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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “mikaelf77,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Y0WVW(Y0WVW)Adult (f)3,0698571
aqxgH(aqxgH)Adult (m)1,9496470
GGcex(GGcex)Adult (m)2,2166212
Q2gvh(Q2gvh)Adult (f)2,0765901
2uvzy(2uvzy)Adult (m)2,2087632
cPvTgSerasa Greewing CBAdult (f)2,7457971
OSKkDSerasa spotted ShiroperanzaAdult (f)2,3078870
2CfZBSerasa Spot Queen CBAdult (f)8,4761,6231
CAqbd(CAqbd)Adult (f)2,7608373
1BKBESerasa Green Pebble 3GAdult (f)1,9897091
o6Vc0Serasa Gaia CBAdult (m)2,1078610
dfhFMMM Arastina Fiedlerson CBAdult (f)2,3073896
Lf22Serasa Earth GreenAdult (f)1,1555079
vmJDSerasa Captain Planet EarthAdult (f)2,88498911
R83NSerasa Captain Planet DirtAdult (m)2,8549654
nv8Ki(nv8Ki)Adult (m)6,3799830
amnmv(amnmv)Adult (f)3,6578541
dHkux(dHkux)Adult (f)3,1106721
aEKUL(aEKUL)Adult (m)2,8906720
3EJvz(3EJvz)Adult (m)2,9396532
ka0TN(ka0TN)Adult (f)5,7371,0292
xoWGO(xoWGO)Adult (f)5,7621,0431
7cRbSerasa Grey Gray BabyHatchling (m, F)1,1865821
b604j(b604j)Adult (m)9,8309290
Z6j3S(Z6j3S)Adult (f)1,5166370
iqB9Z(iqB9Z)Adult (f)5,1411,0063
awd2T(awd2T)Adult (f)2,3878890
s7EV2Serasa Steve GreyAdult (m)2,8328861
ZXG8ESerasa Grey NBAdult (f)3,1258780
Ulqv2Serasa Gray Grey CBAdult (f)7,2821,3873
z3FOSerasa Weather MannAdult (m)2,36936630
PeyfSerasa Kriteryon CBAdult (f)1,77494816
n2qdSerasa ShallowHatchling (f, F)6,6998533
Wv8dSerasa LaraAdult (f)4,3227423
VIROSerasa Hydref SeraAdult (m)4,7811,0964
7O4USerasa Lara YequithAdult (f)7,3521,4605
oyEYw(oyEYw)Adult (f)5,3099562
JRnsDMMM Nerisnys Wyvernjack 4GAdult (m)3,6238535
cewZ5MMM Zantumal Soundinghorn 5GSAdult (f)3,5298183
SdCuHmmm Alionna Milner 4GSAdult (m)5,3579711
Og2MJmmm Kevian AuriateAdult (m)2,4336522
XvPOnMMM Wandalynn Yuletide 4GSAdult (m)2,6576765
sDaiXMMM Curiatio Putih 4GSPAdult (m)2,7506803
cT2XJMMM Caistina StoneheartAdult (f)2,4618324
UWQIeMMM Thangabalu Cookie 3GAdult (f)2,4618432
vp5LBMMM Xavhorn Seaskipper NBAdult (m)2,5478178
gMbNqSerasa Guilded Sol'arium NBAdult (f)2,6448126
HMjsWMMM Zwed SongsteelAdult (m)1,8606497
gDbrsMMM Krisstina Wolfswift 7GSAdult (m)3,2587787
SZgdMMM Leolamin Littleknight NBAdult (f)1,4805944
NVCmMMM Trakas SilverkinAdult (m)1,5766703
yndvMMM Aliuvial Samulkin 3GSAdult (f)4,18027914
LiiKMMM Udogretor GladdenstoneAdult (m)3,25329131
MCvl2(MCvl2)Adult (m)3,8827731
V6qKTSerasa Night Glory CBAdult (m)1,8186741
SQISWserasa Night Glory NB1Adult (m)3,5224121
9vCsDSerasa Night Glory Princess 2GAdult (f)7,1981,4042
bHUfm(bHUfm)Adult (f)3,3847192
pbb7QSerasa Morning Glory CBAdult (m)3,2729272
SBSW2Serasa Day Glory CBAdult (f)1,9937330
OSRhZSerasa Afternoon Glory CBAdult (f)1,8146721
6ODL5(6ODL5)Adult (f)8,1829600
un5fu(un5fu)Adult (m)2,8336672
IbUFA(IbUFA)Adult (f)2,9257021
zvz26(zvz26)Adult (m)1,8984412
mEujw(mEujw)Adult (m)2,0767991
RXQcp(RXQcp)Adult (m)2,0738260
VKIfSerasa Geode BabyHatchling (f, F)1,1365172
tI5UF(tI5UF)Adult (m)2,3416930
5hhvy(5hhvy)Adult (f)2,1356290
51iefSerasa Geode 2GAdult (f)1,7446582
QFXkSerasa Geode NBAdult (f)8,5791,1073
XIdkSerasa GeodeAdult (m)1,2195545
VzEZSerasa Crystalline Wings NBAdult (f)1,28997614
op3Kn(op3Kn)Adult (m)4,7876941
hTcTy(hTcTy)Adult (f)4,2469021
AD76a(AD76a)Adult (m)3,7905612
0H53l(0H53l)Adult (f)3,4947593
fWI4Q(fWI4Q)Adult (f)3,1247211
Aq1XB(Aq1XB)Adult (f)3,2938700
A7s2I(A7s2I)Adult (m)2,1186321
e3fzM(e3fzM)Adult (m)2,3168113
oa1ve(oa1ve)Adult (f)2,4367762
d2rnp(d2rnp)Adult (m)1,9377910
JVkKm(JVkKm)Adult (f)1,9727991
FdRd3(FdRd3)Adult (m)4,6017581
Udnod(Udnod)Adult (f)4,9868400
XKn1n(XKn1n)Adult (f)3,5436591
x8W0z(x8W0z)Adult (f)3,7576702
nLfmSerasa Frilled LizardAdult (m)3,1082085
3aglSerasa FrillyAdult (m)3,09020614
gHwZSerasa Frilled CBAdult (f)1,8121,38321
vIqRn(vIqRn)Adult (m)5,1489631
CgwnW(CgwnW)Adult (f)5,5001,0310
RxHAy(RxHAy)Adult (m)3,1688255
qgePo(qgePo)Adult (f)1,4936131
pbmzDSerasa Miss Fleshcrown CBAdult (f)2,5739192
jNVTp(jNVTp)Adult (f)3,2068961
lArLd(lArLd)Adult (m)8,1149360
fHrit(fHrit)Adult (m)3,5377362
LvRHR(LvRHR)Adult (m)2,0626602
iTZIh(iTZIh)Adult (m)2,3776083
0UX0t(0UX0t)Adult (m)2,1876210
LkGZd(LkGZd)Adult (f)2,2256771
pLKMl(pLKMl)Adult (m)3,5468981
fipLn(fipLn)Adult (m)2,1976091
q3LVo(q3LVo)Adult (m)1,5236290
V2L86Serasa Flamingo 2GAdult (f)3,0608880
dOeBGSerasa Flamingo CBAdult (m)3,1291,1093
QTrk3(QTrk3)Adult (m)3,5749193
O4OVp(O4OVp)Adult (m)5,8771,3232
5Z63x(5Z63x)Adult (m)6,4319922
t9Qqb(t9Qqb)Adult (f)6,5331,0093
XNQVh(XNQVh)Adult (f)4,2118233
tMeTc(tMeTc)Adult (m)3,2606291
t9Fb5(t9Fb5)Adult (f)4,1547651
P05Zw(P05Zw)Adult (f)3,6508301
ceSAx(ceSAx)Adult (m)2,3015920
lFVwU(lFVwU)Adult (m)2,3736031
bUdVcSerasa Fever 3GAdult (m)2,3066291
sKIce(sKIce)Adult (f)2,2858060
Up5la(Up5la)Adult (f)2,4458151
6IsAQ(6IsAQ)Adult (m)2,5698421
XMXzw(XMXzw)Adult (m)2,4908570
WD3eT(WD3eT)Adult (m)5,3317700
OXJMV(OXJMV)Adult (m)3,0406580
q2WPx(q2WPx)Adult (f)2,9366841
2MQjm(2MQjm)Adult (f)3,1367001
3fNYK(3fNYK)Adult (f)4,8908801
3TyWy(3TyWy)Adult (f)5,4621,0361
Cs65W(Cs65W)Adult (m)5,7781,0360
8tsd2(8tsd2)Adult (f)2,9117534
5hHD3(5hHD3)Adult (m)2,8078002
NBrNA(NBrNA)Adult (m)2,2847912
Kwspz(Kwspz)Adult (f)1,9978020
ZGEG9(ZGEG9)Adult (f)1,9968330
hEgrY(hEgrY)Adult (f)1,9487851
AlIVt(AlIVt)Adult (m)2,0448340
Oa2Kl(Oa2Kl)Adult (f)4,6017832
Q8Z7V(Q8Z7V)Adult (f)3,8115972
a1zvr(a1zvr)Adult (m)3,9557332
aKiwz(aKiwz)Adult (m)3,9867461
ffyo8(ffyo8)Adult (m)2,3596960
TfpCU(TfpCU)Adult (f)2,7009131
HRoIISerasa Emberfly CBAdult (m)3,0679881
ob3irSerasa Ember Queen CBAdult (f)2,7818690
m0hObSerasa EmbermanAdult (f)2,6539543
fGLIuSerasa Ember King CBAdult (m)2,0999411
VnanSerasa Electric BabyHatchling (F)8133261
285ab(285ab)Adult (f)2,3687561
XGLKlSerasa ElectricAdult (m)2,7508301
MKIcHSerasa Electric CBAdult (f)3,0878271
Kl6cESerasa Erektrikery CBAdult (f)2,6229390
vQgkSerasa Electric Queen CBAdult (f)2,4944234
caP8Serasa Electric King CBAdult (m)1,2105322
5X5OSerasa Elictricity CBAdult (f)4,7127185
SgWoj(SgWoj)Adult (m)5,8779990
fViRA(fViRA)Adult (m)6,2379820
HMndI(HMndI)Adult (f)5,0439400
5gqTe(5gqTe)Adult (f)3,2417452
NrQfU(NrQfU)Adult (f)2,8179272
m0LvbSerasa Duotone Omega CBAdult (m)2,1988422
L7EpnSerasa Duotone Deux CBAdult (m)2,9529962
xzVg3Serasa Duotone CBAdult (f)2,9608910
JKR8USerasa Red Dorsal King CBAdult (m)1,96175810
UWHkSerasa Red Dorsal Queen CBAdult (f)2,1404856
bBaLl(bBaLl)Adult (f)5,8027771
IXqos(IXqos)Adult (f)3,6246301
6ldb5(6ldb5)Adult (f)3,4417271
ONSR9Serasa Dorsal 2GAdult (m)2,0676350
z2uVISerasa Dorsal Drapion 2GAdult (f)2,0886610
UibK7(UibK7)Adult (m)1,3726163
OrWpv(OrWpv)Adult (f)2,4806021
YnAGMSerasa Purple Dorsal NBAdult (f)3,1739851
OIR3TSerasa Purple Dorsal M CBAdult (m)1,9667371
vAvX9Serasa Purple-Dorsal CBAdult (f)2,4908921
rVORcSerasa Purple Dorsal CBAdult (f)7,5191,3671
pUGHSerasa Purple Dorsal XAdult (m)1,7573148
O42RSerasa Purple Dorsal 2GAdult (m)3,4492307
GbSSSerasa Purple Dorsal Queen CBAdult (f)3,47823319
x8qOSerasa Purple Dorsal King CBAdult (m)3,3102224
XLnf9(XLnf9)Adult (m)6,7028391
DCKXK(DCKXK)Adult (m)5,7799440
eJZSEMMM Elnan Giantcrippler CBAdult (m)6,2831,0522
2R4zg(2R4zg)Adult (f)6,5648303
B4Tdf(B4Tdf)Adult (m)6,5169344
1Yq8X(1Yq8X)Adult (f)6,7178252
Tr3ry(Tr3ry)Adult (m)6,1219711
PQxGD(PQxGD)Adult (m)3,9595682
rcBTIMMM Otiorin Stalkingwolf CBAdult (f)3,9358291
czjst(czjst)Adult (f)4,4059180
ipFlF(ipFlF)Adult (f)3,8956145
FTaEY(FTaEY)Adult (f)4,1426523
cAiWC(cAiWC)Adult (m)3,6266021
vsCS4MMM Walnan Catslove CBAdult (m)5,7128402
hRJ12(hRJ12)Adult (f)3,8766430
tsUIy(tsUIy)Adult (f)4,1256511
nuakE(nuakE)Hatchling (F)1,0023792
iAEbSerasa Deep Sea GirlHatchling (f, F)6904211
RMaSSerasa Deep sea BoyHatchling (m, F)8705145
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