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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2013 Holiday Event
  • 2013 Halloween Event
  • 2012 Valentine’s Day
  • 2011 Holiday Event
  • Carrot Cave
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
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You pick up the scroll labeled “emetib92,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
MkXdC(MkXdC)Adult (m)7,8991,3054
UyFRY(UyFRY)Adult (f)6,9791,1365
I9Kmy(I9Kmy)Adult (m)5,56992610
cPJzU(cPJzU)Adult (m)4,3197692
m9JCgParaglider AcirAdult (f)4,1629931
amat4(amat4)Adult (f)5,3151,1191
kEn9u(kEn9u)Adult (f)5,4241,0933
s5TwL(s5TwL)Adult (f)6,3971,1323
jgMXQ(jgMXQ)Adult (f)6,7771,1472
XGSlR(XGSlR)Adult (f)7,2961,1331
XD88VEquality 7-2521Adult (m)5,2859074
WklhLLiberty 5-3000Adult (f)3,3128021
eqezD(eqezD)Adult (m)8,1181,1603
28mV3Turtle Dove AcirAdult (f)4,3598641
8vvof(8vvof)Adult (m)6,9321,1133
6VchHSandy Toes AcirAdult (f)1,9695931
8dhPj(8dhPj)Adult (m)8,2041,1882
CBpit(CBpit)Adult (f)8,8441,1541
WXnpB(WXnpB)Adult (m)6,8551,0772
Qm4Mm(Qm4Mm)Adult (f)6,9451,1094
Qrv94(Qrv94)Adult (m)7,0481,1033
guW7Pink LemonadeAdult (m)5,5991,0614
Ptc0Its Bright  And PinkAdult (f)6,7681,4147
XIffBleed Pink AcirAdult (m)3,0949715
AqeoGrapefruit Nectar AcirAdult (f)2,6538677
eEAkAPink Panther AcirAdult (m)4,1691,1524
jkqbPure Ecstasy AcirAdult (f)7,3591,1373
YXXqrEdible Wallpaper AcirAdult (m)2,6269411
J1xX5Cb lhggjkoolAdult (f)4,6241,0457
r7VzDRare Candy AcirAdult (m)7,1241,3977
rinB9Nothing But Truffle AcirAdult (f)4,3651,1413
ftfl6Here Comes TruffleAdult (m)6,2581,2232
dXboIA Truffling Turn Of EventsAdult (f)8,0071,2527
WORMm(WORMm)Adult (m)4,6071,0043
eCHwCDouble Double Toil And TruffleAdult (f)4,4238233
LZ2fIWhat's Truffling YouAdult (m)3,1225715
PZo5M(PZo5M)Adult (f)4,3295100
eimDEDon't Go Looking For TruffleAdult (m)3,0175853
vVGIwI Have Some Truffling NewsAdult (f)7,0261,2482
OPY9E(OPY9E)Adult (m)7,7671,0994
CEIF2Truffling Turn Of EventsAdult (f)3,8215001
tncFI Make Jaws Look Like a MinnowAdult (m)5,8921,2718
DOJ2HI Sunk TitanicAdult (f)4,4141,0043
HojVNeko AcirAdult (m)3,2414954
4vQXeSailors Taste Like ChickenAdult (f)3,0029324
dmJULurking in Your Pond AcirAdult (m)2,52748827
nmajCSnacking on Your Fish AcirAdult (f)5,4521,2961
xeW5s(xeW5s)Adult (m)4,1419592
XMzx6(XMzx6)Adult (m)3,2457933
rjvBgLochness Goddess AcirAdult (f)4,0099172
bOtroLochness Monster AcirAdult (f)3,7229342
kNUGf00 Gargoyle Warrior AcirAdult (m)2,8437481
BYtY1Panda Moon AcirAdult (f)4,3451,0741
G2FgC00 Tooth and Dagger AcirAdult (m)2,1148283
kcGQUAntique Dusk AcirAdult (f)4,2081,0452
cV1K1Restless Nature AcirAdult (m)2,1048493
jsVQsTribal Chants AcirAdult (f)2,9897580
BK6CIRusted Talons AcirAdult (m)2,9727632
dYoPbPlatinum Crest AcirAdult (f)2,9667400
rtmYmRustic Gloom AcirAdult (f)4,2201,0601
ljFu4Cb kkkuubAdult (f)1,7837086
xnRU3Hoarfrost AcirAdult (m)3,1371,1051
e0nhFrost Bitten BeautyAdult (f)4,8451,15712
UEsrm(UEsrm)Adult (m)8,6531,5158
TLaef(TLaef)Adult (f)5,3111,0474
pG9CHBlack Frost AcirAdult (m)5,9851,1747
PIkuOIceborn SpellweaverAdult (f)7,5781,5875
UDAVzChipped Ice AcirAdult (m)4,3311,0454
g7NQt(g7NQt)Adult (f)4,9131,0963
kL6XEEskimo Kisses AcirAdult (m)7,9371,5817
Hv8lUIce Queen AcirAdult (f)3,4148622
ZtwriMr Freeze AcirAdult (m)5,8151,1996
kC1IlDark Desires AcirAdult (f)5,1191,0867
gHUjKWhisky On The Rocks AcirAdult (m)6,4251,2899
hBjQuCb jfdtikmAdult (f)7,3161,3275
MStjiDon't Put Me By The HeaterAdult (m)4,4721,0519
IBU3f(IBU3f)Adult (m)5,5621,1917
JP1FZ(JP1FZ)Adult (f)9,1581,2334
L5QgxSeductive Ice AcirAdult (f)4,9351,1238
y3Y1G(y3Y1G)Adult (f)7,1381,4165
PvjUiYou Gave Me The Cold ShoulderAdult (f)5,3759485
jU9fy(jU9fy)Adult (f)5,6791,1272
RJL8nRain Beau AcirAdult (m)1,9427431
oOZG(oOZG)Adult (f)2,1622995
txu2BGolden Rays AcirAdult (m)2,2686082
XDSkJThe Power of Pine Sol AcirAdult (f)1,9017422
59Ny5(59Ny5)Adult (m)6,6841,1986
EE05UWild Skittles AcirAdult (f)4,5017794
ZlUDC(ZlUDC)Adult (m)6,6241,1664
0LFf0Fruit Rollups AcirAdult (f)3,3291,0913
7b9I6(7b9I6)Adult (m)8,4561,1511
DuOI9Candy Mountain AcirAdult (f)1,9997553
BPkbq(BPkbq)Adult (m)8,1451,1611
nuAEmKiwi Rush AcirAdult (f)1,9727382
Q9IzC(Q9IzC)Adult (m)5,5551,1021
kIm9Divine Orchard AcirAdult (m)7,1361,0827
YmN1uHuisache AcirAdult (f)3,6261,12516
hoRjPWill-O-The-Wisp AcirAdult (m)2,9589401
EYsHcWhat Are Fronds ForAdult (f)3,1407792
f01Y7Best FrondsAdult (m)2,7487693
KjCGFFronds Until The EndAdult (f)5,4151,1228
mO93tMorning Glory AcirAdult (m)8,3551,7886
tYU3D(tYU3D)Adult (f)2,6055152
6MNkIHumboldt's Lily AcirAdult (m)6,5341,52619
gci3y(gci3y)Adult (m)5,6841,2948
IEy5z(IEy5z)Adult (m)3,5989283
dvUBNShadow of a Raindrop AcirAdult (m)2,6189552
W9z4WLust AcirAdult (f)2,5747923
v0MXcFrothing Milkshake AcirAdult (m)4,3369992
8tp9hGelatinous Blueberry AcirAdult (f)3,2441,0482
mJldQ(mJldQ)Adult (m)3,9939223
RbUfI(RbUfI)Adult (f)3,2281,0521
lrhTv(lrhTv)Adult (m)7,1201,1984
FxJcnDewberry Goo AcirAdult (f)5,3079915
grhz0(grhz0)Adult (m)6,1091,1101
4j6DISnow Berries AcirAdult (f)3,2669010
rEFV2(rEFV2)Adult (m)6,9161,1346
2NGQG(2NGQG)Adult (f)7,2731,1564
9wYT2(9wYT2)Adult (m)7,1511,1752
tyTJk(tyTJk)Adult (f)7,3201,1343
IAmyu(IAmyu)Adult (m)7,5351,1431
Cpsqh(Cpsqh)Adult (f)7,8771,1551
sZ7mQTricky Souls AcirAdult (m)6,2081,2215
hkpxP(hkpxP)Adult (f)7,4251,1054
c5bGd(c5bGd)Adult (m)8,1541,1276
HC8l5(HC8l5)Adult (f)8,4311,1383
bjpSl(bjpSl)Adult (m)8,7051,1952
5sN7Y(5sN7Y)Adult (f)7,8061,1461
RalSBurnt Buttered ToastAdult (m)7,2281,48410
k89jPele AcirAdult (f)7,3598068
BJnaLarvir AcirAdult (m)3,7019704
TQYXvRed Hots AcirAdult (f)6,8161,6342
8XNKCIn Sickness and in HellAdult (m)2,0437752
WuCzzPilfering Satans Ice CubesAdult (f)3,3848623
JhGn6(JhGn6)Adult (f)2,3705992
m0Kt3Franks Red Hot AcirAdult (f)4,5518682
SKSn0Red Velvet Bliss AcirAdult (m)4,7031,1926
PCKIFRaspberry Tart AcirAdult (f)5,0251,1663
IXEuZ(IXEuZ)Adult (m)7,1231,2333
AiyroRouge Frosted Cupcake AcirAdult (f)5,4491,1334
g4hc2Strawberry Scone BitesAdult (m)5,1401,1383
X91U6Red 40 AcirAdult (f)4,9561,0492
QuO9VRed Fondant AcirAdult (m)4,8521,0615
OHUAX(OHUAX)Adult (f)4,4031,0873
XHHgU(XHHgU)Adult (m)7,1931,2812
j8siT(j8siT)Adult (f)7,3771,3413
R0keE(R0keE)Adult (m)7,5781,1961
5gWu2Tour of Hell AcirAdult (m)5,0588963
uaCcKrispy KremeAdult (f)3,2831,1746
xr7Jc(xr7Jc)Adult (m)4,7151,1018
evv9mHot and Steamy AcirAdult (f)3,3149023
CxgsASatanic Salsa AcirAdult (m)4,3819593
K9pUw(K9pUw)Adult (f)4,9361,0684
0QDxZWhy Is Everything On FireAdult (m)5,9121,2016
rqHm9Don't Roast Marshmallows IndoorsAdult (f)6,1711,2267
KzjdNSweet And Spicy AcirAdult (m)5,1431,1532
3ANxu(3ANxu)Adult (f)6,6271,20613
75v13(75v13)Adult (m)5,9611,2413
LmMMNDark TunnelAdult (f)5,4621,0875
jL9hz(jL9hz)Adult (f)6,9121,1472
GX5ACayenne AcirAdult (m)3,3999177
mqj1Jalapeno AcirAdult (f)8,4941,4697
54Ys2Habanero AcirAdult (m)3,6361,1454
rUPSLDatil AcirAdult (f)1,4316040
lOcLCGhost AcirAdult (m)14,7971,6427
a7xhYChili AcirAdult (f)3,7708513
WYSKKPaprika AcirAdult (m)4,6236934
eJPyoAnaheim AcirAdult (f)3,9229882
YZdWdBell AcirAdult (f)3,4608631
Anm6r(Anm6r)Adult (f)6,7971,1083
O7vZXSlow Dance Under StarlightAdult (m)5,6811,1842
R1Sx1Midnight Garden MagicAdult (f)8,4381,4905
PLUCDAlluring Musk AcirAdult (m)6,1181,2073
GqtaE(GqtaE)Adult (f)6,1201,0592
RDJQ4Dark Thoughts AcirAdult (m)7,2711,3923
Lad5A(Lad5A)Adult (f)7,4411,3033
3kDWRI See Eternity In Your EyesAdult (m)7,5821,4333
Z9pUmRomantic Waltz In The SkyAdult (f)7,2361,3284
BcvIk(BcvIk)Adult (m)7,8981,3583
EKotd(EKotd)Adult (f)7,8971,3513
Sv6VcI Will Lift Your SpiritsAdult (m)7,7031,3552
0mUg8(0mUg8)Adult (f)7,0781,1065
wDW6aI Lost Myself Within Your SoulAdult (m)6,9041,1501
ul281(ul281)Adult (f)6,6321,1352
qYK1gYour Beauty Puts Stars To ShameAdult (m)5,4671,2371
lDxAF(lDxAF)Adult (f)6,0351,2274
hGbIC(hGbIC)Adult (m)5,5911,2123
ikWGN(ikWGN)Adult (f)7,0401,2423
EwEEy(EwEEy)Adult (m)5,8801,2052
DzaSB(DzaSB)Adult (f)5,3081,0641
dMR2m(dMR2m)Adult (m)6,2141,1634
8ycuC(8ycuC)Adult (f)6,7531,2563
dtri2(dtri2)Adult (m)6,1771,1946
T4Hnx(T4Hnx)Adult (f)5,6471,0562
DEvF0(DEvF0)Adult (m)6,8921,2394
b5bVd(b5bVd)Adult (m)6,5041,1873
1edNU(1edNU)Adult (m)7,9011,3054
3UnYtMaritime Pine AcirAdult (m)2,8515577
2bqDVAleppo Pine AcirAdult (f)2,5505444
b2aAdMasson's Pine AcirAdult (m)2,6555735
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