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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “duckhoo,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
vs25n(vs25n)Egg (F)
2BWh5Rinaun Ray MusiaAdult (m)2,7817163
m9PmaSarvie Re MusiaAdult (m)3,2197127
IAeuvEman Re MusiaAdult (m)2,9377428
2u2nPYocha Mi MusiaAdult (m)3,4616003
8qIAWMinstel de CaroseAdult (f)2,6218525
rEJu6Funeon Re MusiaAdult (f)4,2229172
8cGYOLamion Re MusiaAdult (f)2,1206782
lJjju(lJjju)Adult (f)1,6117902
45YwP(45YwP)Adult (m)1,6405791
8KtKU(8KtKU)Adult (m)1,7766203
Lrums(Lrums)Adult (m)3,1719547
A3MjI(A3MjI)Adult (m)4,7891,1945
aQ325Ranental Re MusiaAdult (m)3,2691,0132
aVgOpFortan Re MusiaAdult (f)3,1139021
IXmQcLeven Re MusiaAdult (f)6,1001,0971
TsCoQCaran Re KongAdult (m)2,4046752
8uLTFMenal Re MusiaAdult (m)2,1626910
RDbM5Soram Mi MusiaAdult (m)2,3346911
3QMEAFira Mi MusiaAdult (f)2,4046721
t6URETaman Re KongAdult (m)2,3608031
vVHJ8(vVHJ8)Adult (m)2,0664980
k06GTPe Salendy MusiaAdult (m)3,0095743
cOPNX(cOPNX)Adult (m)2,5876553
Y4eNmWarder Re MusiaAdult (m)3,1476804
uDQg0Seman Mi MusiaAdult (m)1,6585731
HXDOeTanol Mi Luciddream BAdult (m)2,6668981
mQIbo(mQIbo)Adult (f)2,1936513
nmrnCTontra Re VitalityAdult (m)2,6518861
BSBY0Hasgar Re KongAdult (f)2,0733944
CRT0SFamal Re MusiaAdult (f)2,3757031
BR620Kong Re Rock'n rollAdult (m)2,3476152
QguXr(QguXr)Adult (m)2,1286047
Ra1Mt(Ra1Mt)Adult (m)2,6318784
TcGDE(TcGDE)Adult (m)1,9706270
DnSgnRama Re PontanAdult (f)1,7407512
Ia5iUNoev Re MusiaAdult (m)2,3237252
KGj4jHarphan Re TempoAdult (f)2,4829581
itmRfKera RAY UGAdult (m)2,8576918
2h9mDAnual Re MusiaAdult (f)2,9176112
qrcYILamal Re MusiaAdult (f)2,3797642
TRktuSaron Re HuzAdult (m)2,9096382
CTEATTeats Re KongAdult (m)2,1747482
tM0afCora Mi MusiaAdult (f)2,3356830
YRf0RQuar Mi MusiaAdult (f)3,5476133
PQL7pRoron Mi MusiaAdult (m)3,4706153
YPegk(YPegk)Adult (f)1,9615403
XfRmsFanator Re MusiaAdult (f)2,6718742
RG7fASura Re MusiaAdult (m)4,3381,1493
gtbpZHarven Re MusiaAdult (m)2,4355596
X8MxUGinsae RosebudAdult (m)5,8078189
LCRA3(LCRA3)Adult (f)1,7835643
GiT5k(GiT5k)Adult (f)1,6335043
ANtqz(ANtqz)Adult (f)1,7485212
OWbeo(OWbeo)Adult (f)2,6949781
V8tMn(V8tMn)Adult (f)3,5121,1643
pNjtm(pNjtm)Adult (f)1,9806944
Grj2fKanima Mi HisaisAdult (f)2,4058601
Kv9s4Polrari Fa MusiaAdult (f)2,5696425
mMi6F(mMi6F)Adult (f)1,8306463
i3ShT(i3ShT)Adult (f)2,8021,0513
d6SlV(d6SlV)Adult (f)3,5181,0121
7jvSH(7jvSH)Adult (f)4,6921,2451
aW8it(aW8it)Adult (f)3,7486993
QOXkRTranya MI AugustAdult (f)2,1576314
ZtT2w(ZtT2w)Adult (f)2,0325520
t24cN(t24cN)Adult (f)2,1485460
OH4bIGrady Re MusiaAdult (f)5,7641,3362
2nXPjPerna Re HuzAdult (f)5,9571,0774
akTRJMiris Re MusiaAdult (f)2,2818051
7A7tnEmasis Re MusiaAdult (f)2,9566515
WomebWomer Re MusiaAdult (m)2,2631,0271
yPdJn(yPdJn)Adult (m)2,5627904
l65cD(l65cD)Adult (m)2,9335922
JoWWd(JoWWd)Adult (m)2,5095595
Sxb2J(Sxb2J)Adult (m)1,6224992
JT67FRoast Re ToastAdult (m)3,0267828
gBLINEvas Re MusiaAdult (m)2,4447884
EaD5T(EaD5T)Adult (f)3,3264630
K7mHb(K7mHb)Adult (m)3,3094711
oEIes(oEIes)Adult (m)2,7974382
4xEdt(4xEdt)Adult (m)3,1834650
Yo3Sk(Yo3Sk)Adult (m)3,2704551
MA7yT(MA7yT)Adult (m)3,0024480
Q1fTH(Q1fTH)Adult (m)2,7534310
cE5pKCaria Ra Musia-RaiadAdult (f)2,8909792
JvG2PCanar Re MusiaAdult (f)2,5606405
KqIosBenum Re MusiaAdult (m)3,2657811
AC4NFSuva Re KongAdult (m)1,8906832
chnpoTerne Mi MusiaAdult (m)2,8695552
h9oVhHeva Re MusiaAdult (m)2,1706213
3XlZ5Rull Mi MusiaAdult (m)2,6815332
sRR5j(sRR5j)Hatchling (F)2,8807211
ScqVh(ScqVh)Hatchling (F)2,4936734
gVigV(gVigV)Hatchling (F)2,4366212
vvuK6(vvuK6)Hatchling (F)3,4677543
MM79U(MM79U)Hatchling (F)2,2107831
HCqJa(HCqJa)Hatchling (F)2,3387762
WGtVk(WGtVk)Hatchling (F)3,1648304
ATtnh(ATtnh)Hatchling (F)3,6691,0013
26RDr(26RDr)Hatchling (F)3,6518503
AAP8A(AAP8A)Hatchling (F)1,9697862
2IaPJ(2IaPJ)Hatchling (F)3,3727694
L6DZj(L6DZj)Hatchling (F)6,3468446
7cuY4(7cuY4)Hatchling (F)3,3726865
4YPKK(4YPKK)Hatchling (F)2,3355383
1oFi7(1oFi7)Hatchling (F)5,2268945
5C4h4Pontu Re MusiaAdult (f)1,4656033
oG68vSemar Re SiriusAdult (f)3,4221,0563
o0hqHEchant Re MusiaAdult (f)2,5968154
FM1WcCharoutte Mi MusiaAdult (f)2,8155682
lovgk(lovgk)Adult (f)3,5314293
ur0E1Nitoca MI BlackmistAdult (m)1,8787732
JDnPK(JDnPK)Adult (f)2,8057463
U7H8ALana Re MusiaAdult (f)2,9578755
HZO2WReiv Re KongAdult (f)2,0057473
1A49pBeran Re KatrixAdult (f)2,3167521
icfhYItan Re MusiaAdult (f)2,5327652
v1di9Netair Re MusiaAdult (m)3,5457863
UgPunVerinos Re SalvaAdult (f)3,2707076
mX2pF(mX2pF)Adult (f)3,0527093
VBsFgMosai de Saint ExuperyAdult (m)3,7947327
eRVKJhumul Re MirossAdult (m)2,66958911
uguBq(uguBq)Adult (m)2,66265916
0bwM2(0bwM2)Adult (m)2,2016957
WeoAmkkumul De RebieltAdult (f)2,1527972
PIWSiAlac Ra MusiaAdult (f)2,0385812
PSUNqHeivia Re MusiaAdult (m)2,7458753
3BZStTamis Re MusiaAdult (f)3,2469822
1hRosIros Re MusiaAdult (f)3,0639472
OT78RSias Re MusiaAdult (m)2,4507511
YqnIlToru Fa SerpenAdult (f)2,6275864
BUK1CBaron Mi MusiaAdult (m)2,9715794
vFv7CKong Re KimeAdult (f)2,3966136
ntxae(ntxae)Adult (f)2,9166101
ZTT4S(ZTT4S)Adult (m)1,8226252
FkJYw(FkJYw)Adult (m)1,6876021
AZKB3Nonexistent HuzAdult (m)2,5908553
192iv(192iv)Adult (m)2,3699453
DTQVeCrystal 3 Ilmare RentisAdult (m)2,3417971
kj9dT(kj9dT)Adult (m)1,8886923
uh0gp(uh0gp)Adult (m)2,2447926
sU5lBTerzia Mi MarinaAdult (m)4,4648735
855bs(855bs)Adult (m)2,7518433
0ZpO9(0ZpO9)Adult (m)3,0776515
TkBml(TkBml)Adult (m)3,3461,0733
53CO0(53CO0)Adult (m)2,7476012
EtduU(EtduU)Adult (m)1,5847115
n0M5G(n0M5G)Adult (m)1,8166842
A88Ic(A88Ic)Hatchling (F)1,9906961
lTI6f(lTI6f)Hatchling (F)2,5086585
76nYr(76nYr)Hatchling (F)2,4548871
79Jh4(79Jh4)Hatchling (F)5,0761,3093
UTFdD(UTFdD)Hatchling (F)2,4556952
LcrKr(LcrKr)Hatchling (F)2,1947182
iQsEK(iQsEK)Hatchling (F)6,8241,2243
ts5HT(ts5HT)Hatchling (F)2,1507643
0cqpBIllusional KristallAdult (f)2,0339154
vqt8kTrompeur MusiaAdult (f)2,7549672
Sf3tOVirtual Musia-RaiadAdult (f)2,5209163
WYtHQDelusion A Musia SeilverAdult (f)3,39696115
GKjHI(GKjHI)Adult (f)3,2281,0032
cXs4A(cXs4A)Adult (f)2,6858646
0RuHg(0RuHg)Adult (f)2,0836125
FRIB2(FRIB2)Adult (f)1,4435803
FmCpUOpart Re MusiaAdult (f)2,8897292
1rGahSaliny Re DEAdult (m)2,3808230
KdRJ8Perposia Me MusiaAdult (m)2,4876932
d6LYYFeru Re MusiaAdult (m)2,9098048
06I0rJ Toar Re KongAdult (m)3,8376433
v5ZkINefyn Re KongAdult (m)3,2836684
UWmqSDetro Re CrocusAdult (m)2,6907714
HqWUcinbreedAdult (f)2,5467871
2L0aUMontana Re MusiaAdult (f)3,7699462
VScLkGuvan Re TeveziaAdult (f)1,9047544
3fLfLGamma Mi MusiaAdult (f)3,8306694
FGTIeGeevy Re MusiaAdult (m)3,0149641
2QtMNMarva Re MusiaAdult (m)2,7338790
B3lKqGorn Mi'' RepuiaAdult (m)2,4189281
eFYZCCurva Re MusiaAdult (m)3,2279493
PAXtS(PAXtS)Adult (m)2,3439342
4qfDq(4qfDq)Adult (m)3,5129971
Qla8I(Qla8I)Adult (f)1,9898223
hM32X(hM32X)Adult (m)2,6667451
BHg2q(BHg2q)Adult (f)3,2198345
5rL6j(5rL6j)Adult (m)2,9978736
eSJnn(eSJnn)Adult (f)3,3656843
GFW94(GFW94)Adult (m)2,5738134
rAc3gSarphia'Re De VinchAdult (m)2,5668766
gWPOJ(gWPOJ)Adult (f)6,7831,0393
pjLWm(pjLWm)Adult (f)4,4758201
UTmjS(UTmjS)Adult (m)3,8749364
SlcUo(SlcUo)Adult (m)4,1471,1181
CaZ3e(CaZ3e)Adult (m)2,3568036
MaKkc(MaKkc)Adult (f)3,9818055
NWV9L(NWV9L)Adult (m)1,93470010
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