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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “kismetigs,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
sY74sCB What's Your SuperstitionAdult (f)2,1766303
uqGshCB It's Scary Down ThereAdult (m)1,3546561
1njvnCB Bunny HopAdult (f)2,2166204
OID6bCB Sara the SeraAdult (f)6,2841,23117
k9NMZCB Bud LiteAdult (m)6,4871,39020
FGnRQPB 2G Less FillingAdult (m)3,3831,1054
YZ34j3G Grave SeraAdult (m)3,8071,12113
yUpMDSpiral Sera 3sp PBAdult (f)4,8991,0405
3SwsDSampson 4sp PBAdult (m)4,2321,0497
wHKz0Ramona 5sp PBAdult (f)5,3991,0747
oo620Adam 6sp PBAdult (m)5,2111,0988
hmkRi2G BBW RachelAdult (f)4,6031,0367
pGLLFLiv 7sp PBAdult (f)4,6911,0416
kr353Scottie 8sp PBAdult (m)4,9391,0745
Fgph8CB King of BeersAdult (f)2,9228065
hsXAwAngelina 9sp PBAdult (f)4,0878563
OhqPCBradley 10sp PBAdult (m)5,5568732
pOycYBrangelina 11sp PBAdult (f)5,1808333
wsfiu2G Desipsis SeraAdult (m)4,0426924
gsY0Z2G Sera StoneAdult (m)3,7536912
grGKGCB Sera KCAdult (f)3,9376341
IQNHk(IQNHk)Adult (f)3,4816271
UFJi82G Sera XenoAdult (m)5,0255742
MXZBP4G Sera SilverAdult (f)3,5095623
CFgfT3G Silvery SeraAdult (f)4,5028024
76Usb3G Sera YulebuckAdult (f)3,9657211
DmkYhCute Lil Frozen BunnyHatchling (F)1,1632412
JykDuOMG I'm FreeeeeezingHatchling (F)1,0752371
bRz3G(bRz3G)Hatchling (F)1,1072792
GPAfZ3G Risensong KismetAdult (m)5,2601,0165
HZxQ12G Setsong KismetAdult (m)5,4481,1183
X8fRCB P DaddyAdult (m)8,2772,614141
5ebi2G White x SilverAdult (f)4,4631,18667
UQTJCB Silver CharmAdult (m)6,7422,542115
r2PSCB Silver DeputyAdult (m)6,5052,46093
3nBm(3nBm)Adult (m)4,48163942
box6(box6)Adult (m)7,11466240
LunW(LunW)Adult (f)6,1556389
67u4(67u4)Adult (m)7,73576371
tQTxMessyNLongAdult (f)5,47443512
M2FM(M2FM)Adult (m)6,12244821
BYr1(BYr1)Adult (f)4,61646524
rhyd(rhyd)Adult (m)3,5295352
IuwE(IuwE)Adult (f)4,2855354
fYpc(fYpc)Adult (m)4,2855341
xR5D(xR5D)Adult (m)2,63738523
YxP4(YxP4)Adult (f)1,953313102
8yaE13G IbraAdult (m)2,8858234
fg8iYLuminous Silver Spiral 5Adult (m)3,1866715
E3Opr2G Mom Has HornsAdult (m)4,3449691
D2fOR3G Sweet SilverAdult (f)3,59099011
e1bK74G Icy SilverAdult (f)5,5217423
TYgrrTYgrrAdult (m)6,5411,1082
YBsAJCB Siyat KismetAdult (f)7,3079772
pw9BZ2G Soulstone SiyatAdult (m)3,3586691
1fcTACB Blue Siyat KismetAdult (m)4,4597633
44YpoCB Purple SiyatAdult (f)4,3017653
EIVgLCB Purp1e RainAdult (m)2,6964132
S9EMZ(S9EMZ)Adult (f)3,1477711
MaVBCB Sky MesaAdult (m)6,5342,14288
3dkR2G Sky's the LimitAdult (f)6,0462,000112
6PIf(6PIf)Adult (f)6,5831,44781
RKbU(RKbU)Adult (f)4,66480060
C1Gn(C1Gn)Adult (f)5,0365558
hKs92CB SkyhawkAdult (m)3,6168996
piJ6CCB Lovely SkywalkerAdult (f)3,1458653
uCFmHCB Spirit in the SkyAdult (m)3,0179612
L7EEJ2G Fire in the SkyAdult (f)2,4586924
YIXgZCB Sky GalAdult (f)4,7811,0584
L6mol2G LC SkywhipAdult (f)2,9977442
Zh0232G LC SkywalkerAdult (m)5,6529511
H1hsrCB Skyz the LimitAdult (f)5,3071,0117
O9qgN4G Seeking Hearts in the SkyAdult (f)3,6597215
xGCXz(xGCXz)Hatchling (F)1,0422152
DiNGVVisualizeWhirledPeasAdult (m)2,6306784
iQ92d4G Soul TrainAdult (m)2,2206581
XS58V2G Soul GlowAdult (f)3,1257236
lE2DY2G KC's Soul GlowAdult (f)3,9445966
u7sb0CB ButterbeanAdult (m)2,6596786
2rnYd4G Silver CheckerboardAdult (f)2,2286564
FONzl3G Silver CheckerboardAdult (m)2,9667113
KUqwCCB TroutAdult (f)2,5996787
5D8IbCB CrabAdult (f)2,2496624
iHCrhCB I'm MauveAdult (m)1,9606253
n7E3ACB Lima BeanAdult (m)4,5871,0213
ZSOeKCB I Love FogAdult (m)4,1261,0512
nXi6LCB Mauve MysteryAdult (f)4,8271,0584
oL7XACB Speckled BeautyAdult (f)1,7836822
lwRlA2G Shrouded ButterbeanAdult (m)4,4329518
Gaa482G Bean CutterAdult (m)3,2797584
xAaBbCB I'm Mauve and ProudAdult (m)4,0998546
H0UJ6CB Another BeanAdult (f)2,8759083
OP2z8CB Bean SaladAdult (f)2,6391,0259
UIEIBCB KC's Cute Lil BeanAdult (f)3,8255854
SWtij3G Silver SpecklesAdult (m)6,0158322
5BE1g3G Speckled and BrinyHatchling (F)3,3596904
oDVUoCB Normal SpinelAdult (f)6,3521,0805
oyHmWCB Ima SpinelAdult (m)7,2591,0212
r5eQt(r5eQt)Adult (f)5,4281,1533
lsl5e(lsl5e)Adult (f)5,5551,1253
xNf4oCB Spinel KismetAdult (m)5,5221,0935
rQjmL(rQjmL)Adult (m)4,0467330
Do8OO(Do8OO)Adult (f)3,7367203
LuGSJ(LuGSJ)Adult (m)4,5536332
NF5RN(NF5RN)Adult (f)4,0886370
emul5(emul5)Adult (m)4,1526841
2bTcw(2bTcw)Adult (f)4,2956812
bd1P6(bd1P6)Adult (f)4,3166690
wTexlCB Gent1e SpiritAdult (f)3,7297646
IV1WXCB I'm So Mad I Could SpitAdult (f)3,6458325
yJb8TCB Spitting in the WindAdult (f)2,0516331
oeMCVCB Spit in the WindAdult (m)2,0446623
h5OIyCB SpitballAdult (m)2,0276601
KlTMSCB Don't Spit in the WindAdult (m)2,1275803
lFb2kCB Spitba11Adult (m)4,2881,0545
oS2b22G LC Sky SpitterAdult (f)3,3111,1224
U8L6u3G LC SpitfireAdult (f)3,5091,43111
P2RbM(P2RbM)Hatchling (F)1,1222361
hrdATFr0zen SpitHatchling (F)2,4586893
Rvbc5Freeze When WingedHatchling (m, F)4,0799365
VnjgCB Stone Cold CrazyAdult (f)5,48087021
mNEo5CB I'm a StonerAdult (f)3,1578163
a15yzCB Heart 0f StoneAdult (m)3,5749863
rq2V22G AP GravestoneAdult (f)5,1671,02116
hLhKw2G Stony ButterbuttAdult (f)2,2929926
qaALmCB Rosetta StoneAdult (f)4,4151,1485
83lqTCB GrindstoneAdult (m)5,1501,0437
miK3S2G ButterbuttyAdult (f)4,6331,1407
S1JO2CB FlagstoneAdult (m)4,7971,0646
kGJtB3G AP GravestoneAdult (f)5,2681,14710
Xz2Ax2G Hulking StoneAdult (m)4,1548592
YnEby2G Stone HulkAdult (f)4,0889044
TTHyZCB Stone TabletAdult (m)5,1369572
VuInfCB SoapstoneAdult (f)5,8551,0323
7ecQt2G Royal StoneAdult (f)4,2459563
jPnb2(jPnb2)Adult (f)4,3487001
1h2la3G HulkstoneAdult (m)4,7557274
yNkv7CB Stones ThrowAdult (f)7,0431,0392
GZNb9How Do You Freeze a StoneHatchling (F)7892002
0vUN4(0vUN4)Hatchling (F)1,2222194
Enr7M(Enr7M)Hatchling (F)8522081
wDFYA2G Rider on the StormAdult (m)8,6041,1716
gT1eX2G Stormy RiderAdult (f)5,8601,1973
1NhyW2G Freaky StormriderAdult (f)6,6267977
jrQH74G I Gots StripesAdult (m)2,2996275
CdUDXPB 4G StripetasticAdult (f)2,3376644
LZtLgCB I Earned My StripesAdult (f)4,8671,1644
oFVwdCB Candy StriperAdult (m)4,8931,1215
OdidZCB I'm a ZebraAdult (m)2,1926322
c86sG4G PB StripeyAdult (f)3,0786106
6MtexCB I Haz StripesAdult (m)2,8065844
flaRD(flaRD)Adult (f)4,4166994
hPcRu(hPcRu)Adult (f)4,2596442
wA8r1(wA8r1)Hatchling (F)1,3041831
zGkVXAnother Messy Frozen ThuwedHatchling (F)1,4292914
4cjSP3G Blusang CheckerAdult (f)3,2249857
E3CNl2G Striped TsunamiAdult (f)4,8791,1483
rXpCkPB 3G Blue VelvetAdult (m)4,4901,24416
oUlGrPB 3G Peppermint ShrimpAdult (f)2,8096738
QMC6B4PB Fruit StripeAdult (m)5,4419129
RHxsaGreen Lantern 4PBAdult (m)4,7819004
aTOLV2G Striped FogAdult (m)4,9311,2121
Nxbj85G PB Yankee PinstripesAdult (f)5,3301,1076
nBbln(nBbln)Adult (f)3,2956772
MF9Jt(MF9Jt)Adult (f)3,5255972
q3WJt(q3WJt)Adult (m)3,8876851
U197w(U197w)Adult (m)3,6526552
vx6FR(vx6FR)Adult (f)3,8546802
gDZlz(gDZlz)Adult (f)4,3576320
cEL8U(cEL8U)Adult (m)5,1686072
U8a4f(U8a4f)Adult (f)3,4857103
hkEIRCB Yellow SubmarineAdult (f)4,6901,1395
cpIFiCB I Had the SpaceAdult (f)1,9096841
JXjYECB Crown Be YellowAdult (f)4,2496134
I7Bg8CB YallerAdult (m)3,3105966
Dp5G7CB Peep My Cr0wnAdult (m)3,3076467
La57rCB Watch the SunriseAdult (f)2,8741,1094
DZrT3CB Stunning SunriseAdult (m)3,7411,1153
07xlq2G Sunset StripAdult (m)3,8689114
9htiWCB Sunset StunnerAdult (m)3,6171,4621
dXGQKCB Wait Til SunsetAdult (f)3,5731,2534
Pjsc0CB After SunsetAdult (f)6,4027793
zdhF1Z'Lovely Sunset CBAdult (f)6,2458436
JZCzYCB Sunset StripAdult (f)5,0959674
Mj1BBOMG I'm So PrettyAdult (m)2,0136493
4ibZ6CB Solar SongAdult (m)5,2261,1191
JiihPCB Lovely SunsongAdult (f)2,5997025
uUkUH3G Sunsong SolsticeAdult (m)4,0447292
GjF4YCB Stone DeafAdult (m)2,0417748
aHkxcCB Stone Dead in a MomentAdult (m)1,8897155
sEEZS2G Sunny GraveAdult (f)2,5256592
e4VlFCB Ima SunstoneAdult (m)2,0576811
2WBdICB Sunstone IIAdult (m)3,7661,4021
fQAWiCB Solar RockAdult (f)3,7816342
DJVOtCB SunstoneyAdult (f)5,1559277
9X2aJCB Solar St0neAdult (f)4,9209972
SA4Qu(SA4Qu)Adult (f)4,4246562
isOaWAnother Frozen HatchieHatchling (F)1,6372684
wDwqC(wDwqC)Hatchling (m, F)2,6997212
CB7it2G ToopidAdult (f)2,1126496
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