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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “michellechan2211,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
A3Tf2(A3Tf2)Hatchling (m)2,7107131
rNaK5(rNaK5)Hatchling (f)2,6626723
qZNWG(qZNWG)Hatchling (m)2,8257072
QdCKY(QdCKY)Hatchling (m)2,7377043
HaSlHana Futago TsumiAdult (f)1,85980727
m8AWKouu Futago TsumiAdult (f)3,2344914
eXB1Mahou Futago TsumiAdult (f)3,6794626
qjgXSakanaza Futago TsumiAdult (m)2,8465175
6j5INise Futago TsumiAdult (m)4,3759277
E3lIFNomaru Futago TsumiAdult (f)4,0996311
dYYIJNarusawa TsumiAdult (m)3,8847233
zdyrGRyusendo TsumiAdult (f)3,8607702
Yh86wRyugashido TsumiAdult (f)7,7355622
SSo3WShoryudo TsumiAdult (f)4,4208423
ynIsxAbukumado TsumiAdult (m)3,1717314
7GmUA(7GmUA)Adult (m)3,7918245
eEVf1(eEVf1)Adult (f)3,7969613
23PFWKako Jikan TsumiAdult (m)4,7571,0928
z56TcMirai Jikan TsumiAdult (f)3,2646941
hVbODKurisumaisu Jikan TsumiAdult (f)2,8428822
dpEV9Hatsumode Jikan TsumiAdult (m)2,8476262
9ZOnQJiyu Jikan TsumiAdult (m)4,0488715
2w8HgKhan Jikan TsumiAdult (f)4,9359041
iThoC(iThoC)Adult (f)3,8646034
Oqx3Y(Oqx3Y)Adult (m)2,7106662
6WDGFuji Shiro TsumiAdult (f)1,8744763
GpAOg(GpAOg)Adult (m)4,8284201
7cYcf(7cYcf)Adult (m)3,3747952
9Y43e(9Y43e)Adult (f)5,5728994
NhGZQUtsukushi Sekai TsumiAdult (f)4,7511,0433
KyHYMMidori Sekai TsumiAdult (m)4,3271,0181
C1u0YAo Sekai TsumiAdult (f)3,6238283
yOi7BSubarashi Sekai TsumiAdult (f)3,2507161
R9zGOGo Sekai TsumiAdult (m)4,9587663
17KwoYami Sekai TsumiAdult (m)5,4621,0592
KI3MsShinya Sekai TsumiAdult (f)3,1059082
PbnluSora Sekai TsumiAdult (f)3,5957724
rK9vE(rK9vE)Adult (f)6,2796121
8wtUm(8wtUm)Adult (m)4,5221,0413
Wmvj9(Wmvj9)Adult (f)3,8947612
qKYwh(qKYwh)Adult (f)4,2179026
IiStR(IiStR)Adult (f)3,1497063
VnQHO(VnQHO)Adult (m)6,3659125
yI7WI(yI7WI)Adult (m)3,8366571
TVA2k(TVA2k)Adult (m)4,9915811
rrbkf(rrbkf)Adult (f)3,9315260
d5xhJ(d5xhJ)Adult (f)7,6685210
YiEaV(YiEaV)Adult (m)3,9556772
DEgPy(DEgPy)Adult (m)4,8628621
dirlr(dirlr)Adult (f)4,7009312
kxr0t(kxr0t)Adult (f)3,0526522
q7I45(q7I45)Adult (m)2,6526081
Z1c6Y(Z1c6Y)Adult (f)3,2336242
dzkfR(dzkfR)Adult (m)3,2826462
9HWSN(9HWSN)Adult (f)2,9866542
6cHYp(6cHYp)Adult (f)2,5416701
Ltk7w(Ltk7w)Adult (m)3,6587531
JmTcB(JmTcB)Adult (m)2,9036942
EvYdf(EvYdf)Adult (f)4,2628643
8ALCi(8ALCi)Adult (f)4,9789573
NPn0SThe Little ReindeerHatchling (F)9131213
KLjE8(KLjE8)Adult (m)2,9407182
LMDLOjousama no Wabisuke TsumiAdult (f)1,32150424
7AmVOujisama no Wabisuke TsumiAdult (m)1,76478720
iBU3ZTei no Wabisuke TsumiAdult (m)3,21394012
oLIvWKougou no Wabisuke TsumiAdult (f)5,4839657
SE3P0Himegimi no Wabisuke TsumiAdult (f)4,7031,1187
PbBVIKoshaku no Wabisuke TsumiAdult (m)3,2209643
tXSofSebastian Michaelis loves KittenAdult (f)6,3079763
r9lW1Kyou no Wabisuke TsumiAdult (m)5,57185712
H6HrWShoususumu no Wabisuke TsumiAdult (m)6,3191,0114
nHrTDUneme no Wabisuke TsumiAdult (f)6,4291,6238
La4UbShishaku no Wabisuke TsumiAdult (m)5,3868935
KZ3bfHakushaku no Wabisuke TsumiAdult (f)4,8895585
i4v6NMyokwoichi no Wabisuke TsumiAdult (m)5,7837753
vOjY8Shonii no Wabisuke TsumiAdult (f)4,7171,0411
1BKA7Kuroneko the KawaiiAdult (f)7,6571,2457
4LbIKMalicious IntentAdult (m)2,18475214
KW3CUMai the Singing GoddessAdult (f)4,3005563
HZpIhStarlight no Wabisuke TsumiAdult (f)4,0793111
R4Lhn(R4Lhn)Adult (m)5,0309065
S4hYF(S4hYF)Adult (m)4,5743653
2NHnE(2NHnE)Adult (m)4,9255831
iTbbK(iTbbK)Adult (f)7,5056220
lrUoLShizuka ShuyaAdult (m)3,4173938
d4IWIMal's little preciousAdult (m)3,07446610
NeqQGKamui's little giftAdult (f)4,7191,1496
gmj0XNeolight Wabisuke TsumiAdult (f)5,0503371
7PFuBThe alternative is unthinkableAdult (f)2,1657175
YEU7iThe secret isAdult (f)3,6495015
OYAbXThe CapsAdult (m)3,1475172
BnLB0(BnLB0)Adult (m)3,2869831
xhjlt(xhjlt)Adult (f)5,5358621
D64Pj(D64Pj)Adult (m)3,2615881
Eo9Mf(Eo9Mf)Adult (f)3,8214932
ORwqG(ORwqG)Adult (f)6,5531,1382
KLxkX(KLxkX)Adult (f)6,6829522
T6uCJ(T6uCJ)Adult (f)2,6876972
allJi(allJi)Adult (m)2,6326731
LqOIt(LqOIt)Adult (m)4,3596834
RPzgd(RPzgd)Adult (f)7,6965201
ICbj4(ICbj4)Adult (f)2,4033251
8TN7a(8TN7a)Adult (m)3,3356892
EAVF6(EAVF6)Adult (m)8,6411,1132
AWWg1(AWWg1)Adult (f)4,2796385
A79XJ(A79XJ)Adult (m)4,4098165
RJZHN(RJZHN)Adult (m)2,6106331
Fwj2g(Fwj2g)Adult (m)2,8596462
Nwsvy(Nwsvy)Adult (f)2,5136822
SQkKP(SQkKP)Adult (m)6,2216061
qSwTw(qSwTw)Adult (m)2,7861,0063
0YIUp(0YIUp)Adult (m)2,9871,0641
x47uh(x47uh)Adult (m)2,7749962
KHdvQ(KHdvQ)Adult (f)2,7006181
ffrdP(ffrdP)Adult (m)3,7917932
26QAAoi Tsuki Hansha TsumiAdult (f)1,69870614
KNnWAoi Tsuki Houou TsumiAdult (m)1,5684344
gvtsAoi Tsuki Kawa TsumiAdult (m)3,1704603
SIUXAoi Tsuki Hato TsumiAdult (f)1,9104302
1A9CYAoi Tsuki Hana TsumiAdult (m)4,2143106
JAK6e(JAK6e)Adult (m)4,2146772
V1KlVViki Waltz TsumiAdult (f)4,2361,2897
mNjg3Moonlight Waltz TsumiAdult (f)4,9103533
txh90(txh90)Adult (m)5,5485950
hYqql(hYqql)Adult (f)7,4546132
htvGGAsuka Akira TsumiAdult (f)4,0201,03210
hht7pAkira Akira TsumiAdult (m)2,9114382
ZGQiiAi Akira TsumiAdult (f)4,4834491
qQjuLAkihiko Akira TsumiAdult (m)3,7444351
Q1tQBAika Akira TsumiAdult (f)4,1914682
6tV9vAiko Akira TsumiAdult (f)3,7334591
svQTHAimi Akira TsumiAdult (f)3,5134682
EqLJaAmaya Akira TsumiAdult (f)5,3188251
tQoC0Aoi Akira TsumiAdult (f)4,7111,0882
YsSn9Arata Akira TsumiAdult (m)3,6204462
fCnIrArisu Akira TsumiAdult (f)3,1474391
AFASVAtsushi Akira TsumiAdult (m)3,9855021
oCKquAsami Akira TsumiAdult (f)3,6684771
BaA18Dai Akira TsumiAdult (m)3,7784842
ugpEiAtsuko Akira TsumiAdult (f)3,1565436
mrPM0Daisuke Akira TsumiAdult (m)4,6759811
Ler7BHideaki Akira TsumiAdult (m)3,2895991
aXiGlAya Akira TsumiAdult (f)4,4481,1021
YDGRIAyame Akira TsumiAdult (f)4,4281,0961
T6Ba5Ayano Akira TsumiAdult (f)3,0209741
IXfkuGhost of a fleeting dreamAdult (m)2,0445591
vvPv7Ayumi Akira TsumiAdult (f)3,9653451
kVuOEAzumi Akira TsumiAdult (f)3,7693480
2YnraBunko Akira TsumiAdult (f)4,2063392
trRUpEiji Akira TsumiAdult (m)4,1593551
esJV2Fumio Akira TsumiAdult (m)5,2854060
hqN1UGero Akira TsumiAdult (m)5,1383942
2ussDGorou Akira TsumiAdult (m)3,4803483
dXeFDHachiro Akira TsumiAdult (m)3,8474251
F6fKqHotoka Akira TsumiAdult (m)3,6084561
3NKjPHajime Akira TsumiAdult (m)3,9604792
m5iNmHaruo Akira TsumiAdult (m)2,5815682
LgPpjHideo Akira TsumiAdult (m)2,6165000
PDVSnHiroaki Akira TsumiAdult (m)3,2195370
ULMgrHisao Akira TsumiAdult (m)2,7795130
NYjB8Hiroshi Akira TsumiAdult (m)2,7726521
Go3E4Chie Akira TsumiAdult (f)2,2856561
kckloKoko Akira TsumiAdult (f)4,7623261
9bpNIShiro Akira TsumiAdult (m)5,0263360
Bcil6Bellial Akira TsumiAdult (m)4,7643501
D6ChKHitoshi Akira TsumiAdult (m)5,4953672
SIeMEAme Akira TsumiAdult (f)4,7613181
VLIbOVin Akira TsumiAdult (m)4,7353360
t3bRYNanashi Akira TsumiAdult (f)4,6003071
6ojt6Apocalypse Akira TsumiAdult (m)2,0876322
gaQYCAka Akira TsumiAdult (f)4,4803200
7g06gBlackjack Akira TsumiAdult (f)4,7863850
D8GqoKimi Akira TsumiAdult (f)5,1973500
meD3qPirate Akira TsumiAdult (m)4,7053301
aeMRbAEMyx Akira TsumiAdult (m)4,4333400
MK4JIMahou Akira TsumiAdult (f)3,9563481
1aXTWKiku Akira TsumiAdult (f)3,8353320
pj5HJGhosts from a Shadowy PastAdult (m)4,4243300
b96HrEnvy Akira TsumiAdult (f)1,50664015
KKAr2Kirakira Akira TsumiAdult (m)4,8813911
V8U5dRin Akira TsumiAdult (f)3,7503800
bh3rORobin Vex TsumiAdult (f)3,9144050
l3mBbAurum Akira TsumiAdult (f)3,2774493
2LpqtLuna Akira TsumiAdult (m)4,6811,1291
rrXErBetwixt  and  BetweenAdult (m)1,9905371
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