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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “phoenixenshadow,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
C1iSURergoAdult (m)4,3139671
V53FjKIotlieAdult (m)4,6211,0982
ZkXABMarching with TimeAdult (m)4,4031,0072
INABEGorbanzAdult (m)4,0439433
g1XzYJulaceAdult (f)3,6609093
crUG0Wonderous EternityAdult (f)4,9827551
Z0XUXaerjonesAdult (m)4,2224629
XZRiHRetgun Clan Sister IIAdult (f)6,1776621
WZcwqRetgun Clan Elder BrotherAdult (m)6,7737321
mHprXRetgun Clan SisterAdult (f)6,1658442
MJQ12Retgun Clan Elder SisterAdult (f)5,3178021
KtuviRetgun Clan UncleAdult (m)5,1349753
OoaXtRetgun Clan MasterAdult (m)4,6668611
2A7r9Retgun Clan AuntAdult (f)5,2517722
3fYM4Retgun Clan MatronAdult (f)2,7948971
oWWzkVaturalAdult (m)2,7499602
737HqSass Them OutAdult (f)4,6508811
w4wVPBeyond JubilanceAdult (m)4,6788423
btrAjDisappointments WrenchingAdult (m)4,2139172
K86dIInspiration at HandAdult (f)4,0451,0081
VOrnNEndless QueriesAdult (m)2,4919446
1gnCWTerefarAdult (f)5,2601,0562
N8YJMDance the RumbaAdult (m)6,9087581
YQQdmMadman's SongAdult (f)7,6277961
taRL9Si-now Clan Elder BrotherAdult (m)4,9878352
6ztBHSi-now Clan MatronAdult (f)5,5248901
UnjNJSi-now Clan UncleAdult (m)5,9538453
yOJ77Si-now Clan MasterAdult (m)5,9978321
jm9tFarrawyAdult (m)2,9991,1035
0lGeIcilorAdult (m)2,38760011
RjuJNaromAdult (m)9504665
Y778GurbuaAdult (f)2,64857610
CNxRPAgemm Clan Brother IIAdult (m)8,0956521
QoDpCAgemm Clan BrotherAdult (m)4,6195831
cQhurAgemm Clan Elder BrotherAdult (m)5,6517961
bqM45Agemm Clan CousinAdult (m)4,4918993
dYH0vAgemm Clan UncleAdult (m)5,2649502
CO7A5Agemm Clan AuntAdult (f)5,8238291
3gCC8Agemm Clan MatronAdult (f)3,7821,0821
HThxuAgemm Clan MasterAdult (m)2,8931,1501
9WagOGivefleedAdult (m)2,0695774
helocHymlocAdult (m)4,8214757
SAqjAkkiiAdult (f)1,4934903
e8fUAgemmemnonAdult (m)2,06494533
xg3DKMadar Clan Sister VAdult (f)6,5876951
zY7GMMadar Clan Brother VIIIAdult (m)6,6936851
PwjowMadar Clan Brother VIIAdult (m)7,0316541
Y8y42Madar Clan Sister IVAdult (f)6,4177261
L3KfiMadar Clan Brother VIAdult (m)5,1316632
JaIrPMadar Clan Brother VAdult (m)4,6647681
EUgvyMadar Clan Brother IVAdult (m)5,2996571
OX5lXMadar Clan Sister IIIAdult (f)5,3416491
XOonEMadar Clan Sister IIAdult (f)5,4526691
P7VZSMadar Clan Brother IIIAdult (m)5,6197701
HTwUSMadar Clan Brother IIAdult (m)4,8231,0561
Qyk8DMadar Clan BrotherAdult (m)3,0471,0292
7oBB2Madar Clan SisterAdult (f)3,9119841
slbQjMadar Elder SisterAdult (f)2,9918711
2dih3Madar Elder BrotherAdult (m)3,2109683
OqEmZMadar Clan UncleAdult (m)4,2638041
4rQJ9Madar Clan AuntAdult (f)5,4407952
uhl9UngladowAdult (m)2,7268896
7ysrMadartonthiaAdult (f)1,4778437
sLPevJarev Clan Elder BrotherAdult (m)5,8295711
FJv67Jarev Clan UncleAdult (m)5,7737381
inizaJarev Clan AuntAdult (f)5,1047342
hEVKzJarev Clan MatronAdult (f)4,1487162
RRxrkJarev Clan MasterAdult (m)3,6359091
YZLs1NanlaAdult (f)4,0758423
tLSfpVushineAdult (f)5,0417470
unLrVEaverlyAdult (f)5,8247171
85enLadi SpringAdult (f)1,7214552
i1BRJareveAdult (m)1,37176311
sraUHanaamiAdult (f)2,4651,17611
tuRxd(tuRxd)Adult (f)4,8716173
1D3H5(1D3H5)Adult (m)3,5317411
VTuB0(VTuB0)Adult (m)3,4878071
9z41LPeacock Clan Elder SisterAdult (f)5,9005571
N6LgSPeacock Clan AuntAdult (f)4,6537391
Xi6thPeacock Clan Elder BrotherAdult (m)5,0747491
XWIFtPeacock Clan UncleAdult (m)4,4637631
o2YIjPeacock Clan MatronAdult (f)4,5317601
RrBBnPeacock Clan MasterAdult (m)4,5327591
fxsflFarschaHatchling (F)1,0331974
DYa3cZalan Clan Brother IIAdult (m)7,4319111
Q2uGKZalan Clan BrotherAdult (m)5,8428793
cwPOMZalan Clan Elder BrotherAdult (m)6,3167512
GaMmkZalan Clan UncleAdult (m)5,2188961
jwfe3Zalan Clan MatronAdult (f)3,7588981
fqcVBZalan Clan MasterAdult (m)4,3548191
8OglMMistress of the Far-FetchedAdult (f)3,9469462
WeKUeSmashing AzaleasAdult (m)3,4918121
QUlY7RarshubiAdult (m)4,0071,0091
FnvmOHadgoAdult (m)5,4937691
WmZ0jCaylereAdult (f)5,6819562
cZnoXOccurences of BeyondAdult (m)7,8527811
977ezArising LarkAdult (f)7,9367851
xktTAFade to EndAdult (f)6,8898551
V9QLnEveleyAdult (f)5,2346861
ba5Jb(ba5Jb)Adult (m)7,4125090
EDcO7Declang Clan Brother IIIAdult (m)4,8366974
uhln9Declang Clan Brother IIAdult (m)5,2569682
L6iIADeclang Clan BrotherAdult (m)5,2229752
2S2EFDeclang Clan Elder BrotherAdult (m)4,7699721
Ve2jQDeclang Clan Elder SisterAdult (f)4,3921,1233
TivZwDeclang Clan UncleAdult (m)5,3897681
L6Kz6Declang Clan AuntAdult (f)5,2747741
G8GIADeclang Clan MasterAdult (m)4,0929041
DG75UDeclang Clan MatronAdult (f)4,4058441
HP8A2RaniphAdult (m)5,1466472
VVSC7NuyshaoAdult (m)5,7157483
X2tOnRebel EyesAdult (m)6,0559249
phCbbKorrcheAdult (m)2,5015052
jWYFeKorchekAdult (m)3,8492573
gD4BELady VeermaAdult (f)5,1063990
XjD2IKorpaAdult (m)3,9911,2964
qL3Y3Oost Clan Cousin IIAdult (m)4,2157301
A8CVjOost Clan CousinAdult (m)6,1258931
gNsq7Oost Clan Elder CousinAdult (m)5,3987802
eXYxuOost Clan Distant UncleAdult (m)5,0607834
v4J2XGone with All ThingsAdult (f)5,2028892
S2pgEUkeutAdult (m)5,2906642
GGYu2FoeyaAdult (f)3,6615805
tRM2KKilfeeAdult (m)4,6013421
S8kAuOost Clan Sister IIAdult (f)6,3497891
ZtZobOost Clan SisterAdult (f)6,2657461
42vrnOost Clan Elder SisterAdult (f)4,3501,0071
wjtBiOost Clan AuntAdult (f)5,5679351
MRmluOost Clan MatronAdult (f)5,5668161
9SMdWOost Clan UncleAdult (m)4,5461,1981
EY1RNOost Clan MasterAdult (m)4,7378932
iziwiZipping ByAdult (m)3,8019191
A6tDPRainy SleeveAdult (m)5,2638332
BOREcGivimeaAdult (f)2,8464333
mWdhiFlambuyantAdult (m)3,9484632
MH98Rea-reiAdult (f)4,2147304
8ZMoDiving WyndAdult (f)2,5308324
OlAUViettiyAdult (m)1,7175682
oVZ2TArla Clan Sister IIIAdult (f)5,8996931
8wJKRArla Clan Elder BrotherAdult (m)4,8267182
rgsqAArla Clan UncleAdult (m)7,2835612
V8wgyArla Clan MasterAdult (m)5,8088711
mi5MFArla Clan Sister IIAdult (f)5,4668471
6gHwdArla Clan SisterAdult (f)5,4108412
XssZBArla Clan Elder SisterAdult (f)7,5759831
3TrMIArla Clan AuntAdult (f)4,2569901
SMGkvArla Clan MatronAdult (f)5,5437711
CwvwhRetro InsanityAdult (f)5,4817912
TYcTBaroghiAdult (m)3,4158064
XvugGerferishAdult (m)3,1056617
d7i9BuelromAdult (f)1,4455694
hEr9ArmengottonAdult (m)7734582
kGluRitenaAdult (f)2,21496810
m7PmJemeeAdult (f)2,40855911
Wf8jSmauogAdult (m)1,0164627
QiuXPinelopeeAdult (f)2,5821,0153
dsTuScarlaAdult (f)3,3849707
FU8QtLigjeon Clan Elder SisterAdult (f)4,6447531
9a8KDLigjeon Clan Brother IIIAdult (m)4,6426101
7g61SLigjeon Clan Brother IIAdult (m)4,8227242
xaqd3Ligjeon Clan BrotherAdult (m)4,7468881
b7aDELigjeon Clan Elder BrotherAdult (m)6,3577742
QpNzXLigjeon Clan AuntAdult (f)6,2559101
oImyeLigjeon Clan MatronAdult (f)5,6469231
AniaELigjeon Clan UncleAdult (m)5,0151,0052
BYl0uLigjeon Clan MasterAdult (m)5,8758702
ZKrCU(ZKrCU)Adult (f)5,8086211
tFD2eLigje Clan Brother VIAdult (m)5,5426611
qSOFpLigje Clan Brother VAdult (m)6,7167341
rmc3hLigje Clan Brother IVAdult (m)6,2737961
Sx1iRLigje Clan Sister IIIAdult (f)3,8119071
TSfrxLigje Clan Brother IIIAdult (m)4,7937134
KUdKYLigje Clan Sister IIAdult (f)5,3529001
jcaxNLigje Clan SisterAdult (f)2,6151,0685
XnPP3Ligje Clan Elder SisterAdult (f)3,8581,4365
GmZzkLigje Clan Brother IIAdult (m)4,7471,0671
dx9fGLigje Clan BrotherAdult (m)6,1088281
O6BGnLigje Clan Elder BrotherAdult (m)3,9391,1851
idxcQLigje Clan UncleAdult (m)3,9151,1791
inxyTLigje Clan MasterAdult (m)3,0071,2671
u9Cp6Ligje Clan MatronAdult (f)3,8919701
pcvKuLigjean Clan Elder BrotherAdult (m)4,7337252
NKyB0Ligjean Clan AuntAdult (f)4,6809832
yHu7nLigjean Clan MatronAdult (f)6,3847763
Vto9ELigjean Clan UncleAdult (m)6,0999892
JdnB5Ligjean Clan MasterAdult (m)5,4628944
UOF5xJagle Clan Sister IIAdult (f)5,5346831
Kdk6aJagle Clan SisterAdult (f)4,4277751
XPA4tJagle Clan Elder SisterAdult (f)5,6321,0173
oIs02Jagle Clan UncleAdult (m)5,3268962
Og8e0Jagle Clan AuntAdult (f)5,4818091
wIG2JJagle Clan MasterAdult (m)4,9529014
EP9jMJagle Clan MatronAdult (f)4,0651,0471
RmS3aJagle ClanAdult (m)5,4637891
kIc9YFlight Never MisusedAdult (m)5,4467671
8YVP8YarewAdult (m)4,1644693
sngoHNarmashAdult (m)3,0593123
hobQVSpray's FlightAdult (f)3,5335213
3BM9MIkaoAdult (m)3,3325723
EfTXUSeafoam's ChildAdult (f)3,1736240
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