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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “kismetigs,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
tPc62Now FreezeHatchling (F)6892051
4GfcuForever Young IIHatchling (F)1,1292122
Jd7Fy(Jd7Fy)Hatchling (F)9582303
u3HXx(u3HXx)Hatchling (F)1,0632453
eoB2bCB PreachAdult (f)3,2438926
1fVjXCB Brimstone and SulphurAdult (m)3,4657445
Hdoem3G To The Brim RDAdult (m)4,3596856
la9UvCB SulphuricAdult (f)6,5511,0255
mqbchCB Rotten Egg SmellAdult (m)6,2181,1112
JyBXRCB To the BrimAdult (f)6,9001,2002
PUoZI2G H0rsey BrimstoneAdult (f)4,6051,0127
JKFG8CB KC's BrimstoneAdult (m)4,8777003
d5oLHCB Girlish BruteAdult (f)2,3476150
X6VXKCB Police BrutalityAdult (m)2,3446212
KWLFrCB Girls Can Be BrutesAdult (f)3,2687602
0iKo3CB Yet Another Girly BruteAdult (f)2,2867492
Nfw7z2G Brutal Mind ControlAdult (m)4,7671,0596
3f1eYCB BrUtA11Y hAnDs0mEAdult (m)2,6166082
VAImbCB CandlestickAdult (m)3,1728132
Oz2R4CB Birthday candleAdult (f)2,9406971
ci5umCB Cand1eabraAdult (f)2,8536971
4Z8yXCB Candles and FlowersAdult (f)2,9597231
j5077CB Can of PeasAdult (f)4,1651,0006
0ohGuCB Can 0 PeeAdult (m)5,2308882
ZkcejCB Can O SpamAdult (f)6,4921,0253
k6dteCool Like DatHatchling (F)7901621
bl8eb(bl8eb)Hatchling (F)8762512
oDFsI(oDFsI)Hatchling (F)1,0062183
wBMSg2G Carina CarinaAdult (f)8,5101,1557
V7WjA2G Ima CarinaAdult (m)5,2019761
zU7LSCB Seriously CarmineAdult (m)1,8376573
lBXOyCB CarminaAdult (f)3,1378864
AzUkzCB Mama CassAdult (f)1,9146533
Vo1GwCB CasseopeaAdult (f)2,5227761
dgQUqCB I'm CassandraAdult (f)2,2596491
kQ4V9CB I'm CassieAdult (f)2,8356803
GmPSRCB CastillaAdult (f)3,1106099
VABcoCB Manly CassidyAdult (m)3,4181,0287
VwyUcCB Papa CassAdult (m)5,0428495
LYq9W2G Mother in the GraveAdult (m)4,8669502
FFhNfCB KC's Celestial SeasoningsAdult (m)3,7037512
2kBlMCB KC's Celestial PlaneAdult (m)3,5397512
Vz2E1CB KC's Celestial BodyAdult (f)3,2917372
WYpvQCB KC's Celestial MoodAdult (f)3,0537011
pla41CB KC's Celestial LightAdult (f)3,9957422
ezaLJ2G Moonstone CelestialAdult (f)3,3976732
se0nu2G Celestial AnaAdult (m)3,4426832
W7amrCB KC's Celestial BeingAdult (f)3,7796552
Gnjx92G Celestial RedAdult (f)3,7795641
R7JZTCB KC's Celestial LoveAdult (m)3,8507011
4VNtm(4VNtm)Adult (m)4,3887001
qyDJ92G Celestial LuNaRcYAdult (f)4,6536923
aGBV4PB 2G CelestialAdult (m)3,8205902
HsLWHFrozen Messy CelestialAdult (m)3,8915852
HqI2W2G PB Another CelestialAdult (f)4,7415664
HQjCS(HQjCS)Adult (m)3,9965472
J8Fx3(J8Fx3)Adult (f)4,6985372
GAG6r(GAG6r)Adult (f)3,5416003
koPaMWho Cut Da CheezAdult5,7738649
dkOjCo1one1 SandersAdult (f)4,80287545
sCNvH0t ChickHatchling (f, F)2,58778854
jzdsAI'm Buddy HollyAdult (m)3,4201,1497
ovqQ1Very Messy HollyAdult (m)3,9321,07411
410uGHolly on Pink StepsAdult (m)3,7087732
kp2v6Wintery Holly spAdult (m)2,6186811
UewDaDang I'm MessyAdult (m)1,4327613
JpeUbCan U Say RandomAdult (m)1,3947531
j4L6pD0n't Breed MeAdult (m)1,5417582
xhZOT3G White PeppermintAdult (m)4,3671,3743
HFJ262G White PeppermintAdult (m)3,0321,0912
US8jcFrozen Winged BuckHatchling (m, F)4,2499133
MtiWqIma Baby YulebuckHatchling (F)1,73666918
Wv3uD2G By LuminaAdult (f)1,4177261
xz6lg2G By GWAdult (f)1,5307722
4kiZO2G White AngelAdult (f)3,8541,0687
BgNhV3G Angel WyvernAdult (f)4,1401,1106
kYPSO2G Angel v GWAdult (f)4,0491,1586
7rasF3G Chocolate SnowAdult (f)3,7651,1942
SmCaTFr0zen Snow AngelHatchling (f, F)4,03693821
qDYw8Pretty But Ugly LineageAdult (f)1,6268162
LfrlX2G Electric DancerAdult (f)3,9041,1419
VXl8J3G White Satin RibbonsAdult (f)3,9561,2482
9WNLJ2G White RibbonAdult (f)2,8079796
kcuql3G Royal RibbonsAdult (f)3,0841,0244
tku9QIcy Ribb0nsHatchling (f, F)3,3081,0164
LNLzfD0 N0t BreedAdult (m)1,5857140
GIKAgWhy Even B0therAdult (m)1,6647710
oyUVl2G Butterbutt v GWAdult (m)4,0111,1841
wDsB32G Mom is StoneyAdult (m)3,6501,1692
y2Mbo2G Mom's a GWAdult (m)3,5571,0195
ibAcmFreezing MagiHatchling (m, F)4,0518777
dKs3u2G Mom's a PillowAdult (m)1,5578073
Zu6ZISeri0uslyAdult (m)1,6367342
cuELv3G Pillow WrappingAdult (m)4,2101,1344
E9pYo2G Wrapped in WhiteAdult (m)3,0091,1211
4Mc142G Wrapped in FogAdult (m)3,7021,2212
tczAQ2G Minty WrappingAdult (m)3,4301,2501
DNA9F2G White Christmas IIAdult (m)3,4401,2135
WsCAh2G Wrapped TerraeAdult (m)2,7229322
LI7Ko2G LurkinAdult (m)4,0207221
5om6x4G MintedAdult (m)2,9177041
mhQ4j3G He's MintAdult (m)2,5866951
vI3Tu3G Wrapped in CarmineAdult (m)2,9696922
hLcR9Freeze Me PlsAdult (m)2,6786671
rscsGCB Blue ChristmasAdult (f)1,8537322
qNScZCB Blue Christmas IIAdult (f)1,5956861
TVhw22G Garnet for ChristmasAdult (f)2,9611,1383
NCIg03G Kermit Drinks TeaAdult (f)3,6507743
yIkWX2G Christmas TeaAdult (f)4,1761,1748
VdJEJ2G Frosty SolsticeAdult (f)3,0917283
XXYe42G Radiant SolsticeAdult (f)2,6196972
kcJ7g(kcJ7g)Adult (f)2,3535370
BzJUBCB Under the MistletoeAdult (f)3,3321,0903
GOl5QCB Mistletoe KissesAdult (f)3,3281,0715
0N8DD2G Ana's MistletoeAdult (m)4,8261,11115
1Tafv2G Wintery MistletoeAdult (f)3,4657262
WiI152G BlancoAdult (f)3,0227333
zsTiy2G Undine the MistletoeAdult (f)2,9877423
NQXGT2G FrillyAdult (f)2,7616902
iAps82G Precious GemAdult (f)2,8127011
z9Xdf(z9Xdf)Adult (m)2,3166151
62iM8(62iM8)Adult (m)2,4736121
Vaq9O2G Runnin Waves YoAdult (m)1,9465792
GBO3v2G Run Those WavesAdult (f)3,3879232
zk06CCB West Coast RepresentAdult (f)4,2121,1299
iE4ohCB East Coast RepresentAdult (m)5,1578743
Ogjyd(Ogjyd)Hatchling (F)9862101
jAs4q(jAs4q)Hatchling (F)9642151
JsdvyCB A Lot on My PlateAdult (f)4,1667421
LPiJxCB Spinning PlatesAdult (m)4,7667273
k3Csk(k3Csk)Adult (m)4,5726802
1kZ39PB 2G Copperband ButterflyAdult (f)3,0308666
650B9PB 3G Copper CutieAdult (m)2,82183312
ND4GA3G Copper PennyAdult (m)3,8478399
3z3KFPB 3G Copper PennyAdult (f)5,3111,25516
sVdjb4G PB Copper CoinAdult (f)4,5218866
Ny0gl2G Foggy CopperAdult (f)6,0021,0663
ydTUiVerdi Gris IIAdult (f)2,92966810
W1eIMCopper Can Be MessyAdult (f)2,0256368
1y7tl4G Copper ShimmersAdult (m)4,8267374
nuxQCB Ima VineAdult (m)9,1952,575153
2Epxf3G PB Trumpet VineAdult (m)2,2256244
wJkHdPB 2G ClematisAdult (m)5,5681,10012
0d7tS(0d7tS)Adult (f)6,6381,0992
mVFeHFrozen Spinach YoHatchling (F)9351486
2HOBu(2HOBu)Hatchling (F)1,0502132
4xjXLFrozen BroccoliHatchling (F)3,6318068
Qa2l2G Vine x BlackAdult (m)6,78765913
vxQ5XMessy Alt From the APAdult (f)2,4126313
BGEL6CB In Your DreamsAdult (f)2,0556681
rHb2aCB Dream ScapeAdult (f)2,0805805
L2vUxCB 0n Cloud 9Adult (m)3,8387949
AviBW2G DreamsicleAdult (m)3,16586720
fRVcYCB Daydreamer DAdult (m)4,3676833
BvY0fCold Comfort IIHatchling (F)1,3242541
AJx4jCB I Eat Angler FishAdult (f)2,1706887
MfeTzCB Anglers are TastyAdult (m)4,6471,5211
coD8XCB Deep Sea DAdult (m)2,8418266
uKh6gCB I'm DeepAdult (f)5,4049597
7u3FKCold Storage IIHatchling (F)9851772
hrkevFrozen Sea SerpentHatchling (F)1,5085171
UybLhCB Shine like a DiamondAdult (f)4,8321,0902
4aL5lCB Crazy DiamondAdult (m)7,3971,2927
l1JRMCB Diam0nd LifeAdult (m)7,8591,2013
iFNhx(iFNhx)Adult (f)7,6631,1440
JbwO2(JbwO2)Adult (m)5,8651,1205
tfFHOCB Diamond JimAdult (m)5,9138801
f8CnzCB Diamond Jimb0Adult (m)5,7387982
F3REh2G Zy SolsticeAdult (m)7,1229494
Aah2BCB Dark ZyAdult (m)7,0371,1325
TPRPW2G ZytasticAdult (m)7,3579592
0xtWqPB 3G Peep My DorsalAdult (m)2,9217606
szKLGCB Dorsal is Not VentralAdult (m)2,7157394
I0QFVCB Dorsal F1nAdult (m)2,1957621
SBVbWCB Ch-ch-ch-ch-check it OutAdult (m)2,2536272
9CMi0CB Finny and FineAdult (f)2,1406912
lIYFNCB Fins to the LeftAdult (f)3,0267635
3ZEx1CB Fins RuleAdult (m)2,7157314
Z9TXfCB Purple Passi0nAdult (m)2,1836084
5SZ7G2G PB Finny and FunnyAdult (f)3,0497474
6tisRKewl 5s PBAdult (f)6,0741,1094
f9dbk(f9dbk)Adult (f)4,3365202
JHcJbBrrrrr It's ColdHatchling (F)1,0492161
0bnet2G PB Peep My Red DorsalAdult (f)3,1086134
A2JO2CB It's a Red DorsalAdult (m)3,2577585
73pMnCB Yay a Red DorsalAdult (m)4,7391,28614
uerJcCB Woot She's RedAdult (f)5,7881,21616
Adxa2CB Hot Lil GingerAdult (f)4,3246082
HQCwlCB Rouge DorsalAdult (m)3,5787142
7sdZLCB Another Red DorsalAdult (f)4,2727725
53abtCB KC's Red DorsalAdult (f)3,7366803
9WEZiCB KC's Red E Or NotAdult (f)3,7607152
r4pvJ(r4pvJ)Adult (f)4,4108172
5X9zl(5X9zl)Adult (m)3,4627023
KfrP2(KfrP2)Adult (f)6,4979013
XuM4CI'm A Frozen MessHatchling (F)1,6002782
XanzlPB 2G MaryKate N AshleyAdult (f)3,3487724
wxeFfCB Two Heads R Better Than OneAdult (m)4,1231,0174
oaQ4TCB Putting Our Heads TogetherAdult (f)2,9047505
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