (m)2,7178921
iUv6tPhone Mike Magi CBAdult (m)2,7108751
WX5Q(WX5Q)Adult (m)2,27954311
MkHWt(MkHWt)Adult (m)3,0359712
flqTD(flqTD)Adult (m)3,2897952
fs1K(fs1K)Adult (f)2,2506775
IZUC(IZUC)Adult (f)1,4644666
u9FhePhone Stormy Night CBAdult (f)2,7279132
aprwW(aprwW)Adult (f)2,3567160
y2A6X(y2A6X)Adult (f)2,0346442
rkROi(rkROi)Adult (f)2,0086502
0Wc6h(0Wc6h)Adult (f)2,4107341
Owghq(Owghq)Adult (m)1,9856282
wlRRI(wlRRI)Adult (m)2,0726763
usht(usht)Adult (m)1,9664208
VfAX(VfAX)Adult (m)1,0264825
NKaC7Phone StormyAdult (m)3,3107172
0jj9(0jj9)Adult (m)1,5934265
iPeI(iPeI)Adult (f)1,1454886
lCuuPhone Silver BlueAdult (m)1,2155519
oI4BhPhone Lady SilverAdult (f)2,7878761
hUYiU(hUYiU)Adult (f)5,4441,0553
irEC(irEC)Adult (f)1,7085979
jcQ5(jcQ5)Adult (f)2,14472113
s7HN(s7HN)Adult (f)1,9015953
5Ah6(5Ah6)Adult (f)2,31973211
bvBSA(bvBSA)Adult (f)2,9365951
WOtntPhone Petta PinkAdult (f)3,4591,0771
XSY0gPhone Pink CBAdult (f)2,6097172
V0svJPhone Lovely PinkAdult (f)2,0635722
cf9SVPhone Pink PattyAdult (f)2,0735882
LDpN5Phone Pilot PinkAdult (m)2,6816921
EBTgYPhone Mr PinkAdult (m)2,9906913
jyjTMPhone Pink Pete CBAdult (m)3,1641,0582
gbRSV(gbRSV)Adult (m)2,7649232
GJkyM(GJkyM)Adult (m)2,1056671
U1Syg(U1Syg)Adult (m)1,7846143
8OFY(8OFY)Adult (m)2,0935866
d8e3(d8e3)Adult (f)2,02670211
CDjWbPhone NightBlue CBAdult (m)3,2788872
JhAk(JhAk)Adult (f)1,7396395
RnTMO(RnTMO)Adult (m)2,0776240
2gSoPhone Frilled CBAdult (m)1,1125404
nmmT(nmmT)Adult (f)1,3844807
KD6I(KD6I)Adult (m)3,6441,24828
jURGK(jURGK)Adult (m)2,5466404
cCUWPhone Purple Horse CBAdult (f)3,9091,32120
6vN0lPhone Pason Purple CBAdult (m)2,1727254
83DvHPhone Purple Master CBAdult (m)3,2821,0851
lK34VPhone Purple CBAdult (m)2,7708272
rJsUXPhone Purple Sir CBAdult (m)2,9376473
4zz6C(4zz6C)Adult (m)2,1016171
WYxmTPhone Purple PeteAdult (m)2,8336711
X3vYTPhone Purple Miss CBAdult (f)3,0458924
WmbGLPhone Purple Princess CBAdult (f)2,3676691
EPvr(EPvr)Adult (f)3,8831,34317
KQNq(KQNq)Adult (m)3,8812663
12Xb(12Xb)Adult (m)2,8362994
0ANh(0ANh)Adult (m)2,9152966
kHRn(kHRn)Adult (m)2,6011,2019
jq4o(jq4o)Adult (m)3,0763234
nm3u(nm3u)Adult (m)3,3103464
FFH0(FFH0)Adult (m)3,1473402
oPG6(oPG6)Adult (m)90155011
MU0m(MU0m)Adult (m)2,16647716
BZWc(BZWc)Adult (m)1,79548616
vTG2(vTG2)Adult (f)2,86541316
GSrt(GSrt)Adult (f)3,3972788
7O2c(7O2c)Adult (f)4,5344343
XeN4(XeN4)Adult (f)4,2072814
3ODm(3ODm)Adult (f)1,3605488
N0JY(N0JY)Adult (f)6,85246612
ui9A(ui9A)Adult (f)3,8303696
VPle(VPle)Adult (f)3,3102656
CnL2(CnL2)Adult (f)1,44844112
lgKq(lgKq)Adult (f)3,42072115
ds9L(ds9L)Adult (f)2,09037929
CL55j(CL55j)Adult (f)3,0488073
XA1VV(XA1VV)Adult (f)2,9768682
fSk5vPhone White Princess CBAdult (f)1,8376973
ju7auPhone White Mystic CBAdult (m)2,2896732
OZ0LJPhone White Healer CBAdult (m)1,7835867
XG74Z(XG74Z)Adult (m)2,7377655
ePgwM(ePgwM)Adult (m)6,1735553
1vSD(1vSD)Adult (f)1,84539620
8mmd(8mmd)Adult (f)2,07741816
mE6i(mE6i)Adult (f)2,96433410
v0rr(v0rr)Adult (f)1,9084417
D8k6S(D8k6S)Adult (f)3,0368881
ETdd(ETdd)Adult (m)1,79846313
0Cgr(0Cgr)Adult (f)1,5894478
GhFY(GhFY)Adult (f)2,38641613
atpk(atpk)Adult (f)2,3967454
VfXIQ(VfXIQ)Adult (m)2,4087590
Lwm0KPhone Albino CBAdult (f)2,1526412
31YQ(31YQ)Adult (m)1,9513938
TQW0(TQW0)Adult (m)2,35028317
sKfJ(sKfJ)Adult (f)1,1825565
qZmY(qZmY)Adult (m)4,0082779
FOlP(FOlP)Adult (m)2,07450710
UpBh(UpBh)Adult (m)9505457
jnWv(jnWv)Adult (f)1,0485706
56CG(56CG)Adult (m)2,7168804
5LbNvPhone Summer FunAdult (f)4,1583661
602bH(602bH)Adult (f)2,1496941
Xqme4Phone Autumn Fever CBAdult (m)2,4788671
3JMC(3JMC)Adult (f)1,92140812
J8eJiPhone Skywing CBAdult (m)2,5928822
tgWt(tgWt)Adult (m)1,9264478
aRlo(aRlo)Adult (m)4,45738614
5icQ(5icQ)Adult (m)3,2367945
mc1Y(mc1Y)Adult (f)1,8833767
BQdiHPhone Victor VineAdult (m)3,3614559
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