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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “mikaelf77,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
dIDq1(dIDq1)Adult (m)2,8076081
vtbnX(vtbnX)Adult (m)3,6476261
UbmC(UbmC)Hatchling (f, F)3,9549004
zOKcb(zOKcb)Adult (m)3,6686362
EkyW0(EkyW0)Adult (f)1,6036190
7fBKDSerasa Two Finned Bluna NBAdult (f)1,8216021
n6ICSerasa Hydro SonAdult (f)8,3421,6634
8lmUSerasa BlunaAdult (m)1,0695492
tjo0z(tjo0z)Adult (m)12,1619500
Kvk9w(Kvk9w)Adult (m)8,1889330
qHWTk(qHWTk)Adult (f)5,9601,0151
fbAsN(fbAsN)Adult (f)6,1749930
Js2xp(Js2xp)Adult (m)6,1911,0220
hRs3g(hRs3g)Adult (f)3,4025761
K7Gwh(K7Gwh)Adult (m)3,7417030
6JSYO(6JSYO)Adult (m)3,7627311
pteuq(pteuq)Adult (m)6,0979180
NehQj(NehQj)Adult (m)6,0319301
7PJuJ(7PJuJ)Adult (m)6,1449221
smZM3(smZM3)Adult (f)6,1409291
OE18E(OE18E)Adult (f)4,7327911
dEOE5(dEOE5)Adult (m)4,5767742
sEVDy(sEVDy)Adult (m)4,5297652
Jk884(Jk884)Adult (f)3,9005570
d3Rvx(d3Rvx)Adult (m)2,7295956
pEDbh(pEDbh)Adult (m)2,8857406
gvipo(gvipo)Adult (f)2,3526450
BiIzy(BiIzy)Adult (m)3,3798761
n5i9F(n5i9F)Adult (m)2,1166351
j6WwN(j6WwN)Adult (m)2,8179104
RIuvA(RIuvA)Adult (f)2,5278010
Lf7YR(Lf7YR)Adult (f)2,3847691
4rOsj(4rOsj)Hatchling (f, F)2,8238656
37nym(37nym)Adult (m)3,4837371
gPCKa(gPCKa)Adult (m)6,0688381
9aQg1(9aQg1)Adult (m)5,2767753
d8JLI(d8JLI)Adult (m)4,8548821
VKIu3(VKIu3)Adult (f)4,1737602
qNtJC(qNtJC)Adult (f)2,9428282
86qVN(86qVN)Adult (m)3,8748753
gvt7l(gvt7l)Adult (m)2,3318722
Ytap3(Ytap3)Adult (f)6,3311,0442
inxt4(inxt4)Adult (f)4,9529070
vlOvh(vlOvh)Adult (m)3,1947111
lSAF0(lSAF0)Adult (f)2,5426112
vVJC2(vVJC2)Adult (m)1,6405951
NxHJdSerasa Bleeding Moon CBAdult (m)2,8698913
pD0Wv(pD0Wv)Adult (m)6,1241,0340
9bV6O(9bV6O)Adult (f)6,2921,0721
KqaWm(KqaWm)Adult (f)6,2501,0120
lksLa(lksLa)Adult (f)6,3481,0541
46UDD(46UDD)Adult (m)8,6261,2960
JqQKV(JqQKV)Adult (m)2,5717816
aydBg(aydBg)Adult (m)2,85773213
POBrL(POBrL)Adult (m)2,1636030
oD7Pe(oD7Pe)Adult (f)1,7676301
4aN3bSerasa Blacktip Black 2GAdult (m)2,1767072
AWRMZSerasa Blacktip 2GAdult (m)2,2916474
MdN03(MdN03)Adult (f)2,0686491
k3vNC(k3vNC)Adult (m)1,5236491
uFE4a(uFE4a)Adult (m)1,8476540
MxzYQSerasa Blacktip Lady CBAdult (f)2,3719041
DRJkY(DRJkY)Adult (f)2,4986872
3jQkb(3jQkb)Adult (f)2,1735851
zNK0r(zNK0r)Adult (f)1,8185920
BCdBfSerasa Black Label 2GAdult (f)1,8706842
bLhM2(bLhM2)Adult (f)5,6338564
ntBwMSerasa Stayne CBAdult (m)3,1576871
ETneKSerasa Bayard CBAdult (m)3,1657044
G2VBFSerasa Bielle CBAdult (f)1,8747040
ygrMxSerasa Doormouse CBAdult (f)2,9619992
soqRtSerasa Red Queen CBAdult (f)2,9259771
uzGixSerasa Cheshire CBAdult (m)2,7099652
Wky1BSerasa Tweedle Dee CBAdult (f)3,8067373
WMXH0Serasa March Hare CBAdult (m)3,2469512
J80okSerasa Mad Hatter CBAdult (m)2,9959593
18lj8Serasa Alice Pleasance CBAdult (f)2,7359161
gbZzrSerasa White Queen CBAdult (f)3,9948005
NvTpESerasa Ace Of ClubsAdult (f)2,4957163
spHl2MMM Kevgretor Treantspatience NBAdult (m)7,7541,6054
6YXduSerasa Alt Black BabyHatchling (f, F)2,5138802
lKFSMMM Prusys Carter NBAdult (f)1,3105362
eC2RMMM Frugretor Fletcher NBAdult (m)1,4166483
hcHiMMM Janstine WaveharpAdult (f)2,2193617
QqcC(QqcC)Hatchling (f, F)3,4394903
UDVM(UDVM)Hatchling (m, F)1,0654441
K5lc(K5lc)Hatchling (m, F)2,5569212
QUNS(QUNS)Hatchling (F)3482312
Uucq(Uucq)Hatchling (m, F)4,7984546
aPV3(aPV3)Hatchling (f, F)2,1388374
txvP4(txvP4)Adult (m)6,3569991
LS56d(LS56d)Adult (m)4,2398232
yg4G6(yg4G6)Adult (f)4,3288550
LoceEMMM Vicaver Graveltoes CBAdult (m)3,7998022
5EgPaMMM Ricaver Huntinghawk NBAdult (m)3,23787417
y3PxBMMM Quilove WaveharpAdult (f)3,8038781
EmxhIMMM Traorin DuskwalkerAdult (f)2,6778522
kMhycMMM Ellamin Shieldheart CBAdult (f)2,5918372
1hHXcMMM Yenneiros Laughshield 2GAdult (f)2,2407262
7awCoMMM Bad Wolf CBAdult (f)2,4938360
Rur7IMMM Xanben Milner 8GSAdult (f)2,9839811
93RKYMMM Wandauvial Darkeyes CBAdult (m)3,1298611
Tn9LMMM Yllakahn Wolfswift 5GSAdult (f)1,5765463
DbOSMMM Unaaga Lightouch 4GSPAdult (f)3,5832706
Lk39MMM Petkas FletcherAdult (m)3,5912413
vPkPMMM Yenkas NBAdult (f)3,6462446
8yI6MMM Billie Pinkie 2GAdult (m)1,8821,0393
hSgFMMM Shaian Bearcharger NBAdult (m)1,4534076
j1AIMMM Eilella Goldweaver NBAdult (f)1,6863774
amhUMMM Udoian Shieldheart NBAdult (m)1,2968884
481GMMM Shaorin Dragonsoultouched 2GAdult (f)2,27218912
edsbMMM Magstine Catslove NBAdult (m)2,32190410
qahpMMM Oolalynn Forgedawn 3GSAdult (m)2,4111,80313
fVf8MMM Pruemita Bearcharger CBAdult (m)8,1941,58719
Q1vSMMM Thoeak Destinaxe CBAdult (f)10,8431,57422
MZDAV(MZDAV)Adult (f)6,6751,2521
sCESq(sCESq)Adult (f)6,1069981
kMW4s(kMW4s)Adult (m)5,2369201
82kG6(82kG6)Adult (m)6,1357371
wWklh(wWklh)Adult (m)5,8787281
xNrx9(xNrx9)Adult (f)3,23886519
HDqeSerasa Ba Loon CBAdult (f)3,4712325
JboTSerasa Balloon CBAdult (m)3,51123524
W3lCb(W3lCb)Adult (f)12,2029420
xyjPU(xyjPU)Adult (m)3,4806960
pJvNR(pJvNR)Adult (f)4,7757782
GNYGa(GNYGa)Adult (m)5,2418261
5GyoK(5GyoK)Adult (f)3,7126530
TFSDB(TFSDB)Adult (f)4,8548751
FyAZI(FyAZI)Adult (m)3,7266412
hvQ2F(hvQ2F)Adult (m)3,9206393
hP7a6(hP7a6)Adult (m)3,6656434
m4AkL(m4AkL)Adult (m)2,5616072
dcXRq(dcXRq)Adult (m)5,1009801
flje5(flje5)Adult (f)3,5698451
f0gkg(f0gkg)Adult (m)3,4287972
Eynvx(Eynvx)Adult (f)3,5457472
NjjVs(NjjVs)Adult (m)5,0438241
BIByG(BIByG)Adult (m)3,9148301
b8AXo(b8AXo)Adult (f)5,1689661
elt7K(elt7K)Adult (f)2,5096581
5cAVrMMM Xavhand Trannyth CBAdult (f)3,1627502
gCKEDMMM Alisys Goblinsfoe CBAdult (m)2,5305572
ORvRMMM Alte Rosa Frauen NBAdult (f)1,3406645
B0F3MMM Gulang Rosas Babae CBAdult (f)3,3022,37117
UAIZE(UAIZE)Adult (f)4,6829471
IwSHo(IwSHo)Adult (f)6,2588521
m3S03(m3S03)Adult (m)4,3669422
Newjk(Newjk)Adult (f)3,4825543
iovwV(iovwV)Adult (f)3,7178201
pOEPr(pOEPr)Adult (f)3,0166961
SbHht(SbHht)Adult (m)3,7755793
9I8xF(9I8xF)Adult (f)5,0999411
W60ZR(W60ZR)Adult (f)3,4337251
1knEx(1knEx)Adult (f)4,1517811
IOwIb(IOwIb)Adult (m)2,5716133
BmUye(BmUye)Adult (f)3,6426171
x2yAQ(x2yAQ)Adult (m)5,5588901
Axdxh(Axdxh)Adult (m)2,9525760
j4oEn(j4oEn)Adult (f)3,0235861
lNw3I(lNw3I)Adult (m)4,5538371
hT6v3(hT6v3)Adult (f)5,4161,0382
RpsvY(RpsvY)Adult (f)4,9969150
tM3MT(tM3MT)Adult (m)3,1936950
3W8gU(3W8gU)Adult (f)6,8999930
bv9W6(bv9W6)Adult (m)4,9248410
IDvWB(IDvWB)Adult (m)3,7237920
E7MH8(E7MH8)Adult (m)2,6087542
FIpnF(FIpnF)Adult (f)2,4416750
HblvX(HblvX)Adult (f)2,1526101
27sZe(27sZe)Adult (m)2,2945642
Vrew7Serasa Sir Albino CBAdult (m)1,8637962
LoY0Serasa Albino LoY0 CBAdult (f)9405154
neGOSerasa AlbinoAdult (m)2,4174505
6JHbSerasa Albino CBAdult (f)3,5652419
srXK2(srXK2)Adult (m)4,7179582
CTduE(CTduE)Adult (m)4,4019740
oFDyh(oFDyh)Adult (m)3,6577092
08HQP(08HQP)Adult (m)2,5585903
7WlDi(7WlDi)Adult (f)2,9946093
ZTLQmSerasa LindwurmAdult (f)2,5767921
h4Qoz(h4Qoz)Adult (f)2,5676012
2QAdQ(2QAdQ)Adult (m)2,4567785
VWLc5(VWLc5)Adult (f)5,8539870
BKlvJ(BKlvJ)Adult (m)4,1169002
pvFS4(pvFS4)Adult (m)2,9166981
Gj5O6(Gj5O6)Adult (m)4,4198061
obbDE(obbDE)Adult (m)5,7791,0682
FIH0HSerasa Two Headed Princess CBAdult (f)2,5168761
mpnESerasa Von Selena CBAdult (f)11,0701,6176
mT2qSerasa Von HumphreyAdult (m)1,5655042
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