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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “emetib92,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
lOcLCGhost AcirAdult (m)14,7971,6427
a7xhYChili AcirAdult (f)3,7708513
WYSKKPaprika AcirAdult (m)4,6236934
eJPyoAnaheim AcirAdult (f)3,9229882
YZdWdBell AcirAdult (f)3,4608631
Anm6r(Anm6r)Adult (f)6,7971,1083
O7vZXSlow Dance Under StarlightAdult (m)5,6811,1842
R1Sx1Midnight Garden MagicAdult (f)8,4381,4905
PLUCDAlluring Musk AcirAdult (m)6,1181,2073
GqtaE(GqtaE)Adult (f)6,1201,0592
RDJQ4Dark Thoughts AcirAdult (m)7,2711,3923
Lad5A(Lad5A)Adult (f)7,4411,3033
3kDWRI See Eternity In Your EyesAdult (m)7,5821,4333
Z9pUmRomantic Waltz In The SkyAdult (f)7,2361,3284
BcvIk(BcvIk)Adult (m)7,8981,3583
EKotd(EKotd)Adult (f)7,8971,3513
Sv6VcI Will Lift Your SpiritsAdult (m)7,7031,3552
0mUg8(0mUg8)Adult (f)7,0781,1065
wDW6aI Lost Myself Within Your SoulAdult (m)6,9041,1501
ul281(ul281)Adult (f)6,6321,1352
qYK1gYour Beauty Puts Stars To ShameAdult (m)5,4671,2371
lDxAF(lDxAF)Adult (f)6,0351,2274
hGbIC(hGbIC)Adult (m)5,5911,2123
ikWGN(ikWGN)Adult (f)7,0401,2423
EwEEy(EwEEy)Adult (m)5,8801,2052
DzaSB(DzaSB)Adult (f)5,3081,0641
dMR2m(dMR2m)Adult (m)6,2141,1634
8ycuC(8ycuC)Adult (f)6,7531,2563
dtri2(dtri2)Adult (m)6,1771,1946
T4Hnx(T4Hnx)Adult (f)5,6471,0562
DEvF0(DEvF0)Adult (m)6,8921,2394
G34VM(G34VM)Hatchling (f)8,3201,1761
AZXcK(AZXcK)Hatchling (m)6,2419321
b5bVd(b5bVd)Adult (m)6,5041,1873
1edNU(1edNU)Adult (m)7,9011,3054
3UnYtMaritime Pine AcirAdult (m)2,8515577
2bqDVAleppo Pine AcirAdult (f)2,5505444
b2aAdMasson's Pine AcirAdult (m)2,6555735
SN98iTurkish Pine AcirAdult (f)2,8019065
3SexH(3SexH)Adult (m)5,1221,1072
1Md9Jester of Insanity AcirAdult (m)7,9901,47813
FC9EHTeatro La Fenice AcirAdult (m)5,9011,1239
D1a8TPure Simplicity AcirAdult (f)2,7356344
bsLsmIvory Pear AcirAdult (m)2,3086852
guBB3Bleach AcirAdult (f)3,2737344
OFOKFPure Intentions AcirAdult (m)5,1581,0711
gGZnDVanilla AcirAdult (m)2,2409235
8FLeW(8FLeW)Adult (m)3,9899332
CVrBrMoonbeams And Stardust AcirAdult (m)6,5221,1143
WCXa7Cb llghoodfuuAdult (m)7,0891,1926
tYht9Sugared Clouds AcirAdult (m)7,6851,1514
4oMKMMorning Mist AcirAdult (f)7,9121,1482
8Uhu1(8Uhu1)Adult (m)7,7991,1683
qIuqPCrepuscular Rays AcirAdult (f)10,0851,2534
QN71w(QN71w)Adult (m)10,0811,1419
YAqlDSoft Whisper AcirAdult (f)7,7721,1382
Wwydr(Wwydr)Adult (m)6,0471,1905
UbSoK(UbSoK)Adult (m)7,0821,2285
xTdFp(xTdFp)Adult (f)5,8191,1657
BBuLPEthereal Chaos AcirAdult (m)3,8268814
e5pGLEthereal Symmetry AcirAdult (f)3,7059015
nC3X1Ethereal Logic AcirAdult (m)5,0361,0901
1QxtfEthereal Glow AcirAdult (f)3,3531,0302
7l1AQEthereal Tyranny AcirAdult (m)5,2161,1033
1yWtg(1yWtg)Adult (f)3,1761,0224
FVXgr(FVXgr)Adult (f)6,2171,1193
8Qe49Gilded Spire AcirAdult (m)4,3641,0933
uK8p4Gilded Enchanter AcirAdult (f)2,9447811
sQ7uIGilded Throne AcirAdult (m)1,7047114
7091h(7091h)Adult (f)8,7731,1993
uhu3SGilded Crown AcirAdult (m)5,7411,1095
gRRnK(gRRnK)Adult (f)5,5201,2183
IuCOxGilded Squire AcirAdult (m)3,1421,0592
EuV5x(EuV5x)Adult (f)7,0671,2432
eK55BGilded Scepter AcirAdult (m)2,9338755
Ma3Wq(Ma3Wq)Adult (f)8,1821,4222
qlS1SGilded Sword AcirAdult (m)6,2461,2084
LHKt3(LHKt3)Adult (f)4,5301,0541
yW422(yW422)Adult (m)7,4021,1815
Ib1Ew(Ib1Ew)Adult (f)7,4971,1923
BX7GVial of Poison AcirAdult (m)7,9191,61510
yBIdyWilted Haze AcirAdult (f)3,4478853
Oa4dMI'm InvincibleAdult (m)4,4331,2933
TtPQRYou're a LooneyAdult (f)3,6451,2864
lQQCJUndead Chauffeur AcirAdult (m)3,3508753
esc02Vinyl AcirAdult (f)3,4071,1042
h6FX4Infection AcirAdult (m)1,8657333
vlJ5NDriven by Fear AcirAdult (f)2,8898762
4kwcYSea Salt AcirAdult (m)3,2631,0931
6i2hiGourmet Pretzels AcirAdult (f)3,2171,1295
X8Ry3Toothless AcirAdult (m)3,0661,1011
owPz6Lady Tremaine AcirAdult (f)1,8707631
Xtt4kThere's a Pill For That AcirAdult (m)3,2401,1173
ekoBBCherry Pie AcirAdult (f)3,3646642
CG0pBGalilean Binoculars AcirAdult (m)8,2041,4263
c3bouTasteless Joke AcirAdult (f)3,9704782
nReIQSilvered Souls AcirAdult (m)3,3048664
vpA7JTender Youth AcirAdult (f)4,7281,0073
WNYBDRancid Hearts AcirAdult (m)4,4959611
lsSevEspresso AcirAdult (f)3,8371,0061
G4EIgGrim AcirAdult (m)2,9689891
1mJPoSnake Eyes AcirAdult (f)2,2776421
b5Fq3Corpse RotAdult (m)8,4741,2371
HdZAM(HdZAM)Adult (f)6,2631,0832
vldE0(vldE0)Adult (m)4,1511,0735
EYpHl(EYpHl)Adult (f)7,8581,4307
iB9VR(iB9VR)Adult (m)7,0251,2713
1KKUHSqueaky Laugh AcirAdult (f)2,2645173
nIGz3Cb kkddkkbhyhAdult (m)7,3641,4025
PDiHjGlittering Scars AcirAdult (f)5,3611,2883
EyjY4(EyjY4)Adult (m)6,2391,3081
pVG1d(pVG1d)Adult (f)6,3401,3051
BoRUD(BoRUD)Adult (m)8,4801,4555
Qwrxx(Qwrxx)Adult (f)5,3811,2462
nAwyEGhost From The Past AcirAdult (m)5,4901,3103
YAFvh(YAFvh)Adult (f)5,7021,2644
rTLEo(rTLEo)Adult (m)6,8401,2734
oLikR(oLikR)Adult (f)7,2831,3331
oCQX0A Huge Sticky MessAdult (m)6,0361,2762
wMTJ1(wMTJ1)Adult (f)6,2491,2423
KoQYA(KoQYA)Adult (m)8,1091,2624
oze14(oze14)Adult (m)6,4761,1603
osN8JCandy Bars And Fast CarsAdult (f)7,3931,2052
uuOwL(uuOwL)Adult (m)7,5561,1704
vez8S(vez8S)Adult (m)7,8121,1747
7XJvf(7XJvf)Adult (m)3,6758893
Ws5V2(Ws5V2)Adult (m)7,1621,2026
t8O7u(t8O7u)Adult (m)6,2271,2615
ZLehP(ZLehP)Adult (m)8,1591,2981
6BLeX(6BLeX)Adult (m)7,4271,3605
B9i39Crowd Control AcirAdult (m)2,2798302
1NPVDrops of Jupiter AcirAdult (m)5,8671,6936
abVdLovely Sparks AcirAdult (f)2,9671,32714
1KvQCurrents of Laughter AcirAdult (m)5,8341,3304
v9tJA Shock To The Heart AcirAdult (f)1,6055873
DLYCSStatic Kisses AcirAdult (m)3,0969394
8H9dsLingering Volts AcirAdult (f)2,7386583
VEATZThunder's Lasso AcirAdult (f)2,8607556
dcPIvGranite AcirAdult (m)3,1089373
bQ9t0(bQ9t0)Adult (f)5,8711,1266
adsqYThe Rock AcirAdult (m)4,6451,1058
bnoQIm Crushed AcirAdult (f)6,9191,2947
2tbPZ(2tbPZ)Adult (m)7,1811,1943
O391dDresculd AcirAdult (f)3,4777083
avaSEMasonry AcirAdult (f)2,0586355
80Gfx(80Gfx)Adult (m)7,1451,1793
kI5sWRocky Road AcirAdult (f)3,1488121
C6mFdCb ljffjknAdult (m)7,3701,1655
X5PlpCb ddthAdult (m)5,9301,2556
uDy7S(uDy7S)Adult (m)5,4651,2384
PhsiaDirty Laundry AcirAdult (f)2,7317624
pK8Qv(pK8Qv)Adult (f)2,9614962
SAPkGelato AcirAdult (m)7,6209715
ZXcaSorbet AcirAdult (f)8,8121,5743
3u8ZLIce AcirAdult (f)1,9218716
kKNOMusk Mallow AcirAdult (m)1,8371,6683
HQHpiRabbitfoot Clover AcirAdult (f)7,4271,1634
HlBc5Cantaloupe AcirAdult (m)1,8797811
R9La9Coconut AcirAdult (f)2,6661,0442
hlq2LPomegranate AcirAdult (m)3,7531,1105
dCHcGWatermelon AcirAdult (f)5,6641,5302
xwtDh(xwtDh)Adult (m)5,2031,1393
qCpR8(qCpR8)Adult (f)7,3791,2477
J2ocV(J2ocV)Adult (m)7,5621,3063
ln9S8Carnival of Venice AcirAdult (m)5,5751,1305
M0NMMade Of Jelly AcirAdult (f)5,9781,57116
9SikdWithout Dreams AcirAdult (m)5,9991,2096
l8NJIPurple Hooters AcirAdult (f)3,7181,0713
WmabZI Am Nothing But A NightmareAdult (m)8,4211,2935
6bm1bGlobular Gel AcirAdult (f)2,8018733
ID9AV(ID9AV)Adult (m)6,6321,1402
yhrvK(yhrvK)Adult (f)7,7871,1662
BlUc0(BlUc0)Adult (m)7,6531,1642
PqFVI(PqFVI)Adult (f)7,1211,1424
s2nV7(s2nV7)Adult (m)7,9021,1411
4Ovjj(4Ovjj)Adult (m)7,1451,4323
e1Ath(e1Ath)Adult (f)6,6101,2038
LM8Q3(LM8Q3)Adult (m)7,0241,4296
uZtYF(uZtYF)Adult (f)7,7301,4845
xzjUJ(xzjUJ)Adult (m)6,8291,2085
6Q4XF(6Q4XF)Adult (f)5,8741,1292
vVs9qSoothing Melody AcirAdult (m)7,6031,4235
CloJSYour Hearts DesireAdult (f)7,8781,4936
TMnLy(TMnLy)Adult (m)5,8761,0676
DtG7Z(DtG7Z)Adult (m)6,0101,0844
9EOfZDevouring Hope AcirAdult (m)3,8308841
6so4rLiving in Shadows AcirAdult (f)2,8847284
NrW9MHiding in Dreams AcirAdult (m)3,3298555
UY0XJWhispering Lies AcirAdult (f)3,1206861
cwigZScreaming in Silence AcirAdult (m)2,8138893
jRn49She's Gone CoastalAdult (f)7,8401,1833
9rhkbRinah's Gift AcirAdult (m)6,5801,7138
3DoEgJousting in Brimstone AcirAdult (f)3,1879523
to9CrMummy's Curse AcirAdult (m)4,00098712
PRXsMKebechet AcirAdult (f)5,6461,5768
GtHmeFilm of Dust AcirAdult (m)3,92697011
odM8fMirage AcirAdult (f)2,5469242
KBNnGThere's Dirt in my Martini AcirAdult (m)5,9381,2158
vwbldBeyond Belief AcirAdult (f)2,4599391
V84hbSinner by Night AcirAdult (m)7,6201,6497
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