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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “phoenixenshadow,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
4P0oKGroha Clan BrotherAdult (m)3,6889901
udWa8Groha Clan Elder BrotherAdult (m)4,9581,0591
kkiJFGroha Clan UncleAdult (m)3,6889411
GYh2bGroha Clan AuntAdult (f)3,1298841
8LAHQGroha Clan MatronAdult (f)2,9461,0301
VeBUBGroha Clan MasterAdult (m)2,8369951
P1sDhTvor Clan UncleAdult (m)6,3099975
owofMTvor Clan SisterAdult (f)6,0848961
YCsZETvor Clan MasterAdult (m)5,1838703
a8x7aTvor Clan Elder SisterAdult (f)4,4529315
oQo2KTvor Clan AuntAdult (f)3,7898942
8W5phTvor Clan MatronAdult (f)4,4509341
yiGIxValidation ReformedAdult (f)4,1889761
16t6UMabafoAdult (f)3,3641,2257
i4IN8DaekeAdult (m)1,9696849
rM8KBaarronAdult (m)2,4446754
UHNYKiyutoAdult (m)2,6611,0508
gIOQNarateenAdult (f)2,1069673
i1ptDonuineeAdult (f)1,6693822
OP0AUvruAdult (m)1,00169324
nn4rTra heiAdult (f)1,0404207
tbBYZerrehiAdult (f)2,17569514
ct5d3(ct5d3)Adult (f)5,6217501
gAjWr(gAjWr)Adult (m)5,4386091
CUJFH(CUJFH)Adult (m)3,3357811
SKqaQ(SKqaQ)Adult (m)5,4955671
Zy2QZ(Zy2QZ)Adult (m)5,5925573
qbtUR(qbtUR)Adult (f)5,3795981
Ibkt1(Ibkt1)Adult (f)5,4185881
HuxQCSpilted Clan MasterAdult (m)3,3407981
kVQZ1Mazz Clan UncleAdult (m)6,3857121
YZ9RiMazz Clan MasterAdult (m)5,6257552
jaYYmMazz Clan Sister IIIAdult (f)6,4208004
14nUSMazz Clan Sister IIAdult (f)3,6531,0861
5Uf80Mazz Clan SisterAdult (f)4,7271,0071
92rgLMazz Clan Elder SisterAdult (f)4,9887892
ejvHnMazz Clan AuntAdult (f)4,3691,2162
xWMHxMazz Clan MatronAdult (f)2,7948801
w9aZfNargirruAdult (m)5,6247728
wjTv6YatalieAdult (f)4,5321,0197
lzAxdLakherAdult (m)3,4459563
nh19CMisty CallAdult (f)5,8578811
6dY6EFremavAdult (m)4,3928492
SDS5cEtokAdult (m)2,7668382
xx3wCLiofeaAdult (f)3,6577801
1UvGPTyleoHatchling (F)6193324
irLDmRewle Clan Brother IIIAdult (m)5,2769543
8x9VVRewle Clan Brother IIAdult (m)5,5481,0291
iZ9bTRewle Clan BrotherAdult (m)5,2109991
WaA8ZRewle Clan Sister IIAdult (f)5,2171,0141
0P4gfRewle Clan Elder BrotherAdult (m)4,4691,0221
wQ2L8Rewle Clan SisterAdult (f)4,6059072
cU5DyRewle Clan Elder SisterAdult (f)4,8248691
NKJAsRewle Clan UncleAdult (m)5,2071,0121
Z36AnRewle Clan MasterAdult (m)4,1491,0711
jXfGORewle Clan AuntAdult (f)4,7659341
0nyr1Rewle Clan MatronAdult (f)4,8631,0611
QzZEbNoululAdult (f)4,4738703
3VarhVahnaAdult (f)5,0988841
oGsLLDreyamAdult (f)5,8867551
4U7FPTyeluoAdult (m)3,7398791
gcuYKGeotefieldAdult (m)6,8869503
ufL5uErigifoaAdult (f)7,0228622
41VATBazoeaAdult (f)6,0467991
ydqoICanet Clan Brother IIAdult (m)3,9921,0331
HA8jKCanet Clan BrotherAdult (m)5,5639062
zEPwJCanet Clan Elder BrotherAdult (m)5,8068461
TNXSZCanet Clan UncleAdult (m)5,3348421
D6GPVCanet Clan MasterAdult (m)4,2508491
LlD06Queen of CanopiesAdult (f)4,6847631
UFZAkBoneonkaAdult (f)4,5023334
Q0jfBKujerylveAdult (f)5,2664315
QjVMLTyrookAdult (m)4,9064370
aPmoUkuilaAdult (f)1,5455642
G2tRBeruetAdult (m)9274342
I5cYGuyshayAdult (f)1,3674299
81SHYugoisAdult (m)2,26834918
BftVc(BftVc)Adult (m)7,5825391
0Jjzq(0Jjzq)Adult (m)6,1595882
zZ3lS(zZ3lS)Adult (m)3,5737351
GjBYB(GjBYB)Adult (m)3,5287391
uM04W(uM04W)Adult (f)3,5437381
NAIa5(NAIa5)Adult (f)3,3287811
AsOyw(AsOyw)Adult (f)3,3767781
sFcJL(sFcJL)Adult (f)3,3407781
k7YR8(k7YR8)Adult (m)3,3227782
VgnGZLu Clan UncleAdult (m)5,3937171
mI3RDLu Clan MasterAdult (m)4,3488234
xa3J0Lu Clan Elder CousinAdult (f)4,3359423
cp3nHLu Clan AuntAdult (f)5,3949042
Sg6OJLu Clan MatronAdult (f)4,8787572
Nbd3TMarshalling the NewAdult (f)3,1491,0581
QUlYbSilver DanAdult (m)4,7278882
oeWDmProud Fast WingsAdult (f)4,9578961
r3VYqOtherworldly WindAdult (m)4,2628171
eXOS6Oip Clan Brother IVAdult (m)5,0477161
x6dhPOip Clan Sister IIIAdult (f)6,7016131
79w28Oip Clan Brother IIIAdult (m)4,9307172
kbSFWOip Clan Sister IIAdult (f)4,9047251
djyQaOip Clan Brother IIAdult (m)5,2197221
C1AK3Oip Clan BrotherAdult (m)5,7347941
51C4FOip Clan SisterAdult (f)6,2928822
yQKhpOip Clan Elder BrotherAdult (m)5,1239323
7e1OUOip Clan UncleAdult (m)4,0639043
qiTO6Oip Clan Elder SisterAdult (f)3,1411,2492
ciVtqOip Clan MasterAdult (m)5,3288121
8rmgEOip Clan AuntAdult (f)5,7998742
6nfzGOip Clan MatronAdult (f)4,1729761
PFBJUFeeble MisgivingsAdult (f)4,2928891
nYtjlNifteAdult (m)4,3497733
JkQiAByrlazAdult (m)2,0244462
5Bg4vDeep WhyteAdult (m)5,0983410
nseAVoice in a water dropAdult (f)1,4635616
80ESJervianeAdult (f)3,5088898
UOsOCrysstenAdult (m)1,67762612
tnQQRaygin-wayvesAdult (m)2,5598547
Pr9XoBuean Clan Sister VAdult (f)5,3731,1453
M12VKBuean Clan Sister IVAdult (f)5,1798321
idfZGBuean Clan Sister IIIAdult (f)4,9408461
2Ts8QBuean Clan Brother VIAdult (m)5,5269101
gfYT5Buean Clan Brother VAdult (m)5,1988011
iyGZUBuean Clan Sister IIAdult (f)4,6168371
NdlusBuean Clan Brother IVAdult (m)4,1488851
vTzjoBuean Clan Brother IIIAdult (m)5,5177481
m08UdBuean Clan SisterAdult (f)5,3768172
Pekv0Buean Clan Brother IIAdult (m)4,1348751
ugg7JBuean Clan BrotherAdult (m)4,6118901
jjjcSBuean Clan Elder SisterAdult (f)4,6109111
PswAHBuean Clan Elder BrotherAdult (m)4,0199151
kDaxNBuean Clan AuntAdult (f)3,9509111
KR0QWBuean Clan MatronAdult (f)3,6029141
MkQ0eBuean Clan UncleAdult (m)2,7549411
jgoE2Buean Clan MasterAdult (m)2,8239321
kYeltNiey Clan Sister IIAdult (f)6,7606471
TmWrsNiey Clan SisterAdult (f)6,7796852
IvFDqNiey Clan Elder SisterAdult (f)6,1938042
oEGv1Niey Clan BrotherAdult (m)5,4818841
KeWkTNiey Clan AuntAdult (f)6,1598012
RxyvqNiey Clan Elder BrotherAdult (m)3,5908175
GtED2Niey Clan MatronAdult (f)5,5188202
sAZo8Niey Clan UncleAdult (m)4,4259851
GPo69Niey Clan MasterAdult (m)4,7608392
7W90rOpposelAdult (m)5,2057981
w6VwLSwiveloAdult (m)4,6337751
Ob0ESOboes GaloreAdult (f)3,5809054
9OezRBeyondeAdult (f)4,8507044
wZGmoFoiled SchemesAdult (f)5,0169443
BlG1nCircles of ThoughtsAdult (m)3,9719233
1Yp5uGrewsereAdult (f)4,4739421
0J7eFLady GwynAdult (f)5,8777943
9uzkILoert Clan BrotherAdult (m)4,0261,0011
4kqotLoert Clan Elder BrotherAdult (m)4,6111,0092
OgEdnLoert Clan UncleAdult (m)5,6488981
tmTxMLoert Clan AuntAdult (f)2,7001,1651
V6uuPLoert Clan MasterAdult (m)5,0609021
XlqopLoert Clan MatronAdult (f)4,8318261
WxE8PMoonlit CharmerAdult (m)3,3818512
paUPiKoloujiAdult (f)4,7041,1833
k3ctDGenerus FyneAdult (f)4,7096641
WehWwBlifedilaAdult (f)6,6597591
PROgnMysaaAdult (f)6,7327371
cJMCPQuykAdult (f)6,6657361
WCriDNiseneAdult (f)6,1987441
NPnNtFyhedtAdult (m)3,5447554
QH4X7Teeri Clan SisterAdult (f)4,7737062
tdKIRTeeri Clan Elder SisterAdult (f)6,2817291
UaKeoTeeri Clan Elder BrotherAdult (m)5,11798113
3TeUuTeeri Clan AuntAdult (f)5,3418471
Q91l7Teeri Clan UncleAdult (m)5,6198693
PD31ETeeri Clan MasterAdult (m)4,9247841
nQLOrTeeri Clan MatronAdult (f)5,6648211
PEKfjTarshlochAdult (m)4,0101,0141
fAImLYerfonAdult (f)3,7599582
oLApPCircles on the HorizonAdult (m)6,9657851
O8G8oMind of the SunAdult (m)8,0687183
F8ggWErisameAdult (f)6,7988682
T7EDJSolemn DreamAdult (f)6,9408532
FevOCDiske Clan Sister IVAdult (f)5,0017051
dxLdLDiske Clan Sister IIIAdult (f)6,9707532
wdeYUDiske Clan Brother VAdult (m)5,4947521
MNPjmDiske Clan Brother IVAdult (m)5,5527872
rzvOfDiske Clan Sister IIAdult (f)8,1586701
DFFg6Diske Clan Brother IIIAdult (m)5,3779173
a63TCDiske Clan Brother IIAdult (m)5,2981,0123
7fuAFDiske Clan BrotherAdult (m)3,6531,1021
gtrD8Diske Clan Elder BrotherAdult (m)6,0187761
OHnFfDiske Clan UncleAdult (m)4,6078161
u723HDiske Clan MasterAdult (m)5,6611,3052
VOuEQDiske Clan SisterAdult (f)4,3678771
FH9fuDiske Clan Elder SisterAdult (f)4,1388911
O8aXsDiske Clan AuntAdult (f)4,0709431
eDaDyDiske Clan MatronAdult (f)3,7699671
bL3I6OlilotAdult (m)3,7459061
uyg4PAnger's BribeAdult (m)5,1316802
PT60DNarsorichAdult (m)3,9851,0130
Ga2j7Joke's TragedyAdult (f)4,2549182
cLyiPYecerikAdult (m)6,3708554
Z8EfTSorrow ClingingAdult (m)6,5848581
PEipWCerwodeaAdult (f)5,1666792
AafSKUnitowrAdult (m)4,9973510
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