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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2017 Halloween Event
  • 2017 Valentine’s Day
  • 2013 Holiday Event
  • 2013 Halloween Event
  • Carrot Cave
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
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You pick up the scroll labeled “phone99999,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
x3L7l(x3L7l)Adult (m)2,7186273
OS5na(OS5na)Adult (m)2,8496581
y4LjY(y4LjY)Adult (f)2,8436403
9lFl6(9lFl6)Adult (f)5,22196710
VrOYe(VrOYe)Adult (m)2,6828102
n7IUI(n7IUI)Adult (f)2,7198212
7vbTf(7vbTf)Adult (f)2,7568691
vUcq8(vUcq8)Adult (f)2,7218203
ealSn(ealSn)Adult (m)2,5287904
UxyYB(UxyYB)Adult (m)2,4427640
0baXt(0baXt)Adult (m)2,5047571
4swS2(4swS2)Adult (m)2,4537681
Xlu6Y(Xlu6Y)Adult (f)2,4847871
yQJcb(yQJcb)Adult (m)1,8946940
lThBC(lThBC)Adult (f)1,8276680
ldGRf(ldGRf)Adult (m)1,8666920
iPluT(iPluT)Adult (f)1,8926671
a7TcX(a7TcX)Adult (f)1,9266921
TSfWy(TSfWy)Adult (m)3,7307694
eUtua(eUtua)Adult (f)4,1881,3884
bar8L(bar8L)Adult (f)2,6156372
hdRxb(hdRxb)Adult (m)2,6958392
XOZin(XOZin)Adult (m)5,1281,1281
LtMtw(LtMtw)Adult (f)3,0391,0911
kKadN(kKadN)Adult (f)3,0211,1031
2a2w2(2a2w2)Adult (m)3,0031,0500
PEnZO(PEnZO)Adult (m)3,7518952
7lV0M(7lV0M)Adult (m)2,1916251
USfuk(USfuk)Adult (m)2,7461,0652
qJJw6(qJJw6)Adult (f)2,7781,0930
oyQcQ(oyQcQ)Adult (f)2,7841,1001
QF93v(QF93v)Adult (m)3,0671,0231
gP26V(gP26V)Adult (m)2,8371,0661
rxsNB(rxsNB)Adult (f)2,9711,0541
n3X4D(n3X4D)Adult (f)2,7771,1250
SJJbF(SJJbF)Adult (f)2,7427312
KJXxI(KJXxI)Adult (f)3,0099151
bNexL(bNexL)Adult (m)2,4369043
Noix6(Noix6)Adult (f)1,7668461
Rx42q(Rx42q)Adult (m)1,7338302
2dr01(2dr01)Adult (f)1,8058371
d3Uat(d3Uat)Adult (f)1,4237083
IuvmI(IuvmI)Adult (m)1,7298271
GZs8F(GZs8F)Adult (m)1,5007551
qXZWK(qXZWK)Adult (m)1,5387340
hT3cE(hT3cE)Adult (m)1,5847620
3vZ6g(3vZ6g)Adult (m)1,5517360
9Fykl(9Fykl)Adult (f)1,5067090
xniM4(xniM4)Adult (f)1,5107241
cOQTCPhone Blu CBAdult (f)2,6468635
xZtDsPhone Blusang CBAdult (m)3,0559566
rmChVPhone Yellow Head CBAdult (m)2,4308983
ZffrTPhone Yellow Crown CBAdult (f)2,5159671
eiVFuPhone Fire Fin CBAdult (f)2,2938881
ukSoQPhone Red Fin CBAdult (m)2,3489171
S2f33Phone GoldAdult (f)2,51183111
JsgFjPhone Gold Tinsel GalAdult (f)5,39291729
JdNOyPhone TinselleAdult (m)3,0899340
5zHNCPhone Copper Tinsel GalAdult (f)3,6871,0487
acnSUPhone Luke and Lucin Lyngray CBAdult (m)3,0909183
FhhZRPhone Two GraysAdult (f)2,3766400
zM7YSPhone Oliva Olive CBAdult (f)2,7509191
vPTzj(vPTzj)Adult (f)1,7366690
DGVAaPhone Olive CBAdult (m)2,5758081
eGO3h(eGO3h)Adult (m)1,5816581
raEMQ(raEMQ)Adult (m)1,7306730
Yb6SR(Yb6SR)Adult (m)3,0928902
ai6xy(ai6xy)Adult (m)2,9717562
PrmVmPhone Seragamma CBAdult (m)2,5688391
GlH5jPhone Sarah Sera CBAdult (f)2,7569162
JWRMYPhone Fia Flamingo CBAdult (f)2,7778731
FRQr8Phone Flamingo Faith CBAdult (f)2,1266203
3wcsrPhone Pink FunAdult (m)2,7815453
72bMHPhone Male Duo CBAdult (m)3,2649203
ZVzbuPhone Dean and Danny DuoAdult (m)3,0187004
oW6vgPhone Female Duo CBAdult (f)3,1218923
ZhL25Phone Duo CBAdult (f)2,7759494
3LvcbPhone Two ToneAdult (f)2,6928981
CnOfrPhone Blacktip CBAdult (f)2,3178291
BdelGPhone BlacktipAdult (m)3,2426873
5V0XzPhone SaltAdult (m)2,7897284
aCdUxPhone PeaceAdult (f)2,6328822
6daaGPhone Beautiful SoulAdult (f)3,0259661
W8A5GPhone Ula UltraAdult (f)2,8439492
1hGTUPhone Ultra BlueAdult (f)3,1151,0091
o38eaPhone King Crimson CBAdult (f)2,8796471
ew9fJPhone Royal RojoAdult (f)2,3156342
qPCmyPhone Summer WaveAdult (m)2,5376601
hytHLPhone Wave CBAdult (m)2,4418322
sgHxDPhone Red RageAdult (m)2,4448122
hZUDuPhone RevengeAdult (f)2,2938524
y1WAtPhone Bleedingmoon CBAdult (f)3,1246022
U0tN7(U0tN7)Adult (f)2,1226161
JDzXC(JDzXC)Adult (m)2,0178020
1dtBRPhone Blood MoonAdult (m)2,1697741
446xFPhone Imperial Prince CBAdult (m)2,5759141
wwffCPhone Princess CBAdult (f)2,5758832
GWTObPhone Brimma CBAdult (f)2,5188903
styudPhone BrimstoneAdult (f)3,6708623
p6VzJPhone SpecksAdult (f)2,9685432
sF4lRPhone Sally Spec CBAdult (f)2,8049581
UXZYSPhone Brown CuAdult (f)2,7698905
AxcRA(AxcRA)Adult (f)2,2426951
mXBBAPhone Pure CopperAdult (m)2,3946492
pUHr3Phone CopperheadAdult (m)2,3636924
a2uGCPhone CoppertailAdult (m)2,6178842
rdQsBPhone Golden ShimmerAdult (f)7,8901,07911
sT8Go(sT8Go)Adult (m)4,2499714
ww22v(ww22v)Adult (m)3,2009962
QkwloPhone Silver ShimmerAdult (m)4,7618848
kcfO1Phone ShimmerAdult (m)4,3521,0434
o3cvrPhone 3rd ShimmerAdult (m)3,9451,0401
yKvzWPhone Bronze ShimmerAdult (f)3,1601,0424
qje87Phone Blood BaneAdult (m)2,6848761
vyvBGPhone Bloodscale CBAdult (f)3,1311,0032
OjyhRPhone BloodscaleAdult (f)1,9567633
pa9ScPhone Capped HenryAdult (m)1,9167472
SsNCJPhone MoonlightAdult (f)2,5278980
X8pjgPhone Moonshine CBAdult (m)2,5889266
ZG3JjPhone Golden WyvernAdult (f)2,4926524
iQ99JPhone Golden Wings CBAdult (m)3,1679003
zON2aPhone Gold Leafed Wings CBAdult (m)2,7258706
QWGWPPhone Tally TrihornAdult (f)2,7829152
WgdiqPhone Trissa TrihornAdult (f)2,8515444
KnrdlPhone Luther Lumina CBAdult (m)4,0778294
uGDsAPhone LuminaAdult (m)3,8636233
y0z4xPhone Neon Lady CBAdult (f)1,8717224
EsWhUPhone Golden Horned Lady CBAdult (f)2,9099302
QV6z3Phone Earl TeaAdult (m)2,4989011
WtNOMPhone Regal Tea CBAdult (m)2,8595994
Z3MoAPhone Turpentine CBAdult (m)2,6359361
TuJhkPhone Bumble BeeAdult (m)2,4016073
W3fMK(W3fMK)Adult (f)1,9196841
hsrxiPhone GreenwingAdult (f)1,7855625
VVZnWPhone Wise Green CBAdult (f)2,0625911
p4QYZPhone Mr Blue CBAdult (m)3,1362101
4lqWJPhone Midnight BlueAdult (m)1,7675792
UzK4l(UzK4l)Adult (f)1,9606872
pjZOGPhone Lady Blue CBAdult (f)3,0206244
LAoOQPhone Roger Redstone CBAdult (m)1,7936873
0Gf2JPhone Sir Sunstone CBAdult (m)2,3426183
Umk5mPhone Sally Sunstone CBAdult (f)2,6454905
8Nv1tPhone Riza Redstone CBAdult (f)2,2326353
T1BHkPhone Sunstone CBAdult (f)5,3283791
B9OjpPhone Red Stone CBAdult (f)4,0753551
CSN1KPhone Harvest CBAdult (f)3,1716533
al7GPhone HarvestAdult (m)3,6762465
N485oPhone Golden HarvestAdult (m)2,5576794
phKp1Phone Fluff CBAdult (m)2,9181981
60gIPhone Fluff Ball CBAdult (m)4,2762862
NKTZ0Phone Swallowtail CBAdult (f)1,9637791
sqjPPhone Lady Two Tails CBAdult (f)4,3373158
RuQIF(RuQIF)Adult (m)2,9688971
8gkIj(8gkIj)Adult (m)3,0107692
tcvBPhone Wally Wave CBAdult (m)4,3312952
J9De(J9De)Adult (f)3,0322031
d9jr(d9jr)Adult (f)3,78278211
HfmDgPhone Goldfish GirlAdult (f)2,3827844
ri5UPhone SplashAdult (m)3,9292623
vWVePhone SplishAdult (m)3,1722123
B7uqPhone Lady Rose CBAdult (f)1,1165362
7jLfPhone Lady Love CBAdult (f)1,7765843
JHe3(JHe3)Adult (f)3,2862201
NSFUMPhone Sir Spitfire CBAdult (m)2,6217046
HUG2Phone Spitfire CBAdult (m)2,6356053
YqNaPhone EmberAdult (f)4,4903043
IaksGPhone Ember CBAdult (f)2,5914994
Yu04(Yu04)Adult (m)3,44450213
djl2(djl2)Adult (f)3,26039817
ZuyXBPhone Flying FreeAdult (m)1,8125902
xQnJrPhone Flying RedAdult (m)3,2348061
Fnc0Phone Paper FriendAdult2,0445208
CMAW(CMAW)Adult (m)4,2983262
KkVIPhone Brighthead CBAdult (m)2,1845206
6tdOwPhone Night Lady CBAdult (f)2,3107512
RPIJPhone Night Glory CBAdult (f)1,5065372
kPLFN(kPLFN)Adult (f)2,9999011
QOFBPhone Day Glory CBAdult (m)2,1123495
2QXzKPhone SunriseAdult (f)2,1326182
aez54Phone Red Sky CBAdult (f)3,4841,0732
HQ4vzPhone Purple NightAdult (m)2,9035462
0CW8sPhone Purple NebulaAdult (m)2,7346071
Qd0dlPhone Purple LightAdult (m)2,5236604
sVOhoPhone Electric Green SkyAdult (m)2,3717732
CPaauPhone Green SkyAdult (m)2,6437324
9LAdB(9LAdB)Adult (f)2,7828173
6CFWnPhone Starry BlueAdult (f)2,9365923
PhCJPhone Starry Night CBAdult (f)3,5583321
ce8G9Phone Blue NightAdult (f)2,7006243
WxRnqPhone Blue NebulaAdult (f)2,6515123
JnX3Phone Hellfire Blue CBAdult (f)3,3433016
WtTpPhone Blue Fire CBAdult (f)4,5294521
4o1kPhone Red Fire CBAdult (m)2,5773386
vWq8Phone Red HellfireAdult (m)3,0422031
yrnes(yrnes)Adult (m)3,7128263
ZQtIPhone Leaftail CBAdult (f)5,7995126
AtUWo(AtUWo)Adult (f)1,9037480
4HrvPhone Terrae CBAdult (f)3,09946611
FEQMPhone Beautiful Lad CBAdult (m)2,2593522
ZNLN4Phone Glory of the Day CBAdult (m)2,5658924
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